Mao would be proud

In Uncategorized on 27/03/2022 at 1:56 pm

The Chinese people have stood up.

And the economy is outperforming the American one:

The Chinese economy has expanded by 10.5% in the past two years, compared with 2.4% in America and 0.4% in advanced economies generally.

And so

China’s covid controls “demonstrate the advantages” of the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership and the socialist system, boasts Xi Jinping, the president. All the signs are that his people tend to agree.

But HK shows what can go wrong: What HK-based anti-vaxxer Goh Meng Seng doesn’t tell us.

And there’s the example of S’pore. At one stage, the PAP millionaire ministers were lauded here and abroad for the way they were handling the pandemic: Covid-19: Relax S’poreans, PAP govt is doing a good job and Covid-19: HK and S’pore tops in slowing spread.

Then the Indian variant came along: PAP govt squandered our efforts in obeying the Covid-19 rules and PAP govt’s idea of living with Covid-19.


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