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What does Ms Jean Ang Yee Mei Lin’s mocking of elderly S’porean tell us about her?

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Or of the values of NTUC Income, PA, PAP and Hri Kumar?.

To recap, Ms Jean Ang Yee Mei Lin made fun last weekend 0f an elderly, sick S’porean. She is, it seems, an agent at NTUC Income and a very prominent and senior grass-roots activist in the Bishan area. For more details see

She clearly has no time for the sick, and elderly, even though she is no spring chicken herself, and is an active, senior grass-rootsb leader in a PAP GRC. Wonder if she will explaining the details of the Pioneer Package to the elderly in Bishan? But who knows?


What does  Ms Jean Ang Yee Mei Lin tell us of the values of NTUC Income, PA, PAP and Hri Kumar?

If Tan Tock Seng Hospital was right to fire Roy Ngerng* for breach of its values, err what does the continued silence and inaction of NTUC Income PA, PAP and Hri Kumar* tell us of their values when someone associated with them mocks an elderly sick lady.

Maybe she is upholding the values that NTUC Income, PA, PAP and Hri Kumar hold dear? Remember a PAP minister sneering at the elderly poor? (OK. OK. The Pioneer Package is the PAP’s way of using our money to repent for his sneers.)

Hence their silence and inaction over the appalling, sickening behaviour of an active, senior grasss-roots leader?

Many yrs ago in the Marine Parade area, a grass-root leader beat up a boy when the boy rebuked him for not following the rules. His behaviour was disowned and he was sacked. Those were the days.

But then shouldn’t they should award her a medal for her dedication to their values? Or at least defend her actions?

Seriously, I’m sure their silence and inaction is due to their being ashamed of being associated with someone like her. I mean, with people like her around, flashing her thighs, mocking signs an elderly ill lady, the PAP govt can continue throwing our money at ourselves, and still at least 10 to 25% of the voters will continue being unhappy with the PAP.

With friends like her, who needs enemies? Certainly not Income, PAP, Hri Kumar, PA or the PM. BTW, PM should be glad that he has enemies like s/o JBJ, TKL and Goh Meng Seng. He should treasure them. They make him look like a pretty decent human being who can look people in the eye while talking to them. One of those who oppose him, can’t.

Before ending, I must say I’m impressed by Hri Kumar’s behaviour at the talk. He allowed the lady to make her comments, despite the attempts of his supporters to shut her up. And he handled s/o JBJ attempt at “constructive politics” pretty well. He does not deserve TOC’s slur that by telling the public that the lady lived in a “terrace house” he was giving details of where she lived. There are quite a number of terrace houses in Bishan. (But TOC behaviours like the ST in reverse.)

I hope his behaviour teaches the grass-roots leaders something other than licking the leaders’ feet and sneering at the poor, elderly and ill. I’m thinking of Ms Jean Ang Yee Mei Lin in particular. And hope that she doesn’t have children. They would have been badly brought up. Think of her young daughters wearing cheong sams inappropriately.

I’ve not seen so much exposed thigh except in a Thai brothel or at the old Tekka meat market. She must be proud of her legs to want to flash them so much.

*I’m not saying TTSH was right to sack him. I think it should have given him a severe warning for his confessed misconduct. Then send him on no-pay leave for the duration of the court case. From what I’ve been told, he is no skiver unlike his new citizen M’sian Chinese gf. He is a hardworking S’porean. He needs a true-blue S’porean partner, not a M’sian Chinese gf.

Innovation: Takes a British insurer to sell motor insc here online

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Aviva’s move to sell motor insurance (followed in few mths time by home and travel insurance)  here marks a return to Asia for the UK insurer, which exited general insurance (except for some inconsequential exceptions)  when it sold its general insurance operations in Asia in 2004 to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance. Aviva’s non-competition agreement with Mitsui Sumitomo, which was part of that deal, expired this year.

More to the point, the  Pru’s hubristic Asian ambitions, should have played a part in the decision to return.

Although new to Singapore, online insurance is established in Western markets. For instance, 60 per cent of motor insurance in the UK is bought online according to BT.

As FT reports,”Parts of Asia boast some of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, and managing an online operation beats teams of agents – Aviva has had to add precisely one extra member of staff. It is cheaper, too. By eliminating 15-17 per cent commission rates, Aviva can hand customers cheaper contracts and cream off more profit itself to boot [Aviva talks of pricing its products 7% below existing rates]. Whether Singapore will be fertile ground remains to be seen. The motor insurance market, worth about US$700bn, is saturated with two-thirds of the business shared by one domestic* and two international players. But as a platform for online Asian growth this looks just the ticket.”

*NTUC Income