Mamas love a cheap sale/ Xi scared of US?

In China, Energy, India on 20/03/2022 at 8:59 am

Contrary to Cheap Russian oil for China, it’s the Indians who are buying cheap Russian oil,

not the Chinese.

Russian oil exports to India have quadrupled this month in a sign of the vast reshaping of global energy flows since the invasion of Ukraine. Russia has exported 360,000 barrels a day of oil to India in March so far, nearly four times the 2021 average. Historically, Russian crude oil has constituted below 5% of India’s total imports.

As For China, Chinese banks and companies do not want to risk losing much more valuable business elsewhere by flouting sanctions or doing unsanctioned business with the Russians that the West doesn’t like. The energy trade is not sanctioned but Western cos are avoiding it, hence the discounts in oil.

Time to remind the ang mohs about the racist ethnic Chinese story about whether to kill the Indian or the snake?

  1. it is debatable whether usa deliberately provoked russia into attacking ukraine, but the result is ukraine used modern american weapons to inflict severe damage on antiquated russian army, but ukraine is being destroyed economically, & EU got energy/food supply problems plus millions of refugees; usa only suffered a bit of inflation, but if unhappy voters blame it on biden & elect trump in 2024, then damage to usa will be disastrous, indeed existential; china would be last man standing

  2. in SG, many opposition guys r pro russia/china, though in fact china is not taking firm pro russia stand – more like what’s in it for me; why george yeo, leslie fong, tan wah piow went over to authoritarian side is the interesting part; the oppo guys were probably just anti PAP/CECA

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