Good news on Omicron

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Omicron cases less likely to require hospital treatment, studies show, the int’l media reports.

Data from Denmark, South Africa and the UK point to reduced severity from infection with the coronavirus strain

Three new studies suggested that the Omicron variant of covid-19 may be less severe than its predecessors. One, conducted in Scotland, found that current infection numbers would have resulted in three times as many hospitalisations were the virus to behave like Delta. A South African study indicated that Omicron sufferers were 70-80% less likely to go to hospital than those with other variants. A third, conducted in England, was more sanguine, suggesting that people with Omicron were 15-20% less likely to be hospitalised than those with Delta, but 40-45% less likely to stay there for a night or more. Even if infections prove mild, Omicron could still do grave damage given how quickly it is spreading.

Economist Expresso before it knew of Danish study

On the last sentence in quote more at: Remember this about Omicron

  1. Xi will be happy to know, considering that the latest testing of sinovac showed that 3 doses doesn’t protect against omicron at all.

    But I doubt if pap will remove 3 cheena dose as being fully vaxxed. This will change if ICUs & deaths go ballistic.

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