Minister and mayor gave wrong information

In Uncategorized on 31/03/2021 at 4:28 am

A friend got a letter signed by Edwin Tong and Mohd Feisal Aliman, the mayor of South East District, asking him (a really fat cat share investor) to collect CDC vouchers worth $50. Apparently they tot he was poor and destitute.

He had some queries about whether his helper could collect for him (the form wanted the i/c card number of the collector), and called the number provided: 6241 19xx. It was a private number that had nothing to do with Siglap South Community Centre. The letter said 6241 19xx was the number at Siglap South Community Centre to call.

No one can reasonably blame a cabinet minister for this mistake, even though said minister signed the letter. But surely one can expect more from a mayor who earns more than the mayor of London?

  1. if ur friends gets his income from share dividend & bank interest; these do not need to be reported for income tax (I think companies involved already paid tax for you), so his taxable income is very low, maybe 0

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