TODAY also queried the FAS over Ng’s claims that he was asked to donate to the LionsXII as they had told him the budget to run the now-defunct team had “overrun”.

Ng had said that as a result, a S$200,000 sponsorship that he had secured for Hougang’s S.League season was channelled into supporting the LionsXII’s expenses for playing in the Malaysia Super League (MSL).

The FAS spokesman said: “Prior to the commencement of the LionsXII’s inaugural season, FAS sought revenues through various means including but not limited to sponsorships, donations, grants, and corporate partnerships and tie-ups…we approached corporations, partners and individuals to seek their support towards the LionsXII. Bill was among the individuals whom we had approached for referrals.

“He subsequently introduced a company which donated an amount of S$200,000 to the LionsXII’s campaign for the 2012 season.”

The spokesman also refuted Ng’s claims that they had gone over the LionsXII budget.

“The cheque was issued to FAS in November 2011 – some six weeks before the LionsXII kicked off their inaugural season,” said the spokesman. “Hence, we are baffled by claims that the budget for the LionsXII had ‘overrun’. This certainly was not the case.”

Referring to Ng’s claim that the S$200,000 for Hougang was channelled instead to the LionsXII, the spokesman said that while the FAS had asked for donations to support the LionsXII, it had always placed the S.League as a higher priority.

“While we sought to raise revenues to support the LionsXII’s inaugural season, we had also communicated to our sponsors and donors that the S.League will always be our focal point as it is the heartbeat of Singapore football,” the spokesman explained.

“This is why we ensured that we secured an increase in funding and subsidy for our clubs before we entered the partnership agreement with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) in 2011.”