Another running dog turned self-appointed tribune of the HDB plebs

In Media, S'pore Inc on 20/10/2021 at 5:14 am

(Apologies to the real dogs for associating them with PAP enablers)

Another retired editor/ journalist starts biting the hand that once fed him (FB post edited to get rid of typos):

A newsroom guru/mentor called PN Balji would often ask: How many of your reporters live in HDB housing? How can they resonate if they cannot relate? It leads me to this post to the arrogant, natural aristocracy: At the core of our culture is the hawker centre. It is where we gather, to escape the claustrophobic confines of pigeon-hole pods. For affordable food, accessible access to conviviality and multi-cultural mingling. Impose restrictions that go against the grain of inclusivity, of natural affinity, of old folk camaraderie as opposed to indifferent, self-entitled country club aristocracy, and you are fucking with the 61.2 per cent force of the heartland. Never underestimate the extent of discontent. There is a difference between policy and people — the cold, calculative logic of policy vs the emotive vox populi of lived reality.

Ken Jalleh Junior

Last year, Balji started this anti-PAP FB page:

More on Balji, tua kee running dog, turned self-appointed tribune of the plebs: Feeling free to bite hand that once fed him written in 2015.

Btw, what was the tribune of the plebs?

Tribune of the plebstribune of the people or plebeian tribune (Latintribunus plebis) was the first office of the Roman state that was open to the plebeians, and was, throughout the history of the Republic, the most important check on the power of the Roman Senate and magistrates. These tribunes had the power to convene and preside over the Concilium Plebis (people’s assembly); to summon the senate; to propose legislation; and to intervene on behalf of plebeians in legal matters; but the most significant power was to veto the actions of the consuls and other magistrates, thus protecting the interests of the plebeians as a class. The tribunes of the plebs were sacrosanct, meaning that any assault on their person was punishable by death.

I despise those who were happy to be PAP propagandists and enablers when they get paid their 30 pieces of silver, but when the silver is stopped, KPKB anti-PAP slogans and clichés. They really have no shame.

But maybe, people like Balji, Ken Jalleh and Bertha Henson were deluded when they were working in the constructive, nation-building ST or the wider SPH group? They thought they were the Fourth Estate propagating the Truth, Democracy etc, not PAP propagandists and enablers. They have realised the truth and are repenting to make sure they go to Heaven?

Whatever, the fact is they repented (if true) only after their 30 pieces of silver stopped.

  1. SPH/mediacorp r the PR dept of Singapore Inc; their media monopoly was financed by audience payment & advertising; with internet, SPH lost both readership monopoly & advertising monopoly, & had to use real estate income to subsidize media expense; after a few years, SPH decided to return publishing monopoly to govt, which now asks Khaw Boon Wan to work out some new financial support

    journalists who imagine a different media scenario r disappointed; I am not sure exactly what part of the scenario they find most disappointing, that the kind of press they have in mind does not pay, or SG govt/public refused to pay for the kind of press they have in mind

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