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Why I love footie

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Dreams can come true, even if the money is not there. Underdogs can go far.

Bankrupt Pompey makes it to FA Cup final again.

Look at Fulham: can still reach Europa Cup Final (Update 1 May 2010: Fulham makes it to Europa Cup Final)

And Everton.  With a bit of luck could still pip ‘Pool  for last place in Europa League (Update 2 May: no longer possible). But if  ‘Pool wins Cup… Bang balls Toffees. But seriously ten years ago, the Toffees were struggling to make 40 points by season’s end. Now survival in EPL  is no longer an issue.  This season bit unlucky in early part of season with injuries.


‘Pol: Lingering death?

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One was the worse kept footie secrets is out.  The present owners want out of  ‘Pol after saddling it with massive debts, not winning the EPL, and now playing for the foreseeable future in the Europa League, Europe’s second tier competition. Article. Pls read the bit in bold below on the chances of a sale.

Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, was considering buying ‘Pol.

That they developed a business model – however sketchy and premature Goldman Sachs would like us to think it was – based on the development of Liverpool’s new stadium should give hope to the club’s long-suffering supporters

..  it is revealing that a deal put together by a bank of that stature – and after so many failed attempts to resolve the financial problems at the club – still fell down because the price Hicks and Gillett were asking was too high.

Small- hearted Evertonians will be pleased that No Europe for Everton is coupled with ‘Pol playing in Europa League next season and ownership instability.

Red’s the colour, the future’s bright — bright red ink

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The financial consequences of losing to Reading

Winning FA Cup run could have been worth £8m, ask Everton. Investors will also be put off by damage to club’s image.

And if Reds don’t qualify for Champs League: “Given the current distribution in English football, the £30m, £40m, £50m you get from the Champions League is the key differentiator. Getting to the semi-final is worth £46m to £47m. Add in a few other factors like the increase in brand value, and it’s more profitable than winning the League.”

Liverpool: another Everton. A club with only a proud tradition; no money and no trophies. Could be worse.

Could be another Leeds.

Drawing with Stoke doesn’t help.