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SMRT: So who will pay for higher security?

In Uncategorized on 21/06/2010 at 8:08 am

Now that the government has made clear that SMRT (and other cos including Delgro) must beef security at their own expense, not taxpayer expense, will we the commuting public have to play our “part” by paying more so that profit levels at SMRT can be maintained?

(Update at 6.30 pm: what with SMRT up 1.9% and Comfort Delgro up 4%, we can assume that investors expect us commuters to pay for security, not them.  Like other markets, market here was strong overall with STI up 52 points because of the Yuan flexibility announcement.)

Over to you SMRT.

BTW SMRT sack the PR teams (inhse and external) that told you to blame the public. PUB’s  PR team is a lot more kilat.

You can use the money to employ FT guards. Or deploy the China babe PRs executives to patrol the fence in their high-heels, and mini-skirts.

BTW trumpets pls