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Interesting article on autism

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Lady who makes jokes about her autism

Autism affects how a person perceives and relates to the world around them, but I don’t actually feel “disordered” as such. I think of it more as having a set of differences.

Basically, I was born with the social skills of a used teabag.

Over the years I’ve improved by carefully observing the humanoids in their natural habitat, mirroring other people and such, but I still have some social blind spots and I have a limited amount of social energy. Because of that, I experience high levels of social anxiety.

Like many women on the spectrum, I had a late diagnosis. I was 44 when my Asperger’s syndrome – a form of autism – was confirmed so for most of my life I had absolutely no idea why I found interacting with other people so problematic.

I think my defining characteristics growing up were probably my honesty and directness.


Israeli Autism test that doesn’t take 2 weeks

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Here’s a test for autism that doesn’t take two weeks in a place where there are mentally ill sick people and criminals:

People spend longer inhaling the delightful aroma of a bouquet of roses than the foul stench of rotting fish.

The results of tests on 36 children, in the journal Current Biology, showed that there appeared to be no such difference in children with autism.

OK, OK it’s experimental.

Did you know autism affects one in every 160 children globally. Behaviour, social interactions and communication skills are all affected by autism. Genetic influences on autism are estimated to be between 74-98%, a Medical Research Council study of 258 twins suggests

Autism isn’t mental illness

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But first I must talk about the dog that almost didn’t bark: the belated public show of support by his “fans” for Amos here.

There were protests in support of Amos Yee in Taiwan HK, and Penang.

But only this Sunday will there be a protest n our very own Hong Lim Green?

Could it be that the ang-moh tua-kee anti-PAP fans who champion his right (or duty?) to slime Harry and Jesus were afraid that they couldn’t get a decent size crowd? Despite the vocal, irrational* support from the cybernut fans from the rats’ nest in TRE Land? But that their hands were forced by the overseas protests?

This tardiness is mirrored by the lack of support from the only serious Oppo party, the SDP that is interested in human rights (s/o JBJ doesn’t count: he lost his deposit in a by-election). Dr Chee is quiet given his earlier support of Amos, and his continuing support of Roy, New Citizen Hui Hui and the other young hooligans.

Int’l support for Amos from the UN, and NGOs believed by China and India to have CIA funding was loud and expected. But the SDP is silent? Surprising given that it often apes theseNGOs and the UN. SDP knows the swing voters it needs to win a seat are not impressed by the antics of Amos, mother Mary and fans?

Could it be that the anti-PAP ang-moh tua-kees and the cybernuts, who are using Amos as a symbol to rally support against the PAP, misread S’poreans? They tot they had a big stick to beat the PAP juz before a GE: boy gets disproportionately punished for sliming Harry,

While Harry may not be as popular among S’poreans as our constructive, nation-building media portray him, S’poreans seem to be very annoyed that Amos thinks he’s above the law (breaking bail twice: most S’poreans I speak to think the bail conditions were reasonable), and by the behaviour of mother Mary and son towards the good Samaritan that is Vincent Law. Both of them accused him of “mental” molestation of boy “fantastic” after Amos falsely accused Law of molesting him, and then flip-flopped on an apology.

Or could it be that the ang-moh tua-kees are miffed that Amos mocked their vigil for him. They can be sensitive souls for all their love of low life: drug mules and the like.

Whatever, the deafening silence of local inaction when contrasted with the overseas protests could have shamed his puppet masters into finally organising a protest. I’m waiting to see if they observe Amos’s instructions on how he wants the event to be organised.

Back to the title topic, lest I be accused of bait and switch.

Being autistic, doesn’t make one nutty

Reading TRE, one would think that he has already been diagnosed with autism, and that autism is a mental illness. Cybernuts are living in the wrong century, not only the wrong country. The real world has moved on from the 19th century, when autistic people were considered lunatics, and were locked up in lunatic asylums.

He hasn’t been diagnosed with autism yet, despite mother Mary saying he has Asperger*, a “high class” form of autism, and SDP member and former ISD detainee Teo Soh Lung saying she has heard from Amos’s sympathisers that he is autistic.

And autism is not a mental illness like M Ravi’s bi-polarism**. While the UK’s Nation Health Service website says says that “autism is not a learning disability or a mental health problem”, it goes on to say that “some people with autism have an accompanying learning disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem”.

What is autism?

The NHS website describes autism thus:

Autism is a serious and lifelong developmental disability

Autism is a spectrum condition. This means that while all people with autism share certain difficulties, the condition affects each person differently.

While some people with autism live independent lives, others may need a lifetime of specialist support. Autism can have a profound and sometimes devastating effect on individuals and families. However, getting the right support makes a substantial difference to the person who is diagnosed and their loved ones.

Different brain chemistry

Autistic people may have a mental illness but autism, by itself, is not a mental illness. Their brain chemistry is different from that of “normal” people: for example “normal” tranquilisers may not work on them: they may make them more hyper.

And there are times when the chemistry goes berserk resulting in them doing bizarre things like self-harm.

I know all this because I know a couple who has a child with severe autism, She’s in her 30s but the law considers her incapable of being behaving like an adult. But mentally ill, she isn’t.

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Update at 7.00am: The organisers of the Sunday do are the very people Amos sneered at for not bailing him

Community Action Network (CAN)

The Community Action Network is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Singapore concerned about freedom of expression, and civil and political rights.

They are: Shelley Thio, Lynn Lee, Joshua Chiang, Jolovan Wham, Jennifer Teo, Woon Tien Wei, Rachel Zeng, Roy Ngerng and Martyn See.


*Something she, the cybernuts and the ang-moh tua-kees have conveniently forgotten. A leading wannabe-be politican is rumoured to have this form of autism. There is speculation that Abraham Lincoln and Einstein may have had it.

**Cybernuts who claim Amos is being fixed cannot explain why the same doctor that said Amos may be suffering from autism is also M Ravi’s personally chosen doctor treating him for his bi-polar condition