Preparing to hang Bayee, Auntie and Faisal

In Uncategorized on 12/12/2021 at 10:27 am

And Faisal gave them the rope, admitting

that as an MP, he also had a duty to ensure that no untruth remained on the record in Parliament and that it was important to clarify Ms Khan’s lie as soon as possible, but he did not do anything, nor did he speak with anyone about it

I told a friend weeks ago that I did not understand why the so-called experts interviewed by the constructive, nation-building media never raised the point that the Wankers Three could be in contempt of Parliament and in breach of the law by keeping quiet for so long.

Auntie and Bayee are lawyers. Going by their actions, they are “half-past six lawyers” like M Ravi. At least M Ravi has the excuse of being mentally ill when he doesn’t take his medicine: Law Society should stop indulging M Ravi.

  1. all 3 in contempt of parliament? maybe, but PAP may be again pushing it too far, like LKY/WKS/GY did with James Gomez case in 2006 election; in fact, TCH made the same mistake in 2012 Hougang by-election harping on Yaw Shin Leong’s personal failures, instead of spread the happy message of wonderful things PAP would do for Hougang if voters choose wisely

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