PAP govt can learn new trick from billionaire UK minister

In Uncategorized on 25/03/2022 at 1:48 pm

Remember this?

Whenever the PAP government gives you a chicken wing before the elections, you can be sure they will try and take the whole chicken back

SDP version of a S’porean joke that S’poreans have to Pay And Pay

Well in the UK, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister for u plebs) has introduced a new version of the PAP trick.

He takes away the whole chicken and then gives back a wing, a year later, claiming that he’s giving away chicken wings (i.e. tax cuts):

As the official number crunchers at the OBR put it: “The chancellor has undone just over a quarter of the overall value of the personal tax rises he announced last year, and around a sixth of the overall net tax rises he has announced since becoming chancellor.”

In other words, he’s giving a pound back for every six that he’s already taken.

Even Tory leaning newspapers like the Telegraph, Express and Mail are unhappy with his antics:

OK, OK, he’s no billionaire. He married a billionaire’s daughter.


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