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Animal Farm circa 2017

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But first something I wrote sometime back: Animal Farm: What if the pigs were public-spirited?

Coming back to how Animal Farm would look like in 2017 and in Silicon Valley? The animals are all like Boxer.

From NYT Dealbook


In Silicon Valley, Working 9 to 5 Is for Losers


A century ago, factory workers went on strike to demand better conditions. Today, start-up “hustlers” celebrate their own exploitation.


Indian sabo Indian

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I was reminded of TISG’s record of sabos* when I read

Malaysia’s Health Ministry will write to Singapore to express its disappointment over allegations that there had been a delay and demand for payment before treating Justinian Tan, a Singaporean who died after an accident in Johor Baru on Aug 25, according to a report on Malaysian news portal Berita Harian.

It was TISG that first “reported” the “story”.

So now trying to start war between M’sia and S’pore isit?


The “I” in TISG stands for “Indians” not “Independent” because according to a previous editor (Indian) it’s “a bunch of Indians”. It could also stand for “Idiots”, though as there’s someone really smart there now, it’s unfair to use the moniker “Idiots”.


I hope TISG gets taken to the cleaners if its allegations over the death are found to be untrue.

Seriously the publisher of TISG Kumaran Pillay claims he and his publication have progressive values. But obviously not enough to resist fixing (For thirty pieces of silver?) a real progressive. What do u think?

Last week I gave some opening remarks at a May Day commemoration event organized by Transitioning.Org, a Singaporean organization dedicated to helping unemployed and under-employed Singaporeans.

An anonymous writer from “The Independent Singapore” who was not even at the event put his own spin on this segment with an edited video clip on their website with a click-bait headline. Due to this irresponsible article, there are people in institutions connected with me who have expressed their concerns. I am also appalled at the misrepresentation by “The Independent Singapore”. Anyone who was at the event will know that I was not referring to NUH hospital administrators at all or the entire healthcare system, but calling out bad behavior by those who try to divide us.

Academics and professionals have a duty to support the “system” when it is doing the right thing and to raise our concerns when it is not, and to do so not just behind closed doors but in the public square. To paraphrase James Baldwin, “I love Singapore more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”

*Some other sabos:

“The Idiots — S’pore”: From PAP loudhailer to running dog?

The Idiots — S’pore” keeps on promoting divisiveness?


Good British ideas we should imitate

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LKY liked to sneer at the British even when his wife feel ill there and was treated by the British.

Here’s two interesting ideas that the British are experimenting with

Some cancer sufferers who phone the Macmillan support line want to talk about death, and the process of dying.

But for 25 times as many patients, it’s not their health they want to discuss.

It’s their finances.

Macmillan’s research shows that most cancer suffers are nearly £7,000 a year worse off because of the disease.

So it’s interesting that the cancer charity is working with a bank to give pratical financial advice.

Given that, unlike the UK, cancer treatment has to to be paid for, there’s an even more pressing need for advice.

Then there’s this

LESSONS start early at John Perryn, a state primary school in west London. From the day children arrive, parents are brought in for classes on how to teach phonics and even how to play (counting sandcastles helps the tiddlers grasp numbers, for example). As children get older, the workshops become more formal. All sessions are voluntary. But parents who attend win points for their child’s house—and the top house wins a cinema trip at the end of term.

And here’s one idea that hasn’t been tested but is relevant here and I think there’s some local initiative along these lines:

“Charlie Mayfield, the chairman of John Lewis and head of a government-appointed Productivity Commission, has suggested creating a mentoring system which would allow successful companies to teach smaller ones (particularly their suppliers) the art of management.”


Economist also reports that “The London School of Economics has documented that good management is the key to productivity growth”. Well if this is correct, we really have some lousy management in our SME sector. Taz the area where productivity gtowth is really lousy.

Avoid getting killed by Islamic terrorists

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Ask your Muslim friends teach you a few Koranic verses. It can help save your life if Islamic terrorists attack a place where you happen to be

‘I escaped death by reciting from the Koran’

This Hindoo wasn’t killed when Islamic terrorists attacked an eatery he was working in. He convinced them that he was Muslim. So they didn’t slaughter him like sheep are slaughtered.


“Reserved presidency” is like Voice’s “Only Mandarin speakers”?

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Looks like PM didn’t know about the “Voice” controversy where only “Mandarin speakers” could take part

While they can be of any race or nationality, aspiring contestants must be “fluent in Mandarin, and are able to perform Mandarin songs”, according to the contest’s website.

The condition has drawn outrage from netizens, who questioned the language criteria, as songs chosen for the audition are permitted to be “of any language (except for Dialects such as Cantonese or Hokkien)”.

People KPKBed that

the language restrictions were a manifestation of racial discrimination. While some non-Chinese Singaporeans might be able to speak Mandarin, it is only a small minority with “privilege” who are able to do so, pointed out Twitter user @wtfisnsx.

From FB

Khan Osman Sulaiman

15 hrs ·

For those who dont understand why it’s a bad call to reserve the presidential race for Malays, let me bring you back to a similar incident.

Remember when ‘The Voice’ came to Singapore but was looking only for Chinese singers to participate in its competition? Many were livid. For what? For the same reason why people are sickened when the presidential election exclude certain community from contesting.

That’s what this presidential system has created. Unhappiness among the people.

If for such an inconsequential singing competition can make us feel upset because we are excluded from participating it, the presidential election is on a national scale and such policies from the government creates ill-will between the community.

Race based policies create division instead of strengthening our social fabric.

Let me take you further to an environment where you can resonate better.

Supposed the principal of the school where you send your children to study, decides to bar your child from participating in the school 100m race as he wanted a particular person to win it. What would you have done?

Your answer to the above will guide you to what you would do today and understand why such policies are destructive and we have to move away from it.

M Ravi out on bail, resting

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Ravi was released on bail yesterday evening. His friends could not raise the bail amount ($20,000) on Friday and so he remained in jail until they raised the money.

His friend, Dominic Joseph Thomson, posted on FB very early this morning

Had a 2 hour talk with Ravi together with his sister, Violet and George. Ravi is back to his normal self. He understands what’s happened and is going to work hard to repair his reputation.

What he doesn’t need is to be bothered by people demanding he come online for their personal entertainment.

Those who have really have issues legally which he can assist in referring to vs competent lawyer are free to attend his office at People’s Park Centre during office hours.

You may contact him via FB messenger but I gather he won’t be responding to every message. The best is still to see him in person at his office.

He has several conditions in his bail so please refrain from visiting him at home unless he personally invites you.

He cannot use social media like before. I gather he plans to delete all his old videos too. Which is good.

Alternatively you can consult Violet to find out about him. But in both cases please respect their privacy. If they want to talk to you they will. If they don’t just let it be.

Let’s all wish Ravi well. And hope he continues taking his medicine. It was his refusal to take his medicine that caused him to go “maniac”. But don’t be too harsh on him for trying to avoid taking his medicine

Common side effects of these medicines include:
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Trembling.
  • Increased thirst and increased need to urinate.
  • Weight gain in the first few months of use.
  • Drowsiness.

Above from Google

Bi-polar sufferers are told the benefits of the medicine are more important than any minor side effects.

Interesting article on autism

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Lady who makes jokes about her autism

Autism affects how a person perceives and relates to the world around them, but I don’t actually feel “disordered” as such. I think of it more as having a set of differences.

Basically, I was born with the social skills of a used teabag.

Over the years I’ve improved by carefully observing the humanoids in their natural habitat, mirroring other people and such, but I still have some social blind spots and I have a limited amount of social energy. Because of that, I experience high levels of social anxiety.

Like many women on the spectrum, I had a late diagnosis. I was 44 when my Asperger’s syndrome – a form of autism – was confirmed so for most of my life I had absolutely no idea why I found interacting with other people so problematic.

I think my defining characteristics growing up were probably my honesty and directness.

Do Singkies want Fair Jobs for S’poreans?

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I’ve posted about Lim Tean before: freelance political activist that talks sense. But then he was a senior partner in a law firm that gave us the present CJ, some High Court judges and some ex-AGs.

He’s now testing the ground in a good way and in a great cause.

He is asking 16 800 Singaporeans to contribute $1 each to fund a rally at Hong Lim Green calling for

Fair Jobs for Singaporeans!

and in the process show the displeasure of the neglect of the government in the area of Fair Jobs for Singaporeans.

Anti-PAP S’poreans are asked put their money where their mouths are. Not juz talk cock sing song.

**************Fair Jobs for Singaporeans!*****************

I shall be organising an event at Speakers’ Corner in the 2nd week of September under the aegis of my Movement – Project Freedom , with the theme of ” Fair Jobs for Singaporeans ! ” .

We will not be discussing diabetes , pre-school or smart nation at the event but on the critical topic of what our Government should be doing to protect the rights of Singaporeans to find good jobs in their homeland !

Singaporeans are finding it increasingly difficult to get jobs whether you are a fresh graduate or a PMET who has been displaced by a foreign worker . The landscape for jobs in Singapore gets bleaker by the day . Our government has done little to prepare our workers for the revolution that is about to engulf the world as a result of automation .

I am crowdfunding for $ 20 000 to organise the event . A breakdown of the estimated itemised cost is as follows :-

1.Stage and tentage
2.Sound system
4. Security personnel

Please support generously by donating to the following account ;

POSB Savings Account No : 404-14132-5

I call on 16 800 Singaporeans ( so far $ 3200 has been raised ) to please help give $ 1 each ( and in the process show the displeasure of the neglect of the government in this area ) and to share this meaningful event with your friends .

I look forward to seeing you at Hong Lim Park !

Good way to test whether there are S’poreans out there willing to walk the talk by donating and in the process show the displeasure of the neglect of the government in Fair Jobs for Singaporeans. 

Money talks, BS walks.

If the crowdfunding response is lousy, time for him to move on: out of politics. S’poreans are not interested in Fair Jobs for Singaporeans nor in showing their displeasure of the neglect of the government in not providing Fair Jobs for Singaporeans. 

Glad he knows that it’s a waste of time if the only supporters he can attract are the cheapskate cybernut fans of TRE and TOC who suck TeamTRE and Terry dry with their demands of free anti-PAP opiates.

Btw, I’ll write a cheque for a token donation and deposit it into the account tomorrow.

Why not focus on smart homes for the elderly, PM?

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1. Between now and 2030, Singapore will witness an unprecedented
profound age shift. The number of residents aged 65 years or older will
multiply threefold from current 300,000 to 900,000 in 2030. By then, one
out of every five residents will be a senior.

2. The coming surge of seniors, which starts when the first batch of baby
boomers reach 65 years of age in 2012, will have tremendous effect on all
parts of our society – individuals, families, communities, businesses and

Executive Summary
Committee on Ageing Issues: Report on the Ageing Population–2006.html

So it was surprising that in his NatDay Rally speech PM didn’t focus on the needs of the elderly (I have no problems with his focus on diabetes and kids’ education or the micro aspects of life here.) instead of talking about a cashless payments system. 

Given the above statistics and talk of Smart nation, I tot care for the elderly would have been more relevant than payments system.

Technology holds great promise to make life better for the elderly, enabling them to retain their independence and live full lives for longer. Equally important, it can lend a helping hand to those who care for them and provide peace of mind. And it should be good for health and care funders because it helps prevent expensive spells in hospitals and care homes. The difficulty lies in deciding who pays.


a set of eight sensors from Sensara, a tech company, have transformed the 87-year-old’s home into a cyber-castle. His children, all in their 50s, keep an eye on when he gets out of bed, goes to the toilet, has a meal or leaves the house, using an app that pings them if anything is wrong. “They’re always watching me,” jokes Mr Honée, but he feels safer, he says “without feeling spied on as with cameras.”

Juz wondering maybe PM forgot about the Committee on Ageing Issues: Report on the Ageing Population. After all it was written in 2006, a geological age ago politically. “A week is a long time in politics” especially when the MRT system keeps breaking down almost every other day. A system, incidentally, where the presumptive Malay president (even if her i/c says she’s Indian) oversaw, along with others, when a non-ex SMRT director between 2007 -2011.

New Media: Hongkies put their money where their mouths are

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Unlike Sinkies. In HK, not but not here: Crowdfunded investigative journalism.

How Factwire was founded and funded

A veteran journalist, Mr Ng established the news agency in the summer of 2015 with a crowd-funding campaign that raised HK$4.75m ($607,000; £471,000) in less than three months.

By early 2016, he had hired the 10-strong editorial team.

Our very own Terrexgate and the return of “cracked” PRC trains to China were first reported by Factwire, not by TMG or mothership, the alternative media publishers that have sugar daddies. Terry’s Online Channel does what it can with some help from progressives. But the vast majority of its readers believe in free lunches.

Relax NYT and other Hilary lovers

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More than 200 days since he took office, there is no border wall, no mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, no new healthcare regime, not even tax reform or an infrastructure plan.

FT’s Gary Silverman

So don’t BS that he’s out to destroy the American way. He’s juz cutting u guys to size.

Ravi OK

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M Ravi has recovered from his episode. And back to his normal self. Will be bailed out on Friday.

Dominic Joseph Thomson posted this on his FB wall on the night of 20th August. He’s Ravi’s friend and tried to help him cope.

What he doesn’t say is that Ravi has recovered because in Woodbridge he has to take his medicine. Refusal is not an option. When he was free, he boasted that he wasn’t taking his medicine and his friends could only wring their hands in despair, while the trolls cheered Ravi on.

Once out, his mental health depends on whether the terms of his bail require him to take his medicine under supervision. If it does, that’s good news. If not, the maniac cycle will repeat itself.

Biblical verses that explain Lees’ row?

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Has Jehovah put a curse on the Lee family?

Reading this where a grandson of LKY KPKBs about draconian detention laws that Harry passed because they could have been used against him (Btw, he never said anything about Ah Kong’s role in those laws), I couldn’t help but think of several Old Testament verses especially since Harry often came across as an intolerant Old Testament prophet serving an equal intolerant God of Hard Truths.

— “The Lord … visits the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.”

— “Because of their iniquity, and also because of the iniquities of their fathers they shall rot away like them.”

And the Old Testament gave a really good example of this curse (OK retribution) in action. King David arranged the murder of a man so that he could marry his wife. Their son became King Solomon after a few personal tragedies for David .

There was the  rape of David’s daughter by his eldest son and heir, Ammon, and Ammon’s murder by another of David’s sons:

The first recorded event defining Absalom’s life also involved his sister Tamar and half-brother Amnon. Tamar was beautiful, and Amnon lusted after her. When Tamar rebuffed Amnon’s advances, he arranged, through subterfuge, to have her come to his house, where he raped her. After the rape, Amnon put Tamar out of his house in disgrace. When Absalom heard what happened, he took his sister in to live with him. For the next two years, Absalom nursed a hatred of his half-brother. Then, using some subterfuge of his own, Absalom invited Amnon to his house for a party. During the festivities, in the presence of David’s other sons, Absalom had his servants kill Amnon in cold blood.

Out of fear of his father, Absalom ran away to Geshur, where he stayed for three years … David’s general,Joab, was ultimately responsible for bringing Absalom back to Jerusalem. However, even then, Absalom was not permitted to enter David’s presence, but had to live in a house of his own. He lived this way, presumably never contacting or being contacted by his father, for two years. Finally, once again by way of Joab’s intercession, the two men get back together, and there is a small measure of reconciliation.

David’s son by another marriage, Absalom, his favourite, later rebelled against pa, had sex with David’s harem and was killed by Joab despite David’s orders to treat him gently.

Then, after the death of Solomon, it was all downhill for David’s dynasty.

So maybe Teo Soh Lung should be less angry? Jehovah is giving her the opportunity for the last laugh? After all laughing at yr oppressors’ family misfortunes is the best revenge.

So all those who hate Harry and all he stood for should really be very happy that his children and one grandchild are rowing and disgracing his Leegacy. Trebles all round.


This fan should join Ravi in Woodbridge

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M Ravi has a fanboy Gilbert Louis who hates Dominic Joseph Thomson who was trying really hard to help Ravi cope. 

This is what Dominic Joseph Thomson posted on FB






Yes, if u go read Gilbert Louis’s FB wall, he really did make such accusations.

 And Gilbert Louis has a criminal record for assaulting his wife’s lawyer. His wife wanted a divorce but he claimed that the lawyer instigated the divorce. He was jailed for six years.

Wah really rich people get special protection

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They richer isit? Must get more protection isit?

Guess where Hitachi conducted its tests

Hitachi Asia has completed its first tests for the urban safety and security solutions it is developing in Singapore, which involves technology that can detect intruders at sea as well as unattended items at a crowded station concourse.


Trying to keep up the property values at Sentosa isit?

Seriously shouldn’t these tests be done at military installations or public transport depots or MRT stations or the airport? Anywhere but the the home of the really rich locals and FTs. Remember FTs can buy freehold land there without permission.


More on Hali’s judgement between 2007 -2011/ Meritocracy? What meritocracy?

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Further to this about Hali’s judgment as SMRT non-executive director in not being aware of MRT problems that ordinary S’poreans were aware of, there’s more about her judgement (or rather lack of it) during her spell as SMRT director and a senior NTUC leader.

She really showed bad judgement because it concerned SMRT’s labour relations.

I wrote this in 2012 about Ong Ye Kung, but it applies to Halimah too given that labour problems don’t just happen overnight. They fester over time. And she should have known about the labour tensions in SMRT given that  she was Deputy Secretary General, Director of the Legal Services Department and Director of the Women’s Development Secretariat.

Earlier this year, SMRT’s S’porean drivers made known publicly their unhappiness over pay proposals that had his endorsement as Executive Secretary of NTWU (Nation Transport Workers’ Union). As he was also a non-executive director of SMRT, if he were an investment banker, a US judge would have rebuked and censured him for his multiple, conflicting roles.

Then he resigned, effective last month, from NTUC to “join the private sector”.

In perhaps a farewell, good-riddance gesture, FT PRC workers went on strike (illegally) and we learnt:

— they lived in sub-standard accommodation (SMRT admitted this);

— unlike most SBS FT PRC drivers, most of SMRT’s PRC drivers were not union members; and

— Ministry of Manpower reprimanded SMRT for its HR practices.

All this reflects badly on Ong: NTUC’s Deputy Secretary-General,  Executive-Secretary of NTWU and SMRT non-executive director. And on the system that allowed him to rise to the top. After all his ex-boss said the following reported on Friday, which given Ong’s multiple roles in SMRT, can reasonably be interpreted as criticism of Ong:

In his first comments on the illegal strike, which saw 171 workers protesting over salary increases and living conditions, the Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) said the labour dispute “shouldn’t have happened” and “could have been avoided”. [So where was Ong: looking at his monthly CPF statements and being happy?]

NTUC is thus reaching out to SMRT’s management to persuade them “to adopt a more enlightened approach to embrace the union as a partner”, he added. [Hello, NTUC’s Deputy Secretary-General was on SMRT’s board, so what waz he doing?]

Mr Lim, who was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Labour Movement Workplan Seminar, cited the example of SMRT’s rival SBS Transit where nine in 10 of its China bus drivers are union members. Only one in 10 of SMRT’s China bus drivers are union members, according to union sources. [So, why didn’t Ong advise SMRT to help unionise these FTs, and if he did, why didn’t NTUC push harder ehen SMRT refused?]

SBS Transit’s management “recognised the constructive role of the union”, while union leaders “played the role of looking after the interests of the drivers”, said Mr Lim.

“And as a result … they work very closely as one team, it’s a win-win outcome. In terms of how workers are being treated and respected, how management are responsive, how they work together, I think it’s a kind of model that we ought to see more and more in Singapore.” (Today)

Judgment? What judgment?

Coming back to Ong. Given he’s failed at NTUC as Zorro Lim implied above, he’s now said to be a possible PM?

And NTUC is not the only place he failed. He failed here too:

Ong was the Chief Executive of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency from 2005 to 2008. There, he spearheaded many initiatives to build up the Continuing Education and Training infrastructure for Singapore, and made training accessible to the individual worker, including contract workers and the unemployed.

Wikipedia entry

Surely he must share a lot of the blame for the low productivity of S’pore’s work force?

Meritocracy? What meritocracy?

Related: Meritocratic hubris/ Who defines “meritocracy”

How Trump can keep America safe from Islamic terrorists

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The latest Barcelona tragedy reminded me of a piece I wrote sometime back. Given the problems he’s having with the progressive US media and the sore losers who love Hilary,he can play to his base:”Keep America Safe. Ban Muslims from driving”. He can quote the examples in my piece to show that allowing Muslims to drive presents a clear and present danger to Americans.

Ban Muslims from driving?

The kind of jihadist attack in London that happened in London two days ago is called the “marauding” method of terror attack was similar to attacks carried out by Islamists last year in France and Germany. It involves using a vehicle to mow people down in a crowded area.

And the BBC reported on 23 March that a French national of North African origin has been arrested in the Belgian city of Antwerp on suspicion of driving at a crowd, officials say.

Seriously, since SAF is careful on where Muslims are deployed with the SAF, it follows that our bus operators and owners of trucks and other heavy eqpt should be careful about employing Muslims to drive these vehicles.

Of course people like Kirsten Han and other ang moh tua kees will scream discrimination but better safe than sorry. And anyway, the next president is going to be Muslim. So discrimination? What discrimination?

OK, OK, the next president will be a Malay because under our constitution there is no requirement a Malay must be Muslim (unlike in M’sia). Hey but none of the probable candidates are non-Muslim Malays. And anyway, whatever the con says, the Malay community sees Islam as the religion of the Malays.

Actually I can add to the last para that all the “Malays” who want to stand as president all have Indian blood. And only one has i/c saying “Malay” and he isn’t the chosen one. Her i/c says”Indian’.

While PM rows with siblings and tweaks presidency (cont’d)

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Peenoys stealing our lunch and dinner

The Philippine economy is one of the peppiest in South-East Asia. Last year it expanded by 6.8%, overtaking those of Singapore and Malaysia in size. The World Bank expects it to grow at a similar pace this year and next.

Financial paradox

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Joseph Conrad

“The world of finance is a mysterious world in which, incredible as the fact may appear, evaporation precedes liquidation.”
–from VICTORY: An Island Tale (1915)

Drinking good wine

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The Mail  …reports that the way to make wine taste better is to put a high price tag on it, after volunteers who tasted the same wine with different price labels said the one thought to be most expensive tasted the best.


Apple’s cash pile is … / Google got lucky

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Both from NYT’s Dealbook

If Apple’s cash position was a stack of pennies, it would reach almost 25 million miles into space. And would weigh 144 billion pounds.
Zachary Shrier

Co-Founder of Shrier Wealth Management
@zshrier on Twitter

Google missed a bullet

Google Said to Have Floated Offer for Snapchat


Google floated an offer of at least $30 billion to buy Snap, which currently has a market capitalization of about half that, according to three people inside and close to the company.

“Whoever offends China …”

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A top grossing Chinese film Wolf Warrior 2 has the tagline “whoever offends China will be hunted down wherever they are”. (Btw, showing here. And I heard Uncle RedBean, Goh Meng Seng and Huang Jing were seen in Red Army uniforms attending a screening.)

Now the report of surface to surface missles from China to be based in Johor:

China will offer Malaysia advanced rocket launchers and a radar system, to be based in Johor, reflecting the widening defence and trade ties between the two countries in the South China Sea region, The Malaysian Insight reported sources as saying on Wednesday (Aug 9).

made me think “Whoever offends China will have Chinese-made rockets aimed at it”.

S’pore has better and longer ranged rocket launchers from u know who. But if this sale goes thru (M’sia denies that it has been offered these rockets), juz like North Korean artillery can target Seoul and destroy it, the Third China can wipe out Raffles Place.

True our rockets can take out KL, but M’sia’s a big place, S’pore is a city that is a state.

Paper Trump hates analyses effect of Trump on US$ and equity mkt

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From NYT’s Dealbook
Long the ultimate safe haven in the global economy, the U.S. dollar may be losing some status as investors grapple with an uncertain political climate.



Financial markets are reaching new highs, and enthusiasm about the business environment appears to be strong: Does that have anything to do with President Trump?
The administration has been unable to pass any meaningful legislation on major campaign promises and its trade agenda has stalled, frustrating steelworkers and others in industries the president vowed to protect.
Mr. Trump’s supporters have pointed to the bevy of executive orders that he has signed and his efforts to roll back regulations.
America’s largest corporations, however, are not citing rollbacks as the reason for their improved results.
“The administration is, at a minimum, telling a one-sided story — it’s a bit disingenuous,” Charles Campbell, managing director at MKM Partners, said about Mr. Trump and his team’s taking credit for the rising stock market.
Mr. Campbell said it is “a little early” for companies to see any direct benefits from Mr. Trump’s deregulation efforts.

From Aug 9 1965/ “HOW NOW SINGAPORE? Revisiting Lee Kuan Yew’s Hard Truths”

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Dr Paul of the SDP has been sharing this quote on FB.

“…Singapore shall forever be a sovereign democratic and independent nation, founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of her people in a more just and equal society,” Harry Lee.

Regular readers will know by now that I’m not to fussed about abstract notions (unlike people like Teo Soh Lung and the other ang moh tua kees who join über white horses to pak PAP) about democracy, liberty and justice in S’pore: these are after all juz abstract nouns.

But I care about “welfare and happiness” of S’poreans because S’pore is a wealthy city state that can afford to spend more on S’poreans. It’s the PAP’s failure to spend more of S’poreans’ money on S’poreans that makes me criticise the actions and machinations of the PAP administration, not abstract notions about democracy, liberty and justice. Money talks, BS walks.

Pls read this

HOW NOW SINGAPORE? Revisiting Lee Kuan Yew’s Hard Truths

 August 9, 2017

Tay Kheng Soon

Die die ang mohs must find excuse to diss S’pore

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The ang moh tua kees’ favourite newspaper mocks us for our low crime rates on our National Day

Spike in crime: Singapore police investigate toothpicks found in bus seat

Majulah Singapura.

M Ravi: Latest on attack on lady

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The following is being shared widely on FB. Seems Ravi filmed his attack on Ms Chong

Nash AK
1 hr ·
I initially did not want to post anything about this on Facebook but it seems there are people who are determined to twist the facts and cast aspersions on my firm and my colleague, Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss about what happened today morning at my firm. I set out below my personal knowledge of the matter.

At about 10.45 am today, M Ravi and three male thugs appeared at the firm’s door wanting to come in. I informed my staff not to open the door. I spoke to Ravi to ask what he wanted. He said I was being filmed and on FBLive. One of the thugs was indeed holding a camera phone apparently filming me.

Ravi then claimed he is going to sue me and the firm and wanted to serve papers on us. Later, he talked some nonsense including alleging corruption of the firm, AGC, Courts, etc. I told him that he can email me with whatever he needs to convey to us. He demanded I come out and speak to him but I refused. After a short while, he gave up, scolded me in highly colourful language using both English and Tamil vulgarities and left. I then went back into my room.

Within less than a minute, my staff came running to say that Ravi had done something and Jeanette was on the floor in the corridor outside our unit. I immediately went out and saw that indeed, Jeannette was on the floor and all her things were strewn all over the corridor. I saw Ravi standing over her and shouting at her while the three thugs were standing by.

When I walked up to Ravi, he told the thugs to “get him”, referring to me. I spoke to one of them calmly and warned him not to touch me. I assumed he was not stupid enough to assault me in front of another law office, Miranda Law, our neighbours, whose staff were watching the commotion.

When Ravi saw that his thugs did not do anything to me, he got even more agitated and started screaming and shouting incoherently at me, making all sorts of allegations. At one point, he came nose to nose to my face and shouting, clearly expecting an angry reaction from me, so that his three thugs who were surrounding me could do something. I did not react. In between his rants, I told him he should let Jeanette go to the office. I don’t know whether he even heard me. Shortly thereafter, he grabbed what I think was Jeanette’s handbag from the floor and threw it at my face and hit me squarely on the nose. Again, I did not react.

Jeanette then tried to get up and get her things but Ravi tried to stop her and shouted at her, claiming that she was taking his things. I was genuinely afraid he was going to assault her in front me, so I tried to stand between her and Ravi and told him as calmly as I could, to leave.

Ravi continued ranting and raving for another minute or so and finally left. His three thugs were witness to all the happenings and one appeared to be filming everything.

So there.

M Ravi goes really whako

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Lawyer and candidate the General Election 2015 and 2011, Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss posted on FB two hours ago

I was just physically assaulted by M Ravi. He was outside my office with 3 huge guys. I was approaching my office when he came towards me with the 3 guys. Then he spoke to me. I did not want to hear him, so I smiled and attempted to walk away, then he pushed me to the floor. I fell down. Then he took my handbag, briefcase and lunch bag and threw them at me. Then he told the 3 men that I had hit him, which I did not touch him AT ALL. Then he took my shoes and threw them at me. I stayed on the floor because I was shocked at his physical attack. Also because he kept ranting and making accusations, all the while kicking my things which have been strewed all over the corridor (my handbag was unzipped when I let it go when I was pushed to the floor). Eventually people who were walking to the toilet or who come out upon hearing his rants, saw me on on the floor and knew that I was being victimised. So they came and surrounded me and told me not to react to him. I wanted to hit back at him too (who wants to be victimised), but I knew that I could not when he was bigger than me and also had 3 huge men with him. So held my cool until M Ravi decided that he had enough (since now there were third parties around me) and he walked away, hurling remarks at me as he went. I am shaken. This happened 10 mins ago in the corridor outside my office.


A police report is expected to be filed

In another incident, WP’s go-to lawyer Peter Low is reported to have filed a report that M Ravi tried to burgle his office.

Looks like he’s on a one man crime wave.

The authorities should juz detain him and zap him with electricity. ECT is proven to work. But then his friends like Ms Teo Soh Lung and s/o JBJ would KPKB that he’s being persecuted.

Legendary Malay hero was really Indian/ Blame Mendaki, not PAP

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I came across this FB comment made by someone using a Malay name.

Remember Old Malacca sultanate PM or Bendahara , Bendahara Sri Maharaja Tun Mutahir (died 1510) was a famous Bendahara of the Malaccan Sultanate. He belongs to Tamil Muslim ancestry. He was the seventh Bendahara, a post equivalent to a prime minister. He was accepted as Malay in Malay country!

What he left out about the Indian Bendahara was that he filled court positions with his relatives, and was executed by the Sultan who was suspicious that he was trying to become sultan, hence giving posts to his relatives.

Actually the Malacca Sultanate, the Golden Age of the Malays, was a pretty multiracial place.

Hang Li Po, a supposedly Ming dynasty princess, was the fifth wife of Malaccan Sultan Mansur Shah.

Btw, the poster went on

Tun Mahathir , ex PM and numbers of Indian ancestry ministers and MPs from UMNO accepted as members , a party which only Malay can join!

Why we in Singapore make a big fuss about Malay ancestry of Elected President.In fact how many of Malay people are pure Malay!We are Rojak society , and in us flow many ancestry bloodline before our IC indicate the race MALAY!

If Malaysia, Malay country can accept any Indian ancestry Muslim Malay spoken , especially in Penang, as Malay why can’t our country, Singapore.

Thinking about it why didn’t the PAP simply say Nathan also Malay?

After all PAP MP Zainal Sapari says i/c is irrelevant in deciding whether one is a Malay (Malayness issue post). Actually he may have gone further, allegedly claiming that Mandaki was wrong in using i/c card race classification in deciding whether to extend aid. Sadly he sanitisied his FB thread so we can’t be certain.


This is especially because Mendaki’s position is that if i/c doesn’t say “Malay” there’ll be no help for the Muslim supplicant, even if the entire kampung swears that said supplicant is really a Malay.

Malay-Muslim self-help group Yayasan Mendaki has a set of criteria for its financial assistance schemes for students administered on behalf of the Government. Among other things, the recipients “must be of Malay descent” as stated in their identity cards. It spells out a list of what it considers to be “Malay descent”, and this includes 22 ethnicities including Acehnese, Javanese, Boyanese, Sumatran, Sundanese and Bugis. Students with “double-barrelled” race are eligible if the first race is listed on the identity cards as Malay, said a Mendaki spokesman. For example, a student who is Malay-Arab would qualify for the schemes but an Arab-Malay student would not, he added.


Malayness issue post


If he did, was he aware that the Malay minister responsible for Malay affairs heads Mendaki? Now that guy’s i/c says “Malay”. But a classmate of his says that the story in school (Tanjong Katong Technical School) was that his dad chose “Malay” instead “Arab” because of the goodies. But we know school boys can be mean, and tell lies.

M Ravi resumes posting

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On 4th August, I heard M Ravi, was again in Woodbridge. I checked his FB and there were no postings since 1 August, giving credence to the story. Yesterday lunch time, I checked again and there were still no new postings. This morning (5.00am) there were several new postings.

Based on the latest postings, he’s still seems to be very sick.


Wonderful descrption of us 60-somethings

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“green old age”

Charles Dickens described the young elderly as being in their “green old age”, which is a wonderful definition.

Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Letter to the Economist refering to this

“Malay race” created by ang mohs, not the Malays

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(Alt title: “How can S’pore be creative and prosperous when the PAP clings to discredited. outdated theories?”)

But first, this well argued, reasoned piece appeared as a letter to TRE. It also provides the background to the explanation that the “Malay race” is a Western, colonial creation to better subjectate natives. One could argue that the PAP keeps the concept in order to play the British game of “divide and rule”.

Coming Presidential Election is a failure at all levels

It feels like the next Presidential Election is a failure at all levels. The government have given their reasons for reserving this next election for the Malays, following changes to the Constitution to ensure the highest office of the land reflects Singapore’s multiracial society.

While the government sees this as a way to reflect multiracial society, this have backfired on them. Where once Singaporeans don’t really see race as an issue, as this generation accepts Singapore’s diverse races living and working together, this very decision to ensure a Malay representative get the Presidency role seems to have given rise to racism.

Now, we have online netizens questioning in what constitutes of being a Malay. Three person are almost certain to be the candidates for the Presidency Election, one allegedly an Indian Muslim, one is of a Pakistani descent and one cannot even speak Malay properly. Now, everyone is questioning on what the government sees as Malay! The issue with this is that race was once not part of this political process, where people vote according to who they think will do a good job. It just so happened that no Malay candidate would run.

Now they have opened to Malays only. Isn’t this going against their open arms policy?And by having only Malays, isn’t this also a racist thing to do? Now everyone is questioning whether this Malay candidate is Malay enough, not some mixed heritage. Just because they speak Malay, does not mean one is a Malay. LKY spoke impeccable Malay, but he is not a Malay! Furthermore, one candidate cannot even speak Malay properly.

So you see? Government wants to reserve the President for a Malay, cos we have not had one for a long time. But by doing this, you are saying Malays cannot contest on their own merits. Govt must hand hold them, and let Malays challenge the not so Malays, and the winner would be a Malay. What kind of logic is that?

Fadly Yusoff

Well said Fadly Yusoff.

Coming back to blaming the Europeans for the problem where “Indians” and “Pakistanis” can be Malays in an election where only Malays can stand, blame in particular the British and an 18th century German.

In 1824, the British introduced the concept of the “Malay” race into S’pore’s psyche and political governance, when they classified the residents of S’pore into “Chinese”, “Indians”, “Malays” and “Others”.

Raffles’ views must have played a part in this classification even though by 1824 he had retired and was living in England:

The popularisation of Malay as a racial category was in essence a colonial product, the significant role of which played by the Spanish since the 17th century and that of the British since the 18th century in identifying the Archipelago as the Malay world. The view held by Thomas Stamford Raffles for example, had a significant influence on English-speakers, lasting to the present day. He should probably be regarded as the most important voice in projecting the idea of a ‘Malay’ race or nation, not limited to the traditional Raja-Raja Melayu or even their supporters, but embracing a large if unspecified part of the Archipelago.[23]William Marsden, another British “merchant-scientist,” classified the inhabitants of the Archipelago as Malays, based on religion (Islam), language (Malay) and origin.[24]

In the previous century, it was a German who proposed the idea of a “Malay race”:

The concept of a Malay race was originally proposed by the German scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach(1752–1840), and classified as a brown race.[1]Malay is a loose term used in the late 19th century and early 20th century to describe theAustronesian peoples[2] / categorize Austronesian speakers into a race.

The people of the Malay archipelago* (the British name for the region) were not consulted about this theory nor about the British classification of races in S’pore.

The Real Malays

Yes there really are “Malays” (not just Indian Muslims and Pakistanis and other Muslims who say they are Malays, to get the goodies, one assumes):

Malays (Malay: Orang Melayu,Jawi: اورڠ ملايو) are an ethnic group of Austronesian peoples predominantly inhabiting theMalay Peninsula, eastern Sumatra and coastal Borneo, as well as the smaller islands which lie between these locations — areas that are collectively known as the Malay world …

There is considerable genetic, linguistic, cultural, and social diversity among the many Malay subgroups, mainly due to hundreds of years of immigration and assimilation of various regional ethnicity and tribes within Maritime Southeast Asia.

And yes there is a place in south east Sumatra call Malayu (or Melayu).

But there is no Malay race. Malays are an ethnic group.

Read this to understand the difference between race and ethnicity.


Coming back to the German and his theory,

Since Blumenbach, many anthropologists have rejected his theory of five races, citing the enormous complexity of classifying races*.

So the PAP is adhering to an outdated and discredited theory in creating a “Malay” presidency? And where only “Indians” and “Pakistanis” want to become a “Malay” president?

Given that a fifth of marriages are between people of different “races”, surely we should be moving away from thinking in terms of “race”? And then there’s this aspiration:

We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

But then maybe the PAP is using the issue of race to play a modern day version of the British game of “divide and rule” the natives?

What do u think?

Whatever, how can S’pore be creative, let alone progress if the ruling party in a defacto one-party state refuses to change its mind on policies that no longer work or never worked in the first place?

Take the economy where the PAP

— continues to see welfare** as a bad thing except when it needs to buy votes, and

— believes that FTs are needed to keep the economy growing.

No wonder we have had restructuring plans galore (Once every decade it seems),

Practical men who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back

John Maynard Keynes

Maybe time listen to the views of this guy on how to fix S’pore’s problems? Lawyer with LLM from Cambridge who was a senior partner in the law firm where the CJ and other judges and two AGs came from.


*And nowadays called Maritime Southeast Asia (the maritime region of Southeast Asia as opposed to mainland Southeast Asia and comprises what is now Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Timor Leste. An alternate term for the region is “the Indonesian Archpielgo and the Malay Peninsula”.

**To be fair to the PAP, “A shift to a welfare state is a daunting challenge that cannot be realised without raising taxes comprehensively,” says a S Korean economist taking of the Korean govt’s plans. But as Chris K and Yeoh Lam Keong keep pointing out, there’s a lot more that can be done within the present framework.

M Ravi’s right to be upset with AGC

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Even though he’s a really sick superhero and needs medical treatment, he’s right to get agitated and angry with AGC. AGC looks like it’s gunning for him i.e. out to make sure he goes to jail, and then throw the key away.

He posted on FB on at 3.00am on Saturday, after a meeting with the AGC on Friday:

At first they preferred 3 charges of criminal trespass on us. Then they dropped 2 charges. Today at the PTC they withdrew the remaining criminal trespass charge and guess what? They proceeded to serve 3 charges of HOUSEBREAKING!!!

Can you see the persecution? If convicted i would face mandatory jail which can extend to 2 years per charge. Mandatory means there’s no option for a fine. They want to jail me!

I need your support and help. Can you continue to donate for my legal fees and especially George’s?

Details are:

Posb savings 188-6776-22

All contributions no matter big or small is welcome. This is now very serious and I will need to spend for lot of resources to basically trying to get into my own office! They even tried to apply to remand me in IMH so they could prevent me from using Facebook, that was their argument. They are trying to silence me.

So please contribute as we need to prepare properly, make applications and pay for experts if necessary. It’s no longer a small simple case.

Wonder if the person who lodged the police report that led to the present charges, reputed to be a really good friend who had helped him but who Ravi then whose hand Ravi bit, is repenting his action? As are those who encouraged him to lodge report? They have good motives, I understand. They wanted (and still want) him to get mandatory medical treatment. He refuses to take his pills making his mental condition extremely unstable.

So maybe serious jail time for Ravi is the only way he can get the treatment he desperately needs.

It’s a dilemma worthy of a graphic novel.

Does he need to go to jail to regain his superpowers? Or are the cybernuts applauding his FB videos and verbal farts right that in his present state of mind (Conventional wisdom, as opposed to cybernut stupidity, believes M Ravi is in the manic extreme of bi-polarism*), he has even greater superpowers?

What do u think?

*The manic phase is characterised by:

  • Delusions (false beliefs) or hallucinations (false perceptions)
  • Hyperactivity
  • Irritable mood
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Exaggerated, puffed-up self esteem
  • Rapid or “pressured” speech
  • Rapid thoughts
  • Poor attention span
  • Recklessness

Another photo of president Hali

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Further to this

Image may contain: text

Halimah standing in presidential jeep

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No not a fake photo but a photo taken at the lastest NDP parade rehersal  (from TRE). If u think it’s a coincidence she’s standing in for Tony Tan, then u’ll believe she’s making up her mind. And I got a investment juz for u.

Can u blame Germans for being anti-Muslim?

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If these happened here, S’poreans (Muslims and non Muslims) would really be concerned.


The man who killed one person and injured six in a supermarket knife attack in Hamburg was a “known Islamist”, officials say.

And earlier this year

in the German city of Cologne, there was a “not in our name” rally against terrorism, which was backed by some of the country’s leading Muslim organizations, and by politicians from across the political spectrum. It was hoped that at least 10,000 people from all over the country would take part, and that it would inspire similar actions in other cities. But the event proved to be a damp squib. At most 3,500 turned up.

And last year

Security was heightened after a man ploughed a lorry into a busy Christmas market in the heart of Berlin in December 2016.

In July 2016, a German teenager of Iranian heritage shot dead nine people in Munich before shooting himself dead.

The same month, a teenage Afghan refugee armed with an axe and a knife injured four people on a train in the southern German city of Wuerzburg before being shot dead by police.

From above BBC link

Three cheers for FairPrice

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Because of Oxleygate, I forgot to post this:

The milk powder is available in two ranges, each with three formulations for the different stages of a child’s development.

NTUC FairPrice CEO Seah Kian Peng said the supermarket worked with the authorities following the announcement to review import requirements.

“FairPrice has been in discussions with the authorities on bringing in better-value formula milk from additional sources,” said Mr Seah.


Nice to see FairPrice doing what the PAP Old Guard wanted it to do.

But to be fair, it’s been keeping Cold Storage on its toes. I enjoy “Greek” yogurt and for years I had to pay what Cold Storage charged. Then FairPrice decided to go “upmarket” and I enjoyed cheaper “Greek” yogurt.

Coming back to milk powder, bet u the cybernuts from TRELand will say that the product is “fake milk” or “Made in China”.

Mendaki, Sinda refuse to help

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muslim when he was young. But both happy to deduct money from salary of Muslim

Aleem Bhai wrote, “… When I asked for Mendaki Scholarship during my school days, I was denied cos my dad is Pakistani and thus I was considered Indian. I then went to Sinda and was denied because my mom was Malay and thus considered Malay. When I grew up years later and was employed, both Mendaki and Sinda did monthly deductions from my salary. I don’t mind the mosque building fund, it’s my obligation as a Muslim but these 2 shameless bodies also did deductions. I have 3 words to say to u. “Kepala Butoh Lah”

Wasteful medical practice?

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Discard if unused by expiry date or after 12 months

This is the label on SingHealth medicine plastic packets. This is a global practice.

Many years ago I read a AWSJ story that the US Air Force tested 30-yr old aspirin tablets and found they were just as effective as newly made ones.

So here’s a recent update on the USAF’s attempt to save $ to buy more F-35s.

In 1986, the Air Force, hoping to save on replacement costs, asked the FDA if certain drugs’ expiration dates could be extended. In response, the FDA and Defense Department created the Shelf Life Extension Program.

Each year, drugs from the stockpiles are selected based on their value and pending expiration and analyzed in batches to determine whether their end dates could be safely extended. For several decades, the program has found that the actual shelf life of many drugs is well beyond the original expiration dates.

A 2006 study of 122 drugs tested by the program showed that two-thirds of the expired medications were stable every time a lot was tested. Each of them had their expiration dates extended, on average, by more than four years, according to research published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


M Ravi: Money talks BS walks

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Update: $6,011 has been received (as of 2.23 p.m. 22 July) to help M Ravi to set aside the foreclosure of his HDB flat

Here I reported that Uncle Leong had asked for donations to help Ravi pay off the arrears on his HDB mortgage

Please help M Ravi as he may become homeless, when he comes out of the hospital.

I would like to appeal to 7,452 Singaporeans to give $1 to POSB Savings Account 032-00582-9 (account of 73 year old L. F. Violet Netto who is the joint owner of the HDB flat).

Glad to know that his supporters are not the same people who refuse to help TRE and a publisher who wants to “Make S’pore Literature Great”. But I wonder about those who were egging him on on FB? Were they among the donors?

Here’s what Amos Yee (Remember him?) thinks of those who talk cock, sing song but who are unwilling to help with cold hard cash:

Interesting that Amos has denounced his activist “supporters”; denouncing them for talking the talk but not walking the talk: the activist friends would have happily let him rot in remand, while pontificating to society on the harm that being in remand would do him.

It’s nice to know that not all S’poreans are as cheapskates as the TRE cybernuts and the ang moh tua kees.

Let’s salute the real S’poreans. They realise that in S’pore, superheroes need to pay their bills.

But will Ravi thank the donors? He was planning to challenge the legality of the mortgage, arguing that the constitution allowed him to default on his mortgage. His grandfather wrote the constitution  isit? Juz like parly belongs to his grandfather?


Lim Tean: Activist who talks sense

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Don’t hold it against him that he was for a while Sec-Gen of the No Substance Party, and stood for GE for the NSP.

He’s now a free lancer activist who wants S’pore to be a more open society where the state is more accountable to the people.

He’s no talk cock, sing song artiste like Goh Meng Seng or Mad Dog Chee. He’s more like the SDP’s Dr Paul: an achiever. He was one of the senior partners in Rajah & Tann, a law firm where the the CJ and several judges and AGs came from.

He until recently was based overseas.

Trials and tribulations of an anti-PAP super hero

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In the comic books and movies, Batman sends the villians to Arkham, Gotham City’s Woodbridge.

In S’pore, M Ravi, the super hero of the anti-PAP brigade (sane and nutty) gets sent, for his own good, to Woodbridge for his bi-polar disorder. Really, it’s not an invention of the PAP administration that he has this problem even if one s/o JBJ had once upon a time implied that it was all a PAP plot.

It’s really good for him because in Woodbridge, he’ll be forced to take his medicine. He can’t throw his medicine away as he usually does.

Just as he’s getting treatment (finally) in Woodbridge for his bi-polarism, M Ravi is faced with losing his HDB flat over outstanding mortgage arreras of more than $7,000.

Human rights lawyer M Ravi has been hospitalised since 17 July (he is still in hospital).

On the day that he was hospitalised – he was supposed to appear in court as the bank mortgagee had sued to foreclose on his 3-room HDB flat, for the arrears of $7,452.

… “In the morning of 17 July 2017, Summons 2375 of 2017 was dismissed and judgement was granted to the Plaintiff”.

Uncle Leong is asking for donations to clear the debt.

But TOC readers have already pointed out Ravi will need more money because he’s unemployed.

In S’pore, fighting for Truth and Justice is not as easy as in America. There are the mortgage and medical bills to pay.

Tot of the Lees cont’d

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Precisely because it’s inescapable, insecure and irresistibly convenient, email provides an almost uncomfortably intimate view into the historical record. It preserves time, location and state of mind, the what-when-where-and-who of every story we might want to dig up. The last two decades, email’s high-water era, have thus been a bounty for anyone wishing to understand exactly what was happening in the inner circles of powerful organizations — for journalists, historians and prosecutors of white-collar crime, among others.

Investing in Asian Innovators

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Basically this means businesses that can scale up in China.

Matthews Asia Innovators

Michael J. Oh, lead manager of the Matthews Asia Innovators Fund … grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to the United States as a teenager, scours Asia for companies developing new technologies or creating innovative products and services. About a third of the fund’s assets are invested in China and Hong Kong and about a fifth in South Korea. India accounts for 8 percent.

… He said his goal is to invest in companies benefiting from a growing middle class throughout Asia and rising disposable incomes there. “The question we’re asking is, ‘What will consumers with incremental income spend on?’”

Lately, an answer has been beauty products. One of the fund’s larger holdings has been Hugel, a South Korean cosmetics and pharmaceuticals company whose offerings include botulinum toxin (or Botox) wrinkle treatments. Korean cosmetics makers have been innovators for more than a decade, Mr. Oh said, but their market was largely limited to South Korea and Japan.

Now a surging middle class in China has created a big new pool of potential buyers, he said. In April, Bain Capital agreed to pay about $800 million for a controlling stake in Hugel.

Mr. Oh invested in the TAL Education Group, a Beijing tutoring company, for similar reasons. Education is highly valued there, he said, and as parents see their discretionary income rise, they’ll often spend some of the surfeit on their children’s educations. His fund, with an expense ratio of 1.24 percent, returned 13.57 percent in the second quarter.


The S’poreans who are cheapskates

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Chris K used a piece of mine (where I asked if S’poreans are willing to pay more for gds and services if there’s a S’poreans First jobs’ policy) to talk about the trade-offs between higher local wages when FTs cannot come in by the cattle truck load, and the govt’s FT policy (which is good for me personally) on his FB wall. An interesting discussion ensured not like the name calling and ranting when TRE used the piece.(Btw his posts are public, so visit his wall. Better still ask to be a friend and follow him.)

When I was writing the piece, I wasn’t so much thinking  about trade-offs between economic policies but more about the mental attitude of S’poreans.

It’s a fact that the cybernuts in TRELand are cheapskates who scrounge off the efforts of Andrew and the rest of TramTRE. They are always pleading poverty for failing to support TRE. TeamTRE finally recently got the message

TRE, unlike other alternative media, depends solely on advertising for income. In the past, we used to seek donations, but we have refrained from doing so due to poor responses.

Another bunch of cheapskates are S’poreans who consider themselves well-off and open-minded progressives. They are bleeding heart liberals who think ang moh are tua kees.

Recently the person who owns Epigram (the leading designer cum book publisher who published “The Art of Charlie Chan” a really classy subversive graphic novel that’s up for a top US award after winning int’l acclaim) got plenty of birthday greetings via Facebook from the progressives.

He used the opportunity to try to raise money for a book prize that his company is sponsoring. He wants to make Singapore Literature Great. To his well wishers, he wrote

Please consider supporting our crowdfunding for the 2017 Epigram Books Fiction Prize. There are three options: $100, $200 and $500. The Prize supports four novelists each year with prize money of $40,000. We’re starting this year’s search for the Great Singaporean Novel by offering 3 very special bundles so you can lend your support to the Prize, too. The upcoming novels are available for pre-purchase, to be delivered to you as soon as each title is released in 2018. The proceeds will go into administering the Prize, and help boost Singapore literature.…/ebfp-2017-crowdfunding

As I know him personally, my FB avatar asked via FB if there was a response from his well wishers. He said “got a few hundred dollars in orders”.

Money Talks BS Walks. No wonder S’pore is a de facto one-party state what with the cheapskates from TRELand and Progressive Land.

For the record my avatar in June donated a few hundred dollars.


Academic talking cock/ Got such thing as “Malay” race meh?

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A really moronic statement from someone who makes moronic statements when he’s trying to justify that the “PAP is always right”

… felt that voters should not be overly-fixated with a candidate’s ethnicity – albeit being an election reserved for a particular race – as it would “detract from the raison d’être of the elected presidency and of the elected president as a symbol of our multiracialism”, as Singapore Management University law don Eugene Tan put it …

Assoc Prof Tan said the reserved election “inevitably puts race up front and centre”. However, it is “imperative that we do not get too hung up over the race” of a presidential hopeful, he said.

WTF. How not to think a lot about racial identity when the election is reserved for a “Malay” president especially given that it seems that being a “Malay” is a cultural issue, not an ethnic (ie racial) issue.

The constructive, nation-building press quotes two experts on “Malayness” who seem to imply that there really isn’t such a thing as a Malay race:

Malay-Muslim self-help group Yayasan Mendaki has a set of criteria for its financial assistance schemes for students administered on behalf of the Government. Among other things, the recipients “must be of Malay descent” as stated in their identity cards. It spells out a list of what it considers to be “Malay descent”, and this includes 22 ethnicities including Acehnese, Javanese, Boyanese, Sumatran, Sundanese and Bugis. Students with “double-barrelled” race are eligible if the first race is listed on the identity cards as Malay, said a Mendaki spokesman. For example, a student who is Malay-Arab would qualify for the schemes but an Arab-Malay student would not, he added.

However, for the Presidential Election, Association of Muslim Professionals chairman Abdul Hamid Abdullah stressed the need for a “wider definition of a Malay” in Singapore’s context. A narrow definition would be restrictive and could disqualify potential candidates who have been “accepted” as a member of the Malay community, he added. “It is better to be inclusive. Otherwise, (it) may lead to divisiveness in the Malay community,” he said.

So my take that Chinese can be Malay is a real possibility isit based on the second expert? Heck, let’s juz say that Indian blood is necessary to be president. Or better still, that from now on, the president must be the result of a mixed marriage. Halimah can set the precedent of the president as a symbol of our multiracialism.


Apple 8 will cost US$1,000 to US$1,500

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OK at least the highest-priced model in Apple’s new iPhone 8 line-up, reports FT.

Apple plans to differeniate its iPhone 8 range the way it differentiates its Macs. Want more and better features? Pay and pay.

Yikes! Cynical Investor part of PAP IB?

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Going by the u/m Chris K will have to unfriend me if he wants to remain friends with Tay Kheng Soon (Future of S’pore), the other unhappy anti-PAP activists (real life or cyber), and the cybernuts. I’m sure Jedi like Terry Xu, Tan Tee Seng and Eric Tan will not respond to my emails.

After all I use repeatedly: “talking cock” and “one party state“. And I regularly rubbish the opposition (here and here ) sowing “dissention, cynicism and suspicion”.

I don’t get credit for dissing PAP meh?

And by implication, TRE is also part of the PAP IB as it regularly uses my pieces and other pieces using “talking cock”, “sham democracy” and “one party state”.

Seriously Tay Kheng Soon is talking cock. He’s almost like Talk Cock, Sing Song King Lee Hsien Yang (Examples below)

Tay Kheng Soon

For the sake of healthy civilised discussion on FB it is necessary to reveal the tactics of the IB. They have names but they may not be real people. How we can tell is the same language they use repeatedly. “talking cock,” “sham democracy,” “one party state.” What is their aim? It is to disrupt civilised discussion to prevent public education. Their aim in this is ultimately to justify dictatorship by muting public voice. They are false democrats themselves. Thus they rubbish the opposition. They sow dissention, cynicism and suspicion. They hunt as a pack of predators. This way they instill fear, fear to respond to their attacks. If we fear them, they think they win. Dont let them!

Lee Hsien Yang talking cock 

What Liu Xiaobo can teach S’poreans

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Later today Gilbert Goh and the other usual suspects will be protesting at the failure of PM to sue his siblings. I hope that at least one of the speakers will also talk about what to me is the real scandal of Oxleygate: other ministers not suing the PM’s siblings. Unlike PM, they don’t have the excuse of blood ties.

S’pore and China are both one-party states (one de jure, the other de facto), but different in that in S’pore one a referendum is allowed every five yrs and where the ruling party wins by a majority of at least 60% of the popular vote, or as is bar once, a lot more. Hence 60% of the popular vote is the passing mark of the PAP’s popularity. To the PAP and S’poreans, a 60% win is really bad and it throws out bribes (using S’poreans’ money) to get a better score next time.

So the following remarks in an FT article about the life and death of Liu Xiaobo, are relevant to S’poreans especially to those who will later today protest at the PAP’s hegemony:

Liu imagined a country where Beijing residents might, for example, one day wear black T-shirts on the June 4 anniversary of Tiananmen. Who would the police arrest if thousands of people did that, let alone tens of thousands?

“Tyranny is not terrifying,” Liu wrote. “What is really scary is submission, silence, and even praise for tyranny. As soon as people decide to oppose it to the bitter end, even the most vicious tyranny will be shortlived.”

The PAP is not as formidable as it appears, something I’ll talk about soon, I hope. Meanwhile, here’s one reason why: the trains don’t run on time, and here’s why*.

*Do read this. V V gd analysis.

Oxleygate would have been avoided

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If only LKY could have had his will done by email.

In the UK the BBC reports,

You could soon be able to write your will in a text or record it on a voicemail, the Daily Telegraph says.

It reports on a new consultation from the Law Commission for England and Wales, which says it wants to bring legislation on wills into the digital age.

The existing law on wills being written, signed and witnessed dates back to 1839.

The commission admits that the proposals could add to family disputes if people who are seriously ill make last-minute changes to their will on a smartphone or tablet.

Tot of the Lees

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No more emails pls. Use chat apps as ang moh elites and our anti-PAP nuts like TJS, Goh Meng Seng and TKL do. Ok Ok, sane oppononents of the PAP also use chat apps.

From NYT Dealbook


As Elites Switch to Texting, Watchdogs Fear Loss of Transparency


Lawmakers, executives and other leaders are turning to encrypted chat apps to keep their communications under wraps, causing problems in industries where careful record-keeping is standard procedure.

Noble: Troubles never cease

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HSBC triggered a probe into the palm oil subsidiary of commodity trader Noble Group, which is facing allegations of preparing to clear pristine rainforest in Papua New Guinea.


Time to call in the bomohs, sharmans or fung shui geomancers. HSBC is a lead bank to Noble.

Same show but ang moh stars paid a lot more than Asian stars

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The producer of US TV show Hawaii Five-0 has spoken out about the departure of two cast members following reports the pair asked to be paid the same as their white co-stars.

Peter Lenkov said Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were offered “unprecedented raises” but “chose to move on”.

Kim and Park have appeared in the show since its inception in 2010.

According to Variety, the pair had been seeking the same salaries as stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan but were being offered between 10 and 15 percent less.

Book them: for demanding equal pay for equal work.

Samsung beats ang mohs hollow

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But ang moh tech cos have better valuations. Ang moh tua kee isit?

FT’s Lex thinks Samsung is undervalued given its competitive strengths in the semiconductor arena.

It points out Samsung’s quarterly operating profit of US$12.1bn surpassed that of its rival Apple, which is on track for an estimated operating profit of US$10.5bn for the same period.

This US $12.1b would be bigger than the combined operating profits of the four major US tech companies — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — estimated at US $11.15bn.

But there are good reasons why Samsung is worth less in terms of valuation multiples. There’s — Korean factors (S Korea can be attacked by the North, internal political instability and corporate governance is really lousy)

— conglomerate discount (old- fashioned industrial conglomerate, not high tech one like the American ones)

— semi conductors are cyclical in nature.


NS: Discrimination against Malays? What discrimination?

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In the 50th year of NS, there’s a serious attempt to rewrite history about NS on social media and the internet generally, by saying Malays were discriminated by being exempted from NS. They were from 1967 to 1977, though there are allegations that even today many are exempted from NS.(sorry “discimated against”.)

I was one of those who did NS (Dec 73 to June 76) while my Malay contemporaries went to university. I’m sure that many S’poreans had the same experience. Discrimination against Malays? What discrimination? In my time, that policy was tot by people like me to be discrimination against S’poreans of other races to give Malays a leg up. Plenty of grumbles but we trusted Harry and gang to do the right thing by S’pore.

Note I’m not saying the PAP administration did not discrimate against Malays who served or wanted to serve in the SAF. They were and possibly still are. But that’s a different issue. I’ll go into this some other day.


I’m saying that when it came to NS, it was us Chinese, Indians and “Others” who had to do NS to defend S’porean Chinese, Malays, Indians and “Others”. Just like today, S’poreans do NS to protect S’poreans and FTs.

Feel free to whack PAP but don’t anyhow hantam.

Amos: 7 months in US jail, 4 more to go at least

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I tot readers might want to take a break from Oxleygate and sneer, ridicule or laugh at Amos Yee.

OK, there’s a big difference between sneering, ridiculing or laughing at very privileged spoiled brats and PAP ministers, and one of their pleb “victims”. But one can grow tired of abalone and suckling pig, and go for cold porridge and kiam chye for a change.

Amos Yee’s poatings are not by him but by people sympathetic to him. Ah well there are loonies born every day. Juz look at M Ravi.

Although Amos has won his case for political asylum in the US, the prosecutor [Chief Consul: Karen E. Lundgren, Assistant Chief Consul: Elizabeth Crites] appealed the case. Meaning, even though Amos has already been in American jail for 5 months, he has to stay in jail for another 6 more months until the judge makes a decision on the appeal. Amos was on suicide watch in the jail hole for the past 2 weeks.

So by the end of the process, he’ll have spent 11 months in an US jail and about a month in detention here. Still a good idea to dodge NS the Amos Way, Mother Mary? Especially as his asylum application could still be rejected.

Did he get the book he wanted?

Amos is still needlessly in prison because the government continues to challenge the court ruling that granted his political asylum. The government’s decision to continue to incarcerate him weighs heavily on his spirits as he continues to fight against the enduring stress of his imprisonment in the US and the trauma from his imprisonment in Singapore. Amos has found comfort reading books that his supporters have sent him over the weeks. Amos has requested Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam‘s book “Make it right for Singapore: Speeches in Parliament, 1997-1999” in solidarity with those who have been unjustly persecuted by their governments. Amos extends his solidarity to those around the world who fight against authoritarian regimes. From Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia, to WikileaksJulian Assange in the UK, to Liu Xiaobo in China, to Edward Snowden in Russia, I stand with you.

The prison only allows paperback books purchased from large retailers such as Amazon. The Amazon link has been provided below.…/…/

Books can be shipped to:

Amos Yee – Inmate #300802
Dodge Detention Facility
216 W Center St.
Juneau, WI 53039

All Singapore Stuff , The Independent Singapore , , The Online Citizen SG , The Straits TimesYahoo Singapore , 黃之鋒 Joshua Wong , Singapore Embassy in Washington DC

Make it right for Singapore: Speeches in Parliament, 1997-1999
Wayang king at work. But is anyone watching?
May 20 ·

The US government still hasn’t released Amos Yee despite Amos’s asylum being approved by Judge Samuel B Cole. We suspect that the Singaporean government might have a role in interfering in a US court’s ruling that the Singaporean government acted against Amos in bad faith and that Amos should be granted political asylum. As a result of Amos’s numerous prolonged stays in detention his psychological health is suffering. In the US, Amos has been placed twice in solitary confinement.

On the first occasion he was in solitary confinement for 2 weeks. According to Amos, he decided to attend a religious lecture with a visiting Imam. During that lecture Amos challenged the Imam claiming that Muhammad had left many violent statements in the Quran. The Imam challenged him to prove it, Amos asked the Imam for the Quran so that he could show him the verses, the Imam called security on Amos where he was immediately placed into solitary confinement for 2 weeks.

On the second occasion that Amos was placed into solitary confinement it was after he was visited by a reporter. The reporter believed Amos to be suicidal, the proper authorities were notified of Amos’s situation, and he was then immediately placed on suicide watch for two weeks. During suicide watch Amos was placed in a small cell, he wasn’t allowed any cell mates, he wasn’t allowed access to the common areas, he wasn’t allowed to shower, and had numerous other privileges limited during that time.

Amos is currently out of suicide watch but his prolonged stay in jail is only making his situation even worse. Amos is suffering under great psychological stress. We are disappointed that immigration authorities under the Trump administration would not uphold our Western values of taking in persecuted political dissidents; our country was founded on these principles. We can only suspect interference by the Singaporean government as there would be no other legitimate reason for Amos to be detained for so long after being granted asylum by the court. All updates on Amos’s page are being made on his behalf by people working on Amos’s case.

Remember Mother Mary telling us that he was faking it when he looked “lost” when he got out of detention here and that his claims of feeling suicidal when inside were lies? Funny her post on this was removed.

Opposing FB views on M Ravi’s condition

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To my surprise the other Ravi posted on FB

Image may contain: text

More at
I was surprised because he seems to imply that there is nothing wrong with M Ravi (My FB avatar had suggested that looking at M Ravi’s videos and posts, a medical examination was warranted) and he dissed someone who had helped M Ravi who then found himself being slimed by M Ravi. 
(Btw, P Ravi is wrong about M Ravi never having had a criminal conviction. It became public knowledge that he had a bi-polar problem in 2006 when he was charged and found guilty of causing a disturbance at a mosque. Someone on FB alleges that he was found guilty of rowing with a bouncer but I can’t find evidence of this conviction.)

To my greater surprise, after I posted this on the shameful conspiracy of silence around M Ravi’s mental health, Ariffin Sha, a Padawan (Jedi in training) took exception to what P Ravi posted

It is unfortunate that some people have so little political capital that they to go to such lengths to seek the endorsement of a person who needs medical attention (by his own admission) and his followers.

What M Ravi urgently needs now is professional help. As Alan Shadrakeputs it, “Ravi appears to have gone off the rails again but I hope he is given proper medical and psychiatric treatment instead of jailing him. That would be outrageous. When he takes his medications he’s in complete control – and brilliant. He did an excellent job representing me and it grieves me to see the problems he has again brought on himself. I  I hope the authorities treat him kindly and help his recovery.”

Now, I don’t think that P Ravi is trying “to siphon some fans off M Ravi’s fan bas”; but it’s nice to know that an anti-PAP activist (albeit a youngster) is willing to break ranks and speak out on the need for M Ravi to get medical help, rather than remain silent to try to protect his status as an anti-PAP icon.

Shameful silence as M Ravi’s cows come home

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Non-practising lawyer M Ravi was charged on Friday (Jun 30) with one count of criminal trespass “with intent to annoy”, for allegedly trespassing into the offices of law firm Eugene Thuraisingam LLP at People’s Park Complex.

And this isn’t all. A lawyer reported on FB that the police are investigating his complaint that M Ravi beat him up badly. (Finally, someone stood up to complain that he was beaten up by M Ravi. Over the yrs, there’ve been allegations of such beatings, followed up by allegations of his “friends” settling matters so that Ravi’s public image is not hurt.)

He’s in for a rough time.

Whatever, his FB videos and comments seem at the very least to indicate that there should be a medical examination to determine if he’s ill again.

There seems to be a conspiracy of silence or denial by a group of anti-PAP activists (They are really, really very quiet) that usually cheer his every move, egging him on. Maybe they don’t want to him to get compulsorily* treated because of the stigma of him, an icon of the anti-PAP activists, going into Woodbridge.

I mean I never lived down voting for an ex-Woodbridge patient who was bi-polar too. The PAP dubbed him “mad” and “looney”, but I gritted my teeth and voted for him, a WP candidate,because of the “big picture”: the need for an Oppo. Not that it made a difference when the WP finally won a GRC: their MPs juz sat down, looked at their bank statements, grinned and kept quiet most of the time.

But as M Ravi has been charged with a criminal offence, there’s always the Mandatory Treatment Order that the court in its discretion can order. As in his autobiography written in 2014 or 2015, he said he didn’t take his prescribed medicine, he meditated instead, the court could, among other things, order that he be subjected to forced medication.

But if the court orders treatment of any sort, I’m sure these anti-PAP “friends” will scream that the state is abusing its power and that there’s nothing wrong with him.

Can the PAP voters that voted for Dr Tan Cheng Bock (25- 30% of the voters) ever support the causes that such people espouse? I doubt it.


*I was wrong here to think his friends could apply for a  Mandatory Treatment Order. It’s only available in criminal cases. But there’s a separate civil procedure for compulsory treatment.

Oxleygate: Hell’s bells, another PAPPy and I share the same views

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Janadas Devan (see below) respond to LWL on LHY’s share:

I agree with his

My personal view remains that Mr Lee’s wish to demolish 38 Oxley Rd should be granted the moment you are no longer living in it, which may be 20, 30 or more years in the future.

I am as baffled as most Singaporeans why Hsien Yang and you wish to consume all of us in your personal family matters.

My take is that she’s a spoiled brat, wanting her cake and eating it. Only a white mare will think like that.

On the house book project he mentions, I wrote about the book project here after PM posted on FB in June 2015

“Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang would like to honour the wish of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew that the house at 38 Oxley Road be demolished after Dr Lee Wei Ling ceases to live in it.” …

Wonder if the ex-ST guy I mentioned in post has had to give a statutory declaration?

Janadas Devan wrote

Dear Wei Ling:Your latest post blares, tabloid-style, misleading information. Having edited you for many years, I know this is not your style.

The email you quote was written when I was Associate Editor of Straits Times, not Chief of Government Communications. And as you know well, I had met Mr Lee Kuan Yew with a few other journalists to discuss a book that he had proposed on 38 Oxley Rd.

When he met us in July 2011, he made plain that he wanted the house to be demolished. But as the months and years passed, the nature of the project changed as it became less definitive whether the house would be demolished – and if so, when.

For example, we were told that you will be staying in the house for as long as you live. Then I learnt plans to build a model of the interior of 38 Oxley Rd was dropped – because, I gathered, Mr Lee was considering plans to gut the interior of the house altogether to remove traces of the private space.

There was no doubt then or now that Mr Lee’s preference was to demolish the house. But as the shifting instructions we heard from the family in 2011-12 – including from you – indicated, the fate of the house had by no means been decided at that point.

I ceased to be involved in the Oxley Rd book project in July 2012, when I left ST. My personal view remains that Mr Lee’s wish to demolish 38 Oxley Rd should be granted the moment you are no longer living in it, which may be 20, 30 or more years in the future.

In the meantime, I am as baffled as most Singaporeans why Hsien Yang and you wish to consume all of us in your personal family matters.

Please: Think of Singapore, and forget the rest.


Mangoes: Did u know this?

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Like alcohol, mangoes act as a diuretic so should be avoided when the weather is warm.

Did Harry have this choice?

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No not about having a final holiday with his family; but rather than be subjected to gruelling treatment, to say he had enough treatment and he didn’t want to go back into intensive care.

The boss of one of Britain’s largest NHS trusts has told The Sunday Times that patients who are dying should be allowed to go on a final holiday with their family, rather than be subjected to gruelling treatment.

Professor Marcel Levi, the chief executive of University College London Hospitals, believes that sometimes the NHS is wasting time and money.

The doctor, who is Dutch, says in the Netherlands it’s common for patients to state they’ve had enough treatment and they don’t want to go back into intensive care.

Seems his wife never had the choice of saying she had enough treatment and she didn’twant to go back into intensive care.

Btw, I doubt they would have wanted to go on holiday with all three of their children.

How SDP can make dent on PAP lead

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Even if Mad Dog remains leader. They have to be a lot more savvy in their use of social media. It can be done even if the SDP doesn’t have much money (Err where’s the CIA money Dr Chee?). From the BBC on how Labour used social media in the last UK election. Even though Labour lost, it did a lot better than expected.

The digital alt-left cannot be ignored

Sites such as The Canary, The Skwawkbox, and Another Angry Voice are making a huge impact and earning a massive following. We have tended to focus on the alt-right or anti-establishment right online, looking at websites like Breitbart, Westmonster and – in America – InfoWars.

As Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed UK argued in this excellent report, sites on the alt-left now boast hundreds of thousands of addicted and often politically active readers. They break news stories, thrive on social media shares, and run emotionally charged, highly partisan material that is handy in a tight race when you need to get the vote out.

That some of them – not necessarily the three I mention above – are adept at sharing fake news is no impediment to their influence.


Money isn’t everything on Facebook

There is nothing new, of course, about the deployment of Facebook to spread a message, encourage donations, and bypass journalists. In 2008, Barack Obama harnessed Facebook superbly to raise vast sums of money and beat John McCain.

I spoke to Sam Jeffers, co-founder of the Who Targets Me? Project. He repeated something he said to The Times over the weekend: That according to his sample (11,000 volunteers), the Tories’ Facebook campaigning was focused on fewer seats.
Image caption Sam Jeffers co-founded the Who Targets Me? Project

In the last 48 hours of the campaign, his volunteers saw Labour adverts in 464 constituencies, and Tory adverts in only 205.

This is just one project, of course, but given the Tories had a bigger war chest, it is astonishing.

“What we’ve also seen is far more sharing of Labour’s ads, so that even in the seats the Tories were really targeting in the north, the ads they were paying for were being drowned out in people’s news feeds by a sea of red ads and articles that were shared ‘organically’ by friends and family. Those messages are going to have a lot more weight in people’s minds.”

So you can spend loads on Facebook, as the Tories did (we don’t yet know how much); but Labour may have had a bigger impact (possibly by spending less) because their adverts resonated emotionally.

That really matters.

In short, he told me, Labour’s organically-shared, pro-Corbyn message drowned out the Tories’ paid-for ads.

Mao’s bungalow

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Mao’s old bungalow is still there: one local says it is untouched and permanently empty.

The FT was talking about Mao’s summer home in Beidaihe, a beach resort near Beijing. The CCP leaders go there for their summer holidays, not overseas like our PM. But to be fair to our PM, Mao didn’t earn millions.


LKY has changed his mind before

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An ex-ST reporter from the really old days (she was a strike participant when ST went on strike with the help of a PAP Labour minister ) posted on FB

Oxley Road.

Wonder whether Mr Lee changed his mind about having his life long home demolished after he’s gone and no child of his lives there any more?

I remember hearing many years ago from colleagues that Mr Lee wasn’t one for biographies, because the stories of those written about were “history passing through wishful minds”.

Yet not many years later, books about him were coming out steadily. Men in White, Hard Truths etc etc

So if he could change his mind about allowing his biography to b written, why not about razing Oxley Road home to the ground?

Just a thought.

Amazon US deal affects S’pore listco

In Uncategorized on 20/06/2017 at 2:06 pm just bought its way to the top of the food chain. The e-commerce titan is going whole hog for U.S. groceries with the $13.7 billion acquisition of upscale chain Whole Foods Market. Amazon’s comfort with low margins and savvy in logistics make it so fearsome a rival that investors in the sector ran for cover.

There’s a strong sense from investors that Amazon is upending the entire business. Its own market value increased by $15 billion on the news. More significantly, it caused some $30 billion to disappear from Costco, Wal-Mart Stores, Kroger, Supervalu and other grocery vendors. Fears of Amazon’s domination went global, with UK supermarket chains getting hit, too.

Reuters last friday

In Asia, Oz supermarket shares suffered.

Here Jardine Matheson Holdings, whose subsidiaries include a supermarket operator, was down 1.3% and one of only four stocks in the 30-member Straits Times to be in negative territory yesterday. STI up 0.4% yesterday.

Jardines today down under 1.5% so far.

Singlish touch to Niemoller’s poem/ Hot stock

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On FB, an anti-PAP cyberwarrior (and adoring fan of the PM’s siblings) added this very S’porean perspective to Niemoller’s poem:

First Papa come for the supposed Marxist conspirators.

Then Kor come for ordinary citizens and me.

Well this is the first time in nearly a week, when I’ve not seen new postings or new reports initiated by the siblings. Hopefully, they’ll hold their fire until PM’s parly statement.

What a waste of parly time. Just send demand for apologies and if there are none, initiate legal proceedings. White Horse cannot treat other White Horses like he treats Roy Ngerng and other peasants isait?

Whatever, maybe I can now find time to talk about a stock about several reputable M’sian tycoons have bought into and in which I’m in, up to  my eyeballs, at the same price as them.

Oxleygate is good clean and free entertainment, but malking money is better.


Niemoller’s poem

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.’



Great riposte to Dr Lee quoting Niemoller

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Yes I’m trying real hard not to blog on the comic duo. But they keep on providing great comic material. Take the quote from Niemoller (see below) by Dr Lee. This got the following response on FB

Subramaniam Thirumeni
14 hrs · Singapore ·
Dear LWL & LHY,
In response to your attempt to quote Niemoller, here’s a list of people that either of you could have spoken up for. This is a list of persons detained by your father. I have disregarded the pre-1975 detainees. LWL would have been 20 in 1975 and LHY would have been 18. Both old enough to start asking questions. So, this is a list of detainees from that year onwards. Apart from these detainees you could have also spoken up for opposition figures who were hounded and bankrupted. Those persons are not listed here.

(Update: 11.53am, 19 June 2017 – As some of you have rightly pointed out in the comments, the siblings’ public split with their brother presents a small window of opportunity to set things right in the system. I acknowledge that. I wrote this initially as a response to LWL’s post because of the sheer irony. But, I appreciate the point, raised by some of you, that there is some possibility of brokering systemic change. Though the underlying quarrel between them is personal, the implications of the allegations have a national significance. Better late than never. If the siblings are ready to advance positive political progress, then we can welcome them.)

Chua Sen Lee 蔡胜利 Delivery Clerk 1975
Goh Beng Giap 吴明业 Shoemaker 1975
Ong Eng Hoch 王永福 + Grocer 1975
Pek Eng Kian 白荣坚 Construction Worker 1975
Pek Eng Koon 白荣根 Construction Worker 1975
Tey King Waa 郑金华 + Clerk 1975
Yeo Meng Teck 杨明德 + Trade Unionist 1975
Azmi Mahmud Asst. Editor Berita Harian 1976
Chai Chong 蔡聪 + Chairman, Chinese Language Sociaty 1976
Chua Ah Ba 蔡亚芭 + Ngee An Technical College 1976
Chua Ah Sing 蔡亚兴 + Sub Constractor 1976
Foo Chin Yen 胡振延 + President of S’pore Polytechnic Union Council 1976
Foo Weng Fatt 傅文发 + Chairman of S’pore Polytechnic Union Council 1976
Goh Lay Kuan (f) 吴丽娟 Principal of Practice Theatre School 1976
Hussein Jahidin Editor Berita Harian 1976
Kam Kiew 甘 吉 + Electrical and sanitary sub contractor 1976
Kong Sow Fai 孔绍发 + Peon 1976
Kuo Pao Kun 郭宝昆 Secretary to Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Founder of Practice 1976
Leow Wai Cheng( f ) (Rearrest ) 廖惠贞 Nurse 1976
Shamsuddin Tung Tao Chang (Rearrest) Businessman 1976
Lim Tiow Hui 林朝辉 + Asst. Financial Secretary 1976
Ng Ho 黄 和 + S’pore Polytechnic Student 1976
Ng Hoon Hwee 黄焕贵 + Social Secretary, S’pore Polytechnic Council 1976
Ng Yan Huay 黄炎辉 + Sales manager, Nantah graduate 1976
Ong Geok Huia 王玉辉 + Seamstress 1976
Pan Nan Hung 潘南汉 + Naval Engineer 1976
Poh Soo Kai (Rearrest) 傅树介 Doctor 1976
Teng Swee Tong 邓水东 + President of S’pore Polytechnic Students’ Union 1976
Wong Chee San 王志山 + S’pore Polytechnic Student 1976
Wong Sang Hwee 王尚贵 + S’pore Poly Graduate / S’pore Poly CLS, NSman 1976
Wong WoonToi 黄文涛 + Businessman 1976
Yeo Chai Cheng 杨财清 + Technical Officer 1976
Oh Teng Aik 胡定爱 Construction Superviser 1976
Tan Kwee Liang (f) 陈桂莲 Tuition Teacher 1976
A. Mahadeva (Rearrest) Property Manager 1977
Ang Swee Chai (f) 洪瑞才 + Doctor 1977
Arun Senkuttuvan Journalist of Far Eastern Economic Review 1977
Arun Senkuttuvan (Rearrest) Journalist of Far Eastern Economic Review 1977
Chan Ket Teck 陈可德 Accountant Coopers Brothers 1977
Chua Chap Jee Lecturer at Ngee Ann Technical College 1977
Chua Chian Kiat 蔡清吉 + SAF Reservist 1977
Foo Ah Lim 傅亚林 + 1977
G Raman (Gopalan Krishnan Raman) Lawyer 1977
Ho Kwon Ping 何光平 Ex Journalist of Far Eastern Economic Review 1977
Jeffrey Sng Working With Quakers International 1977
Koh Kay Yew 许赓猷 Singapore Airlines Manager 1977
Lee Yoke Seng 李玉成 + Malaysia Construction Worker 1977
Leong Mun Kwai 梁孟开 + Secretary General People’s Front 1977
Michael Fernandez (Rearrest) M.费南德 Insurance Executive 1977
Ngoh Teck Nam (Rearrest) Translator, Sin Chew Jit Poh 1977
Ong Bock Chuan 王木川 + Lawyer Company secretary of Goodwood Park 1977
Ong Kian Wee 王坚卫 + Electrician and Part Time Constable 1977
P. Govindasamy P.歌文达三美 Bookshop Owner 1977
Ramalingam Joethy Lawyer 1977
Tan Jing Quee ( Rearrest ) 陈仁贵 Lawyer 1977
Tan Bee Choo (f) 1977
Jacqui Foo (f) Economist 1977
Grace Poh (f) Matron 1977
Peter Kwok Economist 1977
Hoong Bee Teck Engineer 1977
Mok Kwong Yue Biologist, Computer engineer 1977
Tan Kok Wah 陈国华 + Construction Worker 1977
Yong Sek Yu Construction Worker 1977
Yeng Pway Ngon 英培安 Writer 1978
Peck Soo Tee 白书治 + 1979
Toh Siang Kee 杜祥齐 + 1979
Ronnie Ng Soon Hiang 黄顺贤 Polytechnic Student Union’s General-Secretary 1987
Abdul Gani Abdul Rahman Driver 1987
Chew Kheng Chuan 周庆全 Businessman 1987
Chia Boon Tai 谢文泰 Businessman 1987
Chng Suan Tze (f) 庄瑄芝 Lecturer 1987
Chung Lai Mei (f) 钟丽薇 Production Operator 1987
Fan Wan Peng (f) 范运冰 President of Singapore Polytechnic Students’ Union 1987
Jenny Chin Lai Ching (f) 陈丽清 Journalist 1987
Kenneth Tsang Chi Seng 曾志成 Advertising Executive 1987
Kevin Desmond de Souza 凯尔文 德苏沙 Law Graduate, S’pore Poly Catholic Students’ Society Helper 1987
Low Yit Leng (f) 刘月玲 Project Manager 1987
Mah Lee Lin ( f ) 马丽玲 Polytechnic Graduate, S’pore Polytechnic Students’ Union Helper 1987
Maznan Awi Fire and Security Officer 1987
Mohamed Jumaat Ramad Vocational and Industry Training Board Student 1987
Mohamed Noor Kasmadi Police Constable 1987
Ng Bee Leng ( f ) 黄美玲 Social Worker, Geylang Catholic Centre 1987
Nur Effendi Sahid 诺埃芬德 Singapore Polytechnic Graduate and National Serviceman 1987
Tan Tee Seng 陈智成 Sales Executive 1987
Tang Fong Har ( f ) 陈凤霞 Lawyer 1987
Tang Lay Lee ( f ) 董丽莉 Law Graduate, Young Christian Workers’ Movement Staffer 1987
Tay Hong Seng 郑方生 Subtitling Editor 1987
Teo Soh Lung (f) 张素兰 Lawyer 1987
Teresa Lim Li Kok (f) 林丽国 Publisher 1987
Vincent Cheng Kim Chuan 钟金全 Church worker 1987
William Yap Hon Ngian 叶汉源 Subtitling Editor 1987
Wong Souk Yee (f) 黄淑仪 Senior Research Executive 1987
Francis Seow Tiang Siew 萧天寿 Lawyer 1988
Patrick Seong Kwok Kei 常国基 Lawyer 1988

Niemoller’s poem

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Reason why Hsien Yang so angry?

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Many moons ago the Princess of Oxley said that her brothers were competitive.

So if Hsien Yang tot that Big Brudder screwed him over house, wouldn’t he be angry with tai kor especially as serious money is involved.

Two FB posters put it this way:

You sure know who is a sucker. The money LHY paid to LHL – LHL donated everything to charity. LHL also make LHY give 50% of what he paid LHL to charity. In other words, what goes to charity is 1.5 times the amount of what LHY paid to LHL. So LHL has nothing to gain either way (whether the house is acquired by the state or demolished). On the other hand, if the house is not demolished, LHY would be holding on to a white elephant for which he paid good money to charity. So it is all about $$$

(Note he paid brother $24m (for house) + another $12m to charity.)


If you paid market value for a space and later discover that the seller formed a committee to restrict the use of the space that you paid market value for, then I am sure you would feel cheated. So, I must say that not all is about the honour of doing what is right, but some of it is about money.

The issue, legal and moral, is whether big brudder made any misrepresentations to younger brudder that the govt would not block demolition and redevelopment.

If tai kor didn’t, or Sue Fern can’t prove in court or arbitration that he made misrepresentations, Hsien Yang sfould sit down and shut up . He should go cry and bang his balls in private. S’pore is not his playpen. Neither is it Lee Wei Ling’s doll house.

LKY’s Father’s Day Message

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Image may contain: 1 person, text

I saw this on Facebook. There’s no attribution. I’ll gladly attribute it if I know who did it.

Can understand why SD wanted from Hsien Yang

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Reading Lee Hsien Yang’s repeated “clarifications” on FB to his earlier FB “clarifications” (example on whether his wife’s law firm was used in the final will: he said “No” emphatically, but then went to explain what they did*), I can understand why the committee wants a statutory declaration and I can understand why he hasn’t given one.

The lawyer who did all the earlier wills has denied she prepared the last will.

The fact of the matter is that the last will was prepared by his wife’s firm. Yes it seems they used an earlier version of the will (Version 1 prepared by a Lee & Lee lawyer) but they still prepared the final will. I’d put it this way, if the will was found to be defective, the wife’s law firm would be one that could be sued. And they could not say, “We juz cut and paste. Not our fault leh.”

Yup this blog is sounding like a “Pak PM’s siblings” blog. Hey but let’s face it, they’ve got the cybernuts and anti-PAP activists cheering them on and astro-turfing for them. Someone’s got to point out the BS the siblings and allies are propagating. For some strange reason, the constructive, nation-building media is not. Time for PM to call in the ISD to investigate MSM subversives.

*An anti-PAP lady lawyer had to say that the wife was the solicitor-in-charge of the documentation i.e. the solicitor taking responsibility for the final will.


PM did the honourable thing by not challenging will

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His brudder has said that if he had doubts, PM should have challenged probate. He added that the hearing could be conducted in private so it would still be a private matter.

Yah right: the public would still know that the Lees were rowing.

And as I pointed out here:  If a will is invalidated, the deceased’s assets will not be distributed according to the will, and such assets may instead be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act.

This means that the challenge had been successful, there would have been no reversion to the previous will (Version 6). Instead of Harry’s (and indirectly his wife’s) wishes on how the assets of the estate should be distributed, the assets of the estate would be mechanically according to the Intestate Succession Act. Like that why bother with a will in the first place?

This would really be the act of a dishonourable son.


TRE commenter gets it right about the younger Lees

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Dr Lee and her younger brudder are whiners
In reaction to Gilbert Goh’s piece

Just one ? pops into my mind .
WHY “persecuted” LEE SIBLINGS said NOTHING when JBJ,DR CHEE N even Humble Roy n Little-woman HHH got PERSECUTED?

Tell ya,no matter what,BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER N LEE AH LONG’s threats on LWL N LHY will not turn into the truly NASTY PERSECUTIONS faced by other citizens.

Well,thats my conviction.

Sad to see capable sgs only KPKB when their own skin gets slightly scratched.
The Lees are filthy rich,even LHY N LWL.

What is their PAIN like?
And yet,70 pct of sgs remains BOCHUP!

Gilbert Goh wrote

Ten questions that many Singaporeans will want answers to during the current spat among the Lee siblings

1. Who actually drafted the final will before the demise of LKY? Was LHY’s wife heavily involved when she is with Stanford Law as alluded by the PM or was it done by another team of lawyers as suggested by LHY. As this is a important material legal issue with regard to the demolition of the house, the lawyers involved in drafting the will must now say their piece. If not, it is just you say versus I say.

2. Why did the PM convened a secret ministerial committee which Singaporeans knew nothing of till now – is he trying to stop the demolition of the property as specified in the will? Is he attempting to subvert the will and take matters into his own hands as alluded by LHY by using state organs? Who are the ministers involved in this secret committee? What is their agenda?

3. Why did the PM not challenge the will when he suspects anything amiss and wait till a long while by appointing a secret ministerial committee to try and stop the demolition? Did Ho Ching really went to seize all relevant documents from the house as suggested by LWL in order to stop the demolition? If she did what LWL suggested then Ho Ching is really in contempt of power by being the PM’s wife and is clearly misusing her position. We all want to know if she has over-stepped her role as the PM’s wife.

4. Many Singaporeans will want to know how much is the property worth as by now it is no longer a private matter anymore. Some have speculated that the property with all its prime plot ratio must be worth at least 100 million. Its a public matter now as LHY and LWL have pointed out that the PM may have try to profit from the property by selling his share at market value to his brother.

5. Many will also want to know why LHY has to leave the country in order to escape from big brother. Is he really scared that he may be prevented from leaving the country and he has also mentioned that some of his friends were adversely affected by some of the government’s adverse tactics. He may want to be more specified here so people will know that its not just a sweeping statement. Was he being monitored by the ISD or followed around as alluded by some activists and opposition party candidates before?

6. How much exactly is LKY’s estate worth? Half a billion? A billion? The patriach has been the country’s PM for about 30 years and also his wife has been helming Lee & Lee for a long while. As a public statesman, its good that all his assets be made known to the public. For that matter, we all hope that in future all ministers must be made accountable for their assets so that we are assured of a clean and transparent government. There is no fear if all ministers own properties properly as they have earn their keeps from their million-dollar salary.

7. How can the three royal siblings sit down and manage the current mayhew amicably though it seems a impossible preposition now with so much bad blood spilled out. To resolve the situation, can the President come out of his ivory shell and try to manage the matter? Now its the time for Tony Tan to try and earn his millions by being useful for the country for once.

8. Many Singaporeans will also want to know the PM’s decision on the matter promptly as it has became a public issue now. Will he continue to challenge the legitimacy of the will or agree for the property to be demolished thus honouring the will of his father? We need an answer from the PM soon as any more delay will only prolong the agony for all involved.

9. At the centre of the fiasco is also the suggestion that there may be a third generation successor to the Lee empire and though the eldest son has refuted the idea directly on his latesr FB post, can the PM once and for all set the record straight by stating the fact outrightly so nobody will ever speculate on this again? Hopefully, in future, we may never see another PM’s son stepping into those controversial shoes again which smells gravely of nepotism. The Lee Dynasty has to stop after the retirement of LSL period.

10. If there is a slim chance of retaining the Oxley property as a heritage site, will LHY and LWL agree to it for national interest sake? The siblings have accused the PM of not demolishing the property so that he can benefit from the legacy of LKY but realistically he don’t need to do that as he is stepping down soon. Will there be that slim chance of a heritage site though we all know the ultimate wish of LKY? That I think is what will benefit Singapore more…

Gilbert Goh

LKY, PM not above the law: Dr Lee, LHY and cybernut friends

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That’s what these cocks don’t understand.

Here’s an extract from the “Observer” (new to me and sounds like TMG, pro-PAP but pretending to be neutral) that summarises the law well:

The family home on 38 Oxley Road is subjected to the Planning Act and the Preservation of Monuments Act, with the latter due to the fact that the building undeniably holds significant historical importance. The decision-making agencies are ultimately the National Heritage Board (NHB) and the Urban Redevelopment Board (URA). In this regard, even if LHL had wanted for the building to be demolished as he has asserted previously, the final decision lies in NHB and the URA. Under the Planning Act, building owners are required to seek the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) approval prior to carrying out works to demolish, redevelop or undertake additions and alterations to their properties. Under the Preservation of Monuments Act, the National Heritage Board (NHB), under the purveyance of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), can make a preservation order to place any monument under the protection of the Board.…/lee-family-not-get-decide-lkys…/

To this, I’d add that LKY was aware that he was not above the law: hence his wish that the house be demolished once Dr Lee get her ass out of the house. He knew that the govt could preserve his house despite his wishes.

I’m not saying that the PM behaved in a proper, respectful manner towards his siblings. The evidence on that is still coming out. And so far neither side has come out looking well. Score draw so far.

But it’s clear to me that PM’s siblings and their cybernut allies think that Harry, at the very least, is the 9th Immortal. And that his will must be done.

That is wrong. And disrespectful of Harry. 




Hsien Yang talking cock about “will being final and binding”

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If the Lee row goes on, I wouldn’t be surprised if the state decides to ask the courts to rule on the validity of the will. Despite probate having been granted, it’s still possible for the will to be ruled invalid. See below.

I find two things, that don’t look good for the PM’s siblings and their cybernut fans, intriguing.

PM’s siblings have not yet given their statutory declaration, something the cabinet committee has asked for. If by the end of June (Extension of time granted, at their requeset, to give the declarations), they don’t, one is entitled to ask, as Pa would certainly have asked, “Scared is it? Got something to hide is it?”. There are criminal sanctions for giving false declarations. So scared to give declarations isit?

Interesting that a “new” law firm with a connection to one of beneficiaries drew up the “final” will*. Nothing illegal or wrong, but the optics don’t look good. Neither does it smell right. Especially as all previous versions had been drafted by another firm.

*Update at 1.02: Lee Hsien Yang denies that his wife’s firm drew up the “final” will. I suppose he’ll say that they used the language of a previous version.


In movies and novels, this is a signal to the audience or readers that something’s not right: a famous detective will called in in to establish if there was anything wrong.

Plenty more entertainment to come. And better still, it’s free.

Challenging a will

Under certain circumstances, a will may be treated as invalid by a court. In such cases, a claimant can challenge the validity of the will. If a will is invalidated, the deceased’s assets will not be distributed according to the will, and such assets may instead be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act.


Furthermore, if the deceased was under undue influence, the will is also invalid. Undue influence can refer to the unconscientious use of one’s power over another for selfish purposes. For example, coercion, threats, harassments or persistent persuasion may amount to undue influence by one party in causing the testator to err in the making of his will.

On a related note, the lawyer who draws up a defective will which does not reflect the true wishes of the testator, may be liable for negligence to the potential beneficiary. For instance, if the testator instructed his lawyer to make a provision in his will to bequeath $10,000 to his son, and the lawyer negligently failed to do so, the son may be able to sue the lawyer for negligence.

White Horses get taste of what Marxist conspirators kanna isit?

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Now that daddy’s gone. And don’t like it isit?

This was my reaction when I read the statement of Harry’s younger children, the executors of his will.

Having read what they further had to add, I’ve not changed my mind.


I am looking to move on and wake up from what feels almost like an Orwellian nightmare.

Lee Hsien Yang in a media interview)


If u don’t know what I’m referring to, Dr Lee and Lee Hsien Yang alleged in a joint statement, posted on their Facebook accounts that they feared the “organs of state” might be used against them and the wife of Mr Lee’s, Ms Lim Suet Fern.

“We feel extremely sad that we are pushed to this position,” they added without giving details about the alleged persecution they said they felt. Mr Lee Hsien Yang said he felt “compelled to leave Singapore”.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I will leave Singapore for the foreseeable future….I have no desire to leave. Hsien Loong is the only reason for my departure.”

He later elaborated in a media interview

On the fears of the use of organs of state you mentioned, could you tell us more about that fear?

LHY: The cabinet has just put out a note and talked about some of the things. What is the cabinet committee doing on 38 Oxley Road notwithstanding our settlement with Loong? Why is there even a Cabinet committee when PM Lee (Hsien Loong) had announced in Parliament that so long as (younger sister) Wei Ling is living there, nothing needs to be done? Why when the Government says the government of the day will decide when Lee Wei Ling is no longer (living there) … is the Government of today convening this Cabinet committee?

The Committee said it had asked you and Dr Lee (Wei Ling) some further questions.

LHY: Yes, we had given answers to them last year. They continue to repeat the same questions. Probate has been obtained on the last will. It is final and legally binding. If Lee Hsien Loong had any doubt about the validity of the Last Will, he should have challenged it in court. Frankly it is completely improper to use a cabinet committee to pursue an issue like this when the proper channel was at the court and probate.

Wow. Juz kanna asked a few questions and they KPKB about oppression. They really led privileged lives.

I mean people like Tan Tee Seng, Teo Soh Lung and the other Operation Spectrum detainees got worse: Ms Teo, for one, alleged physical intimidation.

Updated at 10.15 am:

Related post: Juz move yr ass Dr Lee: Dr Lee trying to have her cake and eat it.

Three cheers for our LGBTs

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Our LGBTs are more tolerant than ang moh ones.

But first, no wonder the PAP administration wants to curn foreign influence. In the US, LBGTs are not tolerant of the wider community it seems.

US clothing brand Abercrombie and Fitch has attracted an online backlash with a tweet seen by many as implying Gay Pride is not just for gay people.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, read: “The Pride community is everybody, not just LGBTQ people. – Kayla, merchandiser.”

June is being celebrated as Pride Month around the world, with parades in Los Angeles, Athens, and Rome among others.

The aim is to celebrate the gay community and fight for LGBTQ rights.

In S’pore Pink Dot has made it clear that the Pink Dot event is for all S’poreans. They would agree with Abercrombie and Fitch’s “The Pride community is everybody, not just LGBTQ people.”

Our LGBT community has not been influenced by the ang mohs’ intolerance.

Here’s another example of how tolerant they (even “Christ-like” they are)

We have noticed significant strong language revolving around Pink Dot’s advertisement at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, and note especially the hostility aimed at Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore’s (ASAS) chairman. While we appreciate the outpouring of love and support for our advertisements, we are mindful that responding with hate and vitriol would not make us better than those who seek to discriminate. Instead, let us respond with love and rise above all these divisive statements.

We reiterate our invitation to dialogue with ASAS and look forward to hearing from them.

 Let’s hope that Brendan Chong, a SDP activist, fails in his attemots to fix Pink Dot.


Humans too stupid for AI to comprehend

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BBC reports

Google’s artificial intelligence creation, Deep Mind, has beaten board game champions, mastered poker and taught itself to get around the London Underground. But it appears now to have met its match in Homer Simpson.

The Times reports that while Deep Mind can accurately recognise objects in photographs, it struggles when confronted with videos of activities such as slapping, falling on one’s face or eating donuts – a particular passion of Homer’s.

It is sometimes said, the Times notes, that the main thing holding back artificial intelligence is human stupidity.

SDP: Pls learn how to use social media from Labour

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I hope someone forwards this to the SDP leadership

How Labour used social media to overturn expectactions of a rout. (As usual UK MSM was anti-Labour)

Over the course of the campaign, BBC Trending gained an insight into the minds of some of the most passionate voters by delving into filter bubbles – tight online communities created by algorithms and the way we all use social media.

One of the strongest and most active filter bubbles was the one filled with “Corbynistas”. There are hundreds of pages and groups devoted to the Labour leader. They have names like “We support Jeremy Corbyn“, a Facebook group that has more than 55,000 members, more than 15,000 of which were added in the last few weeks.


BBC Trending spoke to Caroline Tipler, who founded the group “Jeremy Corbyn leads us to 2017 victory“, which has more than 11,000 members (and in the wake of the snap election surprise announcement was swiftly renamed from “Jeremy Corbyn leads us to 2020 victory”).

Tipler said she established the group to allow Corbyn supporters to connect with each other, to provide information on Corbyn’s policies and to counter what she calls the “appalling, destructive” actions of “plotters” who want to remove Corbyn as Labour leader.

Tipler feels that Corbyn has reinvigorated politics, and denies the main criticism of these groups – that they have turned into self-perpetuating echo chambers.

“Members seek to share values and to have their values of honesty and decency reinforced and placed into political life,” she says. “Debate and a broad church approach is encouraged. No one is ‘right’ or ‘more right’, we are all learning.”

Another main theme of the groups is that Corbyn’s political allies must be defended against attacks. Following interviews from Diane Abbott, during which she made some widely covered mathematical slip-ups, one Jeremy Corbyn fan defended the shadow Home Secretary with heavy sarcasm: “Shock, horror! Diane Abbott doesn’t have a chip in her brain relaying the live election results, which are actually coming in WHILST she’s being interviewed!”

In these groups, many of the articles posted originate from a crop of pro-Corbyn political bloggers and writers, perhaps the biggest of which is a popular political blog called The Canary.

These blogs are media success stories in their own right. They often publish pieces that spread more widely than mainstream media reports and, in the case of The Canary, pay writers in part based on their click numbers. Kerry-Anne Mendoza, editor of The Canary, is unsurprisingly a big supporter of the active pro-Corbyn Facebook wave.

“I love that the pro-Corbyn groups are out there,” she told BBC Trending. “They will be able to amplify Corbyn’s messages all the way up to the election.”

In the early weeks of the election campaign, The Canary has been one of the most popular news sources on Facebook, at times drawing in numbers comparable to the BBC and national newspapers to some of its stories.


There’s also a mischievous approach to news circulating in some of these groups. Here’s an example: in the wake of the local council elections on 6 May, several links were posted to an Independent article from the 2016 local elections. The headline was: “Not that you’d know it, but the Tories lost far more seats in the election than Labour”. The article was 100% correct – but it referred to an election a year ago.

However, on many of the posts there was no acknowledgement of those inconvenient facts. That said, it was illustrated with a picture of the former Conservative leader David Cameron, which may have been a giveaway to those who looked carefully:

What are M Ravi’s friends doing?

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Finally M Ravi’s friends are admitting publicly (on FB) that he’s ill. And they are wringing their hands saying that he’s not listening to their advice to get medical help, and abusing them to boot for suggesting he sees a doctor.

Which begs the question why they not using the law to get make sure he gets treated? There are such things as Mandatory Treatment Orders. As many of his friends are lawyers, why are they not applying for such an order, instead of wring their hands in public?

Worse in M’sia

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But S’pore gets really bad publicity because we cane ang mohs.


is relatively widespread: in Singapore 2,203 people were caned in 2012, including 1,070 foreigners, the US State Department said.

Since 2010, at least three Europeans have been sentenced to be caned for vandalism, including Swiss software consultant Oliver Fricker, who spray-painted graffiti on a train.

But the numbers pale in comparison to Malaysia.

In 2010, Amnesty International released a report saying some 10,000 prisoners and 6,000 refugees were being caned each year, punishment for more than 60 crimes – including drug-related and sexual offences, as well as migration violations.

Extract from BBC Report

Marking yr vote to express yr happiness or unhappiness

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This might give u ideas

Can I put a smiley face instead?

The Electoral Commission says the best way to make sure your vote is counted is to mark an X in a box. But a smiley face or anything which is interpreted by a returning officer as an expression of preference “must not be rejected if the voter’s intention is clear”, its guidance to Returning Officers says.

In S’pore 

Mark your choice on your ballot paper clearly by marking a ‘X’ on the ballot paper.

But based on what I know of the counting process (Read this, u can mark yr vote with a smiley face.

Here’s shumething to think about. If you like the party u are voting for use ). If u dislike the party u feel u must vote for use (.

Make yr feelings known even if no-one cares.



Not talking about race or religion

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When TRE republished this, there was the usual ranting from the cybernuts.

But there was this

opposition dude:
June 6, 2017 at 2:16 pm (Quote)
I never like talking about race or religion, it’s too sensitive a topic.

What I would rather do is continue being on good terms with people of other races and see them as friends. So far this has worked well since I was in primary school up to working life.

For me, it’s always nice to just makan together with other races and just enjoy their company and talking cock with them.

I like him avoid talking about race or religion with people of other races or religions. The problem is that we can stand accused (rightly) of being tolerant rather than accepting of other races or religions.

The accusation does has merit especially if we are from the majority group. But what is the alternative? Let it all hang out like Shrey and gang?

Finding Meaning in Health Crises

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NYT Dealbook


Finding Meaning in Health Crises


A hospital chaplain counsels people in the throes of medical emergencies, unexpected diagnoses and end-of-life decisions.

Blessed is he who has a daughter

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 From NYT Dealbook

A Proven Way to Win in Business: Have a Daughter, and Hire Women


A naturally occurring experiment in the field of venture capital suggests there are financial advantages to having a diverse team.

Tharman and the “Marxist conspirators

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The u/m rant when a Muslim pal said on FB that if the next president was to be Indian, he’d prefer Tharman reminded me that a few yrs ago, a grassroot leader in Tharman’s ward told me that working in the ward, he came across many of the Marxist conspirators helping out on the ground.

He was musing on buying a copy of Teo Soh Lung’s “Beyond the Blue Gate” and getting them to sign the book. I hope he did. I’ll ask him. Btw, he’s moved on out from the area to Holland Village.

The rant

Martin Loh The man is associated with the failed western economic model, where wealth is naively thought to trickle down from rich to poor if only government were to grant the rich their every wish. He is supported by the same western capitalist cabal that supported Anwar against Mahathir at the height of the Asian Financial Crisis. If this man leads Singapore, you can expect the economy to be further opened to foreign players, including cheap foreign labour, and sale of national assets to foreign entities. We will become like Greece. When things fail. He will prescribe the western panacea of hair cuts, where retirees will have reduced payout from their already ransomed CPF. Seniors have no reason to support this man. Not do Singaporeans who believe that they should have first shot at jobs in their own country. Foreign policy wise, habis lah. He at tilt us to the West and, possibly, India.

SDP activist trying hard to fix Pink Dot organisers

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Further to this, Brendan Chong (he says he admires Mad Dog Chee and I’ve seen evidence that he’s a SDP member and activist), has another suggestion to cause trouble at Pink Dot.

Much easier than my previous suggestion. Just make sure you look like that person (or at least bear some resemblance)

Brendan Chong

I have a better idea for Pink Dot SG. Borrow someone else’s IC to gain entry. Afterall, organisers are not law enforcement, so showing another person’s IC is not an offence.

When it was pointed out that unauthorised use of NRIC is illegal. In the case of PD, he argued that no particulars are recorded, so OK to break the law because got no evidence. Err what if police now ask organisers to record everyone’s details?

An administrator of the group he belonged to responded

I think PD would benefit more if Brendan stays away (or is kept away for that matter) from further shenanigans related to breaching laws to “help” PD.

To help the Pink Dot organisers, there’s a photo of the SDP activist above. I don’t want trouble at Pink Dot because I have a friend (straight and married) who will be speaking there.

Whatever, his behaviour is evidence that the SDP is a double-headed snake when it comes to gays. I pointed out here that

While the party is supposedly gay friendly: at election time, it regularly fields hard line Muslims who openly attack LGBTs. One of them was even SDP chairman. The PAP doesn’t do such things. But then SDP is led by Mad Dog Chee.

Should Amos fall ill in jail

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Good luck to him: US immigration jails are ratholes for the ill.

Roy’s honeymoon: places to avoid

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Taiwan’s top judges have ruled in favour of gay marriage, paving the way for it to become the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex unions.

The highest court ruled that current laws preventing members of the same sex from marrying violated their right to equality and were unconstitutional.

Now I know why Roy moved to Taiwan. He wanted to get married.

But when he goes for his honeymoon,

Two men have been caned 83 times each in the Indonesian province of Aceh after being caught having sex.

And even in the rest of Indonesia where, unlike S’pore and Achen, gay sex is not illegal, 141 men at a gay sauna were arrested in the capital, Jakarta, and similar arrests in the city of Surabaya were made, shrinking the space for Indonesian’s LGBT community.

And if he goes to South Korea, he should avoid sex with a soldier.

A South Korean military court has given an army captain a suspended six-month prison sentence for having sex with another male soldier.

Homosexuality is not a crime for civilians, but the South Korea’s military law bans homosexual activity by army personnel.

Human rights groups have accused the armed forces of conducting a “witch hunt” to root out homosexuality.

As for China, even though gay sex is not illegal, he could be sent for rehabilitation.

Talking about race S’pore style

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This was posted on FB by ex-Joshua Chiang (once a TOC editor and now resident in Cambodia).

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But contrary to what people like anti-PAP activist Teo Soh Lung, and her buddy, Jeannette Chong post regularly on FB, our men in blue did us proud:

The Investigation Officer and I agreed that I am absolutely against racial violence of any sort and, instead, was only seeking a healthy and productive discussion for the betterment of Singapore’s media landscape and society*.


I’ve not posted on Shrey’s comments and the comments that followed because as my FB avatar put in

Bet u if he had knowingly auditioned for a hard core porn movie, he’d complain that he was asked to show his private parts. Come on he knew the kind of stuff that Ah Boys To Men 4 would feature.

To which I’ll add: There’s a time and place to discuss the racial stereotyping that S’poreans of all races (including Aryan skinned Indians) casually and unthinkingly indulge in; but Shrey’s comments are not the place to begin the conversation. Keep the angst etc for another, better occasion.

*He went on “Specifically, I wanted Singaporeans to engage in dialogue regarding the inclusion of minorities in the media, as well as to tackle the issue of casual racism in order to create a more inclusive and harmonious Singapore.”

Pink Dot: With friend like this Pink Dot doesn’t need enemies

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Read what Brendan Chong posted on FB. Is he “inciting violence” Or at the very least encouraging people to break the law?

No he’s not a Christian or Muslim whacko but someone who says he’s a progressive (i.e, LGBT friendly). He is alleged to be a member of the SDP.

Brendan Chong

Regarding Pink Dot SG: We cannot take this infringement lying down. This is going too far in our already tightly restricted environment for freedom of expression. This new measure as a result of a new law is totally undeserved, unjustified and an unprovoked measure towards the LGBT community. Past Pinkdots have proceeded smoothly without any law and order issue. I think we should respond by setting up picnics outside of the Speaker’s Corner boundaries to welcome those who want to keep our allies and LGBT friends company without an IC. (foreigner’s included) It may be illegal, but hey we must hold our ground and not compromise. Im sure many of us do not wish to take the law in our own hands, but times like this makes it absolutely necessary. If the police arrest us, the world will see us for what Singapore is. Xenophobia, coming from the govt the very first time. It would look bad on us in BBC, Reuters and CNN. Nevermind that Singapore welcome foreigners to work here only.

(Emphasis mine)

He was taken to task for his comments about breaking the law, and after behaving like a Yaya Papaya (he said he expected someone to report his post to the police) he backtracked
What’s wrong with gathering outside the venue to watch the concert if we cant get in? The law breaking part is only an inadvertant side effect. The main purpose is to catch the show or a glimpse of it. Do it by all means necessary.
Mad Dog Chee must be proud of him.

Don’t anyhow “Like”

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While the u/m happened in a country where the English common law law of defamation doesn’t apply, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future, the lawyers of a leading member of the PAP sue some S’porean for liking a defamatory FB post about their client.

A court in Switzerland has fined a man for “liking” comments deemed to be defamatory that were posted on Facebook.

The landmark case involved comments made about Erwin Kessler, the head of an animal protection group.

He was accused of being anti-Semitic and racist, media reports say.

The Zurich district court said the defendant “clearly endorsed the unseemly content and made it his own” by liking comments.

The 45-year-old man liked six comments, according to Swiss newspaper Le Temps.

Cock of an ad

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For the last week, I keep getting on my FB wall an ad that begins

Motley Fool Singapore CEO David Kuo has just opened up an extremely limited number of seats to his private, invitation-only investment club, Stock Advisor Gold.

If so limited, why do I see this ad every day?🤣 

Talking cock this fool David Kuo.

PAP ministers will demand new benchmark

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They’ll demand to be benchmarked against the top executives Apple and other tech cos, not juz Peter Lim and local bank CEOs?

From NYT Dealbook

Apple is 40 percent more valuable than Chicago. Technology companies have grown so large that they’ve surpassed the economic value of major American cities, according to data from Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, which compared company market capitalizations to metropolitan gross domestic product. – Marketwatch


What Oppo can learn from UK about targeting voters

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There is little point in seeking to convert voters who are committed to another party, or indeed strong supporters already on your side.

Instead, parties are increasingly focused on the “waverers” and “undecideds” – the people whose votes are going to win elections.

But it’s hard work and needs money. The latter is a real problem here for Oppo parties unless they have MPs and a town council to milk.

Campaign techniques which focus on big data usually begin long before polling day – maybe six or nine months before.

Finding ‘Essex Man’

To do this, the parties go to great lengths to combine a whole range of data sources.

First, they use their own canvass returns – information about voting intentions – collected on the doorstep and the telephone over the course of a few years.

The most recent information collected from voters is now uploaded in real time.

This tells the parties if the would-be voter is a committed supporter, “waverer” or “undecided”.

They then combine this with market research data, which tells them more about the individual – demographic characteristics such as age, sex, education level, income and family size.

This is the information which has led parties to create key target groups at past elections – so-called “Essex Man” or “school gate mums”, for example.

In turn, these are then combined with further information the parties have gathered on the doorstep, from telephone calls and social media engagement.

Tailored leaflets, Facebook posts and other messages reflecting the voter’s interests and concerns can soon follow.

So, while a family with young children might receive a leaflet about what has been done for primary schools in the area, their retired neighbour may receive a different circular about what is being done to help pensioners.

But the PAP and WP are right about one thing:

Over the last six elections, the one approach that works better than all others when persuading voters is face-to-face contact.

It’s a lesson the SDP is finally learning. No more “Parachuting in on nomination day”. They leave that to the Parachutist Extraordinaire (Three GEs, three different parties and decreasing share of the vote), the No Substance Party and the Chiams.

Why Chee deserves the “Mad Dog” moniker

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The above is dedicated to chief TRE cybernut “Oxygen” who says “Dr. Chee is right of “a nation stolen””.

He also thinks Bill Ng (Remember him?) is a greater investor than Warren Buffett: he has a point, Warren Buffett’s investments never paid rent at 10x the going rate to his wife. Bill’s Tiong Bahru FC did (and is doing).

Ex SDP Chairman talking cock on LKY

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Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood



Ex SDP Chairman talking cock, juz like Dr Chee. LKY was very specific.

Even from my sickbed, even if you are going to lower me to the grave and I feel that something is going wrong, I will get up.

He had to be buried in a grave to return. He was cremated and put in urn. Actually taz why the Russian and other Eastern churches oppose cremation. Cannot rise on the day of judgment.

Maybe his children and the PAP didn’t want him rising from his grave and starting a revolution against the PAP (Shades of Mao) and so cremated him and sealed his remains in an urn making sure super strong industrial glue was used to seal the lid.

Btw, a better way than cremation: dissolving the body in an alkaline solution. More eco friendly. I hope S’pore introduces this. The water used can be recycled via the reservoir.


LGBTs, don’t KPKB so much about Pink Dot

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In Indonesia, save in Acheh, gay sex is not prohibited yet 141 men at a gay sauna were arrested in the capital, Jakarta, and similar arrests in the city of Surabaya were made, shrinking the space for Indonesian’s LGBT community.

Here u only cannot get foreign money for Pink Dot and your foreign anal buddies cannot join u at Pink Dot, a once a year LGBT picxk-up event.

Otherwise s377A criminalising yr anal activities is ignored.

Vote PAP.

And don’t ever vote SDP. While the party is supposedly gay friendly: at election time, it regularly fields hard line Muslims who openly attack LGBTs. One of them was even SDP chairman. The PAP doesn’t do such things. But then SDP is led by Mad Dog Chee.

Using the Italian way to defeat the PAP?

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Maybe Tan Kin Lian isn’t that whacko after all because some of the ideas he farted out during the PE2011 campaign seem to resemble some ideas that work for M5S. So maybe Goh Meng Seng not that nutty to associate himself wuth TKL.


The populist Five Star Movement (M5S), has become Italy’s biggest opposition group in about seven years. At the last general election in 2013, the M5S took a quarter of the vote. One other main Oppo party has imploded, and another is like our SDP, unelectable, M5S in government is no longer unthinkable.

It all began when an IT man persuaded an unemployed comedian to start a blog; yes a blog.

Neither of the two men who founded the movement in 2009 was a politician at the time. One was Beppe Grillo, a comedian in the mould of Michael Moore or Russell Brand. Mr Grillo has lent the M5S visibility and celebrity charisma. But it was his co-founder, Gianroberto Casaleggio, an IT executive, who gave it its distinctive character. Mr Grillo wrote that he first took the shaggy-haired internet buff to be a lunatic, but soon concluded he was a visionary. Mr Casaleggio persuaded the comedian—banished from television because of his attacks on the powerful—to start a blog. He then encouraged devotees of the blog to use the Meetup platform to form the local cells that laid the foundations for the M5S.

M5S sees the internet as the reason for its existence:

a medium remorselessly eliminating mediation of all kinds that will eventually destroy parties and make possible a form of direct democracy if the people control the government through constant voting over the web.

It doesn’t see itself as a political party

At the core of the movement’s philosophy is the view that it is not a party, but an organisation set up to get rid of parties, which many in Italy view as sources of patronage and graft. This is one of the things that distinguishes the M5S from other disruptive political groups such as Podemos or UKIP. The latter use the internet to rally support. The M5S sees it as the very reason for its existence: a medium remorselessly eliminating mediation of all kinds that will eventually destroy parties and make possible a form of direct democracy if the people control the government through constant voting over the web. This idealistic, almost Messianic, vision explains some of the Movement’s other distinguishing traits: its refusal to do deals with the pre-existing parties, its cult-like nature (dissidents are regularly purged in online ballots) and its insistence that it is neither of left nor right (since it aims to embrace the entire electorate).

M Ravi not alone

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But first, it looks as though he’s not been taking his medicine and so is looney once more.

Two FB posts on the issue

I just watched M Ravi’s FB live. Wished he said more about his application on EP. But he got it wrong about Tan Cheng Bock being a Cabinet minister. And despite what anyone says about who can be PM, it’s up to the party in power to pick, as is the case in the Westminster system. His constant Tharman for PM refrain…I think it’s embarrassing for the poor man. I mean Tharman, not Ravi.


He appears to be entering one of his periods of mental instability … for example he just boasted about taking out an application to declare his bank mortgage void for uncertainty and unconscionable … He also criticised the Law Society of Singapore (not again …) I gave up listening after about 5 mins.

With enemies like him, the PAP doesn’t need friends. It can even afford MPs to go “rogue” after becoming ex MPs doing haram things.

Whatever, he’s not the only lawyer going bananas.

From NYT Dealbook

Law Firms Begin to Embrace Use of Therapists


Big firms have long been reticent to openly address addiction and other mental health problems, but that attitude is slowly changing with some offering on-site psychologists.

Forward to Kee Chui, Jos, Fu etc

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From NYT Dealbook


When Power Makes Leaders More Sensitive


Control doesn’t always corrupt. With cultivation, it can make leaders more compassionate.

Failed: MoE propoganda

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My FB avatar posted in response to Teo Soh Lung’s FB post (see below):

😈Good sign for S’pore that young are interested in hearing the “unauthorised” narrative. Failed: MoE social studies curriculum.
So time for the PM and his ministers to say that our education system has failed the PAP and S’pore. It cannot even get the young to listen and accept the “right” constructive, nation-building narratives.
Oxygen and TRE’s cybernuts will be happy. And for once they’ll be on the right side of history, these born losers.
Soh Lung Teo

The crowd at The Projector waiting to see 1987 Untracing the Conspiracy.


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