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How a gd analyst (an MU fan) works

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Or the reason why no new stars are required at MU?

Andy Green (an analyst in the City of London)  is the Manchester United supporter who first uncovered the extent of the Glazers’ debts. They are £1.1bn in debt – £400m more than previously known – after borrowing extensively against their shopping mall business, he believes to provide equity for their MU bid. It’s like using an overdraft or credit card to pay for the equity portion of yr mortgage.

First Allied is a private business and its accounts are not publicly available. But Mr Green discovered that the Glazers’ shopping mall mortgages had been bundled with other loans as Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities.

Those bundles are publicly traded and therefore require the Glazers to provide detailed information on all the mortgages, which are then publicly available in the US.

Mr Green found mortgages – confirmed by the BBC – on 63 of 64 First Allied shopping centres, totalling £388m ($570m).

Most of those were taken out with Lehman Brothers before the US investment banking giant went bankrupt, triggering the global banking crisis in 2008.

‘Watch list’

While Lehmans collapsed, the Glazers’ mortgage debt lived on and many of those shopping centres are not generating enough income to keep up with interest payments.

With falling commercial property values, many are also now in negative equity.

Banks have put 28 of the shopping centres on a watch list, meaning they are worried about the loans.

Four shopping centres – one each in Ohio, New Mexico, Texas and Georgia – have already gone bankrupt.

When they bought Manchester United in 2005, the Glazer family borrowed £500m and paid the remaining £272 million in cash.

Mr Green found that the Glazers had remortgaged 25 of their shopping centres in the six months before the takeover.

He believes the family borrowed against their US properties to pay for United: “At the time when they had to present a huge amount of cash over here in the UK they borrowed a huge amount of extra money in the US and publicly they didn’t buy anything else that year.”

A spokesman for the family did not respond to questions about the mortgages taken out by First Allied.

But with properties now worth about £380m ($550m) but mortgages valued at £395m ($570m), the shopping mall company now appears to be worth next to nothing.

‘Commercial expertise’

That financial picture has analyst Mr Green questioning how the Glazers will service their £1.1bn debt.

BBC Online article

Gold & Green: Waz the point?

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The Red Knights have said that they will not overpay for MU. The group of wealthy businessmen is believed to value the club at no more than £1bn … talks with potential investors “have reinforced our belief it is wrong to offer above fair value”. BBC story

So waz the point of continuing with their plans to bid for MU.? The Glazers have already reportedly rejected a £1.5bn bid from some Arabs.

But at least the Red Knights are spending their own money, unlike, one can reasonably assume on what has been made public, the independent directors of Sino-Environment who went around making sure the corporate governance boxes were ticked while the company was collapsing around them.

Gold & Green: Glazers give finger to fans

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The revelation [that the Glazers had turned down a £1.5bn bid by an Arab consortium late last year] represents depressing news for those fans who have been campaigning for the Glazers’ removal and had hoped that the hostility shown towards the Americans would help to persuade them to sever their ties with the club. More than 150,000 people have joined the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust, the group co-ordinating the anti-Glazer movement, and the protests have become increasingly voluble since the release of a bond prospectus in January that laid bare the Glazers’ business model.

The Glazer family are said to be unmoved by the animosity and thick-skinned enough not to allow it to affect their planning. They are described as enjoying the prestige of being associated with a winning team. That paints a bleak picture for the former United director Jim O’Neill, now the chief economist at Goldman Sachs, who had been hoping to move into power at Old Trafford via the Red Knights, the group of “high net value individuals” that also includes the former Football League chairman Keith Harris.

An offer from the Red Knights is anticipated in the coming weeks but, even if it is substantially higher than the £800m initially discussed, the Glazers will reject it out of hand and offer no indication of a price that might tempt them to consider a sale. This could be seen as a negotiating tactic, but the Glazers’ message is “thanks but no thanks”.

..the Glazers are already thinking far enough ahead to be talking about refinancing their debts in 2017. They accept they could have been more open with the supporters and are aware of the misgivings about the £700m worth of debts they have brought to the club. They also hope to be at Old Trafford more next season. Avi Glazer has been a regular visitor but his brother Bryan has found it harder because his children are younger.

Full story from Guardian.

MU: bye bye trophies?

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Why MU may have no money for new players even though it raised £504m via  junk bonds. The bonds were sold in two tranches, one of £250m with a coupon rate  of 8.75%, and another tranche of US$425m with a  rate of 8.375%

“Glazers could take £130m out of Manchester United next year

• Small print in bond offer reveals shock provisions

• Owners able to get cut of money from player sales”

And an MU fan and journalist  puts the knife into the Glazers.