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This UK listco gives great exposure to agriculture in US, Brazil, China

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FT columnist John Lee wrote: had dinner with Anpario chief executive David Bullen and finance director Karen Prior. This £55m capitalised Aim-quoted company, a favourite of mine and quite highly rated, produces natural feed additives mainly for pig and poultry producers. They export 80 per cent of production to 60 countries from their Worksop base, particularly focusing on the big three meat-producing countries — the US, Brazil and China.

Debt-free and with £5m in the bank it is difficult to see anything but a longer term success story here: it is a conservative business being driven by world population growth, rising living standards and legislation increasingly favouring natural rather than chemical products.

Must find out how to buy this share.

Urban farming here

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All this talk of a population of 6.9m (“worse-case scenario”, “projection” or “plan to dilute locals to 55% of the voting public”) reminded me of this BBC article

Today, there are only a handful of farms left, most of which are located in agrotechnology parks that take up less than 2% of Singapore’s total available land.

In recent years, the government has tried to diversify and secure Singapore’s food supplies, though much of its food still comes from nearby Malaysia and large producers such as China.

Singapore has been widening its use of contract farming and overseas food zones, where local buyers can control everything from production to processing.

Closer to home, in 2009 it set up a food fund worth 5m Singapore dollars (£2.6m; $4.1m) to support local farms and invest in research and development.

The government has also been trying to promote more creative methods of growing food, such as the urban farming projects similar to that run by Mr Ng, where residential or commercial areas can be used to grow fruit and vegetables.

Use the roof tops of high rise blocks

Imagine this local vertical farm on a HDB roof

Value in investing in agribusiness here?

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“You can get into vegetable or meat, but because of the land scarcity issue, and because we’re surrounded by the sea, I strongly felt fishery was the best business to get into.

Mr Cheng focuses on groupers – a fish he says offers the best returns – importing them as babies from Indonesia and Malaysia for just over a dollar each.

He then grows them for 12 to 18 months before selling them for $15 per kg – about the weight of one fish”.

“The growth rate of groupers is slower than the rest, which means you have to invest a lot more, so most farmers choose not to grow them,” he says.

“The fish is high in demand, but there is less supply, so the prices will always be high. In 2008, it reached almost $20 per kilogram.

“I reckon the price will go higher because as Asians, as Chinese, we always believe that grouper is a lucky fish.”

Singapore currently produces less than 5% of the food it consumes.

… the government wants to encourage entrepreneurs … to venture into farming so that the country can be more self-sufficient.

Goals set out by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore include raising local production of fish to meet 15% of domestic demand from the current 4%.

Eggs and leafy vegetables are among other foods on its target list for production growth.

To meet these goals, the government launched a $3.5m Food Fund initiative in December, aimed “at strengthening our strategies of food diversification and local farming to ensure a resilient supply for food for Singapore”.

BBC Online report.