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Are PAPpies and cybernuts related?/ Andrew Loh’s bill dissected

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Maybe the u/m from FT will explain why Queen Jos and Andrew Loh sound so alike in their whackiness? The former appears to believe that sex is meant for procreation only and the other seems to swallow, hook ‘line and sinker the PAP spin that public healthcare is cheap*. On the latter as I’ve wriiteh here

Going by what Andrew Loh has written, anti-PAPpies repent and say “Vote PAP” when they see that their medical bills are peanuts? LOL

David Dunning and Justin Kruger received an Ig Nobel prize in psychology for their discovery that incompetent people rarely realise they are incompetent; the Dunning-Kruger effect is now widely cited. FT

(More on this effect.)

*When TRE republished this, a cybernut asked a rational question: was there over-priced billing in the first instance.


ANDREW LOH IS DEFINITELY NOT WRONG OF HIS FINANCIAL STATISTICS – it is his actual billing. But what he didn’t ask of obvious is this – was there over-priced billing in the first instance.

I saw a scanned copy of SGH’s colonoscopy bill of another – there was TWO facilities charges for one surgical procedure done – that is, there is a facilities charge for waiting area and another facilities charge for procedural surgery. The latter is comprehensible but the former (facilities charges sitting in the waiting room waiting to be call in for actual procedures) is mind-boggling. Why not also charge “facilities charge” for the patient’s relative sitting there waiting as well?

So the issue is the total billing and its details – the discount is rubbery fantasy of illusion -and of course the final billing. If Andrew Loh has expired all his Medisave account, HE WOULD STILL HAVE TO PAY THE AMOUNT OUTSTANDING OUT OF HIS POCKET.

Draining the balances of his CPF Medisave account must mean he has to top that up soon or sometime in the future. IT IS SEMANTIC OF ADVANTAGE ILLUSION – a bill is a bill and needs to be settled – one way or another unless it is free of universal health care like Medicare in Down Under.

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There was another nut who also had a fit of sanity:


What was in the Bill is true, the devil is in the detail. It (the bill) does not reflect the detail of how they come about (summarized).
1). The maximum daily deduction per day in “C-class” X 7 days
2). The deductible for “C-class.
3). The half of 15% co-payment.
Now there is another NEW category (I can’t remember), even a few $$$ can be deducted from our Medisave.
Andrew is not WRONG, they change and change until we are confused.
The QUESTION is WHY (they change).

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What the PAP doesn’t tell us about Mandarin

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I came across a fascinating article on Mandarin that exposes popular myths (propogated and spread) by among others the PAP and the CCP, about Mandarin

(Registration required)

Here’s a summary with extracts

There’s Mandarin and there’s dialects

When a republic was declared in 1912, there was no common spoken language in China. Yes, imperial officials had communicated in a tongue used by the elites in Beijing. But the rest of the vast country was linguistically fractured. Experts today identify half a dozen mutually unintelligible language groups spoken by Han Chinese, along with hundreds of dialects. (And that is before considering the languages of Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongols and many other non-Han peoples.) The lack of a common tongue has always seemed to threaten the daunting project of nation-building. Even to refer to different Chinese “languages” remains taboo—they must be “dialects”, or risk undermining the hallowed notion of “one China”.

It’s an ancient language — it’s not

The first committee to create a standard Chinese was convened in 1913. Many meetings later the choice fell on the Beijing vernacular as the basis. After they seized power in 1949, Mao and his fellow guerrillas (despite hailing from far-flung regions) retained this form, calling it putonghua, or “common language”. His enemies in Taiwan did so too, even though the island’s own dialects are very different from Beijing’s. Faraway Singapore adopted it as one of its “mother tongues”. My emphasis.

PRC Chinese speak it properly: they don’t

The education ministry says that 30% of the population in 2014, or roughly 400m, still could not speak standardised Mandarin, while only a tenth of those who could spoke it properly.

MOS Josephine Teo was misquoted

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Readers of this blog don’t usually read TRE except for laughs so I reproduce a piece from there because it’s a good piece that could have been written by rational, fair-minded cyber-warriors.

The piece reads:

Yesterday, many of you shared a statement by Minister of State Josephine Teo which said that couples did not need much space for sex and many of your readers threw shade at her. I am not sure if you read her full interview but your websites and readers have misunderstood and misquoted her statement. Most likely you have not even seen her interview and the context in which she said the phrase. Editors, you are malicious or grossly playful and did not bother with context.

Photo: Mr Brown

MOS Josephine Teo’s statement was in response to a question “Why couples with children were given priority to flats while couples without kids weren’t?”

It is because of this question that MOS Josephine Teo responded that couples with children should be given flats first and not those who were still deciding if they were going to have kids. It is precisely because those with children really need the space to raise their kids as opposed to couples who need space before procreating.

For goodness sakes Editors, get your context right before jumping to conclusions and sensationalising her statement. What she said made sense and it still does not, despite all your attempts to put her down. It is you who refuse to understand the context and tried to misle your readers into thinking that MOS Josephine spoke without thinking.

I know as alternative media you will surely censor my contribution. I hope you prove me wrong.


Selvam Raj

* The above was sent to another alternative media and is reproduced here for discussion. Ms Teo’s original interview with the Straits Times is available on Facebook (if it has not been deleted or amended yet).

BBC piece



Tua kee anti-PAP blogger has repented?

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They say there are no atheists in foxholes.

Going by what Andrew Loh has written, anti-PAPpies repent and say “Vote PAP” when they see that their medical bills are peanuts? LOL

I would have to pay S$2,348.71 in cash.

So, that’s for the angiography.


In the end, I pay $0 in cash. [He’s talking about his very complicated bypass]

As an aside, I would just like to add this: some people have criticised Medishield Life as a rip-off scheme. I don’t think it is. I do know that it is a lifesaver for many poor and elderly folks who worry themselves sick whenever they contemplate going to the doctor’s.

Medishield Life, which is not without flaws, does help, and remember that it is aimed at helping the less well-off with the bigger medical bills.

It is a basic insurance plan, not meant to be a comprehensive one.

For those who can afford it, go get the Integrated Shield Plans offered by insurance companies. They complement Medishield Life.

If you are unable to foot out a one lump sum to pay the bills, you can go to the hospital (mine is SGH) and apply to pay by installments, which is what I intend to do.

What every S’porean should read, not juz anti-PAP “subversives”

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Ms Teo Soh Lung has republished on FB her piece on what to do if the police come calling to ask you to attend an interview. Piece is below.

While most who get called up for interview will not suffer what she and other “subversives” allege, it’s a useful guide to the procedure to expect at police interviews, and to your rights.

She has one good practical suggestions if one unlike me is KS

Never attend an interview alone. Always bring a friend or two. Your friend cannot be in the interview room but he can wait at the reception. If this is not possible, inform reliable friends to keep track of your attendance at the police station. Give them the particulars of police station and telephone number. If possible, the name of the officer in charge. Your friends should call the police station or officer regularly for updates.

And always do these

Wear comfortable warm clothings and shoes … You can request the officer to turn up the air-conditioner if you cannot bear the cold.

You are entitled to request for hot drinks and snacks if you are hungry. If your interview takes hours, you are also entitled to request for lunch and dinner.

Take toilet breaks.

Bring paper and pen to record the questions and answers.

[I got offered paper and pen by the police.]

Request for a copy of your signed statement if you sign any statement.

[And if the police refuse],

you can refuse to sign the statement. There is no rule to say that statements given to the police must be signed.

I can speak from personal experience. I was investigated by the CAD in the pre- internet era (circa 1995) and I didn’t receive a midnight knock, wasn’t put into ice cold rooms and interviews didn’t go on for hours.

The CAD were trying to establish if there was evidence that I had commited a crime, any crime. Fair enough as there was a third party complaint by SGX, Though, today where everything is virtual, I’d be really annoyed that my PC will be seized as a matter of routine. I use a dumphone and my laptop and “pad” are idle so that’s OK by me.

For the record, the CAD officially dropped the investigation. Ftr also, I told them what I was  alleged to have done was not illegal.

Ms Teo’s piece:

Just in case more people are being hauled up to the police station, here are some quick points to note. Seasoned activists, please feel free to comment!
Every activist is prone to being summoned to the police station, usually to answer questions relating to the commission of an alleged offence. It is pretty routine and there is nothing to fear. Sometimes the police goes on a fishing trip hoping to catch someone through the statements collected from various people. Sometimes it is pure harassment.
An activist must be prepared for interviews at police stations. These are not to be taken lightly. There are a few basic things that he/she has to remember when summoned to answer about the commission of an alleged offence.
Letters to attend at police station
Letters from the police to attend an interview need not be physically delivered. They can be posted through ordinary snail mail. But often, the police have a lot of time in their hands and they may take a drive to your house. But this must never be midnight or early hours of the morning. If they do that, it is harassment and an abuse of police power.
Never open doors at midnight. Call the police and your friends. If they continue to bang loudly, telephone your friends for help. They should video the police outside your door. Have a Apps group so that one message goes out to the entire group.
It is possible to request for interviews to be conducted at a police station in your neighbourhood or near your home. If the appointment is not suitable, you can request for a change.
Never attend an interview alone. Always bring a friend or two. Your friend cannot be in the interview room but he can wait at the reception. If this is not possible, inform reliable friends to keep track of your attendance at the police station. Give them the particulars of police station and telephone number. If possible, the name of the officer in charge. Your friends should call the police station or officer regularly for updates.
1. Keep your friends informed of developments, whether through telephone calls, facebook or messages.
2. Wear comfortable warm clothings and shoes. If your interview is at the Cantonment Police HQ, it is very cold. You can request the officer to turn up the air-conditioner if you cannot bear the cold.
3. You are entitled to request for hot drinks and snacks if you are hungry. If your interview takes hours, you are also entitled to request for lunch and dinner.
4. Take toilet breaks.
5. Bring paper and pen to record the questions and answers. As most of you know, Han Hui Hui had her notebook (the paper notebook not the computer) taken away after the interview. The police has no power to retain your properties as you have not committed any offence.
6. Request for a copy of your signed statement if you sign any statement. Often, the police will refuse to give this to you. In that case, you can refuse to sign the statement. There is no rule to say that statements given to the police must be signed.
7. Han Hui Hui was questioned from 2 to 10 pm. Eight hours is a long time and a bad reflection of the standard of our police force. I suspect that there was no pressure from outside to compel the police to finish their work earlier. If friends and family members telephone the police or attend at the police station earlier, this long interview may have been avoided.
8. Keep your answers short and never volunteer statements. If you have no knowledge, say so.
This is just a brief note.

Peenoy president is ignored by Pinoy military

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On 4 Oct, UK Guardian wrote Last week, Duterte said the joint US-Philippine combat exercises to be held this week, the first of his presidency, would also be the last of his tenure. The exercises, centering on amphibious landing drills, started Tuesday under some uncertainty because of those remarks.


US embassy officials said Washington had not been formally notified by the Philippine government of any move to scrap other planned drills.

Looks the defence ministry and armed forces are ignoring el presidente.

And the US, the FT reports, is juz ignoring his comments and insults watching to see if anything really happens.

And do remember, I reported months ago the Economist predicted an impeachment by the senate. 

Adventures of FT dog stuck here in WWII

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An awesome WWII story of an English China-born dog that was stuck here.

Image may contain: text

A post from a FB close group

An important part of history not many in Singapore knew. Picked up this book by chance at the library today. Fantastic read, couldn’t put it down.

A remarkable English dog, born in Shanghai, became a naval ship dog, soon landed on Singapore Keppel Harbour during WW2, she came to serve in Singapore during the war but instead Singapore was swiftly attacked, she survived the Japanese bombings on their ship which sank, became POW in Sumatra, survived Japanese brutalities, was sneaked back into Singapore by her companions whom she also loyally protected against the Japanese, the bunch were again shipped to Sumatra to work on the death rail before finally being liberated and sent back to Singapore again to be sent home to Britain via Singapore’s port.
The world’s only POW dog and her fate with Singapore is surprising & miraculous that she survived the horrible war with her companions.
Read the book or more info about her amazing story here:…/judy-the-dog-who-became-a-prisoner-of-…

Education: What parents should be asking themselves

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A totful TRE reader in response to TRE republishing this has valid points, up to a point, as my comments [ ] point out
Anonymous incognito:

When it comes to the education system, parents need to ask some very blunt questions to themselves

1) What’s the real reason for education and must they spend a fortune for tuition classes

2) Do the kids benefit with all this tuition? Or is it because Singapore doesn’t have facilities for playing outdoors?

3)Why bother with tuition if there’s a cap on admissions to university? Frankly a lot of kids should go into the trades make as much money as a doctor with far less hassles. And repairmen can’t be outsourced to another country. [Err but FT labour can be imported to keep the pay of local plumbers etc down. Ask the local IT people. In the early and mid 90s, local IT professionals often with only poly diplomas earned more than grads in other lines of work because management didn’t know a server from a PC. Then came the Indian FTs by the cattle-truck load.]

4) Nowadays nobody cares what grades you have bosses want to know are you personable can you do the job can you think on your own and take the initiative can you learn can you work in a time and on your own. [But the basic qualification for getting that job, any job, keeps rising. A masters is now the entry point for many jobs. There are juz too many people with basic degrees. Even SIA cabin staff need a poly diploma to be considered for receuitment]

5) Lastly why are the kids with yhe real difficulties eiter with learning disabiliyies or family problems never helped? The focus is on yhe brains and stars who don’t need help

Frankly I find too many kids too shy and too fearful to make mistakes or get out of their comfort zone.

Update on 9 October at 5.30 pm: I came across this very good point by a TRE reader who responded to the above when TRE used the above

Tertiary educated Singaporeans cannot expect to have the same outcome in 2030 (when there will be huge supply) as compared with 1970 (when there was a tight supply). It doesn’t add up and just will not happen. So do not waste time asking for the impossible. PAP and all the opposition parties cannot deliver this.


Why did ST use ang moh to be poster parent?

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Why liddat ST? No local isit?

But first and as a background to the ST story, can believe UOB survey on education or not?

Err maybe sour grapes? Kids not smart enough?

About four in five parents here believe career success is no longer driven just by academic achievements, a recent survey has found.

Instead, they recognise the importance of discovering their children’s passions and talents early on. But only half are familiar with their children’s talents. In addition, nearly one in five parents is unsure how to tap his child’s potential.

The survey, conducted by the United Overseas Bank (UOB) in May, gathered responses from 447 parents with children aged 12 and below, on their attitudes towards their children’s future success.

(ST report last week)

My question is whether how many of the kids of the local parents who took part the survey got into an elite school (RI, St Nick, MGS, SCGS), near elite achools (Hwa Chong,TKGS, ACIS (I)) or neighbourhood schools. Bet u those whose kids got into the near-elite and neighbourhood schools say grades not that impt. To say otherwise would imply that they consider their kids “Bodoh” or “Char tow”; or that they as parents failed as commando drill instructors; or that they denigrate their kids.

The reality

A recent government survey shows that families in Singapore collectively spend about $1.1bn Singapore dollars ($827m; £526m) a year on private tuition, nearly double the amount from a decade ago.

“kids who grow up in Singapore start running the rat race from an early age” … there was always a subliminal pressure from society to get good grades.”

[But] parents and students often fuel the stress about grades because of a narrow definition of what success can be.”


Seriously, waz funny is that the story quoted (and featured) an ang moh, who may or not be S’porean. Bet u she’s not.

Ms Emily Mathews, a mother of two boys aged 10 and 12, said: “When parents realise that grades are not everything, kids are hopefully more exposed and encouraged to follow their interests, and not necessarily take the conventional routes.”

The 38-year-old risk manager said her sons have a flair for sports. She has been investing time and money to get them involved in sports such as rugby and mixed martial arts, and will continue to encourage them to pursue these interests.

Ang mohs come from a different planet. S’porean parents usually aim for the their kids to do well in commando-style academic courses, only mad-mouthing this training if kids don’t make the grade into elite schools.

And if they kids do make the grade, these parents take it as a matter of course, thanking God, not their “pressure” and expectations.

Earlier this year, I was talking to a single mum (divorced or separated) who has two well rounded (they have interesting non-academic interests: music and drama. The RI gal does Mui Thai during the hols) but really smart kids, she said when I praised her kids “Thank God, they are so matured.” One daughter is now in RI Pre U (medicine, I think) and the other is doing the 6-yr IB at MGS.

Right on Tiger Mom.

Swiss one up on other wealth havens

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Swiss bank accounts aren’t so secret anymore, but gold storage remains under the radar.

What this means is that the details of the owners can be kept as secret like the old-fashioned Swiss bank account.

And only the Swiss can have secret mountain gold vaults.

S’pore has to build vaults on expensive land to compete. The Swiss use no longer operational military bunkers.

Big Brother or Big Nanny?

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Or juz common sense? Or all three?

Remote control: Investing for safer, less costly operations

If a driver operating Caterpillar equipment in a remote mine, or driving a truck down a highway for a long time, starts to feel sleepy, his head may briefly slump, or his eyes divert away from their main focus.

However brief that moment, back at Caterpillar’s headquarters in Peoria, Illinois, a sensor can detect the movement, register it and respond by sending a prod, such as a vibration, into the cab to rouse the driver, improving efficiency and safety. This is thanks to a collaboration with Seeing Machines that began in 2013.

Extract from FT

Actually sounds very much like the PAP way of doing things.





Why the PAP way produces Low Perforners not Top Performers

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Can someone forward this to the PM and the Public Service Commission? We are using the wrong method to choose “Top performers”.

What the graphic shows is that “Behavioural profiling plus targeted training”and “Behavioural profiling” are better ways of choosing “Top performers”. Our scholar system (primarily reliant on selection by academic results) is better at identifying “Low performers” and “Middle Performers”.

Btw the PAP administration which loves parachuting paper generals to run ministries, TLCs and GLCs ahould reflect on: “[N]ot screwing up is an important characteristic for bosses of mature” business. So says FT’s Lombard, a very droll person.

This means they are not the right people when changes are afoot, Think the labour market, MOL and SMRT for starters.

Based on the present form of the paper generals performance as ministers and CEOs, we should be worried about our security. Thank God, we have Indonesia, as a “hostile” neighbour.


Trump: Why tails not wagging in happiness?

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Image result for dogs wagging tails in happiness


Image result for dogs wagging tails in happiness

NYT’s Dealbook’s Andrew Ross Sorkin asks a big question that wasn’t answered in last night’s debate: Donald J. Trump has tried to project himself as a successful businessman throughout his campaign. So where is his business backing?

His plans to lower corporate taxes and remove regulations should make him a chief executive’s dream and yet, many successful businesspeople refuse to support him or do business with him.
Perhaps the self-described great negotiator isn’t so great at striking a deal after all?

All this reminds me of the following exchange:

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

Silver Blaze by  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Image result for dogs wagging tails in happiness


Incentive schemes: Three insights

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The basic principle for any incentive scheme is this: can you measure everything that matters? If you can’t, then high-powered financial incentives will simply produce short-sightedness, narrow-mindedness or outright fraud. If a job is complex, multifaceted and involves subtle trade-offs, the best approach is to hire good people, pay them the going rate and tell them to do the job to the best of their ability.

Tim Harford UNDERCOVER ECONOMIST writing in FT

Months ago I saw this gem of a comment in FT

“For a bonus system to work, the measurable outcomes should not be known by the employee so that, theoretically anyway, they would be expected to apply maximum effort and standards throughout their work. The basis being, it is difficult to game a system if you don’t know what to game. Of course the need for transparency renders that a non-starter!”
By Trecar on “Burger flippers deserve bonuses, bankers do not”

Finally, Compliance v Front-line, rows that incentives are the cause of, from NYT Dealbook sometime back

NUNS WITH GUNS: THE STRUGGLES BETWEEN REGULATORS AND BANKERS Lenders have bolstered their forces with people to interpret and enforce a wave of new regulations, bringing striking change to banks’ internal cultures, The Wall Street Journal reports. The 2010 Dodd-Frank law, intended to prevent another financial crisis, is one of the most complex pieces of legislation ever. It is the length of about 15 copies of “War and Peace” and covers matters like how much capital banks must set aside or how they can advertise.

Banks have hired tens of thousands of new employees and federal agencies have dispatched thousands of their own minders to watch over them.

The new regulatory environment has changed the way banks work and forced them to push back their offerings. It has also been costly. Spending on regulatory compliance by the six largest banks in the United States rose to $70.2 billion in 2013, from $34.7 billion in 2007.

The change can be maddening, with regulators, internal compliance executives and employees all operating like rival tribes, people who worked on the issues told The Journal.

When bank compliance executives at Barclays shared images of how each group thinks of the others at a town hall, bankers were represented by cowboys on horses with guns. Compliance officials were depicted as nuns carrying guns. Barclays declined to comment.

Compliance employees told The Journal that they felt like hallway monitors, with people dropping what they were doing when they entered the room.One former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau deputy said he gave examiners pep talks, reminding them to “never let it be personal” and not to go in “with a chip on your shoulders.”



What Trump and our Harry have in common

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Trump tower.jpg

LKY didn’t want anything to be named after him, while Trump wants his name on anything  “big” like Trump Tower (see pix). The Republican foreign policy establishment said nice things about Harry, while they cry at Trump’s comments.

LKY had life-long marriage, Trump is into his third marriage.

You’d think that there would nothing that LKY and the Donald have in common or would agree on. But you’d be wrong.


They have two sons and one daughter, though Trump’s daughter is married and by all accounts is a normal person even though she admires (not worships) her father. His children work for the family business.

Attended elite universities

LKY was a graduate of Cambridge. The Donald graduated from the Wharton Business School.

Super Salesmen

Trump talks about “truthful hyperbole”. Before Harry became lord and master of all he surveyed from his Oxley Road house (built on a hill), he had to persuade the British and the voters to trust him and the PAP.

Recovered from knockdowns

Some of Trump’s businesses went bankrupt and he lost serious money. But he reinvented himself as a reality tv star. Our Harry failed to persuade the Malayan Malay and Chinese elites of a “Malaysian Malaysia” with him in charge.

The result was independence for S’pore, something he had argued was bad for S’pore’s prosperity.

Well he had a good cry on tv, then did his best to ensure that he and S’pore could prosper.

Use or the threat of  litigation 

No need to say much about our Harry’s love of litigation. But did you know Trump also is litigious?

Five years ago, I was part of a discussion panel on the popular Morning Joe talk show in the US when the issue of Donald Trump came up. A rowdy debate erupted and I cheerfully joked that Trump was a great businessman “barring a few bankruptcies” — and blessed with charisma even “with that hairpiece”. A few minutes later, Trump telephoned the show and demanded an on-air apology. Apparently, he was not just upset about the bankruptcy quip (he wanted to clarify that he has never personally gone bankrupt but “only” seen some of his companies go bust); he was also angry about the hair joke.

So, as we sat around the table on the TV set, one of the show’s hosts read a straight-faced legal apology to camera. “He might sue,” a reporter later explained to me, as I squirmed with embarrassment and wondered whether to laugh or cry.

(Gillian Tett in an FT magazine article)


Views about Muslims

The most neutral thing that can be said about their views on Muslims is that they seem suspicious of people who happen to be Muslims ie people who profess Islam.

Trump had said Muslims should be barred from the US. He later dropped the idea when it was pointed out that this was unconstitutional. He changed it to ban anyone from a country where terrorism was rampant. He calls for the profiling of Muslims in the US.

LKY’s views on Muslims are on record. But if anyone forgot what they were please read on.

LKY’s views on Muslims as documented

Wikileaks released a cable by the US Embassy in Singapore reporting on the visit of Senator Hillary Clinton to Singapore in Jul 2005. The cable claimed that in my meeting with Senator Clinton, I had “characterized Islam as a ‘venomous religion’”.

This is false. I looked up MFA’s filenote of the meeting. Nowhere does it record me describing Islam as “venomous”, nor did I say anything which could have given that impression.

I did talk about extremist terrorists like the Jemaah Islamiyah group, and the jihadist preachers who brainwashed them. They are implacable in wanting to put down all who do not agree with them. So their Islam is a perverted version, which the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Singapore do not subscribe to.

I also pointed out that our Muslim leaders are rational, and that the ultimate solution to extremist terrorism was to give moderate Muslims the courage to stand up and speak out against radicals who have hijacked Islam to recruit volunteers for their violent ends.



Singapore’s presiding genius, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, on the failure of Muslim integration:

In the book, Mr Lee, when asked to assess the progress of multiracialism in Singapore, said: “I have to speak candidly to be of value, but I do not wish to offend the Muslim community.“I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came, and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration – friends, intermarriages and so on, Indians with Chinese, Chinese with Indians – than Muslims. That’s the result of the surge from the Arab states.”He added: ”I would say today, we can integrate all religions and races except Islam.”He also said: “I think the Muslims socially do not cause any trouble, but they are distinct and separate.”(Can’t remember the source of this quote)

But to be fair he then

issued a statement last night and said he stands corrected on how well-integrated Malay-Muslims are in Singapore, according to a Straits Times report.

He referred to the comments he made in the new book, Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going.

He said: “Hard Truths was a book based on 32 hours of interviews over a period of two years.

“I made this one comment on the Muslims integrating with other communities probably two or three years ago. Ministers and MPs, both Malay and non-Malay, have since told me that Singapore Malays have indeed made special efforts to integrate with the other communities, especially since 9/11, and that my call is out of date.

“I stand corrected. I hope that this trend will continue in the future.”

Since the book was published, reactions from some Muslim groups were negative. Some said his remarks were unfounded while others called for him to apologise.

But Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that his perspective differed from MM Lee’s, which were the latter’s personal opinions.

During a breakfast session at the Yio Chu Kang Community Club on Jan 30, PM Lee said: “Muslims are a valued and respected community, who have done a good deal to strengthen our harmony and social cohesion.”

PM Lee added that his own views were that of the Government’s.

Btw saw this



More about Autism

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SGDaily has a real life story about an autistic person. I Tot I’d add some more background to autism.

Autism became a trending topic in S’pore’s social media a few years ago because of Amos the Infamous.

At the time I wrote

Reading TRE, one would think that he has already been diagnosed with autism, and that autism is a mental illness. Cybernuts are living in the wrong century, not only the wrong country. The real world has moved on from the 19th century, when autistic people were considered lunatics, and were locked up in lunatic asylums.

He hasn’t been diagnosed with autism yet, despite mother Mary saying he has Asperger*, a “high class” form of autism, and SDP member and former ISD detainee Teo Soh Lung saying she has heard from Amos’s sympathisers that he is autistic.

Autism is not a mental illness like M Ravi’s bi-polarism**.

Different brain chemistry

Autistic people may have a mental illness but autism, by itself, is not a mental illness. Their brain chemistry is different from that of “normal” people: for example “normal” tranquilisers may not work on them: they may make them more hyper.

And there are times when the chemistry goes berserk resulting in them doing bizarre things like self-harm.

I know all this because I know a couple who has a child with severe autism, She’s in her 30s but the law considers her incapable of being behaving like an adult. But mentally ill, she isn’t.


While the UK’s Nation Health Service website says says that “autism is not a learning disability or a mental health problem”, it goes on to say that “some people with autism have an accompanying learning disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem”.

What is autism?

The NHS website describes autism thus:

Autism is a serious and lifelong developmental disability

Autism is a spectrum condition. This means that while all people with autism share certain difficulties, the condition affects each person differently.

While some people with autism live independent lives, others may need a lifetime of specialist support. Autism can have a profound and sometimes devastating effect on individuals and families. However, getting the right support makes a substantial difference to the person who is diagnosed and their loved ones.


The SGDaily article shows the truth of the above paragraph.

*Something she, the cybernuts and the ang-moh tua-kees have conveniently forgotten. A leading wannabe-be politican is rumoured to have this form of autism. There is speculation that Abraham Lincoln and Einstein may have had it.

**Cybernuts who claim Amos is being fixed cannot explain why the same doctor that said Amos may be suffering from autism is also M Ravi’s personally chosen doctor treating him for his bi-polar condition


Trump, media manipulator extraordinaire

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Large images of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump are seen on a CNN vehicle, behind asecurity fence, on September 24, 2014, at Hofstra University, in Hempsted, New York. The university is the site of the first Presidential debate on September 26, between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. / AFP PHOTO / PAUL J. RICHARDSPAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

(Images of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on a television vehicle at Hofstra University, in Hempsted, New York, venue for the first Presidential debate. Sums up where I think they both should be.)

Later today, Trump the Donald and the “truthful hyperbole” King, and Lying, Crooked Hilary will debate or rather talk cock sing song.

Expect Trump to win big by entertaining the audience like one Reagan did many yrs ago: Mr Trump grasps a truth about today’s low-trust democracy that still eludes others. People want to be entertained. His mangling of the facts and distorting of the truth sadly won’t matter. It didn’t matter then, But Reagan ended up as a great president, though I doubt the Donald will.Reagan was a good governor of California, something the liberal media ignored.

A few weeks ago the FT carried a piece on Trump the media manipulator

“It was clear to me that Trump had his own vision of how to be nominated. It was not a vision I shared. He never took a single poll, he was shooting from his gut the entire time — no analytics, no targeting, no paid media of any kind. He decided to bet the ranch on a communications strategy that consisted of doing as many interviews as you could jam in one day, then framing his rallies as media events that enticed the cable channels to cover them in a kind of commercial worth millions of dollars that we don’t have to pay,” he says. “I didn’t think that could work.”

Roger Stone, Trump’s longest-surviving confidant tot it wouldn’t work and he’s an expert. Stone was a self-described “dirty trickster” for Richard Nixon’s infamous Creep (Committee to Re-elect the President), a campaign that culminated in the Watergate scandal.

But Hilary has done on a comedy show to get a little practice on entertaining the audience.

Btw, the FT article had this bit about Nixon whom LKY admired (actually so do I too)

that in life when things don’t go your way, when you get knocked down, again and again, instead of quitting, you dust yourself off and start again.

“That’s the way Nixon was. He does not come from privilege. His gangster, bootlegger father is not buying him the presidency [as Stone alleges that Joe Kennedy did for JFK when he defeated Nixon in 1960]. Elites are soft — they don’t have the belly for the long fight. They didn’t want to see Vietnam to the end. There is also the subtext of inherited wealth.”

Tots of an anti-PAP cybernut

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When TRE republished something of mine a few days ago, certified cybernut Oxygen screamed SO I SAY CHANGE FROM WITHIN IS WISHFUL THINKING – it won’t happen

Now he has posted this implying that change can come from within when the economy collapses:


PHILIP ANG, I SEE ECONOMY is the decider in the next GE. If it flips over into a downward spiral, I don’t think even all civil servants vote one-way if they got siblings walking the street with underwater mortgage and begging them day and night at the door to save them.

Deutsche bank said 35 years of bond bull market has ended – I see a lot of evidences that speaks of the same conclusion.

Sinkieland craze for properties is just impossibility of believing for me – AFTER PAST TENSE WARNED IN JANUARY 2010 – WE GREW THE LAST 5 YEARS SOLELY BY IMPORTING FOREIGN LABOR.

In crude terms, we live in ICU survival fed by foreign cheap lab – our is a structural quagmire of EXISTENTIAL CRISIS – threatening us since 2005.

And yet without the basic minimum economic fundamental of a viable economy generating income and sustainable growth, HOW CAN PROPERTY PRICE RISES in a fiction except by artificial stimulation of restricted supply which PAPpy did successfully?

Just ask those who bought in 2007 @Reflections at Keppel Bay or Oceanfront@ Sentosa who bought in 2007 to 2010 this question – HOW DID YOU LOST SO MUCH MONEY AFTER HOLDING FOR 6 TO 9 YEARS when the economy was growing FASTER THAN CURRENT?

They all bought into the INFLATED BUBBLE!!

We got the GFC 2008/2009, the Government pumped in $20.6 billion or roughly 9.6% of our GDP base then – to prevent the economy sinking 9.6% or more. How? The politically-euphemistic war cry of “resilience package” HELPS WHO?
It was wage/costs of business subsidies to EMPLOYERS so that they won’t sink and retrenched massively with dire collateral damage of the economy. It is like a house on fire and the entire fleet of fire engines from all stations were sent into the rescue effort. The economy barely breathing of survival – which is what PAST TENSE WARNED IN 2010.

YET CRAZY SINKIES CHASED PROPERTIES AGAINST, like a new dawn of heaven..and it is party on again. GFC was a circus show.



Ask yourself this question – when the next GFC comes, how many of those underwater property still underwater or they died from drowning if retrenchment escalates?

When that moment comes, a lot of voters still surviving and living hands to mouth will finally wake up – WE NEED CHANGE AND FIND NEW DIRECTION FOR SURVIVAL or DIE.

THE STATUS QUO IS GOING INTO THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY. This is my easiest bet with anyone.


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These rants remind me of following I read in a letter to the Economist
the content is mostly low-cost opinion pieces, while the “facts” upon which those opinions are based are copied from outside sources. Quoting “facts” from other mainstream media, and assuming they have done their research, is the media equivalent of Donald Trump’s post-truth line: “A lot of people are saying…”
Looks like he has mood swings like that certified looney M Ravi. Is Oxygen bi-polar too?
Philip Ang had criticised this saying that the PAP had an inbuilt majority of 50 something % that could not be broken (He obviously forgot about Aljunied Hougang and Punggol East). A response which never got an answer was

Cybernut Investor:

The logical conclusion of this cybernut’s rant is that the PAP cannot be defeated via the ballot box.

So why doesn’t this nut either emigrate (even PRC doeasn’t want him?)or take up arms or just sit down and shut up/

Answer, he’s a cybernut.

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I asked Philip Ang this question, to which I never got a reply:

Why do u lie Philip Ang? U wrote: “(I am quite amused by CI who seems more irrational by the day when he expects Dr Chee to retire because “the problem is that 60 -70% of S’poreans have problems with Dr Chees’s history and character””

Why did u leave out the next sentence: “Sad really that Dr Chee refuses to retire.” which shows I don’t expect him to retire. U related to that other liar Ng Kok Lim who misquoted Chin Peng to slime me?

Or maybe u jus plain illiterate in English juz as u are in finance. Remember u once said the yield from London properties can be ignored in computing returns, at a time when Arabs and others were buying London properties for the yield?


Does this work here?

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To be served quickest at the supermarket checkout, you should follow the shopper with the full trolley, not the line of people with a few things in their baskets.

Find out more (New York Times)

NYT Dealbook

I don’t think so based on my experience of using the “express” checkout and observing the checkout counters where there are trolleys.



Cyber Jedi’s dark night of the soul

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Zodiac symbols in the night sky

The night isn’t really that dark.

But seriously, my Friend Terry Xu of TOC (The Online Citizen not Terry’s Online Channel despite attempts by some at TISG or The Idiots — S’pore to slime him.) posted this on FB last weekend.

Do read it, as in some ways, it’s the opposite of what I say here, here, here and here about trying to persuade the swing voter.

Terry would seem to say this about the voters

File photo: Pigs sleeping

Some would say any insult is better than this one. “Hong Kong pig” refers to people who don’t care about politics at all, and only eat and sleep.

BBC Online


It’s a very pessimistic analysis and conclusion from a cyber Jedi who has been fighting the good fight with his cyber sabre. So why does he bother fighting given his pessimism about changing the minds of those who vote PAP?

Question of

Mind must be the stronger, heart the bolder, courage must be the greater, as our might lessens.?

“Battle of Maldon Hill”: A warrior chants as he and his companions face defeat and death*. They didn’t do surrender, and their foes didn’t go mercy or compassion.

Or is Terry thinking like Joe Slovo who said that being a revolutionary was being optimistic that change was coming but realising it might take longer than one’s life-time.


Joe Slovo (23 May 1926 – 6 January 1995, full name Yossel Mashel Slovo) was aSouth African politician, an opponent of the apartheid system. He was a long-time leader of theSouth African Communist Party(SACP), a leading member of theAfrican National Congress (ANC), and a commander of the ANC’s military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe.


Or maybe he’s realised like certified cybernut Oxygen that


and is preparing to move on?

If I were SAF, I’d check the armoury of the unit where Terry’s does his reservist training. It’s an elite almost operational unit. So plenty of arms and explosives lying around.

Whatever here’s something to keep Terry going if he decides to remain a cyber Jedi

“In the last days of December 1916, a small group of Swiss university students had an evening meeting and an exiled Russian politician living in Switzerland gave them a talk on the coming revolution. He said, ‘The revolution’s bound to come. You younger people will live to see it. We older people (he was in his forties at the time), we shan’t see it.’ Ten months later this same man, his name was Lenin, was dictator of one of the greatest empires in the world,”

AJP Taylor, historian, in a lecture on Btritish tv many yrs ago.


*”Courage shall be the more resolute, heart shall be the braver, spirit shall be the greater, as our strength grows less.”, is another translation of the Old English verse.


Entrepreneurs are like ant-PAPpies?

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Hamid Hashemi, the chief executive of iPic Entertainment.

Hamid Hashemi: A Good Entrepreneur Is Never Happy

Hamid Hashemi, C.E.O. of iPic Entertainment, who immigrated from Iran with $700 in his pocket, says dissatisfaction with the status quo drives success.

NYT Dealbook

Well Low was a businessman before he became a well-paid MP, and Chiam and JBJ had their law firms even when they were MPs. Yes only Dr Chee remains out of work since he was fired from NUS all those years ago. and his wife doesn’t work. If S’pore had social security, they’d be welfare king and queen laughing all the way to the bank.

Harry’s daughter should move her ass out / Dishonouring Pa & Ma

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Below* is Dr Lee Wei Ling’s latest FB post KPKBing about Harry’s house not being allowed to be demolished. WTF, I mean her parents’ wish was that the house be demolished after she moves out. Hey she’s still living there. So how to demolish?


What Harry wanted:

“It is my wish and the wish of my late Wife Kwa Geok Choo, that our house at 38 Oxley Road, Singapore 238629, be demolished immediately after my death or, if my Daughter, Wei Ling, would prefer to continue living in the original house, immediately after she moves out of the House.”

More on Harry’s house.


Seriously, she should declare that she intends to move out and together with her younger  brother (they are the executors of Harry’s will) publicly announce that they are starting the demolition process.

If the govt tries to stop the process, then she has legitimate and reasonable grounds to KPKB. And S’poreans will agree with her. Polls have shown that S’poreans want LKY’s wish to be respected.

So long as she stays in the house, the govt can say it is acceding to LKY’s wish for her to remain: “Waz wrong with that? She being a spoiled brat isit? Why liddat?”

She wants to stay in the house and yet demolish it? Mana ada logic? Anyway taz not what her parents wanted.

If she has problems articulating her views about what she really wants, I’m sure “The Idiots — S’pore (Or TISG as it prefers to call itself) can help her, even if the boys there don’t do grammar.

She should reflect on this FB post:

LWL should put an end to this. Surely you don’t protect your father’s legacy by telling the world he couldn’t even raise 3 children properly without them squabbling with one another in public.

(To be more accurate, she’s the one KPKBing in public. Her brothers maintain dignified silence. But then, rumour had it that she was the “spoiled” brat, “indulged” by her parents. Her brothers were not indulged.)

She is dishonouring both her parents by her behaviour. I’m sure they’ll be hanging their heads in shame that she’s a cybernut hero, alongside M Ravi (certified loonie), Amos Yee, Roy Ngerng and New Citizen Han Hui Hui.

The only excuses  one can make for her behaviour are her grief and loneliness. She should a dog or two or more from SPCA, say my dogs. The Oxley Road house can home a lot of dogs they say.


*Papa would be 93 today if he were still alive. He lived a full life, committing most of his time and energy to advancing Singapore and Singaporeans’ welfare. He did so with no ulterior motives, abjuring any personality cult in spite of well-meaning intentions of his fellow Singaporeans. He is a rare politician and statesman who dedicated himself to his nation because it was the right thing to do. He did not want to be hero worshipped, and throughout the last years of his life, he tried to get a promise from the Singapore government that his marital house would be demolished, so that it would not become a relic for veneration, and also because he knew how strongly Mama wanted her private life to remain private. Because the Cabinet refused to do so, he added a last paragraph to his will, “It is my wish and the wish of my late Wife Kwa Geok Choo, that our house at 38 Oxley Road, Singapore 238629, be demolished immediately after my death or, if my Daughter, Wei Ling, would prefer to continue living in the original house, immediately after she moves out of the House.” In this age where prestige and power attract unscrupulous people to enter politics, Papa’s wish should be honoured as an example of an outstanding Singaporean who did not want to be hero-worshipped. To preserve the house sends a wrong message to Singapore’s politicians and aspiring politicians. It is also impossible to say we honour him and dishonour his only request of Singaporeans.

Cut the BS about being resource poor

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But first, the cubernuts keep harping that when the PAP took power, S’pore was the second most important port in Asia so what happened next was no big deal. Well Rangoon was pretty big then but look at it today. It’s the place that the PAPpies should send kids to to show what life would have been without the PAP.*

A WALK AROUND battered, ramshackle Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city and former capital, quickly makes it clear how far the country has fallen behind the rest of Asia over the past half-century. In large part the place is but a ghostly reminder of former glories. Under British colonial rule, before independence in 1948, Rangoon (as it was then) was a thriving, cosmopolitan entrepot, the capital of Burma, one of the region’s wealthiest countries. All that came to an abrupt end in 1962 after a junta of army officers, led by the brutal General Ne Win, seized power and launched the country on the quasi-Marxist “Burmese Way to Socialism”. Private foreign-owned businesses were nationalised, prompting the exodus of hundreds of thousands of people, many of Indian origin.

The nutters would be better-off focusing on the PAP’s claim that it made S’pore into a first world state despite S’pore being resource poor.

“In the modern world,” wrote Keynes in the Manchester Guardian in the autumn of 1922, “organisation is worth more in the long run than material resources.”

As Mr Norberg a Swesiah economic historian puts it, “The most important resource is the human brain…which is pleasantly reproducible.”

He bases his commen on the performance of places like London NY and Silicon Valley.

*Such a visit would be better than revising the upper secondary social studies syllabus with the proclaimed objective of promoting “active citizenship and critical thinking”.

A good critique:

The MOE has revised the upper secondary social studies syllabus with the proclaimed objective of promoting “active citizenship and critical thinking”.

Part of the updated content include a case study of the Little India Riot in 2013.

As the account conjured up by MOE goes, within minutes of the outbreak of the riot, the police was informed and the Civil Defence Force was activated. Subsequently, Special Ops Command was deployed and the crowd dispersed.

The authorities’ swift action, according to MOE, shows the importance the PAP Government places on maintaining internal order in Singapore.

Anyone who has followed the COI in the aftermath of the riot would have noticed that a large chunk of the events is missing in MOE’s account.

This chain of events revolves around how the initial police response team had failed to act resolutely when it arrived at the scene despite threats among the onlookers to kill the timekeeper whom they blamed for causing the death of their fellow countrymen.

Their lack of action emboldened the crowd causing it to spiral out of control with the scene of some of the officers fleeing the scene an indictment of the deficiencies of the Home Team.

The result?

25 emergency vehicles damaged, 5 set on fire, 39 police, four civil defence and auxiliary officers injured.

The above glaring gap in MOE’s account begs the questions: is it more interested in brainwashing than encouraging active citizenry and critical thinking?

If it is sincere about promoting critical thinking, shouldn’t it lay out all the facts and let students question and think about what went wrong?

Source: The Alternative View

(January 2016)




Hard Truths still relevant in 2033 and 2055?

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Eaelier this month, China marked 40 years since Mao Zedong’s death on September 9 1976.Mao Zedong’s greatest worry was that a capitalist revival would take hold in China and wipe away his utopian vision of communism. Well it happened hasn’t it?


A mere 18 years after the death of Mao Zedong, it was possible for a notable Sinologist to give his book on Chinese reforms the title of “Burying Mao”.

So hang in there those who hate Harry and his legacy. Eighteen and 40 yrs is not too long to wait to have the last laugh.

But there’ll still be prople will who worship him, like they still worship Mao.

Image result for shrine to Mao

Image result for shrine to Mao

Wonder what his daughter, his chief devotee will think if she’s still alive in 2055?

Btw, in 2025, the PAP will unveil Harry’s Great Wall






Sounds so Pay And Pay

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But it’s in the UK.

Oxygen machine patient on pay as you go meter A man who relies on an electricity-powered machine to breathe has been moved into a council flat with a meter he needs to keep topped up Daily Express.

BBC Online

Airports in Britain look set to expand a scheme allowing them to charge passengers to get through passport control more quickly. Flyers arriving at Edinburgh will soon be able to pay £5 ($6.59) to use the FastTrack service (Gatwick and Heathrow already offer something similar). And the Home Office has confirmed that it will allow the scheme, which is run as a joint venture between the airport operator and the UK Border Force, to be rolled out across the country. Airports could charge up to £17.50 to join a queue restricted to perhaps 50 passengers an hour.


Be our our first Wang Hongs, Amos, and Serena Wee

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Role model for Amos?

Wang Leyu broadcasts himself live for five hours, and sometimes all night. While he talks on camera about his life or hums a tune or dances, viewers watching on their phones write messages that pop up on his screen. Occasionally a bright icon flashes, meaning a fan has paid money to send him a virtual sticker as a tip.


Live-streamers entertain and inform in a variety of ways, from playing video games—so that viewers can watch their on-screen action—to giving English lessons. But the majority are young women who stream video of themselves as they flirt, sing or dance. Such diversions are a big hit among Chinese men. The most popular streams are viewed by over 100,000 people at a time.

Too bad he’s a male, the gals make great money.  This gal

Image result for Serina wee

pls note.

Ling Ling, a 29-year-old living in Shanghai, has gone to great lengths to curate a picture-perfect life on social media. Her photos on micro-blogging site Weibo show her glamorous and leisurely life.

Dressed in fashionable clothing and with immaculate make-up, Ling Ling is seen dining at fancy cafes and restaurants; attending parties and social events with her girlfriends; travelling to places like Boracay, Tokyo and Dubai.

But she does not cultivate her online image just to make herself feel good or her friends jealous. She is one of the new internet celebrities, known as Wang Hong.

It’s a lucrative business, with Zhang Dayi, one of China’s best known Wang Hong, reportedly earning 300m yuan (£35m; $46m). This compares favourably to top Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who according to Forbes, made about $21m last year.

Image result for serina wee

Our very own Serena Wee should become a Wang Hong like Ling Ling and Zhang Dayi. After all she has a “shop” selling clothes.

The  two chinese gals sell. clothes and cosmetics on Taobao, China’s leading online shopping site. They post pictures of themselves modelling the clothes they sell, and some of their followers become their most loyal customers.

More on Serena

Come on Serena, get off yr ass. Go for the bucks like Kong Hee and Sun Ho.



British army is still in the 19th century

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The Times says there are calls for more tanks for the Army, which has just 168 of them – fewer than it has horses.

FTs: Blame who?

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Other than the PAP administration, who else should be blamed for the flood of FTs here

What if workers are unprofitable?

Here’s something else to think about. Mike Ashley the boss and controlling shareholder of UK sports retailer Sports Direct is getting a lot of bad publicity in the UK because the co paid workers less than the minimum wage at the warehouse the co operates. Working conditions were also bad. Adding to these problems,  the co awarded lucrative contracts to his relatives.

But many of the people employed in the warehouse are not doing profitable work, reports the FT.

The  popularity of internet shopping is forcing retail chains to supplement their shops with large-scale industrial operations, where the economic calculations are uncertain and the best employment practices have yet to be worked out.

Some retailers, such as Sports Direct, have opted to build rudimentary facilities and employ an army of low-paid workers to take on the laborious task of picking low-value products from miles of warehouse shelves.

Some are automating but that involves huge amounts of capital up-front.


And are locals really that good?

Here I listed the problems that The Idiots — S’pore, or TISG as it prefers to be known, had in only employing locals and only paying them wages that mean they can only afford economy rice meals.

Well in addition to these problems: the locals can’t proof their work

The following is a Facebook post by Madam Ho Ching, head of Temasek Holdings and wife or Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

And are hopeless in grammar

Mr. Soon Chwee Guan – who is unemployed – had married Ms. Diao Yanmei in a marriage of convenience sometime in October 2012 for an initial sum of $4,000. Guy is dead.

His resignation was confirm by the party’s Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang, who asked that all queries pertaining to the resignation be directed to Mr Chen personally.


Who to blame? Greedy employers? FTs are cheap. Or lazy bums reading TISG or TRE and posting comments instead of working or looking for work.

Or both?

No need for PRC FTs or senior citizens

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Several Tuesdays ago, I read in ST that SBS had no issues about the retirement age being raised to 67. It has lots of oldie drivers.

I also read on the same dat that SMRT will raise its basic starting salary for all its Singaporean and Permanent Resident (PR) bus captains by 20 per cent to S$1,950 from Sep 1, it announced in a press release on Monday (Aug 28). 

SMRT said the revised salary package will see new bus captains earning a monthly gross salary of up to S$3,540. Existing bus captains will also have their basic pay increased by at least S$300 “in recognition of their service to the company”, SMRT said.

This comes on the heels of similar pay hikes by Singapore’s two other public bus operators as competition for local bus captains intensifies.SBS Transit increased its starting salary from S$1,775 to S$1,950 in June while UK-based bus operator Go-Ahead increased its starting salary from the S$1,865 it announced in February to S$1,950 in July. 


This reminded me that LTA is exploring the use of self-driving buses*. No for SBS or SMRT to employ oldies or PRC FTs, and no need to compete on wages. They both had to taise wages because of an ang Moh bus operator “spoiling” the market. More FT operators pls.

But technicians to service these self-driving buses sure to be FTs. Cannot blame companies or govt given situations like this? Employing locals can be problematic.

*But pls keep SMRT away from this project. Look at its problems with self-driving trains on the Circle Line. I mean self-driving trains work in other cities.

Statins work

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Side-effects exaggerated says study published in the Lancet, the leading UK medical journal

The truth about the cholesterol-fighting drug statins has finally been revealed, according to the front page of the Daily Mirror.

The paper reports on the findings of a major review published in the Lancet into the drugs which says claims they could cause problems including liver disease have been exaggerated.

It says fears over the side effects have led hundreds of thousands of patients to ditch the pills, “putting their lives at risk”.

Meanwhile the Daily Express says the number of people taking statins could rise to 12 million if the majority of men over 50 and women over 60 now took the drug as a precautionary measure.

The Times says people should be “reassured” by the review but adds the decision to take them should be “up to patients and their doctors”.

The paper says the study is “an attempt to lay to rest a long-running controversy”, but adds that “the credibility of medical science publishing is also at stake” to ensure patients get the right information.

BBC Online

Zika: Blame the right ministry cybernuts

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But first:

China government catches corrupt officials. US and Europe catch terrorists. The Philippines catch drug dealers. Malaysia trying to catch No 1 boss.
Singapore govenment trying to catch mosquitoes.

(FB post)

It got this reply from my Facebook avatar:

Taz’s why 70% vote for the PAP. LOL. Better to have to deal with mosquitoes rather than corrupt officials, terrorists or drug dealers. LOL.

Yes we have problems, not juz trivial ones like Zika and a dysfunctional MRT line.

There is the huge problem of effecting peaceful change in a de-facto in a one party state when the PAP goes the way of the USSR communist or Chinese Communist parties.

OK, OK I know the cybernuts from TRE and TISG say that the PAP has already gone rogue,

But do we really have problems with corrupt officials, terrorists or drug dealers? The cybernut rats of TRELand and TISG say we have. Just go read what they say.

Talking of Zika, just like the cybernuts from TRE and TISG to blame the wrong ministry. They are screaming at MoH. TISG even went to allege that the NEA was unprofessional in the fight against Zika. 

But given that Zika is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, which also carries denguem if the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) and its NEA had really done its work on dengue prevention (preventing mosquitoes from breeding and zapping them), I’m sure we wouldn’t be in the words of the FT,

at the centre of the largest single outbreak of the disease in Asia, with the number of cases in the city-state rising to 275 this week, according to an update on Tuesday. 

Harry rise from yr grave, the mosquito zappers need eradication. And the Circle Line needs fixing.

Fix these things, and we’ll forgive you for creating the mess that the elected presidency is today. One of these days, I’ll post on why he and the PAP were too clever by half on this issue.

Tech progress and bad times

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Let us go into the weekend with an optimistic, questing spirit. Set aside your macro worries, the flippant or dangerous pronouncements of our political class, or portentous terms such as “secular stagnation”. Sometimes the grimmest times are also the most technologically fruitful, seeding multi-squillion dollar opportunities. Apple launched its iPhone just before the global financial crisis. The dire decade that was the 1930s has been called the most technologically progressive of all time, incubating inventions such as radar, the jet engine and nylon. And capital markets play a part in all this, sluicing funds towards where those great opportunities lie.

Letter from Lex a few months ago

LGBT flag has no pink and other Gay facts

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The above is the LGBTs’ “rainbow” flag. No pink. So why got “Pink Dot”?

Pink was in the original flag:

The eight different colours of Baker’s original flag each represented a different aspect of life. These were:

  • Pink – sexuality
  • Red – life
  • Orange – healing
  • Yellow- sunlight
  • Green – nature
  • Turquoise – art
  • Indigo – harmony
  • Violet – human spirit

The number of stripes was later reduced to six. Blue replaced turquoise and pink and indigo were removed.

It seems pink mayerial was not easy yo get hold off. And so was dropped. Remember in those days. there were no fat cat sponsors like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Google or Apple. Oayness was not respectable like today where big MNCs have to show that gay culture is part of corporate culture.

And why is “pink” associated with gays?

The pink triangle (German: Rosa Winkel) was one of the Nazi concentration camp badges, used to identify male prisoners who were sent there because of their homosexuality.


How govt can see everything on yr smartphone

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But first, don’t use yr mobile overseas is what the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, Supo is telling Finnish residents

Supo is worried about gaps in the security of foreign networks, national broadcaster Yle reports. Supo says the best idea is not to travel with the devices at all, but if Finns decide that’s not practical, then they should exercise caution.

Spokesman Tuomas Portaankorva tells Yle that people “should not speak on the phone about confidential matters abroad”, because networks may not be secure. That might be an oversight, or deliberate, he says. There’s also a malware risk, and the possibility that foreign security services can access people’s phone and SIM card data when using a network abroad.

“The advice to leave phones at home especially applies to work phones, but I wouldn’t really want to take my phone to certain countries either,” Mr Portaankorva says.

There are dozens of digital spying companies that can track everything a target does on a smartphone.

How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a Smartphone

The NSO Group sells expensive surveillance tools for criminal and terrorism inquiries, but critics say they are also used to track journalists and rights activists.

Related BBC link

Security-savvy human rights lawyer Ahmed Mansoor found himself targeted by the attack when his iPhone received a message promising “secrets” about torture happening in prisons in the United Arab Emirates.

Had he tapped on the link, the phone would have been plundered. Huge amounts of private data: text messages, photos, emails, location data, even what’s being picked up by the device’s microphone and camera.

“The Idiots — S’pore” keeps on promoting divisiveness?

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Previously TISG was causing divisiveness between FTs and locals. OK, OK it was what many (including self) tot TISG was doing.

This time isn’t TISG using the Zika outbreak to cause divisiveness between the WP and a govt agency, the NEA, and between S’poreans and the NEA? What won’t some people do for eyeballs?

Seriously, what does the “I” in TISG stands for?

“I” in TISG stands for “Idiots” or  at the very least “Incompetents”. It surely can’t stand for “Indians” as there are many intelligent, responsible Indians and there are now two non Indians at Team TISG.

Here’s the latest humorously sordid episode from the series The Idiots — Singapore. Aljunied GRC issued the following statement on FB following two articles in The Idiots — Singapore

There are some divisive stories going around online that NEA has not been assisting the Town Council in the fight against Zika. This is not true. We have been highlighting that Town Council and NEA are working closely to implement various control measures at the Bedok North Ave 3 cluster.

One main allegation is about NEA not giving MP Faisal informational brochures for Operation Kaki Bukit on Thursday, 1st September. This is not true. Town Council ran out of NEA brochures on mosquito-control and the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout for HDB flats, and only had brochures for private properties. One of our volunteers contacted NEA for urgent assistance and, despite being stretched by the situation, NEA specially delivered 500 copies of the HDB brochures to the Kaki Bukit Town Council office in the afternoon for the outreach operation.

Why then did we print our own flyers? Because we had to cover some 1,500 households in that one evening and we were afraid that 500 copies would not be enough. Our volunteers scrambled to produce a flyer putting together information from MOH and NEA website with easy infographics to get the message across. We printed 500 copies of this flyer, not to replace the NEA brochures, but to distribute them if we run out of the NEA brochures.

Mosquitoes don’t differentiate between blue and white; we all bleed red. We fight Zika together as one Singapore.

The Idiots  — Singapore responded

The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council released a statement referring to some divisive stories going around online that NEA has not been assisting the Town Council in the fight against Zika (reference:

Two articles appeared on TISG on the topic. One is an inhouse report (…), and the other is an op-ed (…). The op-ed referenced the in-house report.

After the in-house report was published, a Workers’ Party volunteer who was involved in the outreach in the affected cluster on 1 Sep, private messaged us requesting that we credit the pictures used in the article accordingly, and also to credit an ex-NCMP in the story. We did as requested. At no point in time did the volunteer, raise any objections that the in-house report was inaccurate.

We assumed that the active volunteer represented the town council and therefore the report was accurate. We are therefore surprised that AHTC would raise the topic of ‘divisive politics’, when they did not do so when its volunteer got in touch with us when the first report was published.

TISG welcomes all parties who may feel aggrieved in one way or another by what we publish to contact us at

We will be happy to amend our pieces, publish updates, publish corrections, and even publish apologies.

We want to build awareness, not animosity. We will grant you the right of reply if we feel that you have unjustly suffered.

What a lot of bull from The Idiots — S’pore:

— Why was the in-house report worded in the way it was? So easy to have written about the issue as viewed from a WP volunteer without making it sound as though WP had issues with NEA.

— And this is really trying to be too clever by half (but maybe the eyeballs $ worth the BS even though it’s “peanuts”: $9,000 a month at best.)

We assumed that the active volunteer represented the town council and therefore the report was accurate. We are therefore surprised that AHTC would raise the topic of ‘divisive politics’, when they did not do so when its volunteer got in touch with us when the first report was published.

The publisher and two senior editors are experienced citizen editors with pretty decent track records at TOC before it became Terry’s Online Channel.

A critical FB post

This is one of the most half-assed takebacks I’ve seen, and smacks of the “rush to publish”. Two points for the editors to consider. 1) Did you contact the Workers Party to seek their comments before you published the original in-house report, and if so, did you give them reasonable time to reply? I’m assuming the answer is no, because you took the WP quote in your piece straight from this Facebook post linked below. “happy to amend our pieces” is one thing; you should be confirming the facts of the piece /before/ you publish them. Just because a volunteer from the WP contacted you and didn’t correct the record fully doesn’t afford you the right to claim that as a defense against erroneous reporting. If an official spokesperson or senior MP from the party or its committee contacted you? Sure. But one volunteer? You could also have taken that contact as an opportunity to clarify the party’s official response/position on the matter – but I’m guessing you didn’t, either. It’s sloppy journalism all around, and the tone of your response’s last two paragraphs suggests you don’t think it’s sloppy at all.


And here I was, on Saturday, commending The Idiots — S’pore

Waz strange is that TISG is not using these facts to “attack” FTs to attract eyeballs; something that it was perceived to be doing in the recent past. Whatever, good that it is not trying inadvertently “to  promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore”.

It’s getting very clear that The Idiots — S’pore is trying “to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore” so that it can attract eyeballs. And that the Zika outbreak is juz another opportunity “to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore”.

So The Idiots — S’pore should cut out the pretence: “We want to build awareness, not animosity. Juz say: “We want to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore so that we can make money.”

And seriously isn’t it time, given the allegations made by The Idiots — S’pore  against the NEA for the state to take action against The Idiots — S’pore? I mean Amos Yee was charged for a lot less.

But then remember this claim? P Ravi, while rowing with various people recently (mainly from TOC allied people) on journalistic and editorial standards of integrity said (boastingly?) on Facebook:“Government and related agencies see us as a useful loudhailer.” For the context in which he said this, scroll down to almost the bottom until you see his photo, the text is somewhere below:



Antidote to PAP scaremongering/ How elites see us

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Next time any PAPpy tries to scaremonger us by saying that without PAP hegemony, the economy will collapse remember this extract from BBC Online on Brexit.

‘Booming economy’

“The economy is booming following the vote to leave the EU,” declares the Daily Express lead story about what it describes as “startling new figures” showing a record rise in manufacturing.

It says the “respected” Markit/CIPS UK manufacturing index unveiled the biggest month-on-month jump in its 25-year history.

The paper says it has “dealt a blow to the Remain campaigners Project Fear doom and gloom predictions”.

The Financial Times also carries the story, with the headline: “Busy factories fuel pro-Brexit MPs’ claims of Treasury scaremongering.”

“The figures showed activity in Britain’s factories hit a 10-month high in August, the latest sign that the economy may be recovering its poise after the initial shock of June’s Brexit vote.”

According to the paper, Barclays analysts say business nerves have been settled by the “speedy formation” of Theresa May’s government, the interest rates cut and a signal that the chancellor will ease austerity.

However, the FT adds that Philip Hammond told colleagues it was “too early” to say whether the economy had emerged in good shape after the Brexit vote and he was awaiting further economic data.

Remember this letter to the Economist

Peggy Noonan summed up nicely the situation behind the rise of populism in America and Europe in her recent essay, “How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen”. For Ms Noonan, “Those in power see people at the bottom as aliens whose bizarre emotions they must try to manage”.

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Duterte receives horse’s head

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We cropped out the horse head for all the squeamish folks out there. You're welcome.

OK not on his bed but in his home city of  Davao where his daughter is the mayor.

And OK it’s not a horse’s head but 14 dead bodies.

— At least 14 people have been killed in a bomb attack in the home city of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. 

Dozens more were wounded in the explosion at a packed market in the southern city of Davao.

A presidential spokesman said investigators had found shrapnel from a mortar-based improvised explosive device (IED) at the scene.

— The Abu Sayyaf militant group was responsible for a bomb attack in the home city of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte which killed at least 14 people, the government has said.

BBC reports

Well it could easily be narco lords fed-up with him.

Let’s see if he really has balls or is like the film producer in the Godfather.

Your genes need regular 6-day holidays

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Make sure u take regular 6-day hols.

BBC Online reports

Banish the blues

The Daily Telegraph reports on a study that suggests the physical and psychological benefits of a holiday can last for a month after returning home.

Scientists discovered that “just six days away is enough to trigger genetic changes which dampen stress, boost the immune system and lower levels of proteins linked to dementia and depression”, writes the paper of the US study.

“Although previous studies have shown that getting away has a positive impact on mental health, the new research is the first to prove that a break can actually change how a person’s genes function.”

California dreamin’

The study involved 94 healthy women, aged between 30 and 60, who stayed at a retreat in California for six days, the Daily Mail reports.

Researchers collected blood samples and interviewed participants before and after their stay and compared the activity of 20,000 genes for signs of any alterations.

“Genes that are normally needed for dealing with injury, wound healing and stress were far less active immediately after the holiday,” the paper says.

Dogs really smart

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“They hitched themselves to us, which was a pretty good gamble as it turned out, because there are about a billion dogs in the world today and probably not even 10 million wolves.”

And this from BBC Online

Who’s a good boy?

It doesn’t make a front page lead, but it’s certainly a good tale.

Research from Hungary suggests dogs really do understand what their owners say – as long as they mean it.

“Scientists claim to have found proof that canines use both sides of their brains to understand the meaning and intonation of words in much the same way that humans process language,” the i reports.

The researchers tracked neural activity in dogs as they listened to commands from their owners.

Reward centre

The Times says that the study, published in the Science journal, revealed that when an owner said “good boy” or “well done”, the phrases lit up the reward centre in their dog’s brain much more powerfully if they were spoken in a gentle voice.

The i adds: “When meaningless words were spoken in an encouraging voice or praise was delivered in a neutral tone, the dogs did not register the same neural effect.

“Simply saying ‘good dog’ will not do the trick; the owner has to mean it.”

Akan datang “Schooling the picture book”

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Here I wrote that I hoped that the publisher and author of The Art of Charlie Chan would do two graphic novels on Schooling. One would be constructive-nation building (which would have MoE ordering the book by the container-load), the other subversive.

Well my sources in the publishing industry tell me that a reputable publisher (I deliberately nit names the pub;isher) has received a picture book manuscript about the Schooling story.

So hopefully there’ll be something classy to commemorate the Schoolings’ achievement, not something cheap and cheerful to cash in on his fame.

Eurasians woz did it

His parents really believed that he could win an Olympic gold medal.

They borrowed money from the bank to fund his expenses.

Now race horse owners have been known to borrow to buy horses and train them, hoping that they’ll make money. But I’ve never come across an owner who’ll borrow the finance juz the one horse. They are not that reckless.

All this leads me to wonder what if the parents were not Eurasians (OK, OK I know May’s a true blue Chinese lady) but were Chinese, Indian or Malay: would Joseph have been funded? I suspect not.

Being a multi-racial and multi-cultutal society has its advantages.


Coming back to a subversive version of the Schooling story, maybe a better way of doing one is for a story in which Ang Peng Siong wins a silver or bronze Olympic medal and for him to then train Schooling to win a gold. The twist would be that all this happens in a S’pore where Lim Chin Seong won the 1963 GE and his is the ruling party since then (as in the Art of Charlie Chan).

Amos on Schooling

Joseph Schooling info:

Left Singapore and his secondary school Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) at 14 to go to America
Lives in: America
Speaking accent: American
Secondary School: Bolles School in Florida (America)
University: University of Texas (America)
Trains swimming: In America
Swimming Coach: Eddie Reese (American)
Swimming Inspiration: Micheal Phelps (American)

Singapore shouldn’t be proud of Joseph Schooling for winning the Olympic Gold, America should

Hey Amos, in the US one Olympic gold medal is “peanuts”: nothing to get excited about.

Amos cracks great jokes.


SMRT: Sure or not?

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(Update on 2 September at 11 am: For a fifth consecutive day, the Circle Line (CCL) is being affected what the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT described as “signal interference” — a problem that they are still trying to come to grips with, as they seek help from overseas experts. Today

And bear in mind that the problems relate to driverless ie automated trains)

In April, Singapore rail operator SMRT announced a joint venture with Dutch company 2 Getthere Holding to market, supply and operate automated vehicles across Asia. These 24-person pods would likely be used within quieter environments such as hospital grounds, business parks or campuses to ferry commuters to the nearest public transit station. (FT)

Given the recent spate of problems* (makes TISG look like real media professionals not the goofy bunch of incompetents that they are), I think SMRT should leave sophisticated technology to the grown-ups.


*Update on 1 September at 7.45am:  Commuters were told to expect delays as signalling problems continued to plague the Circle Line for the fourth day in a row, according to a news release issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT early on Thursday (Sep 1).

Update at 9.35am: Too bad LKY didn’t promise that if MRT service is really bad, he’ll return to kick ass.

Amos and Chippy: The Empire strikes back

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Amos and Chippy are soulmates. Both are in trouble with the law what with Amos

Image result for amos yee

pleading guilty to five charges and facing jail. Chippy us not allowed to emigrate but was sent for rehabilitation at a RTO, a fate Amos avoided, just

Image result for Chippy + monkey

Prison awaits Amos

A day after he reversed a decision to stand trial and pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to show up at a police station, teen blogger Amos Yee again threw in the towel and admitted to three counts of wounding religious feelings. ST

This leaves him fighting three charges. He is alleged to have posted one photo and two videos online, between April and May, with the intention of wounding the feelings of Muslims.

Bet you he will plead guilty.

Hopefully jail will cure his Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Open the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, a widely used handbook in the US and elssewhere, and the checklist for Narcissistic Personality Disorder could be notes for a profile on Amos. Symptoms include abnormal attention-seeking, self-centredness, a sense of entitlement, exaggerated self-appraisal (ie, fibbing about achievements) and warped relations with others. The outside world is mostly of interest as a mirror, reflecting back on the narcissistic self.

Seriously,  he’s got a genuine, rare talent that he can exploit for fame and $. More soon.

RTO for Chippy

Details of whar happened to Chippy are below. Really sad tale.

Why can’t the authouriies juz let him emigrate at no cost to us tax-payers. Instead we kanna fund his “rehabilitation” at an ACRES RTO. Why liddat PAP administration?

The irony of it all

Amos left the country but returned voluntarily, Chippy cannot leave but is further confined.

It seems Amos fled to Oz, planning to seek asylum. It a;so seems, he was advised that with  socially conservative politicians ascendant in Australia, it was unlikely that he would get asylum via ministerial discretion. This meant that he would have to go through a long legal process to get asylum.

And as he didn’t have the money and Mother Mary looking after him, he decided to come back.

Seems some well-off members of Caring Action Network, helped fund his holiday but wouldn’t fund any legal case.


The sad tale of Chippy

The long-tailed macaque, which was befriended at the start of this year by Normanton Park resident Madam Prema, is now with wildlife rescue organisation Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) for “rehabilitation”. This is so that Chippy can “hopefully be wild and free again rather than be held captive,” said ACRES’ Executive Director Louis Ng. [No point asking yout PAP MP to help, as Louis is one of the MIW]

In a joint statement, NParks, AVA and ACRES said they were working together to rehabilitate the monkey. “The main objective is to wean the monkey off human food, so as to reverse the monkey’s dependence on humans caused by the feeding and interaction with the monkey by members of the public.”

(CNA Aug 17)

“Had we known Chippy was going to ACRES, we would not have helped catch him.”

The report continues

But even now that Chippy is out of the wild, Mdm Prema and her family are now concerned about his well-being at ACRES.

“He’s got no chance with them…I’ve seen the way they handle him…I don’t trust them,” she said, citing the behaviour of an ACRES staff member towards Chippy earlier this year. In video footage captured by Mdm Prema’s daughter, an ACRES staff member can be seen waving and banging a long stick on the ground in front of Chippy in order to keep the monkey out of the Normanton Park condominium compound.

(Video: Courtesy of Mdm Prema)

She claimed that her family’s calls and queries to ACRES have gone unanswered, and she has no idea how Chippy is doing. This has, she said, caused her some distress and sleepless nights, particularly because she said she was asked by the authorities to help catch Chippy.  

“Chippy was running away and would not come down from the tree. We were told that he was going to the AVA, and they promised me he would not be culled. There was no talk about ACRES, no talk about rehabilitation, nothing.”

“So I used his favourite toy to coax him down, and we captured him in 45 minutes.”

“It was only the day after when we called NParks that we found out he was at ACRES. That made me feel like I wanted to die,” she said.

“Had we known Chippy was going to ACRES, we would not have helped catch him.”



Martyn See’s guide for wannabe trouble makers

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OK, OK, political, human rights and social activists, and good hearted, well intentioned kay pohs.

I just came across this great FB post by Martyn See. I tot I just must share it with those who visit this blog.

My 12 tips for Political and Human Rights Activists in Singapore.

1. Read the law thoroughly, particularly the ones that the PAP will use to trip you up, namely Sedition Act, the new Contempt of Court law, Public Order Act (holding a public indoor forum featuring a foreign speaker is illegal), defamation laws, Films Act, MDA Licensing Scheme, Cooling-off Day regulations, Penal Code.

2. Being an activist is a good way to filter your friends. If certain people start avoiding you, then you know they are not worthy friends anyway.

3. Family members and close friends will try to dissuade you. They are usually the biggest fearmongers in your life. Listen politely but always follow your own conscience.

4. Bear your own responsibility for your speech and action. Never implicate others.

5. Live your life as you normally would. If you labour under the (imaginary) fear of being under constant surveillance, you already short-changed yourself and the people around you.

6. Campaigning should be fun and energizing. If it becomes a begrudging chore or bore, take a break and recharge.

7. Yes, there are government moles within the opposition ranks and in civil society. They usually have friendly and pleasant personalities. They are likely to stay in the background and will not be too strident in their political views, but will offer to photograph, video or take notes. Most people unwittingly allow them into their organisation because they are short of manpower. But do challenge these dodgy types to display a public commitment to the cause. Otherwise, keep them out of the inner loop.

8. From time to time, organise leisure activities with fellow activists from other fields. Watch the tension, friction and squabbles dissipate, like magic.

9. If you haven’t had run-ins with censorship or the police, the government probably does not take you seriously.

10. Be thoroughly prepared for your home to be raided by the police one day, to face arrest, and most of all, to spend time in prison. To be at peace with such a prospect frees you up to speak your mind fearlessly and to make decisions without regret.

11. Draw inspiration from the ones who have suffered and sacrificed so much before us. For example, whenever I think of what Chia Thye Poh, Said Zahari, Lim Hock Siew and their families had to go through, my own worries become embarrassingly trivial.

12. Forget about the results and the rewards. These things are out of your control. Do the work because your conscience is pricking you and is keeping you awake at night.


Your guide to dealing with police interrogations.…/activists-speak-about-t…


Good night, and good luck.

Fatties and smokers should not be demonised

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They are demonised by govts round the world because of the costs they impose on society.

It is the long-living healthy (non-smoking, non-obese) who ultimately generate the highest lifetime medical costs says a letter writer to the Economist.

Something to chew on

Counting calories” (August 13th) takes it for granted that obesity costs the National Health Service “billions of pounds each year”. According to a widely cited study from 2008 by Pieter van Baal, a Dutch economist, it is the long-living healthy (non-smoking, non-obese) who ultimately generate the highest lifetime medical costs. Because obese people die younger on average, they require fewer years of medical care and are less likely to fall victim to the expensive morbidities associated with old age. Obesity prevention is important to improving public health and should not be seen purely as a way of saving money.


What a load of BS from PM

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And PM’s  behind the curve again. And Harry was right. These were my tots on reading his NDR speech.

But first, PM should reflect on whether talking BS is good for his health,

On Sunday night, he delivered two real hard turds in the usual truckload of watery cow dung that included why “Adak must make sure ababg becomes president, otherwise abang will never make it” and “Own race vote for own race”(Hello forgot that his Murali, black in white, whipped a charismatic Chinese dialect speaker’s ass? So hard that the latter was punch-drunk for a while. Yup his brain was in his ass.).

I mean

“We are… a nation where a young Singapore boy can achieve his dream,” he said. “Spurred by his parents’ and coaches’ unwavering belief; dedicating himself to his goal persevering through ups and downs; cheered on by the whole nation – And that’s how we produced an Olympic champion in Rio.”

“Joseph will inspire many more, younger and older, to chase their dreams, to make the impossible come true.” CNA

Ever since the Swimming Association’s Centre of Excellence closed in 2008 and until he won a University of Texas scholarship, Joseph was on his parents’ scholarship. He was lucky to have supportive parents rich enough to fund his (and their and Sporeans’) dream.

And along the way, Mum had to take on Mindef, (Doubtless, Colin was too busy?  Or horses for courses? M’sians braver than S’poreans. They dare protest on the streets,)

Is this “a nation where a young Singapore boy can achieve his dream?”. Come on, only if the parents are rich and reckless enough. While I salute the parents, let’s face it: they were big time gamblers. The odds were against them and Joseph: The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.

PM delivered another hard turd by propagating the world-view according to Disney, saying, “[Young S’poreans] chase their dreams, to make the impossible come true”. Another way of putting this would be “If you trust in yourself…and believe in your dreams…and follow your star…”

S’poreans should remember one of Harry’s Hard Truths: Live in the real world. As Terry Pratchett puts it, “If you trust in yourself…and believe in your dreams…and follow your star…you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy”.

I’m sure our Harry would agree with him and not number one son.

It gets even funnier because the Economist (see above link) says Disney has been moving away from the theme of “If you trust in yourself…and believe in your dreams…and follow your star…” in its latest films (think Freeze) and edging towards the darker views of Terry (and Harry). PM (and PAP) behind the curve again? Like in GE 2006 and 2011?

Most of us (including the PAP’s natural aristocrats are not Olympians in sports, academia, commerce, finance or politics. At best, we are journeymen and women.


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett


The truth is that most of us are juz mediocre; accept this reality and be content.

How to be mediocre and be happy with yourself

How to help Olympic host cities recoup expenses

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From NYT Dealbook

The Olympics, Where Winning Gold Can Mean Losing Billions Why does anyone want the Olympics in their home city? The last time the Games were profitable was in Los Angeles in 1984 — that is more than 30 years ago. But for whatever reason, government officials, businessmen and bankers are in a bidding war for the 2024 Summer Games that could rival anything seen on Wall Street. Some are competing on costs, but potential losses are a major concern — is it all a poisoned chalice?

There are plenty of unconventional solutions being floated. Whether it is permanently keeping the Olympics in its birthplace, Greece, or holding the Games at different places simultaneously, some people are thinking outside the box. But what about giving a city the chance to host it twice, 12 years apart? That would allow it to reap the economic benefits twice, and force cities to create a more long term infrastructure plan, Andrew Ross Sorkin argues.

Charlie and Edmund, a graphic novel about the Schoolings pls

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Given that Schooling is a national hero and the struggles, efforts and successes of Colin, May and Joseph will be co-opted into the official narrative, a constructive, nation-building graphic novel is in order? Better still a subversive version? Best both versions?

Who better for either version or both than the writer (Sonny Liew, M’sian born VJC boy) and publisher (Edmund Wee, a RI boy, is the owner of Epigram Books, the book’s publisher)  of  the Art of Charlie Chan.which weaves together fictional and historical elements, with nods to events and personalities in the nation’s history, such as Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, opposition politician Lim Chin Siong and Operation Spectrum, the so-called Marxist Conspiracy, in 1987. 

ST called the book “a vivid and satirical retelling of Singapore’s journey to nationhood through the eyes of its eponymous comic artist.”


The National Arts Council (NAC) has withdrawn a publishing grant for the graphic novel The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye on the eve of its Singapore launch because of “sensitive content”.

The council declined to elaborate on the reasons behind the decision to revoke the S$8,000 grant.

The experimental graphic novel by artist-illustrator Sonny Liew follows the story of comic-book artist Charlie Chan during the formative years of Singapore’s modern history. It weaves together fictional and historical elements, with nods to events and personalities in the nation’s history, such as Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, opposition politician Lim Chin Siong and Operation Spectrum, the so-called Marxist Conspiracy, in 1987.

In a statement, NAC’s senior director of the literary arts sector Khor Kok Wah said: “We had to withdraw the grant when the book The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye came out because its sensitive content, depicted in visuals and text, did not meet our funding conditions. The Council will continue to support and work with Epigram, a leading publisher of Singapore literary works, on other projects.”

Application guidelines for the grant state that NAC reserves the right to withdraw funding for reasons such as “illegal or negligent acts that occur during any point of the funded project, which will adversely affect the reputation of the National Arts Council, any government bodies, public institutions, national leaders or (the applicant’s) organisation”.


Lim Chin Siong in the book is often portrayed as a hero and gets to become PM in a parallel S’pore in another universe and his S’pore is a kinder, more compassionate version of Harry’s, even if he implemented the policies LKY implemented in this wotld..

The withdrawal of a MDA grant helped sales a lot (it sold about 9,000 copies here: a best seller almost twice over by local standards) and the book also won  this year’s Singapore Literature Prize for English fiction. The win marks the first time that the prize has been awarded to a graphic novel.

The prize is organised by the National Book Development Council, with support from the National Arts Council.


In April 2015, Epigram Books announced the launch of the inaugural Epigram Books Fiction Prize. With a prize of $20,000, it is the richest award of its kind in Singapore.

So in 2016, Ownself win ownself’s prize.

The book has also gotten critical acclaim from international publications such as Slate and Economist and was is available overseas. Economist take on book:

A subvervise version of the Schoolings’ saga can win the fiction prize while the constructive, nation-building version can win the non-fiction prize.

But Sonny should beware that one-party states do not like those who criticise the official version of the facts. “China Through the Ages”, a magazine offering a mild critique of the official Communist version of history, has been taken over by the right people, the team running it having been locked out

Sonny should be particularly careful because as a new citizen (Got do NS or not? Or like junior minister Puthu?), his citizenship can be suks suka revoked.

As for Edmund, he’s an RI boy, a member of the elite.

Epigram was originally a design shop and does, among other stuff, presentation or gift boxes. Epigram designed a very beautiful “box” made of teak and bronze. Edmund said this was done for the PAP when it honoured some people with a special copy of the PAP’s 50th anniversary book. Even the PAP appreciates classy, beautiful stuff.

If Roy Ngerng had defamed a real “natural aristocrat”

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Remember PM quoting Jefferson on “natural aristocrats”?

Well Jefferson, a real “natural aristocrat” (Daddy wasn’t anybody really important in Virginia. He was a planter and surveyor, albeit a rich man,  who died when Jefferson was fourteen) wouldn’t have sued Roy Ngerng and other defamers .

Thomas Jefferson bore the brunt of brutal attacks when he ran for president in 1800. But Jefferson never responded to criticism by threatening to shut down dissent. “The people are the only censors of their governors”, he wrote, and “even their errors will tend to keep these to the true principles of their institution”.

To punish these errors too severely would be to suppress the only safeguard of the public liberty. The way to prevent these irregular interpositions of the people is to give them full information of their affairs thro’ the channel of the public papers, & to contrive that those papers should penetrate the whole mass of the people. The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

Where’s Schooling’s dog?

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My RI-standard dog (the other is ITE material, though in cunningness she runs rings round the RI-standard boy) is wondering why there’s no mention of Schooling’s dog.

As my dog said, “We, dogs, are just as important as parents, money and a Pinoy maid in an creating Olympian. Us dogs are certainly more impt than M’sian Chinese PAP MPs. And a lot more classy: we don’t try to hog the limelight like a certain M’sian Chinese PAP MP. Her dog, Blackie, is hangimg her head in shame at having a pariah as owner.”

If Schooling didn’t have a dog, surely his pet cat or goldfish or bird deserves some credit?


Can’t TISG get anything right?

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Wrong building, TISG.

Reporting a press release from the S’pore Heritage Society about the importance of preserving the Ellison Building*, TISG, a commercial site not a socio-political site, used a photo of the David Elias Building

This is Ellison Building TISG

Why so cock meh? The photo of the Ellison Building was included in SHS’s release.

This piece followed this

“STTA taxing junior team’s prize money to sustain its foreign players”. The truth (something TISG is increasingly having problems with) is that the money collected also funds our local athletes. And our PRC mercenary FT gladiators are also “taxed” on their prize money. These “taxes” go into a pool, which is used to fund STTA activities.

That’s locals funding FTs isit, TISG? It’s winners funding others. And like it or not, the gladiators have until recently been doing pretty well in winning awards .

But maybe TISG is alleging that the FT gladiators are not “taxed’?

The piece sounds like another one of its xenophobic (“to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore” isit? Why liddat TISG?) pieces aimed at attracting eyeballs.


Economy rice not enough to sustain brain power at TISG isit? In the above link I calculated that the ad revenue from eyeball ads ($1,700- 9,000) are Enough for “economy rice” meals for those working there.

*The Singapore Heritage Society (SHS) is deeply disappointed with the decision to demolish a substantial part of Ellison Building. A substantial part of the building will be demolished to make way for the North South Highway and will be reconstructed when the Highway is completed. It is located at the junction of Selegie Road and Rochor Canal Road and was built in 1924.

TISG: “useful loudhailer” for PAP administration

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So TISG published another article: “STTA taxing junior team’s prize money to sustain its foreign players”. The truth (something TISG is increasingly having problems with) is that the money collected also funds our local athletes. And our PRC mercenary FT gladiators are also “taxed” on their prize money. These “taxes” go into a pool, which is used to fund STTA activities.

That’s locals funding FTs isit, TISG? It’s winners funding others. And like it or not, the gladiators have until recently been doing pretty well in winning awards .

But maybe TISG is alleging that the FT gladiators are not “taxed’?

The piece sounds like another one of its xenophobic (“to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore” isit? Why liddat TISG?) pieces aimed at attracting eyeballs.

Given that the PAP administration loves FTs and frowns on anything resembling seditious actions, it’s surprising that TISG’s lead editor, P Ravi, while rowing with various people recently (mainly from TOC allied people) on journalistic and editorial standards of integrity said (boastingly?) on Facebook: “Government and related agencies see us as a useful loudhailer.”For the context in which he said this, scroll down to almost the bottom until you see his photo, the text is somewhere below:

Given that Ravi keeps stressing that TISG is not a socio-politcal site but a commercial site, one can only wonder what it’s being paid to act as a loudhailer for the “Government and related agencies”? Commercial sites exist to make money (they hope), not promote causes.

TISD raises money

Funny that Ravi claims that unlike a socio-politcal site, “Commercial sites must produce what readers want and will come back to consume or risk going bankrupt.” because TISG had to call for a new round of funding from existing and new shareholders late last year because it had run out of funds. Obviously TISG wasn’t producing what readers wanted and they were not coming back to consume more from TISG. 


Do also read the link above for the comments it made to Daniel Goh about its 1m unique visitors. A reader of this alerted me to the exchange to show the depths to which TISG will sink to. To me it shows the arrogance of TISG: telling Daniel Goh that he should comment on TISG’s wall because TISG has “1m unique visitors”. P Ravi and Kumaran Pillay (TISG’s publisher) like to say that TISG has the eyeballs that others are jealous about, hence the criticism about its journalistic and editorial standards.

On the issue of eyeballs and ad revenue from eyeballs,, I’ve calculated that the amount of revenue generated by TISG from eyeball advertising is “peanuts”.

Soul selling for peanuts

Based on a reported boast that it has 3.5m views a month, it would make about $9,000 in ad revenue a month. Based on some more reliable data that it has about 670,000 views a month, the figure comes to around $1700 (Detailed post coming one of these days and these numbers may be refined slightly).

Note I’m only guesstimating only revenue generated from eyeball ads. I make no comment on revenues from other sources because no data is available.


Maybe there is cash for being a loudhailer for the “Government and related agencies”?

And if there is, why is the PAP administration so cock to fund a commercial site that reasonable people can perceive as trying “to  promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore”?

I don’t think P Ravi and Kumaran Pillay know the ancient Greek superstition:  Nemesis punishes Hubris. But at least one of them, an ordained pastor, will be familiar with “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)

What’s disappointing about TISG’s defence of itself is that it’s not enough to prove critics wrong: they have to be shown to be malign, jealous, dishonest (“less than honest” is a favourite) or stupid, or any combination of two or more of these attributes. Yup TISG sounds, feels and looks like a PAPpy of the Jason Chua variety.

But to be fair, maybe the people in TISG cannot prove critics wrong except by pointing to their eyeball traffic and by distracting from the real issues by sliming their critics. And the eyeball traffic is only worth $1,700 – $9,000 a month. Enough for “economy rice” meals for those working there.



Will Gleneagles sandwich cost me a fortune?

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But first: before I signed the SingHealth papers to go for cataract surgery, the doctor said that the success rate was 98% but things could go wrong. Fair enough.

But then I saw on Google this ad from a Mount E practice: 99.9% Surgical Success Rate By Highly Experienced Specialists

Thorough Counseling · Impeccable Service · Safest Treatment · Affordable Fees

Wonder how much more I would have to pay for this 99.9% rate of success. As “affordable as HDB flats”? LOL.

I had to go to Gleneagles because the operating doctor was doing surgery there on the earliest available date. I was told the charges would be the same when I asked if got extra charge*. But when I was given a sandwich, biscuits, a bottle of water and a hot drink after the operation at Gleneagles, I couldn’t help but worry that I’ll be charged private hospital rates for the food. LOL.

As for the procedure, and follow-up, I’m impressed.


*But the PRC looking and sounding gal apparently didn’t hand me some documents that the staff at Gleneagles needed, so the trie blue S’porean SNEC staff based in Gleneagles had to do additional work, one of which was to make me sign another CPF Medisave form. Will have to check that there’s no double withdrawal,

Schooling: the real heroes and the wagonjumpers

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Here I wrote, (saying I hope PM would thank them) about the real heroes of the story, Below are more details from a Facebook post about what his parents did and just as important details about the lack of Support from almost all Sporeans, (Note: I’ve not been able to identify the writer of the original post. Otherwise I’d have attributed the post. I’ll still attribute if I get a name.) [Update at 5.45pm: The writer it seems is one Nicholas Lee, a retiree.]

Update at 6.08am

FT (where “T” stands for “Talent”) and best-selling local author, Neil Humphreys, had these two great FB takes on politicans jumping on the bandwagon

You gotta laugh. Joseph Schooling’s homecoming news item on TV was seven minutes long. He spoke for the first time in the sixth minute, after four ministers of course.

[A MediaCorp veteran said: Don’t blame the ministers only…blame Mediacorp too…for giving them airtime !]

At this very difficult time, my thoughts and prayers are with any ministers or MPs who’ve not yet had a chance to appear on TV to discuss Joseph Schooling.


Some Facts about Joseph Schooling, you decide for yourself

Joseph Issac Schooling, born in SIngapore. Father is a 3rd generation Singaporean of mixed English and Eurasian Portuguese heritage. Mother is a Malaysian Chinese who is a singapore PR. She has been living in Singapore for decades but has not taken up Singapore citizenship.

Went to ACS Primary school. After PSLE, his swimming potential was identified by the parents, and they decided to send him to the Jacksonville, Florida to attend the Bolles School, which is a school specializing in training atheletes, in particular swimmers. Bolles has had a swimmer alumnus or student competing in every Olympic games since 1972. Their swimming program was set up by Gregg Troy who was the US Olympic Swim coach for the 2012 Olympic games. Imagine your secondary school swimming coach is a former Olympic swimmer and coached Michael Phelps in the 2012 Olympics!! What a powerhouse your school would be in the pool. because he is an international student, Bolles has a boarding program for its foreign students. The cost of one year of school fees and room and board is USD $47,000. Guess how much the PAP and SNOC contributed to this amount. Zero would be a fair guess.

After he graduated from Bolles, he was offered a swim scholarship at University of Texas, one of the top 5 swimming programs amongst US universities. The Head Coach for the U of T swimming program is Eddie Reese, former head coach of the US Olympics swim team in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. If you know anything about the swim program, you know that nothing is left to chance. Professional full-time dieticians, sports psychologist, strenght and conditioning coaches, multi million weight rooms, etc are all part and parcel of what atheletes get when they go there. But even on a scholarship, its not cheap, with frequent travel to Singapore to compete in the SEA and Asian games and other social visits. Also, out of pocket costs and other costs in USD is also not cheap.

It was at this point when the big hooha between Schooling’s mother MINDEF took place over his deferment. After a protracted and public fight, where she used the news media to put pressure on the PAP, you know who won the fight. Unfortunately, in earlier times, without the aid of modern day internet and social media, many other atheletes were lost to NS and a short sighted govt. policy. The race driver Andrew Tang is an example of a failed request for NS deferment. Ang Peng Siong in an earlier time was another case.

So to sum it up……………..
The Schoolings and not the govt paid huge money to send Joseph to Bolles for his swim coaching and studies
The Schoolings and not the govt got the U of T scholarship for Joseph, even though it seems the PAP is giving full scholarships to every tom dick and harry FT
The PAP wanted to sabotage the whole thing by making him do NS at such a critical junction in his swim career, and it would have happened if not for his mother’s intervention.

The other Republic swimmer Quah Zheng Wen was not so fortunate that his family can send him to Bolles and hence is stuck with no name national coach carlos lopez, a bronze medallist in the Olympics and with the pathetic facilities in singapore. If Quah had the same opportunities, maybe we have 2 medals or more.

U decide how much credit the PAP should get. Then see how many of these assholes jump on the bandwagon until it breaks.

Some more Facts about Joseph Schooling, you decide for yourself Part 2

“I think it has to be said that as a nation, a people, a country, a govt., and as individuals, we did almost nothing to help Schooling get to the gold medal. We did not finance him, did not support him, the PAP chose not to groom and encourage this guy. Very little of our money went to training him, and providing him the necessary support, compared to the millions we lavish on 3rd class ungrateful atheletes from China and elsewhere. Not only did we not support him, we almost killed his career by making him do NS. When I say we, I mean the 70% of the morons that supported and elected the PAP. If his mother May did not fight MINDEF to get his deferment, he might still be in the SAF now doing NS. There was no mass petition from singaporeans calling for his deferment. there was no mass calling of the MPs to support him. There was no media support for him, and certainly no support from the Singapore National Olympics Committeefor his deferment. Instead, 2 angmos (one was his swim coach in U of T, Gregg Troy) and the other a technical director, Bill Swetenham of SSC, wrote in their support to ask for his deferment. Not one PAP asshole or Notable sinkie stood up for this boy.

But now that he won the Gold, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and be proud of him. I say that you don’t have that right. Singaporeans have not earned the right to claim the limelight with him. Where were they when he needed them? Sinkies are really pathetic hypocrites. Although I am born and raised in singapore, I am ashamed of our treatment of this boy, and I certainly cannot rejoice without a hint of embarassment that we as a people almost kill this great moment.”

Mothership: Don’t cheapen Schooling’s gold medal

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Joseph Schooling actually *isn’t* our first-ever Olympic Gold medallist — Yip Pin Xiu is

Her Paralympic Gold is no less worthy of laud than his 🙂

For sports fans in particular, and the popilace at large, there is a big difference between an Olympic medal and a Paralympic medal. That is why there are the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. Horses for courses.

No disrespect meant towards Ms Yap but there is a difference between an Olympian and Paralympian,

Enough said, except that I’m sure the mothership writer should be working for TISG.

PM, pls make sure the real heroes are thanked

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I read PM’s message that parly plans to congratulate Schooling and express support for Team S’pore (I suppose that includes the mandarin-speaking FT mercenary gladiators.)

Sorry for the snide remarks, but seriously, I hope the motion thanks Colin and May Schooling for their financial and other sacrifices in making the first Olympic S’porean gold possible. They could have been real S’poreans, and blamed the system for not allowing their son to achieve his potential when in 2008  the Singapore Swimming Association shut down its Centre of Excellence, and left it at that.


“In 2008, when the Singapore Swimming Association shut down its Centre of Excellence (COE), Colin was convinced by ex-COE coach Jack Simon that the US was where Joseph’s Olympic dream lay.

The Schoolings, who had to bear his school fees, expenses, transport and accommodation costs, took a leap of faith in 2009 and sent their only child abroad.

Colin, a 66-year-old businessman, estimates spending nearly US$1 million (S$1.26 million) on Joseph. That apart, there is also the heart-wrenching reality of being separated from their boy, only 14 at the time.

On average, the trio are together for only about three weeks a year.

Said May, a tennis player for Perak state: “At first, I didn’t want him to go. But he told me ‘Mum, if I am to get an Olympic gold medal, I have to go’.

“Grudgingly, I let him go but it was a painful decision.”

Added Colin, a hurdler and water polo player who represented Singapore in softball: “Our ties are strong, we did this as a team because we love our son so much.”

~ Chua Siang Yee, The Sunday Times, 28 Sep 2014.

PM, money talks BS walks in S’pore. Colin and May spent money, serious money showing their belief in their son. I understand the $1m, Schooling’s getting, is liable to tax. If so how about making the payment tax-free?

Update at 6.40am: A reader juz posted that the money can’t be accepted without Joseph getting kicked out of uni

Joseph Schooling cannot accept that $1m prize money under NCAA rules. He will be kicked out of the University of Texas. I am not even sure if that $1m can be said to be paid after he leaves the US college system. Someone in the govie should have done their homework before throwing the money around.

Update at 7.30am: Another reader posted why he can accept the money

Extracted from

“Under current NCAA rules, a student-athlete can permissibly accept any funds provided to them via the Operation Gold Grant Program (administered by the USOC) and other international equivalents run by other national governing bodies. Therefore, any incoming and current student-athletes are able to receive “bonuses” for winning Olympic medals”

Also from a swimming-centric website ( based in Austin, Texas, Schooling is eligible to keep the incentives based on the rule changes in Aug 2015 to make international student-athletes on par with the US athletes on the Gold Grant Program.

Can explain away this Dr Chee?/ Where PAP has failed us

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The Misery Index, computed by adding inflation to the unemployment rate, gives S’pore a score of 1.40, which is the 2nd best – or second least miserable – for all 74 economies surveyed by Bloomberg. Thailand is first with 1.11%. Japan, is third, with 2.70%.

If Dr Chee or any other sane anti-PAPpy cannot explain this away, doesn’t this show that the PAP deserves its “Ownself salute ownself” party once a year on 9 August?

So keep on feeling miserable, anti-PAPpies. Likewise the ang moh tua kees. None of these countries can be called a democracy. Thailand has a ruling military junta, S’pore is a defacto one-party state, and in Japan, the Liberal Democtatic Party has been the ruling party for all but two and a half years since the LDP was founded in 1955.

All three are sceptical about putting human rights on a pedestral to be worshipped.

But anti-PAPpies and the ang moh tua kees can console themselves. Chris K is absolutely right in the following analysis that the PAP has failed us:

Thoughts on PAP’s political domination on Singapore’s 51st Birthday

Singapore sees its 51st year of independence and 48th year of PAP’s total political domination. Do we get to 100th year of independence and beyond? For that we have to consider whether the PAP’s 48th year of total political domination is the right path to get there.

In the 2015 General Election, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong warned the voters that Singapore’s future was at stake in that if PAP failed, the nation was in trouble. This narrative has always been effective for many Singaporeans who are uncertain of life without the PAP. But in it, lies the danger on the path to 100 years and beyond for the narrative implies that without the PAP, there is no viable alternative to govern Singapore.

That is to say, we as a nation has no back-up, no double, triple redundancy, no recovery plans to ensure the continued prosperity and relevance of Singapore, should the PAP failed. How safe is such a company in coping with human failure let alone a nation state?

The PAP may not have failed but that is not the same as saying it has not failed in certain areas nor has not failed certain segments of the population. It always maintained that it must have a super majority, better still no opposition in order to focus on the long term. And yet this did not stop the PAP from indulging in short term fixes that have long term consequences. Neither did this ensure the PAP understand and therefore mitigate the trade-offs in its policy choices.

These are the consequences of the PAP’s single minded maintenance of total political domination. It stymies the opposition parties and repress the legal and political environment so that there can be no policy alternatives than its own. The much bigger potentially catastrophic consequences is that the nation will be in trouble should the PAP failed because there is no other alternatives to govern the nation. Think of it as making sure the nation fail together with the PAP if the party should fail. That should be how we read Mr Lee’s warning.

So while you may not like to contemplate life without the PAP, you are also putting the nation at long term risk if you do not aim for political plurality in our nation, the sort of plurality in which nations survive centuries without having to depend on one party. Besides, who is to say the PAP will not benefit from a period out of government.

Majullah Singapura and Happy NDP!

*Facebook post by Chris Kuan



Otters and SG51

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Image result for otters singapore

Singaporeans have spoken and Bishan’s adorable otter family is their pick to represent the country on its 51st birthday. ST

I’m happy about the choice. I find them adorable.

But are they really representative of S’poreans? If S’poreans bred like them, the PAP would not have the excuse of allowing in FTs by the cattle-truck load to “fix” locals.

“Tight labour markets are the best social programme, as they force employers to hire the inexperienced,” says Larry Summers in an article in today’s FT. He is Charles W Eliot university professor at Harvard and a former US Treasury secretary.

Here employers can hire FTs to replace not only the inexperienced but also middle-age PMETs.


What won’t TISG do to attract eyeballs?

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For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Selling out for peanuts doesn’t seem a good choice.

Sad that P Ravi still hasn’t managed to clean up the Indian or TISG as it prefers to be known. But maybe he doesn’t want to or his hands are tied? Eyeballs needed to staunch the outflow of newly injected monies earlier this year? A defensive remark on Facebook (on the use of clickbait by TISG before his time) and another remark on the numbers visiting his site worryingly indicates that he too is focusing on eyeballs, flushing credibility down the toilet. If he really wants eyeballs he should cut to the chase: bring on the soft porno or bots. They’ll bring in the eyeballs and the ad revenue.

The clock is ticking. Soon he’ll be remembered for the rubbish that TISG is producing under his watch (and which began before he got involved with TISG), and not for the sterling work at TOC. But then he’s the guy who quit his job so that he could stand in GE 2015. So he’s capable of throwing caution to the winds.

But are the “peanuts”* that TISG getting in ad revenue worth the loss of credibility? As I said bots or boops will bring in the money, serious money. But Ravi seems to have forgotten: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

It’s not even the world, it’s only eyeballs and hopefully some (not serious) ad revenue. Faustus sold his soul to the devil in return for knowledge, and even then on his death-bed, he regretted the transaction.

Someone on FB defended the Indian, For me I’ve been disappointed with many things put up by TISG but occasionally find a very good write-up and this case is one new low. Someone rebutted: If the public toilet always full of shit but occasionally will be cleaned, I rather choose to go find a toilet that is always clean most of the time to use.

I’ll end by posting the views of averageguysg on new media, in general, and TISG, in particular, in response to this post of mine.

The creation of new media started with very high ideals. Wanting to promote responsible, balanced coverage. Wanting to level the political and media playing field. This is why all new media start as socio-political sites.

But the problem is over the years, we’ve come to see that the core audience of many of these sites comprise mainly of cybernuts/freeloaders who KPKB everyday but do not want to contribute even a tiny amount to keep these sites going. The level of donations/crowdfunding given is just pathetic. Now if you are doing not bad like Richard Wan, you’re probably fine for a while. Same if you are Bertha, or Daniel Yap. Even for Terry, he was able to secure 5 figure sums from politicians like Tambyah and Jeanette Chong, which allowed TOC to cover last year’s GE.

But if not, how sustainable is it? A new media site needs money to run just like everything else. And for guys like P Ravi, I suspect its now a source of income for him. The guy piggybacked with the Chiam’s at the last GE, lost, and now has more or less deserted them.

Hence the result. To hell with socio-political, democratic ideals. Eyeballs and clicks are what generates revenue, if not now, then perhaps in future. All TISG has to do is avoid getting into the same trouble TRS has. May not earn as much as the TRS couple but hey, not bad also what.

This is my guess on why TISG has taken the path it has. Never mind if it accidentally “fixed” Dr Chee at the BBBE. It wantonly published that fake “Lee Wei Ling” comment, leading to her scathing put down of Dr Chee in public. It later even managed to make an article about a totally random facebook comment on Dr Chee. Never mind the responsible reporting, the fact based investigation, the “balanced” political field. As long as it generates traffic, sorry to you, Dr Chee. This is also why P Ravi can join in to slime Terry and TOC over the Benjamin Lim affair. Its about rice bowl now, screw the common cause, yeah?

Leon Pererra made a wise choice in getting out. I always suspected it was more to do with the ELD conflict of interest thing. WP doesn’t need TISG anyway, and associating with it would have made things even worse.

*Claims to have about the same level of eyeballs as mothership while running a leaner operation. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

It’s not even the world, it’s only eyeballs and hopefully some ad (not serious) revenue.

Faustus sold his soul to the devil in return for knowledge, and even then on his death-bed, he regretted the transaction.


Locals or FTs?

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Three employees of SMRT were found to have contracted tuberculosis (TB) in 2016, the transport operator said on Saturday (Aug 6). 


Wah lan, wear sports bra and shorts also cannot

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MoE must step in to prevent gals from showing cleavage and guys from showing abs. What next TRE prudes?

Recently, I gave two examples (scroll towards the end of that piece) of TRE prudes. Here’s another at :

NTU’s Freshmen Orientation Camps are equally sexualised

(See below for text)

Just because these TRE prudes were once young arrogant, humourless, mature pricks, doesn’t mean that young people now have to follow them.

Everything complain isit, Why liddat?

As I wrote earlier,

— With people like these TRE adults, can one blame the PAP administration of the education system that we have? The PAP is just giving us the kind of education system that S’poreans (even TRE cybernits want): prudish, unthinking ans unimaginative. Nanny knows best.

–… by adults who should know better especially those adults who also KPKB that the education system is flawed. It’s their demands, expectations and attitudes that help the PAP administration keep the education system the way it is: producing sheep for FTs to slaughter.

— Adults (ministers  university administrators, new media people etc) should have a sense of proportion. So long as there’s no reasonably foreseen danger of grievous bodily harm, sexual assault  or serious mental damage, what’s the harm? As to the issue of consent of the undergrads if undergrads object to the activities, they should have the guts to say “No” not rely on nanny to protect them, or follow the instructions of the organisers like the sheep of  Animal Farm.

A “Charissa” bitches:

With regards to the recent furore over the exposure of sexualized orientation games at NUS, I would like to point out that it is not only happening at NUS. While other universities and polytechnics aren’t as extreme yet, their orientation camps can easily go that way.

I have attached some photos of an orientation camp at NTU that happened a couple of years ago. The photos show a muscular guy wearing nothing but skimpy swimming briefs sitting down to a girl wearing a sports bra that shows her cleavage.

Even if there is a swimming component, why are there girls wearing bikinis and sports bras on the school campus? Can’t they wear a modest swimsuit instead? Why is there so much focus on who is hot and who is not? Orientation is supposed to be about building bonds of friendship, not getting into a boy-girl relationship and ogling each other’s body.

You may call us prudes but let me ask this question. Are the orientation camp organizers even aware that they are driving away conservative students from coming to orientation camps? Why is the school orientation organizer discriminating against conservatives? Furthermore, girls who do not have a hot body are discouraged from attending because they are self-conscious and do not feel comfortable being half-naked around their male peers.

It is also very insensitive because Muslim and Christian parents may not want their daughters to be skimpily dressed and engaging in promiscuous behaviour at an orientation camp. It is outrageous to have put so much effort into educating your daughter to grow into a woman of good character, only to end up with her studying at a ‘good’ school whose culture promotes slutty behaviour.

The undertone of the orientation camps at the universities is very sexual. The orientation camps are almost dating events. There’s a lot of focus on sexual tension. People are told to write secret pal letters to someone of the opposite gender and there are activities that involve a guy and girl passing an object by mouth or taking bites out of the same food. There are half-naked guys carrying girls. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if there are even shops selling condoms on campus!

I hope the Ministry of Education will work with the universities to abolish such promiscuous games at school orientation camps. There should be code of conduct and rules against immodest attire at orientation camps. Let the focus be on building friendships and accepting each other, regardless of whether one is sexy or not. Besides a good university education, it is also important to cultivate the right moral values in our young men and women, who are the future of Singapore.

Seriously waz wrong with gals wearing sports bras and shorts at outdoor “sporty” functions? Must wear burkhas isit? And men wearing swimming trunks? Coat and tie isit?

Go to Saudi Arabia  pls Charissa.



Schooling knows he won’t be cheered live

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Update at 2.oopm on 6 August: The u/m piece was written before MediaCorp realised that it has a ” social purpose” i.e. kanna do NS and we will be able to cheer Schooling etc.)

I lost interest in watching the Olympics years ago and so I didn’t really care that the Olympics won’t be telecast live. But after reading this:

Team Singapore’s national swimming coach Sergio Lopez is highly confident Singapore can snare its very first Olympic swimming medal in this year’s Games.

“It would be huge,” he told Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday (Aug 3). “I think it’s going to happen and I think it’s going to change Singapore, not just swimming.”

Schooling’s form has been strong. He had a morale boosting win over American rival Michael Phelps in June and Lopez said he has no fear about mixing it the best on the biggest stage.

“He knows he can be there. He’s not afraid of that. He’s excited about racing,” he said.


And this

Although broadcasts of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be delayed, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu said Singaporeans will find a “different way of celebrating” it, and can still catch up with the Games, albeit at a later time. Today

I went WTF!

A true blue S’porean swimmer (not a bunch of ping-pong playing  FT mercenary gladiators) has a chance of winning a medal in a major Olympic sport (not a minor Olympic sport like ping-pong) and the S’porean won’t have the benefit of knowing his fellow S’poreans are cheering him on live. And we won’t be able to see him triumph live. Only at a later time.

Uniquely S’porean.

Btw, left eye fixed, So far so good. Right eye’s turn coming later this year.


True blue S’poreans cost more/ Construction costs suppressed by using FT labour

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Update on 5th August at 5am: Article amended to reflect that Rider Levett Bucknall is a very atas quantity surveyor & property project mgmt company with history dating back to 1785 England & having Isambard Brunel as one of its pioneer mgmt. It’s not law firm.

There’s a lot of grumbling about the AGO’s finding that NAC had paid a consultancy fee of S$410,000 for the construction of a bin centre costing S$470,000. The consultancy fee was said to be “exceptionally high” and there was “inadequate assessment on the reasonableness” of it

I’ve been told (but I’ve not verified) that the consultancy fee was split four ways among four firms employing true blue S’poreans: W Architects, Arup Singapore, T.Y. Lin International, and Rider Levett Bucknall LLP, Singapore. The last is a law firm. Why the hell is a lawyer being consulted on the construction of a bin centre?

I also was told that the contractor, like other contractors, used FT workers, to build the structure

The question is whether using a contractor that does not use FTs would have resulted in a higher cost, making the consultancy fee look “peanuts”?

Seriously, I have two ponts to make.

If the construction cost was say $1m, would the AGO have flagged this tranaction?

My next point is payment for expertise. Whistler, a 19th century painter, was once asked how he dared charge 200 guineas for two days’ work. He replied “I ask it for the knowledge I have gained in the work of a lifetime.”

The AGO and others should be asking if the going price for the advice given was reasonable in itself.

And if it is, the critics should then spefically ask whether the NAC was acting reasonably in seeking such advice for the bin centre? They should go  beyond the AGO’s comments of “inadequate assessment on the reasonableness” of it.

So far the critics are only screaming is “Wah so expensive compared to construction costs.”. Hey FTs keep construction costs down.

For me, why the hell is a lawyer being consulted on the construction of a bin centre?

A reader comments

Rider Levett Bucknall is a very atas quantity surveyor & property project mgmt company with history dating back to 1785 England & having Isambard Brunel as one of its pioneer mgmt.

Question is why the hell need to hire super expensive RLB for a $70K rubbish place, when many other local SME firms can provide similar services?? These SME quantity surveyors have been & are being used in mass market condos and ECs that cost $500M to $800M per development.


And we should all be asking why the NAC is giving suck cock explanations. The people on it that dumb meh? I doubt they are dumb. Or are they hiding something?

Anyway, I’m off to Gleneagles for a cataract operation at SingHealth rates (I hope). Postings may be light.



Stop this ragging

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Many undergraduates are upset. They said they are old enough to decide what is appropriate for them, and do not need parents and the authorities breathing down their necks. (ST)

Hear, hear. There’s hope for S’pore yet.

Reading on Facebook and the internet the various comments on the games the undergrads were made to play, and after seeing a video on whar everyone was complaining about, I couldn’t help being bemused and annoyed.

While not condoning the infantile, sexualised antics, they certainly don’t merit this from a minister of education, albeit on his FB page.

Orientation games must respect human dignity and remember the point and purpose of a University education

Entering university is a heady experience. It is an adventure that as a father to two teenage girls, I hope that my own children will get to go on.

University prepares us to tackle the toughest challenges of our times – climate change, abject poverty, terrorism, ageing populations, diseases, widening income gap.

Orientation marks the start of University life. Every year, student leaders and staff organize activities and camps. Students sometimes have to go through difficult and challenging experiences – but these are what memories are made of, how bonds are forged, how tribes are formed.

Activities can be rigorous, creative, even wild; students may push boundaries.

But at all times, we must respect human dignity and remember the point and purpose of a University education.

Pretending to ejaculate into the face of a fellow student plays no part in this purpose – it is a reprehensible act that cannot be tolerated; goading others to act out a rape scene not only degrades the real suffering of rape victims, it inflicts fresh humiliation on female students.

Protesting such acts has nothing to do with being prudish or a bad sport, everything to do with respect for human dignity.

Orientation is still on-going or will be starting soon at some Universities. I have asked that orientation activities be carried out in a manner that respects the dignity of the freshmen.

As for what was reported to have happened at NUS, the University has made clear to me that it does not condone such incidents; it is conducting an investigation and will take strong disciplinary actions against those found responsible.

I thank the staff and student volunteers for their hard work and the many hours of planning that have gone into the orientation programme. I know that much of it was useful and edifying.

Let us forswear the parts that were not.

Ong Ye Kung

Articles in TRE, other new media publications and the comments* of cybernuts support the minister’s attitude. Now that is certainly worthy of note. Anti-PAPpies, rational and nutty, agreeing with a minister. What next? Vote PAP?

Seriously, these young adults should be allowed to indulge themselves so long as there’s no reasonably foreseen danger of grievous bodily harm, sexual assault  or serious mental damage, And if undergrads object to the activities, they should have guts to say “No”; not rely on nanny to protect them or, behave like the  sheep of Animal Farm, following instructions of the organisers of the games.

And NUS’ banning of all student organised orientation programmes and threatening disciplinary action is plain stupid. It may not be clean fun, but it certainly isn’t sexually abusive or dangerous. It’s kids having some silly fun.

Adults (ministers  university administrators, new media people etc) should have a sense of proportion. So long as there’s no reasonably foreseen danger of grievous bodily harm, sexual assault  or serious mental damage, what’s the harm? As to the issue of consent of the undergrads if undergrads object to the activities, they should have the guts to say “No” not rely on nanny to protect them, or follow the instructions of the organisers like the sheep of  Animal Farm.

Just because the unhappy adults were once young arrogant, humourless, mature pricks, doesn’t mean that young people now have to follow them.

What next? Cannot get drunk as undergrad? Cannot have sex with other undergrads isit?

Can only study and have the right ECA?

So I’m glad to see that there are undergrads speaking out against the ragging by adults who should know better especially those adults who also KPKB that the education system is flawed. It’s their demands, expectations and attitudes that help the PAP administration keep the education system the way it is: producing sheep for FTs to slaughter.

Finally let’s give ST credit for reporting the undergrads unhappiness at being bullied. Where were new media? Waiting for MSM to lead the way isit? Why liddat TRE, Terry’s Online Channel? Are not the undergrads S’poreans also?

*I have lesser respect for NUS students now

I used to think NUS students are intelligent and well disciplined leaders of tomorrow. NOT ANYMORE by the way they choose to conduct those degrading and ridiculous camp activities. All other tertiary institutions should take note and stop such similar camp activities.

Just because NUS conducted such camps does not mean it is a “model” to follow. Today, I cringed when NUS students boarded the bus to sit next to me. Felt very uncomfortable and got up seats. It is an issue of self respect.

Realised that I have lost respect for such people who have displayed that they allow other people to do whatever they want in the name of “freshman orientation camp”. The truth stings but it is what it is. There is still time to not repeat the same behaviours unless the camp leaders still want to defend the undefendable conducts.

Disappointed Parent

This nut wants disciplined young people. Real PAPpy. All TRE cybernuts really PAPpies deep inside isit?

Update ar 5.40am

Another unhappy cybernut

Building bonds or simply sexual?

Here is an orientation activity that took place at one of the local tertiary institutes a while ago. This activity involves raffia strings threaded around a dead fish.

The objective of the game is to pass the fish on the string from one point to another, and to do this the boys and girls will have to pass the string and fish through their clothes.

As you can see in the photo, the girl is putting the string under her top and bra and the others are helping her move the fish into her clothes and out.

Can you help me understand what such an activity is supposed to achieve? How is this a bond building activity?



Uncle Redbean: PRCs not FTs

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Yes it’s another adverse  (Seems like “Stamp on a Redbean week”) comment about Uncle Redbean but this time from a reader. Commenting on this, he wrote:

Another common RedBean rant is about FTs. I wonder if he includes China FTs. Or maybe FTs to him are only Indians and Pinoys. Seems like to him, PRCs do not scam, steal jobs, freeload or create public nuisance? Even for the Yang Yin case it seems? Problem is, if RedBean wants to be pro-oppie here he has to realise that part of the FT problem which makes up the main immigration issue is also displeasure against Chinese FTs and what they do here. Of course, he doesn’t or pretends not to.

The truly noisy minority appear to be dominated by 2 bands of people here. One, the pro-China/Chinese tradition uncles like RedBean/Phillip Ang. And two, the ape the west, Ang Mo Tuah Kee liberals. Occasionally, these two groups may overlap such as when it comes to cases like Amos, because ultimately, they have one thing in agreement which is PAP is always wrong. They otherwise have little in common and its not surprising that while singing their own tunes in between elections they do little to be in sync with what the voting population really expects from an opposition.

This is why ultimately, these 2 groups do not do the main bulk of the 30% opposition voters any justice despite being the noisiest of the lot.

The last para is something for me to reflect about. I always tot the teo groups constitute the 30%. anti-PAP vote.

Sure kanna cancel by MDA?

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[NRD2016] In Conversation with Sonny Liew – Comics ≠ Reading?! As part of our programme for National Reading Day, join us in Geylang East Public Library for a chat with local veteran comic artist Sonny Liew as we learn how comics can be relevant to fostering a reading culture. For aspiring comic artists, Sonny will also be sharing his personal insights on illustrating for Marvel and DC!

Sonny Liew is a comics artist, painter, and illustrator whose work include the New York Times best sellers The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye and The Shadow Hero (with Gene Yang). He has also worked on Doctor Fate (with Paul Levitz), My Faith in Frankie (with Mike Carey) and Malinky Robot, as well as other titles for Marvel Comics, DC Vertigo, and Image Comics. He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his art, as well as for spearheading Liquid City, a multivolume comics anthology featuring creators from Southeast Asia. He lives and works in Singapore.

How can he be allowed to talk in a public linrary after having a grant withdrawn for “adversely affect[ing] the reputation of the National Arts Council, any government bodies, public institutions, national leaders or (the applicant’s) organisation”*.

Left hand don’t know what right handing is doing isit? Why Liddat?


OK, OK: it’s sour grapes on my part. I didn’t know about this event until this morning,  and sadly registration to the talk is closed.

*The National Arts Council (NAC) has withdrawn a publishing grant for the graphic novel The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye on the eve of its Singapore launch because of “sensitive content”.

The council declined to elaborate on the reasons behind the decision to revoke the S$8,000 grant.

The experimental graphic novel by artist-illustrator Sonny Liew follows the story of comic-book artist Charlie Chan during the formative years of Singapore’s modern history. It weaves together fictional and historical elements, with nods to events and personalities in the nation’s history, such as Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, opposition politician Lim Chin Siong and Operation Spectrum, the so-called Marxist Conspiracy, in 1987.

In a statement, NAC’s senior director of the literary arts sector Khor Kok Wah said: “We had to withdraw the grant when the book The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye came out because its sensitive content, depicted in visuals and text, did not meet our funding conditions. The Council will continue to support and work with Epigram, a leading publisher of Singapore literary works, on other projects.”

Application guidelines for the grant state that NAC reserves the right to withdraw funding for reasons such as “illegal or negligent acts that occur during any point of the funded project, which will adversely affect the reputation of the National Arts Council, any government bodies, public institutions, national leaders or (the applicant’s) organisation”.


AGO’s report: “Ownself can check ownself”

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That’s what Terry’s Online Channel, TRE, other anti-PAP sites and their hard-core fans seem to telling other S’poreans: “Ownself can check ownself”,

This clearly is not something they really want to do.

After all, they have the motto, “The PAP is always wrong”. So they gleefully highlight the contents of the Auditor-General’s report into the many cock-ups that the PAP administration make. All good knocking fun, while hurting the PAP. as they see it.

But they promote the PAP’s self-serving idea, “Ownself can check ownself”all the same.

No-one can deny that the AGO’s report really does show that the MIW and their public service minions have feet of clay. They are not the super heroes they pretend to be.

But don’t Terry’s Online Channel, TRE, other anti-PAP sites and their hard-core fans realise that by praising the AGO’s report in order to validate their world view that “The PAP is always wrong”, they are in fact telling the 60-70% of S’poreans that consistently support the PAP that, “Ownself can check ownself”?

“Ownself can check ownself” is a unique selling point of the PAP. And Terry’s Online Channel, TRE, other anti-PAP site and their hard-core fans are double confirming that it works? With enemies like these, who needs friends?

I mean don’t Terry’s Online Channel, TRE etc realise the AGO is just another part of the PAP administration, juz like the much derided presidency, and the police they so love to hate?

In that light, isn;t the AGO showing “Ownself can check ownself” by criticising the other parts of the administration? Really one should rxpect better of Terry’s Online Channel etc than fall into the trap of promoting “Ownself can check ownself”.

And have they forgotten that they were rubbishing the AGO’s report on the then AHPETC town council, pointing on its “flaws”. (Btw, KPMG, has found even more problems, saying that another 18 months will be needed to fix the WP TC’s accounting system. But that’s material for another post.).

And now they are saying that the AGO’s report on the PAP administration is a good piece of work? Because the report whacks the PAP isit? Something doesn’t sound right does it? Shouldn’t they use the same logic to this report as they did to the report on the town council?

Yes I’m mocking and rubbishing Terry’s Online Channel, TRE, other anti-PAP sites and their hard-core fans for behaving like the constructive, nation-building legal media who also highlight and praise the AGO’s report. At least they get paid for their efforts.

But I’m constructive in my motive. How can they hope to convince the swing voter to swing away from the PAP with such flawed logic or assumptions? Or such inconsistency?

And a more subtle point I’m trying to make is that in a de-facto one-party state, it’s a mistake to unthinkingly use ang moh logic (based on the assumptions of living in a liberal democracy) to analyse any situation. They should “Seek truth from facts”, not from ang moh assumptions and logic.

As to the real worth of the AGO’s report, someone put this comment** on FB with which I concur:

Well its a good reminder that bureaucratic organisations will have some degree of inefficiencies, no matter how many brilliant people you hire inside, are sometimes antagonistic to the rules applied to them due to constraints of operations, and that sometimes they get overcharged or cannot solve certain otherwise easily resolvable corporate issues because well…some people are sometimes out of touch with the industries they dabble in.

… and of course proof that Singapore’s public sectors are not an exception to the existing theories in bureaucracy. Love this AGO report because its such great research evidence lol.

Nothing more, nothing less. Certainly not to prove that “The PAP is always wrong” or “AGO report blows gaping hole in PAP’s rhetoric of competent and efficient government”. At best, it shows that the bureaucracy here is like any other bureaucracy: flawed.

But course Terry’s Online Channel, TRE, other anti-PAP sites and their hard-core fans would not agree. The PAP is really lucky in having them as enemies.


*Andrew Loh of TOC (then The Online Citizen, not Terry’s Online Channel) was a real fan of the WP TC’s accounting practices. Nothing was wrong said TOC. Much good did it do TOC. The WP MPs never donated a cent to TO. It was a SDP member who made a big donation.

**This comment also gives the lie to the SDP’s charge that “AGO report blows gaping hole in PAP’s rhetoric of competent and efficient government”.

Rebranding of TOC and the Indian

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TOC is the name by which The Online Citizen is more commonly known. There are rumours that “The Online Citizen” name is to be dropped, in favour of “Terry’s Online Channel”. This change is to reflect Terry Xu’s alleged role at TOC. TOC is alleged to be a one-man show.

I can confirm that TOC will not stand for “Terry’s Online Channel” even though Terry doesn’t even have a dog helping him at TOC. It’s really a one-activist show. It’ll soon see its 10th anniversary (if it not already has) and I, for one, hope that it’ll stagger on. Hopefully, it can reinvent itself.

Meanwhile at the Indian TISG, P Ravi, the newly appointed editor has said because the Indian has given up trying to  be a socio-political website, among the many other things it wanted to be.

— “We made certain deliberate choices and rebranded by changing our tagline from ‘Responsible, Intelligent, Robust’ to ‘News That You (our readers) Need;. That set the direction for us in the last 6-months.”

— “TISG is a news agency, not an institution which is entrusted to uphold democratic ideals.”

—  “TISG is positioned to be a tabloid/magazine and not a socio-political website.”





Global champs in maths & science; so what?

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If young S’poreans end up as chumps? Or rather unemployed PMETs, with FTs, some with fake degrees, getting the jobs because they are cheaper to hire?

FT had a long article (Article is on SgDaily’s FB wall) on S’pore’s education system: all the usual clichéd stuff that lazy journalists put out. The journalist should have read this post of mind before spewing BS.

But here be some gems in the muck.

This chart from the article shows that Israeli students are way, way behind our kids in maths and science tests. But where are IT, cybersecurity experts and entrepreneurs coming from? Certain;y not from S’pore but from Israel. Btw, NS there helps develop the relevant skills, not like here.

Take another example. Estonia is just below us, behind us but it’s a high-tech nation full of tech entrepreneurs. And it has a tinier population: 1.2m.


And one reader asked a relevant question:

How does Singapore do when creating people who can apply the maths they are so good at to actual progress? Theoretical physics etc? Are there are lot of top Singaporean research scientists using this maths around the world in leading research centres, or financial centres etc? Would be interesting to know. Otherwise you are just training people to pass exams, which is not exactly something to envy or emulate.

Another reader made this snaeky comment:

Horses for courses! Singapore’s requirements of its future citizens differ from the UK. Strategically Singapore, small and without natural resource endowments, has to think about attracting FDI and providing educated manpower towards meeting that goal.

As many commentators have raised, the Singaporean education system has not translated into any discernible  advantages in the theoretical sciences. Singapore also lacks the military-industrial complex, that has always proved crucial in funding – throwing money, at ideas. So as a future competitor the rest of the world can rest easy.

They’ll make good obedient workers – and students, though!

Then there’s this:

I used to interview a lot of students for the global graduate recruitment programme at my bank.  I came across a fair few from Singapore and think your comment is spot on.  You can tell that they would be very diligent employees and they were generally very competent at maths and the usual maths puzzles, but once you asked a question about for example geopolitical risks, they would often really flounder.  Since we were looking to recruit traders and risk managers, this was a big issue.

I’ll end with two S’poreans the author quoted, an unhappy, unimpressed parent, and a local academic:

A Singaporean bank executive and father of three, who asked not to be named, criticised a narrow focus on achieving top grades, which he regarded as the product of hard work as much as intelligence. “It’s a system that really channels you through the network as they deem fit. It’s their criteria, which is grades,” he says. “There’s nothing else. My question is: is that a fair assessment of someone’s capability? I don’t know whether you associate top grades with high IQ. I don’t think so.”


One academic at a Singapore university said many of his students had been fashioned into ‘learning machines’


He praised the system for developing good “technical skills” in maths and imparting facts but said there was an unhealthy emphasis on drilling children according to an approved method. In his experience, children were marked down for using their own methods to solve maths puzzles, even if the answers were correct, he said. “When they’re given a set of [maths] problems … some children turn to their own logic. And the answer’s right, but they’re considered wrong. You’re stifling someone’s ability to think for themselves. You’re like robots. You can’t think out of the box.”


*Note I disagree with the parent on “using 0wnself logic” because it may not work. When I was in sec 1, we were taught a maths certain technique. I tot there was a short cut, and the teacher took the trouble of showing that while the short cut works most of the time (he had difficulty finding an example of where my trick didn’t work), it can lead to a serious miscalculation. `






PAP got a point about election uncertainity

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Last GE was the only GE in which I don’t recall the PAP saying that a less than empathic victory would drive away foreign invrstors. I guess they realise that that line no longer works.

So it was interesting that I read the u/m in NYT Dealbook about the US markets and election uncertainity:

ELECTION YEARS ARE STEEPED IN MARKETS’ LEAST FAVORITE THING, UNCERTAINTY What explains the lack of deals and initial public offerings, the volatile stock markets, cuts in company spending and stalling gross domestic product? Perhaps it is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Andrew Ross Sorkin writes in his DealBook column.

A growing body of research shows that during presidential election years industry becomes almost paralyzed. Big corporate investments are postponed and bid deals are put on the back burner. The research is even more persuasive for the final year of an eight-year presidential term, when a new candidate will inevitably become president.

Since 1928, the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index has fallen an average of 2.8 percent during election years where the incumbent is not seeking re-election, according to research by Stephen Suttmeier, a technical analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research. The final year of an incumbent’s eight-year term was the only year that averaged negative returns.

“Election outcomes are relevant to corporate decisions, as they have implications for industry regulation, monetary and trade policy, taxation, and, in more extreme cases, the possible expropriation or nationalization of private firms,” Brandon Julio, a professor at the London Business School, wrote in the Journal of Finance. Mr. Julio and his co-author, Youngsuk Yook of the Federal Reserve, examined elections in 49 countries from 1980 to 2005. They found that during election years, firms reduced investment expenditures by an average of 4.8 percent relative to non-election years.

Mr. Suttmeier’s finding may also have an explanation, though it requires some conspiracy theorizing. “There has been much debate over whether incumbents manipulate fiscal and monetary policy instruments to influence the level of economic activity prior to an election in order to maximize the probability of re-election,” Mr. Julio said.

So it seems that the American stock market is likely to continue struggling, and companies are going to shy away from big deals. Deals that could face scrutiny for antitrust or tax reasons have particularly fallen out of favor. Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump have talked about their ambitions for corporate tax reform.

The big question is whether the economy will pick up once the next president is decided. The data says it should, but in an increasingly polarized country, the pain of electoral strife could linger on Wall Street far longer than anyone would wish, Mr. Sorkin writes.

Feeling sorry for yrself Young Democrats?

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This guy is more unlucky than u.

Mr Unlucky: “Think you’ve got problems?” the Sun asks, as it tells the story of a 26-year-old man who has had cancer, a heart attack, meningitis, MRSA, paralysis, lost half his thumb and had his wife leave him for his best man. “He’s still smiling,” it reports.


U juz got Mad Dog as leader and the PAP as opponents.

SGX: Disk FT isit? Prime terrorist target?

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No lah in my opinion to the first question. The FT president is trying to throw smoke in blaming a faulty disk. It’s more serious.

SGX said that at 9.38am on the day of the trading halt, it detected input and output errors on a disk that runs the application to send out clearing messages to members. The application did not detect the disk failure, which it should have. Hence, the application did not automatically cutover to SGX’s backup secondary system.

Speaking to the press, SGX President Ramaswami Muthukrishnan said the hardware was supplied by HP. This issue was also the first known to be experienced by technology vendor NASDAQ, he said.


Well sounds to me that two things went wrong, not one, as claimed by SGX. SGX blamed a faulty disc. Well err what about thisThe application did not detect the disk failure, which it should have?

So an app i.e. software was not doing what it was supposed to: report a faulty disk. Has anything been done to fix the app problem?

The disk has since been replaced, with “complete health checks” conducted, SGX said. The exchange operator also said it is working with member firms to review the order and trade reconciliation process, which took longer than expected on Thursday and prevented the reopening.

Err why nothing said about whether software can now detect disk problem? Because not fixed isit?

Finally, given that SGX’s IT team seems to be an all India affair and given the hatred of India and Indians among Pakistani militants*, a terrorist attack by Pakistani militants (think the Mumbai attack etc)  is a clear and present danger.

SGX should be paying for the Gurkhas to guard its premises. Now Gurkhas are real Foreign Talent, unlike SGX’s FTs.

*But to be fair to these militants, it’s not only Indians they hate. They kill Pakistani kids too.




Minister snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

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Hougang Member of Parliament Png Eng Huat in a Facebook post grumbled about how Minister Tan Chuan Jin and his entourage were given expedited clearance at the immigration checkpoint at Tuas.

On Sunday, Mr Tan and a group of residents and volunteers returning from a durian trip to Johor Bahru were able to skip the immigration queue. In a Facebook post on Monday, Mr Png wrote that he too, had been at the checkpoint with his residents after a trip to Desaru, and that they were among other travellers at who had had “to wait patiently for hours for their turn”. Mr Png added that one of his residents was 89 years old and another had been injured during the tour. 

Since, It is the normal practice for ministers on both sides of the Causeway, as well as members of the Malaysian royalty, to be given expedited clearance at the land checkpoints, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said on Tuesday (Jul 19), really Png was barking up (Or is it peeing against) the wrong tree, especially as the minister was in M’sia on official business see below), and not eating durians.
Given the ICA statement, Tan should have taken the high moral ground and asked if Png expected that only he the minister be given expedited clearance, while the rest of the passengers on the bus he was on, cleared the check point like other plebs?
He also had the high moral ground that he was in M’sia on an official visit to the M’sian Deputy Home Affairs Minister’s Hari Raya open house. As a minister on official duty, he would be entitled to a govt car etc, But he took a bus. That also cannot itis?
Png could only sit down and shut up showing that the W in WP stands for “Wankers’ or Worthless.
But the Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan Jin said on Tuesday (Jul 19) that Hougang Member of Parliament Png Eng Huat was “stirring hate and anger” in a Facebook post about how Mr Tan and his entourage were given expedited clearance at the immigration checkpoint at Tuas.

Mana ada standard? m=Mud wrestling with a Wanker? It isn’t even plausible that Png was “stirring hate and anger”e. He’s a Wanker, not a mad dog. And Tan’s an RI boy. Sigh.

Get well soon Heng. The PAP needs you as prime minister. Tan is proving himself as worthless as Kee Chui, another RI boy (OK not a real RI boy: only two yrs, unlike Tan and me).

Seriously, “political success requires mastery of the age’s leading medium”: Reagan knew how to use tv, Trump knows how to use Twitter, but Tan and other PAPpies don’t know how to use social media*.

For that fact alone, those of us, who want an end to the PAP’s hegemony, should be grateful, very grateful.  Likewise we should grateful at the antics of the PAP’s IB in slimimg Png. With friends like Jason chua, the PAP doesn’t need enemies.

Maybe the wheel of fortune is turning against the PAP? I used to say that the PAP was lucky in its enemies. Now even the MPs of the Wankers’ Party are doing more than wanking while smiling at their bank accounts. They are growling.

*No SOP written yet isit?









Watch this Jap experiment

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The experience of Japan, where unorthodox monetary policy has been the norm for decades, does not augur well. McDonalds has struggled to increase its sales there. Whether that is down to deflation or an unappetising menu might become clear, after the group’s Japanese subsidiary said it would copy a turnround plan deployed with great success in the US.

Letter from Lex

But now there is Pokemon Go.

McDonald’s Japan shares have jumped as media reports suggest Nintendo’s Pokemon Go will be launched there in a deal with the fast food chain.

Let Chippy emigrate

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He’s a long-tailed macaque,that most probably was a household pet until realeased into the wild.

Typical S’porean, unable to survive in the real world.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and the National Parks Board (NParks) are looking into the case of a monkey which a Singapore family wants to send to a UK sanctuary after expressing concerns about its ability to survive in the wild.

The long-tailed macaque, which has been named Chippy by the family, was befriended five and a half months ago by 70-year-old Normanton Park resident Madam Prema. She was going about her usual daily routine of feeding the fish and water fowl in a pond at Lower Kent Ridge Park when she saw the monkey sitting close to her “begging for bread”

If he remains here, the law is that it must be put down because there have been complaints about Chippy being a nuisance: “People throw sticks and stones at him, and they threaten to complain to the authorities, asking them to cull him”.

A family wants to help Chippy and found that only ang mohs were willing to help Chippy, SE Asians were not interested.

“We reached out first to the National Parks Board to find monkey sanctuaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand who would take Chippy,” she explained. “But we found out that only the proboscis monkey would be given sanctuary in Southeast Asia.”

“As a last resort, we approached a sanctuary in Wales, and they were willing to take Chippy in.”

Her family is willing to bear the full cost of sending the monkey to the UK, which could include costs like export permits, medical checks, crating, and freight. The total could reach about S$5,000 to S$6,000.

The article was written on 29 June and nothing has been heard from the authorities. Meanwhile the lady continues to feed Chippy, breaking the law in the process. Will the lady be prosecuted?

And if Chippy is given permission to emigrate, can the authorities also arrange to deport New Citizens Han Hui Hui and Jason Chua to that monkey sanctuary too? I’m sure S’poreans are willing to pay for them to be air freighted in cages out of S’pore.

With New Citizens like these two, S’pore is fast becoming a haven of FT monkeys.


SGX’s IT: An all India FT affair?

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I got the above impression after reading the Indian’s (Sorry TISG”S) description of IT at SGX. Go to “New people taking over SGX’s IT systems”

We can only hope this won’t tuen out to be like this A*STAR, NTU fiasco where FT “Kena stripped of PhD. Boss at NTU and A*STAR who is also a foreign talent, contract kena terminated”

The trio at the centre of the scandal are Professor Ravi Kambadur, 54, who was with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU); Dr Mridula Sharma, who was associate professor at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine; and former NTU researcher Sudarsanareddy Lokireddy. (ST)

Truly the T stands for Trash. All relared to IDA’s Nisha?

Maybe our homegrown Indian talents (People like Dr Paul, the CEO of DBS, the CJ, the AG, Tharman, P Ravi and Shanmugam; though not s/o JBJ, Pritam Singh and M Ravi) can help MoM and Home Team to profile the characteristics of ethnic Indian talent rather than ethnic Indian trash? Then we can get the right kind of Indian talent.

“Outsiders” that even LGBTs consider “weird”

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Pink Dot will never include asexuals,

One interviewee called a local gay switchboard, assuming that she would be met with understanding and acceptance from a group who, for decades, was told their sexuality was either immoral or illegal. She listened with incredulity as the person who answered the phone told her “asexuality doesn’t exist”.…/20160621-i-have-never-felt-sexual-desi…

Typical S’porean response on freedom of speech

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The Economist recently had a long article on freedom of speech

It got this response from a Pakistani. But it could have been the response of a typical S’porean: “I support freedom of speech but must be responsible leh.”.

And what is responsible free speech?

“Must not offend my sensibilities.”

This is whar he wrote:

I agree wholeheartedly that freedom of speech needs to be protected. But one needs to differentiate between speech for the purpose of debate, or the discussion of uncomfortable ideas, and speech which is intended to insult or inflame passions. For example, Western societies permit caricatures of Prophet Muhammad under the guise of free speech, even though they insult a person revered by Muslims. There was even a special contest organised in the United States for such cartoons with a prize for “the most insulting”. I fail to see where the free debate that is supposed to separate the good ideas from the bad ones comes in. This is hate speech and needs to be curbed.

Islamabad, Pakistan

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at the attitude of the writer. Is he that stupid that he doesn’t see the contradictions in what he says? Or is he just a hypocrite? Or os he just trying to be Jesuitical?

Asean loves Starbucks

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But first fin a fun fact. From NYT Dealbool:

Starbucks Has More Customer Money on Cards Than Many Banks Have in Deposits The coffee giant had $1.2 billion loaded onto Starbucks cards and its mobile app as of the first quarter of 2016.

Young Democrats: Be brave, be cheerful

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Further to this where I suggested to them to keep their spirirs up, here’s more to inspire them to continue fighting the good fight.

“At first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win,” Nigel Farage (the non-establishment, non PC, laddish (UK cousin of Ah Beng) face of Brexit) echoing Mahatma Gandhi in a speech last year.

And this video shows him sneering at prople who dislike him. And they can’t contradict him. They can only get angrier at him.


KOD was born when Mr Kijowski shared an article on Facebook by Krzysztof Lozinski, a journalist, calling for a new political movement to fight the government. The enormous response prompted him to form a group, never dreaming that it would move offline and grow into a mass movement.

“I thought we might get 50 to 100 people when we started,” he says. KOD now has around 230,000 Facebook followers, and the number continues to rise. A survey by TNS, a pollster, found that 1.5m Poles, about 5% of the population, have taken part in KOD events, and that 40% approve of its actions.

AT THE head of a march of thousands in Warsaw on June 4th, Mateusz Kijowski cut a striking figure. The red jeans, ponytail and earrings of the leader of a new Polish mass movement contrasted with the sober suits of the two former presidents who flanked him. Since December, when he founded it, the Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) has turned the formerly obscure 47-year-old IT specialist into one of the most powerful figures in Polish politics. KOD is now in the vanguard of resistance to Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), filling a void left by a weak and divided political opposition.

KOD has brought large numbers of Poles onto the streets in nationwide demonstrations; exact figures are fiercely disputed. It has drawn international attention, piled pressure on the government and made Mr Kijowski reviled by PiS supporters











Another Brexit delusion

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Turning London into the ultimate offshore haven.

Some experts have also raised the possibility that the British government could seek to save the financial sector by making the City more attractive as an offshore haven, Nelson D. Schwartz and Patricia Cohen report in The New York Times. “This could lead to London becoming even more like the Cayman Islands and other British territories, skirting around regulations, in a race to the bottom for the financial sector,” Adam S. Posen, a former member of the rate-setting committee at the Bank of England and now president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, said. “This potentially could leave pretty big holes in the financial safety net.”

NYT Dealbook

Another reason why Briexiters remain complacent

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And that they can have it all: single maeket access and immigration controls.

The other net contributors will not want to stump out much more, so the scroungers will see payments cut.

Brexit: Why Cameron and BoJo remain arrogant

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The Times says Mr Cameron delivered a “migration ultimatum”, saying EU leaders must allow it to be curbed if they want a future deal with Britain over the single market.

What arrogance. True a strong Uk is in the EU’s interest, but conventional wisdom is that UK needs EU more than EU needs UK.

Here’s an American perspective that shows why conventional wisdom may be wrong again. NYT Dealbook reports:

There is still enormous uncertainty about how Britain’s exit will play out, but if you consider the absolute worst-case scenarios, it could just be the first domino, Andrew Ross Sorkin writes in DealBook. And the next ones to fall would matter more.

Italy’s government is already considering pumping money into its banking systems as bank stocks were pummelled after the vote. Italy’s banks would suffer if Britain’s vote to leave the European Union created a material economic slowdown. If Italy’s economy faltered later on and the European Union offered help only with tough conditions, we could witness the secession of Italy, Mr. Sorkin writes.

There is a decent chance that another country could try to follow Britain on its way out before then. Geert Wilders, the populist leader of the anti-immigrant Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, has already called for a Dutch referendum.

James Pethokoukis, a commentator at the American Enterprise Institute, recently found a memorandum written in 2011 during the euro crisis by Willem Buiter, the global chief economist at Citigroup, that imagined the destruction of the European Union. It compared it to the movie “War of the Roses” – disruptive, destructive and without any winners.

“Exit, partial or full, would likely be precipitated by disorderly sovereign defaults in the fiscally weak and uncompetitive member states, whose currencies would weaken dramatically and whose banks would fail,” Mr. Buiter wrote at the time. “If Spain and Italy were to exit, there would be a collapse of systemically important financial institutions throughout the European Union and North America and years of global depression.”

Hopefully, these are just worst-case scenarios. Unfortunately, as Neil Irwin explains in The Upshot, Britain’s exit actually accentuates global forces that have been building for years that governments have been unable to limit.

These self-reinforcing dimensions make it a particularly perilous time for the global economy. The dollar is likely to strengthen with the value of the pound collapsing. The result of the referendum could drag down growth even further.

And political environments around the world are getting more toxic,driving greater polarization and a greater range of possible outcomes. These and other changes do not stand in isolation, and no one yet knows where the cycle ends.

In essence, the Britexiters are planning a game of chicken: Give us what we want or see the end of the EU and a global recession. And never mind what happens to the UK. That’s arrogance. Sadly, they may have a point.

Meanwhile, UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s appearance at an emergency session of the European Parliament to discuss Brexit – at which he told fellow MEPs they were in denial over EU failings – attracted plenty of column inches.

Patrick Kidd, writing in the Times, says: “Nigel Farage went to Brussels and did what he has done so admirably for 17 years: got right up the noses of his fellow MEPs.

“He was as welcome as a fart in a lift.

A “triumphant” Nigel Farage was heckled and booed as he “heralded the nation’s Brexit decision” and taunted EU bosses, the Daily Star reports.

BBC report.

Comfort among Asian Brexit exposed stocks

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The exposures of SembCCorp, CDP, Frasers etc are “peanuts”. Note Comfort Delgro is a GLC, sort of.

PAPexit is like Brexit/ BoJom, another Mao or Fidel or Che

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The process of Brexit after 43 yrs in the EU looks like a nightmare. It’ll be long, painful and the destination unknown. It might not even happen. FT quoted a senior British diplomat as saying: “Ultimately Brexit won’t happen.”

Well the PAP have been ruling S’pore for 57 yrs, turning S’pore (with the consent of the voters) into a de-facto one-party state. So kicking the PAP  out of power (PAPexit) will be the beginning of a journey, not the end of the journey. It’s the end of the beginning not the end: Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning, Winston Churchill
Read more at:

And we won’t know what the destination will look like. Meanwhile property prices will collapse further. S’poreans will decide to contemplate PAPexit when the PAP can no longer can keep property prices from sliding (Not an original tot, many hold this view) but PAPexit will make the slide worse (for a time at least).

While I’d like the company, on the perilous journey to an unknown destination, of people like Dr Paul Thamby, Dr Ang Yong Guan, Donald Low, Richard Wan, Peter low, Alfred Doswell, Remy Choo, Chris K, Terry Xu, Ravi Philemon, Siow Kum Hong, Yeoh Lam Keong and other Jedi; do I really want the shame and pain of being associated with the likes of s/o JBJ, New Citizen Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng, M Ravi, Teo Soh Lung, Tan Jee Say, Goh Meng Seng, Balji and Tan Kin Lian? Or that of the elected MPs of the Wankers’ Party? Or their fellow wankers in the ang moh tua kee brigade, people who “Talk cock, sing song, then sit down and shut up”*, like Kirsten Han, Lynn Lee and other members of the Caring Action Network?

“Waiter, another. Make it a triple”. The company of the latter makes me think that saying No to PAPexit is the preferred option.

After all

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Seriously, let’s toast the heavens that  we don’t have a Boris Johnson (even though I’m a fan.) .

BiJo can walk on water, turn water into wine, or so it seems. and is likely to be the next British PM.

As the FT rightly points out: “Boris Johnson proclaims himself an economic liberal. The votes that put him in this position came mostly from people who prefer the opposite.”

Only an authentic genius can bridge the gap between the two views of the world. Or a demagogue.

Don’t believe those that sneer he doesn’t have a plan. In February, BoJo said: “There is only one way to get the change we need — and that is to vote to go; because all EU history shows that they only really listen to a population when it says No.”

What he was saying was that “Vote No and the rules of the game change.”

He should have been more honest and said:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Well he’s right. There isn’t the automatic withdrawal that was promised, nor a united EU response, Something is being worked out, though no-one knows what it is: policymakers be making it up as they go along.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

And anyway, all he wanted to be was PM. That was the real plan and  leading the Brexit campaign, the best way of achieving this end

Of such trivial things are revolutions born.

*Not my view only but that of Amos Yee who CAN betrayed.


Our dolphins going to a bigger park

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OK Haw Par’s dolphins.

On Sunday, Underwater World Singapore entertained visitors for the last time. When it opened in May 1991, it was the largest tropical fish oceanarium in Asia. Earlier this month, owner Haw Par announced that it was closing the Sentosa attraction because the lease on its premises expires in less than two years.

But the dolphins and other sea creatures will be going to Hengqin’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Asia’s 5th biggest theme park.

Let’s them wish them well.

Chart: China theme parks data

Brexit: The Truth/ British society more meritocratic than ours

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The Bullingdon Boys.
First they smashed up restaurants.
Now they break up countries.

Boris Johnson, George Osborne and Caneron were members of this rich boys’ club.

What I liked about this club is that the members paid for the possible damage they would cause before they got druken. A very civilised way of rioting.

More meritocratic than S’pore

John Prescott was a waiter who late became DPM in a  successful Labour govt. Got any DPM here that started off as waiter on a ship? Let alone a minister? There was another Labour minister, Alan Johnson, who was a postman. And the brains of Brexit, Michael Grove, Tory minister, a friend and ally of Cameron, was adopted by fish mrtchants. Any PAP minister liddat?

Pinoy president is either wacko or a great mind

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“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of feeble minds”

Henry David Thoreau

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.
Read more at:

Duterte … draws support from the Philippine left wing and has close ties with the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Jose Sison, under whose leadership the CPP waged a Maoist-influenced guerrilla insurgency and who has been in exile in the Netherlands since 1987. Duterte has welcomed Sison’s plans to return home. Although government negotiations with the CPP since 2011 are currently at an impasse, Duterte is more likely to reach an agreement with the CPP and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA)


Former President Fidel Ramos, who served from 1992 to 1998, was an early supporter of Duterte and has been influential in pushing pragmatic policy choices. Ramos’ influence is positive as his tenure was marked by an economic transformation in the Philippines as well as a significant outreach to the NPA and Muslim rebel movements. Ramos appointees now holding Cabinet posts include peace process adviser Jesus Dureza, who held this post under Ramos.

Duterte’s priorities are domestic. Law and order, anti-corruption and crushing the drug problem are at the top of his agenda.

Brexit: Relax everyone

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“Withdrawal from the EU is likely to result in an initial economic cost but Britain can prosper if it takes a liberal approach to trade, immigration and regulation.”

The above was said by a really smart man, Ridney Leach, in April this year. He died about two weeks ago.

He was an old-fashioned merchant banker who made his reputation at Rothschilds.

He was also an executive director at Matheson’s Lombard Street office for the rest of his life — along the way devising the cross-ownership share structure that maintains control by the Keswick family. He was also central to transferring the domicile of group companies from Hong Kong to Bermuda before China took back control of its southern territory.

Quote from FT.

Profitable to pay elderly poor to leave S’pore

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Further to this, where I, tongue-in-cheek, suggested that the PAP administration should follow what Auckland in NZ is doing (paying the poor to leave the city) and pay the elderly poor, among others, to leave S’pore. After all, the cost of living is lower in neighbouring countries.

A reader (see below) provides data which shows that if the PAP administrations pays $1,500 a month per person (subsidy of 60% of $2,500 monthly charge at a nursing home) if they leave S’pore, it can make a big profit of $1,000 a persomn a month. Even paying out $2,000 makes a profit because the breakeven point is $2,500.

And these numbers do not include the other benefits of not looking after the elderly here (See the bolded bits below: my emphasis).

And if the usual suspects KPKB, the PAP administration can pont out that Auckland in progressive NZ used this technique first: “We juz adapting ang moh best practice. Tot u guys believe ‘Ang mohs always right’? So why liddat? PAP not ang moh isit? Or ‘PAP always wrong’ isit?”

From a reader:

The cheapest MOH-approved nursing homes cost $2,500 per resident per month. Most of such patients in such nursing homes are being subsidised by govt, ranging from 60% subsidy to 100%.

Hence $2,500 is the max monthly stipend that makes sense. Not forgetting that this also frees up valuable land space that would otherwise be required for nursing homes. And also eliminate the thousands of low-skilled healthcare assistants which make up the bulk & backbone of nursing homes. Also eliminates or reduces the MOH-affiliated depts. & agencies performing audits, coordination work, processing claims & subsidies & co-sharing, manpower approvals & processing, etc etc pertaining to nursing homes.

Where TRS got its money, eyeballs from?

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Remember The Real S’porean and the husband-and-wife team behind it?

The couple behind socio-political website The Real Singapore (TRS) – a 26-year-old Singaporean man and a 22-year-old Australian woman – were on Tuesday (Apr 14) each charged with seven counts of sedition.

Yang Kaiheng and Ai Takagi allegedly published seditious articles on the websitebetween October 2013 and February 2015. One of these articles falsely claimed that an incident between police and some members of the public during a Thaipusam procession on Feb 3 had been sparked by a Filipino family’s complaint that the drums played during the procession upset their child. The contributor of the article posted on another website that the allegations made in the TRS piece were untrue.



She’s in prison and he’s likely to join her despite spending a fortune on legal fees. Those owners of other sites that couldn’t make the money the couple did should feel that life is fair after all. But then they think of Sun Ho’s recent success in downloads of her latest song,, and they’ll get worked up again on the unfairness of life.

This extract in a recent piece in FT on advertising fraud:

fraudsters have found ways to fake the online behaviour of a human being to give the impression they have visited a website and seen or clicked on an ad. Advertisers pay for these ‘views’ even though they are not seen by the real people they are intended to reach.

reminded me of an allegation about TRS.

Note I’m not alleging that the husband and wife team behind TRS were fraudsters. I’m just rumour mongering; repeating an allegation that established sites whispered when TRS burst on the scene with readership numbers that were out of this world. An allegation that I think is credible.

Bots, not eyeballs, were reading the articles and clicking on the ads, was the allegation.

More clicks on the ads means more ads. And the money comes in: no questions asked by the software of the ad-sellers and brokers, and advertisers, The heavy site traffic was taken as evidence by the software of the advertisers, and ad-sellers and brokers that the clicks were genuine.

As supporting evidence they pointed out that TRS’s readers were posting very few comments. Based on TRS’s viewership numbers (very high) and readers’ postings (almost zero) and on the ratio of readers’ posts to views from sites like TRE and TOC, something was very wrong they argued.

And they had a point even if there was no hard evidence for the allegation.

Jason Chua investigated, so what?

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This doesn’t absolve the ELD from accusations of partisanship – why did it report only PAP-critical sites to the police? We know PA as a stat board is already partisan. If the civil service is part of the PAP’s election machinery, might as well abolish elections since the opposition can never win anything. It’s become the opposition vs taxpayers’ resources, including the taxpayers who support opposition.

(Facebook post)

It got this reply  from a PAP apologist

ELD didn’t know there was such a site as FAP?
FAP is too insignificant to them, as Jason was not a politician???
Only when PPP fella alerted Police, then FAP was known to ELD?
Or maybe still unknown?
Questions, many.
Cannot speculation, because we not in ELD decision makers.

The reply was insightful:

Admittedly it’s a speculation but not an unjustified one. Hard to believe ELD doesn’t know about FAP since it has more likes than the other.

Yes, how come the ELD monitored and made complaints against two Oppo figures but not a pro-PAP Facebook page that is a lot more popular than the Oppo activists’ FB pages? An honest mistake? Fixing is not an unreasonable conclusion.

Mothership, the lavishly funded site (one of the funders is connected to Philip Yeo. Remember him?) spun that: The message appears to be clear enough: Regardless of political affiliation, you will be investigated by the authorities if you violate Cooling-Off Day rules … And it appears that the police will take action against such violations even if you are the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s biggest fan.

Well,  if the rules really apply to PAPpies, there wouldn’t have been a need for a member of the public (OK an Oppo activist) to have filed a police report, would there? The ELD should have been monitoring this site (given its reputation and reach) and filed a report with the police when it filed a report with the police against Roy, Teo and the Indian.

Mothership’s Martino Tan tried too hard to brown nose. He should have limited his comments to the police, and not try tPAP administration.

Btw, interesting that the writer from TISG the Indian didn’t have his phones or computers seized by the police? Why liddat given the treatment to the other three? They Chinese, he isn’t, isit? Indian Privilege at work isit?


In case you were visiting some other planet in the last one week

A police report has been lodged against the man behind the ‘Fabrications About The PAP’ Facebook page, for violating Cooling-Off Day rules, and investigations are “ongoing”, police can confirm.

The founder of the page, Jason Chua Chin Seng, took to his personal Facebook account on Friday (June 17) to detail how his personal electronic devices – a phone, an iPad, and two laptops – were seized from his home.

He also wrote on the ‘Fabrications About The PAP’ page that the two-hour “raid” on his home was preceded by a 3-hour interview at the Police Cantonment Complex on Friday.

The ‘Fabrications About The PAP’ page is followed by 85,000 people on Facebook, and is largely regarded as pro-PAP.

Mr Augustine Lee Zixu**, the organising secretary of the opposition People’s Power Party, said in a Youtube post on June 15 that he had made a police report on June 13.

According to Mr Lee, the page had breached the Cooling-Off Day rules with two posts – one asking people to vote for the People’s Action Party (PAP) by-election candidate Murali Pillai, and another criticising Mr Murali’s rival, the Singapore Democratic Party’s Chee Soon Juan.

These posts appear to have been deleted when Channel NewsAsia checked on June 18.


*One of these days I’ll blog that even the UK has problems with civil service impartiality when there is a change in the governing party after a party has been in power for about 10 years.

**Guy got kicked out twice from a FB group where I’m a member. He used foul language against someone who disagreed with him. He apologised, was reinstated, then swiftly kicked out again. A real nut case. But then Goh Meng Seng likes (attracts?) nuts: chairman of his party said on FB that Orlando killings a “hoax”. And remember GMS believes in UFOs.

But having slimed him, good that he took action while the ang moh tua kees shouted and then sat down and shut up: their usual stance as Amos Yee found to his cost. Power to those who don’t juz ralk cock, sing song, but do something. Even if they are nut cases.

Pay poor S’poreans to live overseas

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Elderly or disabled S’poreans can be encouraged to go live in Malaysia or Indonesia or even China, India or the Philippines, or anywhere where the cost of living is a lot lower and which will accept them. They’ll be eligible for a monthly stipend so long as they don’t come back.

New Zealand is offering cash to people in its largest city who need social housing – if they’re willing to move to another part of the country.

The scheme launches in Auckland on Monday, and is part of efforts to tackle the city’s housing crisis, the New Zealand Herald reports. Anyone willing to up sticks will get a grant of up to NZ$5,000 ($3,500; £2,500), as long as they’re currently eligible for social housing.


Distract, not censor or argue

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Something that is very evident in the row the authorities and activists and their new media allies are having about whether Teo, Roy and the Indian Independent are being properly investigated or persecuted.

“There were good psychological reasons for using distraction rather than censorship or counter-arguments”

70% of S’poreans like these animals?

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We’ve been ruled by the PAP since 1959 and are we like these lions?

I tot this when I read about lions that are mutilated in captivity: some are declawed and have broken teeth, and one has lost an eye.


More than 30 lions rescued from circuses in Colombia and Peru are being flown to a sanctuary in South Africa.

The group organising the return, Animal Defenders International (ADI), says it is the largest airlift of lions.

The US-based group says almost all of the animals have been mutilated in captivity: some are declawed and have broken teeth, and one has lost an eye.

In South Africa, the lions will be released at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, the organisers say.

Later reports say they are recovering physically and mentally.

About 70% of S’poreans definitely are like these lions.

Visit Facebook, the ST’s and Today’s letters pages, the blogs of the anti-PAP paper warriors, TOC, TRELand and the site that PAPpies call heaven, FATPAP, and you will witness declawed, defanged and psychologically mutilated S’poreans in action. They are screaming their lungs out at anything that upset their sensitivities be they be gay, PAPpies, social activists or Oppo archivists. They have a special fondness of being envious of the “success” of others, especially in gaining material wealth.

Sadly there isn’t a reservation for these S’poreans.

Have a good weekend.



No ang moh $, whither Pink Dot 2017?

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Will it wilt and die, what with no foreign money to water and fertilise the ground?

S’pore is forcing ang moh sponsors about whether their claims of putting values before profit is noise or genuine.…/singapore-saudi-put-corporate-d…/

Let’s see if these ang mohs got balls and walk the talk, or kowtow because there’s good money to be made here. From their responses so far (They followed the S’porean practice of sitting down and shutting up), they’ll kowtow. In particular, the three investment bank sponsors (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Barclays) are always after SWFs, TLC and GLCs biz

MNCs behaving like their local fans

An FT columnist wrote:

I contacted the 10 most prominent sponsors to ask whether they planned to support Pink Dot next year. Barclays, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, BP, Bloomberg and Twitter said they had nothing to say.

Facebook and Apple did not reply. Google said: “We’ve been proud supporters of Pink Dot since 2011.”

GE said: “We respectfully voice our support for equality in countries where we do business, consistent with governing laws and customs.”

Neither said whether it would support the event next year.


When will ang moh tua kees will realise that ang mohs too juz talk cock sing song like their local fans?

(Related post: The garang ang moh tua kees)

How BBC reported the issue

[A] row in Singapore over foreign companies sponsoring an annual gay rights rally called Pink Dot which took place on 4 June.

On 8 June, Singapore authorities warned it would take steps to make clear that foreign firms “should not fund, support or influence such events”. The rally is sponsored by companies including JPMorgan, Google and Barclays.

Here’s a paragraph of the facts on the ground the ang moh tua kees leave out

Gay rights in Singapore is a fraught issue and recent years have seen courts upholding a law criminalising sex between adult men.

The piece ends

Singapore’s vocal Christian community has also expressed its opposition to events such as Pink Dot and support for what it calls traditional family values.

It would have been fairer to also point out that the Muslim community too shares similar views.


Let’s see if Pink Dot has traction without ang moh money to organise the biggest pick-up (Ok dating) event in the region. and whether the LGBT movement has local roots. Or is a Western (i.e. CIA, MI6) import meant to subvert Asian values and societies?

Seriously, Pink Dot 2017 be a test for all local activists, not juz the LGBYs. Let’s see if the local activists (ex LGBTs) rise to the challenge or juz do what they usually do: sign a petition and then sit down and shut up, and wait for the next opportunity to diss the PAP. If they really, really want a more open society, they should offer to help the organisers.

And the organisers should accept the offers of help.

In the past, the organisers preferred to do things on their own (bit like the Wankers’ Party) to avoid the “political” label. But then they had ang moh $. In 2017, things will be different. What about charging randy LGBTs a fee to proposition other randy LGBTs?

*Here’s how an investment bank is alleged to have corrupted, then fleeced a SWF.

From NYT Dealbook

LIBYAN FUND CLAIMS GOLDMAN SACHS EXPLOITED ITS FINANCIAL NAÏVETÉ Libya created a sovereign wealth fund in 2006, with the hope of emulating its Middle Eastern neighbours by investing the proceeds from its oil, Chad Bray reports in DealBook. It turned to Goldman Sachs, but the relationship soured after the Libyan Investment Authority said it was misled about a series of derivatives transactions and lost $1.2 billion.

It took Goldman Sachs to court and, when the trial began on Monday, claimed that the bank earned more than $200 million in “eye-watering” profit on the transactions. It claimed that it was an unsophisticated investor with staff that had little experience with investment banking and Goldman had preyed on this, persuading the fund to invest in complex transactions that it did not understand or desire.

Roger Masefield, a lawyer for the fund, argued that Goldman lured the fund into investments with training programs, gifts, overseas trips and internships for the brother of a staff member.

Goldman disputed the claims and said the Libyan Investment Authority had the financial sophistication to understand the disputed transactions.

The fund focused on the actions of Youssef Kabbaj, a former Goldman Sachs banker. The fund said that Mr. Kabbaj wined and dined fund employees on “training” trips to London, which included stays in stylish hotels and expensive meals at famous restaurants. He also bought presents and took staff members on vacation to Morocco, according to the court filings.

Mr. Masefield argued that Mr. Kabbaj worked on both sides of the derivatives transactions, “ghost writing” documents for staff members of the fund to be used to persuade its board to invest and then separately making presentations to the fund on behalf of Goldman Sachs.


Why Bryan Lim and his apologists are bigger cocks than u think

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If u want to skip being reminded what Bryan the “killer” clown wanted to do, and his “defence” or juz want to know why he and his friends are really that cock, feel free to skip to the last two paragraphs. They had a pedantic, legalistic and Jesuitical but logical defence for him. But being juz nutters, I mean they belong to  We Are Against Pink Dot timeline, they juz screwed up. They can’t think logically.

Bryan Lim posted on the FB group We Are Against Pink Dot timeline, “I am a Singaporean citizen. I am a NSman. I am a father. And I swore to protect my nation. Give me the permission to open fire. I would like to see these £@€$^*s die for their causes.”

When there were, rightly, howls of outrage, he wrote:”I did not mean physical bullet or physical death. I mean open fire in debate and remove them from Singapore domestic matters.”

His original post was unambiguously about asking to be given an order to open fire and kill people who offended his values: no ifs no buts. Or allegorical or metaphorical. It was murdering people who offended his sensibilities.

A friend of Bryan’s came out with this defence:


Then after pretending to apologise, he (and his defenders) juz did what S’poreans always do when kanna hantam, sit down and shut up.

Bryan and his defenders could have argued that his wanting to kill people who offended his values was conditional on being allowed to: “Give me the permission to open fire …”. And that if he wasn’t given “permission” he’d not kill even if he would really have wanted to. Yes he’d love to murder innocent people who offend his sensibilities, but only if he was given “permission”. Now that’s self-discipline, they should have argued.

Now this is a pedantic, legalistic and Jesuitical defence but it’s logical, especially in S’pore where everything must get permission because everything illegal until permission given.

Bad time to be gay or Muslim/ Three cheers for the Humanist Society (S’pore)

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The murder in the early hours of June 12th of at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, apparently by a 29-year-old American-born Muslim wielding an assault rifle and handgun, was swiftly and loudly seized upon by political partisans as a vindication of everything that they already believe about Muslims, the fight against terrorism(Emphasis mine)

(Economist blog)

If one were gay, the following would be particularly chilling: His father, who is from Afghanistan, told NBC television that his son had recently seen two men kissing in Miami, and “got very angry”.

(Economist blog)

But spare a tot for Muslims in Western countries where Muslims are a minority: they face revenge attacks.

At the very least, there  wll be the need to once again show that they are the “good” Muslims: law-abiding members of society, not members of “radical Islam”. For a fan of El Cid like me, this means wearing white and coloured clothing and fighting alongside the other good guys against the black-robed bad guys.

Seriously, Normal Muslims should hold public rallies, write articles, appear on television, pressure their imams, and pressure regressive Islamic governments saying something to the effect of: “Not in my name! We don’t believe that this is what Islam is or should be. Islam should evolve to suit the pluralism and secularism of the modern world, and not the other way around.”

He goes on: Yet we never see this (though we see plenty of proactiveness in fighting “Islamophobia”*). All we see is denial that a problem even exists in Islam today. Even those who admit there is a problem always add numerous caveats about the Crusades and the IRA.

The reality must be met head-on by moderate Muslims.

This appeared sometime back in the FT in a heated debate on what Muslims are expected to do when jihadists kill non-Muslims.

The commenter ends: Yes, it is not “fair” that I am asking this of them. But the world is not fair, and moderate Muslims are the only people who can reform Islam. That is why we need to pressure them to do much more.

What do you think?

I’ll end on an unrelated matter Three cheers for the Humanist Society (S’pore) for this

I wish them well. I look forward to read their future articles.

* To be fair, sometimes, some Muslims push their luck, noisily demanding their “right” to do things that most other people feel is “wrong” like beating up wives who disobey their husbands or killing heretics or grooming white girls for sex.

Panama Papers: What Roy doesn’t tell S’poreans

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And never will.

Roy was pretty vocal criticising our authorities over the matter.

He’ll not tell us the following:

1 Authorities doing something

Singapore’s tax authority is checking on local taxpayers identified in the leaked ‘Panama Papers’ for any non-compliance with local tax laws, the ministry of finance and MAS said in a statement late on Wednesday.

“Banks and company service providers (CSPs) have been asked to ascertain that their customers are using offshore vehicles strictly for legitimate purposes. If there are any grounds for suspicion, they are required to file suspicious transaction reports and step up monitoring of these transactions or arrangements.”

The statement said the MAS and Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority are also conducting checks to ensure that the intermediaries under their supervision have acted in compliance with their anti-money laundering obligations.

Reuters contacted several large banks operating under MAS and HKMA jurisdiction, but they declined to comment when asked if they had received letters.

According to the two sources, HKMA and MAS were trying to ascertain whether banks operating in their jurisdictions carried out due diligence and checked the source of funding when dealing with clients named in the Panama Papers, they said.

From the u/m Reuters report

Asian Regulators Said to Ask Banks to Reveal Panama Papers’ Links Regulators in Hong Kong and Singapore have asked banks doing business there to disclose if they have dealings with entities and individuals named in the leak documents known as the Panama Papers, Reuters reports, citing people familiar with the requests.

NYT Dealbook

2 S’pore shell cos not that [p[ular



3 S’pore intermediaries not that active. In fact they are indolent.

Panama Papers Countries with the most active intermediaries.png


Will the Feds kill a chicken to frighten the monkeys?

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Panama law firm caught with pants downMight go the way of Arthur Andersen if the US decides to kill a chicken to frighten the monkeys.

From NYT Dealbook

PANAMA PAPERS SHOW HOW RICH U.S. CLIENTS HID MILLIONS ABROAD The New York Times’s examination of the Panama Papers has found that Mossack Fonseca had at least 2,400 United States-based clients over the past decade and set up at least 2,800 companies on their behalf in the British Virgin Islands, Panama, the Seychelles and other jurisdictions that specialize in helping to hide wealth. The trove of internal documents from the law firm were obtained by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and has now been shared with The Times.

The documents show that Mossack Fonseca did much more than create offshore shell companies and accounts, Eric Lipton and Julie Creswell report. For many American clients, the firm offered a guide to skirting or evading United States tax and financial disclosure laws.

The methods included locating an individual from a “tax-convenient” jurisdiction to be the straw man owner of an offshore account or encouraging a client to use his foreign passports to open offshore accounts and avoid regulatory scrutiny. If the compliance department at one foreign bank contacted by Mossack Fonseca asked too many questions, the firm simply turned to other, less inquisitive banks. The firm’s clients included people with criminal records, in spite of its public stance of not working with individuals convicted of crimes.

Federal law allows United States citizens to transfer money overseas, but these foreign holdings must be declared to the Treasury Department, and any taxes on capital gains, interest or dividends must be paid. Federal officials estimate that the government loses $40 billion to $70 billion a year in unpaid taxes on offshore holdings.

Experts who examined the documents were reluctant to declare that the law firm or its clients had broken any laws given that no charges had been filed, but they did say that they were surprised at how explicitly Mossack Fonseca had offered advice that appeared carefully crafted to help clients avoid United States tax laws.

Mossack Fonseca has said repeatedly that it had honored international tax and banking laws, but presented with summaries of several cases by The Times, it did not try to explain its actions. “Our significantly expanded compliance office today not only evaluates new client candidates, but also existing accounts, and especially those that were established prior to the new international regulatory regime coming into effect,” a representative said in a written statement, referring to a 2010 law passed by Congress. “It wasn’t always this way.”

The American client list does not appear to include the sort of high-profile political figures that have emerged in other parts of the world, but Mossack Fonseca’s services were in high demand by the rich and famous in the United States. Read more about them here.

Amos and the the art of protest/ Why Ali was “the greatest”

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So Amos was back in the news. I’m sure he came back because he missed Mother Mary’s pampering to his every whim, and the publicity. But he must be disappointed that he’s history even though he was charged in court and assaulted in public. The ang moh tua kees have got their knickers wet over the Roy and Teo show, not Amos. Interestingly, they don’t give two hoots about the Indian TISG, even though P Ravi is now running the show.

Seriously, coming back to Boy Fantastic, I suspect he’s really a stupid, dumb kid (What to expect of boy who didn’t go to RI.? (OK, OK, I admit that  GCT,Kee Chui, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian are also RI boys) unable express (let alone understand) himself. I think he really wants to be a protest artist like Petr Pavlensky, Ai Weiwei, Theaster Gates and Beyonce, but can’t express or understand this honourable calling. Instead, he positions himself as mummy’s boy gone wrong.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ai Weiwei and Beyonce, but not the other two.  Below is something on Petr Pavlensky and Theaster Gates aboit.

Doesn’t Petr Pavlensky’s antics  make one think of Amos’ antics? The sewing of his mouth and the nailing for his scrotum reminds me of Amos’ self-inflicted stint at our very own Arkham. Both actions were avoidable but done to shock and sensationalise with the aim of making themselves celebrities: celebrities with a cause.

Petr Pavlensky is a Russian artist at the radical, Dadaist, end of the spectrum. His reference points include Guy Debord’s Situationist International movement, the Sex Pistols and Kazimir Malevich – and less obviously, Lucien Freud and Caravaggio.

He, like Beyonce, thinks there’s room for improvement in the way in which his country is run.

He too thinks there is oppression, police brutality, and corporate/state corruption. But he doesn’t have access to the sort of levers available to the US singer, and even if he did, I doubt he’d pull them in quite the same way.

Briefly. He started out at art school, but found the teaching dogmatic and dull.

He left and found his artistic voice by sowing his mouth shut in response to the incarceration of members of Pussy Riot following the performance of their Punk Prayer in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

It made for a strikingly nasty image. An image, that had it been made by a non-artist, would have received little attention, but by pulling the one lever had got – art – his work received international attention.

He followed that up with a piece called Fixation (2013). That’s the one where his genitals come in to play.

After weeks of preparation and planning, he went to Red Square, stripped naked, and nailed his scrotum to the paving stones. Extreme? Yes, very. But maybe extreme situations call for extreme actions? …

Ai Weiwei uses the notion of art in a similar way. He too turns himself into a one-man picket to bring attention to what he perceives as the shortcomings of the authorities in his native country, China.

He has also been incarcerated, although for far less obvious reasons.

The American Theaster Gates is another artist who “leverages” the status of art in society to turn the detritus he finds in the dilapidated buildings he buys on the Southside of Chicago into sculptures worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He then uses the money to help regenerate the area, which has been called the murder capital of America. …

He is furious. Ai Weiwei is furious. Theaster Gates is furious. Beyonce is furious.

They are all using art to protest, and to some effect – but admittedly with different immediate outcomes.

Well one thing is certain, Amos is furious, and like Ai Wei and Petr Pavlensky, has been incarcerated. But will he ever be famous? (Being a celebrity in S’pore doesn’t count.)

Btw, even his cybernut fans in TRELand are turning against him, or at least keeping quiet, like the ang moh tua kee paper warriors and activists that were championing him.

Amos’ boasting, his cockiness, his stoicism are all part of a plan to defy society. Ali shows such a plan can work. Ali who the Economist said did not know his place. His boasting, his cockiness, his stoicism—all were part of a plan to defy the established order.

But unlike Amos, Ali’s provocation was all the more complete because his bragging was so often backed by success.

Amos’ bragging remains all talk, no action.

Thinking about it, Ali was a protest artist. My favourite Ali quote: A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”