Anti-vaxxer Goh Meng Seng regretting leaving S’pore

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Or so I’m told by his friend. He’s even contemplating returning here from HK to hide from Covid-19.

He’s worried because

Hong Kong recorded 986 covid infections on Thursday, after reporting more than a 1,000 the day before, when it also saw its first covid-19 deaths in six months. The surge is despite the territory’s draconian restrictions, which are some of the most severe in the world. The health system is ill-equipped to deal with rising cases, with isolation wards already at 90% capacity.

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Hong Kong reported 351 cases of covid-19 on Saturday, the highest daily toll since the pandemic began two years ago. The especially infectious Omicron variant has proved especially difficult to contain, despite the territory’s impressive previous record of keeping covid at bay through the use of strict quarantine and social-distancing rules and limits on immigration. Cases are expected to rise further after families mingled during the recent lunar new year.

Economist Expresso

He’s scared because it seems like him, most elderly Hongkies refused to be vaxxed. Younger Hongkies vax rates are comparable with Western rates. Only 30% of Hongkies aged over 80 are vaxxed.

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  1. come back SG also die .. more cases than HK.. he shld cross over to Shenzhen

  2. what about lee hsien yang and (still ?) wife, cherian george, donald low, and that (what’s her name ? ) old woman in her 70s ?

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