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Security: Kampong spirit or software better?

In Public Administration on 07/06/2015 at 9:56 am

DPM Teo called for what I consider the “kampong spirit” to combat radicalisation after it became known

A Singaporean youth has been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for terrorism-related activities since April this year, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announced on Wednesday (May 27).

…another youth was arrested in May under the ISA for further investigations into the extent of his radicalisation.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean said Singapore faces real threats from radicalisation, similar to other countries. He noted that attacks can still happen, even if a country is already on high security alert.

“Our community leaders have worked hard to counter radical ideology. And we should all, from all communities in Singapore, support one another … All of us must play our part. If you know or suspect anyone who is becoming radicalised, please notify the authorities early,” Mr Teo said.

“You may be helping to save that person from harming himself and others. And our security agencies will do their utmost to detect and prevent any terrorist attacks.”

“We must strengthen our community resilience so that if an incident were to occur here, we can recover and emerge even stronger, and more united,” he added.


Err what about more high tech stuff?

In the UK, schools are being offered new software that helps teachers spy on pupils’ potentially extremist online activity.

It alerts teachers if pupils use specific terrorism-related terms or phrases or visit extremist websites on school computers, laptops or tablets.

Teachers are encouraged to look for a pattern of behaviour rather than raise the alarm after a single warning.

Seems we don’t have similar software because “Fortunately, another person who knew Arifil [the detainee] noticed the changes in him, and had brought him to the attention of the authorities, who were then able to investigate the matter and take action before he could carry out his violent attack plans in Singapore,” said MHA.


DPM Teo & GG (or WP): gentle reminders for next week

In Humour, Political governance on 08/05/2012 at 7:23 pm

DPM Teo has been busy in April, what with opening a temporary carpark in Hougang, praising Desmond Choo (assumed PAP candidate there), talking abt the dangers of the internet, and pushing onto us the task of integrating FTs onto us, despite many of us wanting first-world FTs, not the garbage we’ve been getting in ever increasing truck loads, I’d tot I’d remind him of shumething he said in March concerning violent, ang moh FTs.

In March,  in parliament to a question from “Kate Spade” (the real people’s princess, not that NSP, TJS groupie gal who was from RP and who is looking to move on from NSP, not her boy friend: I mean tin looks ordinary, Nicole has star quality), he told us very upset S’poreans that Home Team was conducting an internal investigation on why two violent ang moh FTS who beat up two S’poreans badly in 2010 were allowed to post “peanuts” in bail; and why the police investigation took so long? They took the opportunity to cock a snook at S’pore by moving on.

He said the investigation would be completed in April, and implied that we would told the conclusions.

As it’s now May and parly sits next week, he should be abt to tell us abt the conclusions. And if the investigation has yet to be concluded, why not?

Tot he might need reminding as he seems to be trying hard to join Tharman, Sailor Lui, $8 Khaw and PM, as a teller of jokes in bad taste.

And I hope Gerald Giam (the apprentice who overthrew his si-fu Eric Tan) remembers that the WP called for the nationalisation of the bus and MRT systems in its 2011 GE manifesto, and that he wrote this on nationalising the public tpt system in July 2011.

If neither he nor any other WP MP raises this issue in parly next week, or explains why the WP has changed its mind of nationalisation (despite the apparent failure of the government’s model and the voters’ disgust with the government on this issue), the WP should have the decency to take down the manifesto from the WP website. First, the WP changed its benchmark that the WP wanted ministerial salaries to be referenced to, and now this. Said manifesto isn’t worth the paper it is written on even before the WP comes into power.  In first-world democracies, manifesto promises are ditched after the party wins power, not before: another WP first? Other firsts!/photo.php?fbid=449379458422514&set=at.281804541846674.87911.280285461998582.555162557&type=1&theater

Heads must roll in the Home Team

In Political governance on 13/02/2012 at 6:00 am

Disgusted to read that another violent ang moh FT is allowed by the FT-loving Home Team to run away  and for the ang moh tua kee Home Team taking so long to investigate the matter. After another violent ang moh FT ran away in the middle of last year, why didn’t the appropriate squad in the Home Team (the police force or immigration department, or both?) take action to ensure it didn’t happen again, and to hurry the case along. Really, for two out of three suspects in an assault case to be allowed to run away while the case drags on, is a cock-up and outrage of major proportions. (BTW, looks like the mat salleh FT (from Oz) that got jailed is really, really very stupid. No brains to run away. So much for the “T” standing for “Talent”*? At least the other two violent ang moh FTs had the talent to run away.)

In addition to taking internal action against the ang moh FT lovers and ang moh tua kee people in the Home Team, and assuring the public publicly that violent ang moh FTs do not have an option to assault and injure people here and run away, the government should publicly assure the public that it is trying its best to bring these fugitives to justice. If the Saudis can get Interpol to help them catch a twitter, why can’t Interpol be used to catch these violent FTs?

Contrast the lax attitude towards these violent FTs with the attitude taken towards a S’porean. She is not allowed to keep her passport even though she resides in Johor. She has to rent. Her crime? Her company is being investigated (over a year now) for cheating greedybut brainless investors. The judge and police think that she may run away.

Didn’t anyone in the Home Team think that the violent ang moh FTs would run away? Stop loving FTs and treating ang mohs as tua kee, Home Team.

I doubt if any MP will raise this issue in Parliament. Mrs Chiam is consolidating her power and perfuming her hands. The WP believes in the power of silence. And the PAP MPs are PAP MPs. Since Siow Kum Hong was not renominated for a second term, and Eunice Olsen served the maximum two terms allowed: NMPs know their place, not seen and not heard. Jos and Terry are the model NMPS.

Update at 8.15 am on 13 February 2011:

*Look up “talent” in a dictionary, and it means “special natural ability. By definition, most people don’t have it, including  the 85,000 foreign workers brought in in 2011 (up from 53,000 in 2010).

Updated in May 2012 (related post)