As Ukraine burns, the West is waging “total economic and financial war”

In Uncategorized on 05/03/2022 at 1:31 pm

“We will provoke the collapse of the Russian economy,” France’s finance minister said. The West is waging “total economic and financial war against Russia, Putin and his government,” he added.

Experts say the Western financial sanctions amount to full-scale financial warfare of an unheard-of nature and scope.  

The package will squeeze living standards.

These sanctions have already disrupted day-to-day life in Russia badly.

There are queues to withdraw money from ATMs. There will soon be runs on the banks.

The sanctions against some Russian banks include cutting them off from Visa and Mastercard, and consequently Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Buying foreign currency costs Russians about 30% more (this is a recovery from 50% than before the invasion), assuming they can get hold of it at all.

At the start of 202, one dollar traded for about 75 roubles and a euro for 80. But the war has helped set new records – at one point a dollar cost 113 roubles and a euro, 127.

People can’t pay mortgages because interest rates have doubled to 20%.


  1. america will be busy helping EU deal with 5 million refugees, build army bases in lithuania, poland, romania …, coping with higher oil/gas prices, watching an unstable russia waving nuclear missles … it would lose interest in asia

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