GST rise: Our millionaire ministers should remember/ Brave man

In Economy, Financial competency, Financial planning on 11/01/2022 at 5:52 am

Further to What PM doesn’t understand about GDP and GST,

Judging economy by weath

I think our constructive nation-building media is really trying hard to be constructive and nation building with

The Big Read: Singapore households, businesses not spared from global inflation storm as GST increase looms

  • Inflation is set to be a key challenge in 2022, as households face rising prices on multiple fronts, ranging from food to electricity
  • Business also face higher freight fees, manpower costs due to border restrictions and supply chain disruptions due to measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.
  • Prices look set to go up even more with the impending increase in GST from 7 per cent to 9 per cent 
  • MPs say grassroots initiatives are up and running to help households, while economists point to possible policy levers to mitigate the impact of rising living costs
  • Families facing the brunt of inflation have started belt-tightening, while businesses are looking at raising prices

Brave editor.

  1. govt’s obvious answer is “we got this package to help the poor cope with higher GST; we have not forgotten them”

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