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FB: Cambridge strikes back

In Internet on 21/04/2018 at 5:01 am

Cambridge University’s  Psychometrics Centre has responded to Seth Lord Zuckerberg’s slime balling of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre (Think Shanmugam’s attack on PJ Thum)

The Centre, which is located in the Judge Business School, was drawn into the controversy when Facebook banned Cubeyou, another firm that had developed a personality quiz in collaboration with the university’s academics.

Business development director Vesselin Popov insisted it was opt-in only and was in line with Facebook’s policies at the time, so was not at all like the app developed for Cambridge Analytica by Dr Kogan.

He told me that Dr Kogan’s work had raised issues for the university: “Even if an academic does something – quote unquote in their ‘spare time’, with their own company – they still ought to be held to professional standards as a psychologist.”

Dr Kogan and the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre are in dispute over whether a row over his personality app – and the involvement of the centre’s academics – was about ethics or money. I wrote another article about that issue on Friday.

But the two sides agree that Facebook needs to focus on what commercial businesses do with user data, rather than academics.

“It’s very clear that Cambridge Analytica and these kinds of companies are the product of an environment to which Facebook has contributed greatly,” says Mr Popov. “Although they might be making some changes today in response to public and regulatory pressure, this needs to be seen as an outcome of very permissive attitudes towards those companies.”

With an audit of thousands of Facebook apps under way, we may hear more in the coming weeks about just how cavalier some companies have been with our personal data.

What a bunch of clowns

In Investments, Property on 23/11/2009 at 2:01 pm

I wonder if Cambridge University or its local alumni association will sue Cambridge Reit for bring the name  “Cambridge” into ridicule.

Early last week, righteously angry (and who can blame them), the manager of Cambridge Reit, complained that they were being diluted. It said  that “it was in the process of finalising refinancing arrangements” to offer an alternative. By friday this had become  “it does not have any financing arrangements in place yet for MI-Reit and discussions on alternative options are “only preliminary and exploratory in nature””. The quotes are from MediaCorp’s free sheet.

How did “finalising refinancing arrangements” turn into “discussions on alternative options are “only preliminary and exploratory in nature””?

As an ex-commercial lawyer, the former comments are misrepresentations, if the latter are correct.

That no financing deal was concluded it not surprising. These take time. But for “finalising refinancing arrangements” to morph into” discussions on alternative options are “only preliminary and exploratory in nature”” is not acceptable.

I hope the SGX, MAS, ACRA etc investigate this matter as the first announcement may have led to an ill-informed market.

I wonder how many votes Cambridge will garner today?