Pritam beyond his level of competency

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Former Non-Constituency MP Daniel Goh, who is a WP cadre member, had posted on Facebook twice on his personal thoughts of how his party leaders handled the controversy.

Mr Singh said at Thursday’s press conference that the party would look into his actions.


Excuse me, Mr Singh, you Wankers have something more important to do.

The WP needs to regain public credibility that it lost when you admitted that you, Auntie and Feisal had kept quiet for three months after you and the other two knew that she lied. The three of you have to explain to the WP and public why the three of you were so stupid. I mean all of you are graduates, and you and Auntie have legal qualifications. Where were your legal brains? In your asses?

But thank you for showing S’poreans that there’s a reason why RI boys rule S’pore, not normal stream people like you. As I wrote in Pritam shows why RI boys rule OK, RI boys would have thrown Ms Khan under the bus when they learnt she lied. In fact, they’d have driven the bus to make sure she was killed.

Interesting stat: those going to Normal (Academic) has remained between 20.6-21.4% of PSLE students and about 10.6% to 11.2% of pupils went to the Normal (Technical) stream.

  1. If Lawry gets premiership, he’ll be the first PM without pedigree secondary school.

    Not too surprising about sticky psle % breakdowns as it’s mainly still graded on distribution curve — a population’s brain development & intelligence doesn’t necessarily change much over decades. Need a quantum shift in evolution or socioeconomic development to see significant changes.

    Or just change the scoring methodology.

    The dumbing down of psle scoring this year has already reduced the % of those going to normal acad stream to 18.9%. Normal tech stream still remains in range at 11.1%.

  2. Bhavan Jaipragas (ex SPH, now at SCMP), Lian Chuan Yeoh have criticized Privilege Committee over some details, like ur angmo tuakee friends’ earlier attempts to compare raeesah’s lies with vivian “misspeak” about trace together data being used for other purposes; nitpicking about whether WP leaders encouraged her to continue lying, or merely failed to stop her, is already futile – the story is both too big, with serious damage to WP, and too small, because NYTimes etc have not picked it up so ages quickly, for such tail chasing

    so do u think daniel goh will challenge pritam next conference; btw: he was SJI

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