Johor Chief Minister think S’pore stupid isit?

In Malaysia on 22/04/2021 at 4:16 am

Johor’s chief minister said on Tuesday (Apr 20) his state government will propose measures that will limit the movement of workers who cross the border from Johor to Singapore.

Hasni Mohammad said the reopening of the border was an “ongoing agenda” of his state government and that it would would ensure that those involved in crossing the border from Johor, like workers, received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Malaysia is looking at the potential of a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections. Daily cases picking up to above 2000 for the fourth day running as at Monday. Fatalities have gone up in recent days. There are concerns that Ramadan will add to the tallies in the coming weeks.

  1. so what they vaccinated their workers crossing in SG? If the vaccine they used is Sinovac or Sinopharm .. as good as no vaccination done.

  2. Politics is all about giving hope to the people and pressure on others, ain’t it? Remember Sinovac vaccines shipment to Singapore?

  3. hasni is a member of united malays national organisation (umnp), a component party of the barisan nasional (bn) coalition and a party which is aligned with the ruling pn.

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