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Why we shouldn’t punish juvenile delinquents?

In Uncategorized on 22/12/2010 at 5:23 am

Err they might grow up to be like Elim Chew

Elim Chew says people who start new businesses need to be rebels: “Being an entrepreneur is like being a juvenile delinquent… The more you tell us that we can’t do it, the more we want to prove you wrong.”

She is convinced that it is that defiance which has led to her success: “If we were to listen to people who keep telling us not to do it, then 77 Street would never have happened. Because in the early days everyone was telling us we would fail… Today we have proved everybody wrong.” BBC article on her.

And I tot as a law-abiding S’porean that the govmin was right in its harsh methods when dealing with  juvenile delinquents. “Spare the rod, and spoil the child,” waz what I tot.

Seriously  sumething has to give, given that the governing PAP doesn’t like “freak” election results, prizes stability, and wants to scold and social engineer S’poreans; but yet wants S’poreans to be entrepreneurs.

Either there will be instability (creative and prosperous, hopefully), if we have entrepreneurs like Ms Chew. Think San Francisco, London, Banagalore or Israel. Or we can have an obedient, Confucian society. Think Pyongyang. You can’t have Pyongyang in San Francisco or vice versa.

Or does the government plan to create entrepreneurs that are as obedient as North Koreans? Even the Chinese Communist Party has not succeeded in doing this.