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In trouble: Must be Bill Ng’s footie club again LOL

In Footie on 06/03/2019 at 9:59 am

Hougang United Football Club, one of nine clubs in the professional football league, has filed a police report against an employee after losing S$278,200 from its coffers.

A female administrative staff member, Tean Tai Tee, allegedly misappropriated the sales revenue from the clubhouse between Nov 29 and Dec 11 last year. Tean, 25, was subsequently arrested by the police and charged in court on Dec 16 with criminal breach of trust.

MSM late last week

Chairman of the club is one Bill Ng. Who he? The wannabe saviour of S’pore footie (Bill’s Game Changers trying to avoid 41 – 3 thrashing) who was arrested and is out on bail.

Sport Singapore filing a police report against National Football League side TBFC for suspected misuse of club funds and a purported attempt by a senior club official to obstruct the completing of audits of the league’s sit-out clubs.

TBFC and Hougang chairman Bill Ng and his wife Bonnie Wong, former FAS general secretary Winston Lee and former FAS president Zainudin Nordin were subsequently arrested.

Details that emerged from the case also shocked members of the fraternity, as TBFC was found to have earned S$37 million from its clubhouse operations while spending just S$169,000 on its football team.


Bill Ng: S’pore footie’s ang pow king

Bill the “donation” king/ A friend in need is not a friend indeed?


As he, his wife, ex-FAS senior official and ex-MP have yet to be charged, or the cases dropped by the police, maybe it’s time for human rights activists to KPKB about persecution etc? They were arrested and released on bail almost a yr ago: Bill Ng, wife, ex-FAS president and FAS gen sec arrested.

That’s a long time ago. In the normal course of events, they should be charged or cleared.

Fat chance of ang moh tua kees KPKBing on their behalf. Human rights activists (think Maruah) don’t do rich people or alleged terrorists, only drug traffickers (or alleged ones), middle class ang moh tua kees like themselves, or FTs: Human rights kay pohs don’t do “fixers” and “jihadists”.


Amos’s lament about ang moh tua kees who “Talk the cock but don’t walk the cock”: Amos: Only mum is still a fan.


I’ll end by asking for some help. Could someone who has access to ST’s premium service, copy and past the u/m article in the comments section to this article (Scan article also can do). Need to confirm what I think the article said. There’s another Bill Ng story in the writing, if I get access to the article.

Football: Albirex Niigata go down to Chinatown People’s Park, Football News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

The controversial clubhouse at the centre of last year’s Football Association of Singapore (FAS) election donation saga will reopen today under the new ownership of Singapore Premier League (SPL …

Expats & us kanna pay & pay these bills

In Economy, Footie, Humour on 14/03/2014 at 4:44 am

(Update on 19th March at 9.55am: We most ex in Asia for World Cup Thank you SingTel and MDA and Yaacob. PM, tot cabinet ministers chosen and remain on merit? What about the minister responsible for Malay affairs and info, formerly of environment ? Meritocracy? What meritocracy?)

One’s a necessity, the other’s a human rights issue for most, even PAPpies, which that brave but blur barking dog, Maruah, fails to highlight, even though it affects FTs, Maruah’s favoured group. Think I’m mean? Think the alleged “rioters”, drug mules, but not true blue S’porean Dan Tan or the alleged Jihadists.

Seriously, the PAP and its allies in the media must be shell-shocked going by their reactions to the EIU’s survey that ranked S’pore as the most expensive place to be an expat. Tharman’s explanation implies (unless he is trying again to be a comedian) that cars are only for expats: true blue S’poreans and ministers can only use public tpt? And I can’t stop laughing at the misreps in this

There is one item that affects both locals and expats that Tharman, and Nicolas Fang and other members of the constructive, nation-building media running dogs don’t tell us Utility bills are also listed as big-ticket items by the EIU, but there is not much anyone can do to save there. Unless, of course, one were to turn off the air-conditioning.


So why don’t they tell us aircon only for FTs? Or when will they tell us this? Giving ang moh lover Bernice Wong another opportunity to diss local buyah males; not that they don’t deserve it. BTW, she might now prefer this woman basher.

The human rights issue?  The cost of watching footie: We now know the cost of watching the coming World Cup but remember that EPL  and Champions’ and Europa leagues watching ain’t cheap: M’sia and HK are a lot cheaper. For that we have to thank SingTel’s aggressive bidding, its corporate ambitions (err its run by true blue S’poreans not FTs) and Yaacob’s finest at MDA.

But let’s be fair, the strong S$ that makes it cheap for us to shop in JB and other Asean cities has played its part in making S$ S’pore that expensive: Singapore, which has seen its nominal exchange rate appreciate by 40 percent over the past decade, will obviously have higher U.S. dollar prices. But that only matters to the shrinking group of expatriates who are paid in greenbacks. Most consumers care about costs in the currency in which they earn their living.

Here’s another good point: [These surveys] fail the simple test of people revealing their preferences by their decisions. Imagine a company that used the EIU study to ask its employees in Mumbai to tone down their wage expectations in 2014. They will make a beeline to recruiters’ offices – to search for jobs in Singapore.

Majulah Singapura. Despite what TOC and TRE readers claim, S’pore’s an attractive place: I’m still here for starters. So is Jack for all his grumbling. The PAP must have done shumething good? Right Jack? Think about that when S’pore Inc jacks up GST, utility bills, tpt fares, utility bills etc despite the budget surpluses or profits..

Let’s leave the last word to Banyan:

Much has changed in this part of the world since the original writers of the Lonely Planet series chose Singapore as the place to hole up and write their second volume: South-East Asia on a Shoestring. In sum, to survive on $10 a day (well, a bit more) in Singapore these days: don’t touch the cars, drink beer instead of wine, bake your own bread and eat your meals out at the hawker centres. And then it’s all a bit more reasonable. Which is more than can be said of foregoing the air-con.


*World Cup costs from yesterday’s BT

All 64 of the matches will be free for people who either sign up for – or extend existing – mio TV Gold Pack contracts or standalone Barclays Premier League (BPL) contracts for 24 months.

The Gold Pack is a combination of entertainment and BPL content on the mio TV platform. The standalone BPL content package is available to both mio TV and StarHub subscribers.

Viewers who want a World Cup-only deal will pay a one-time price of $105, excluding GST. This is the most expensive World Cup fee to date – 19 per cent higher than the pre-GST price of $88 and 59 per cent higher than the early-bird price of $66 for the 2010 World Cup.

2014 World Cup pricing for business owners will be announced “shortly”, the operator said.



AWARE doesn’t care about some females/ Maruah’s original venue

In Humour on 02/01/2014 at 4:21 am

We all know that AWARE complained about Purple Light and got Mindef to change the  lyrics to a less offensive,  “right” one. The wimmin were right to take offence and be concerned about the brutish boyish mentality behind some of the words of a popular song; and Mindef did the right thing.  It most probably also decided to avoid upsetting potential voters, even though I’m sure none of the AWARE wimmin would ever vote PAP. Another cynical reason would be that the ang mohs might take offence if Mindef didn’t act. Maruah as an ang moh tua kee group has friends in the US  and there are women.US senior military officers.

But I’m disappointed that AWARE didn’t take on Santa Claus. for making only gal reindeer work at Christmas, pulling his sleigh. It’s a biological fact that male reindeer do not have antlers at Christmas. They shed them by them. Only the gals got them.

So why AWARE no complain to Santa? Scared he strike them off his presents’ list?

My serious point is that Maruah has to be more restraint when it wins. Google up their triumphalist response to the bloggers who were upset by the change. That triumphalist response, not the complaint and Mindef’s action annoyed me, hence this dig at AWARE.

Oh, and based on textual analysis, the Maruah letter alleging police “harassment” over the venue of the seminar on the “struggle for workers’ rights” was initially drafted by the same person who drafted the AWARE letter of triumphalism, or the same person had a hand in drafting both letters.

To end, Here’s an interesting piece from a TRE reader on the appropriateness of the original venue of its seminar on “the struggle for workers’rights. . I agree with the sentiments expressed within it, though to be fair to Maruah the date of said seminar was on 23 December. Somehow I don’t think that there would be many FTs in the area on a Monday. One of these days I’ll blog on why Maruah and the police deserve each other: both have lousy public communication skills, though the police’s skills iare a lot better than Yaacob’s finest, who only know how to slime.