Omen that Xi is losing the mandate of heaven?

In China on 21/03/2021 at 10:59 am

On China’s showpiece occasions, the sky over Beijing is always clear because nearby factories are forced to shut weeks before the events. No pollution yo spoil these occasions

But the sky was not clear during the recent National People’s Congress.

In fact, when Chinese president’s made a speech to the recent delegates to the National People’s Congress, an orange cloud descended on Beijing.

China’s worst dust storm in a decade was taking place as he spoke. It led to record readings of harmful fine particulate matter at Beijing’s air quality monitoring stations.

Heaven is angry with Xi? And warning him that it will withdraw its mandate if he doesn’t change his ways? Remember that Xi changed the rules a few yrs back that he had to step down next year. He can in theory rule forever and a day.

  1. never been to china before. been at narita tokyo airport 3 to 4 times for transit flight to another country.

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