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Today the presidency, tomorrow yr CPF

In Political governance on 16/11/2016 at 7:49 am

This is what happens when voters keep on giving the PAP a two-thirds (and counting) majority in Parly: PM said in Parliament on 8 Nov that the government is intending to amend the Presidential Elections Act next January to ensure that the next President would come from a minority race:

“Every citizen, Chinese, Malay, Indian, or some other race, should know that someone of his community can become President, and in fact from time to time, does become President.”

He could say that government is intending to amend the legistation because the governing party has a two-thirds majority.

Today the presidency: tomorrow the age of CPF withdrawal goes up to 75 and then the lease of the pigeon loft in sky is cut to 55 yrs from 99? Yes, yes I know that CPF and HDB leases are not in the constitution, so there’s no need for a two-thirds majority.

My point is that allowing any party the power to suka suka amend the constitution is asking for trouble, serious trouble because with a two-thirds majority (and more) can give the government the confidence that really unpopular and unfair measures can be rammed through because come the next general election, with a GRC system and the PM in charge of the redrawing of electoral boundaries, the damage to the governing party can be contained, if the voters hadn’t been bribed off in the mean time, or if memories are short.



Some people never grateful/ Left out the “gragoes”

In Political governance on 09/11/2016 at 4:57 am

TOC shared this FB KPKBing.

Khan Osman Sulaiman
6 hrs ·
My community raised the issue of discrimination of Malays in RSAF.

My community raised the issue of allowing school children to wear the tudung.

My community raised the issue of allowing Hijabs in uniformed groups.

My community raised the issue of having a ‘halal kitchen’ in the navy ships.

My community raised the issue of having an independent MUIS.

My community raised the issue to legislate some form of discrimination laws.

Having a Malay president isnt the most pressing issue but yeah, it will be ‘given’ as though it’s what we need the most.

We can now celebrate the magnanimous gesture by the Gov.

Seriously, the post explains why the PAP administration had to give the Malays something even if it was only a peanut. Otherwise, they’d think the community was being marginalised.

And here’s another good FB post

Felix Cheong
I hope, at some point in our alternate universe of democracy, there will be a reserved presidential election for:

– Malay woman
– Chinese single-parent gay man
– Caucasian hot male

He left out the Eurasians. And Schooling won an Olympic gold medal for S’pore.

But then Eurasians don’t riot to misquote BG Yeo who said that of Christians. Anyway too few of them to form a rioting mob. Most left for Perth a long time ago

Tan Jee Say: Wannabe spender of S$60bn

In Political governance on 19/08/2011 at 7:24 am

I hope S’poreans who want a president to act as “jaga” (security guard) or as “auditor and gatekeeper” (Tan Jee Say’s words) of our reserves realise that Tan Jee Say wants to spend S$60bn of our reserves on various projects (see page three of this).

So if you want a “jaga” or “auditor and gatekeeper”  to ensure that our reserves are not raided by the governing PAP to ensure a victory at the next GE (Goh Meng Seng for one has alluded to this possibility), voting for TJS to become president would be like suckling pigs voting for Chinese New Year or sheep voting for the coming Eid festival. Or chickens voting to allow a fox into their coop.

As he has said he will lobby the cabinet on his spending plans, he would surely endorse their plans, if they agreed to fund his plans. The result will be like drunks spending Christmas in a brewery.

And as an experienced manager, he should know that the auditing and gatekeeping functions are separate from the advisory role. So why does he want to combine them into one person, himself?

Of course, if you think like KennethJ that too much money has been locked away in the reserves, go ahead and vote for TJS. If he wins, the PAP will rue the day that LKY came up with the idea of an elected prsident to fix any non-PAP government that wins power in a “freak” election that is not, in turn, overturned by the SAF. To get hold of the reserves, the governing PAP would have to play ball with TJS.

Here’s something I find terribly funny. TRE and S’pore Election Watch have very strongly endorsed TJS and postings on their sites show the support that their followers are giving him. But these sites, at regular intervals, carry pieces on why the reserves are insufficient to cover CPF withdrawals, and hence the government’s restrictions on withdrawals.

If there are insufficient funds in our reserves for our CPF withdrawals, how can these sites and their followers support a chap who wants to spend S$60bn of money that they say does not exist?

One wonders what TJS thinks of these supporters? He had said when he was a SDP candidate in the recent GE elections that S$60bn is only a small amount of our reserves.

But I give respect where respect is due.  These sites are courageous. If TJS loses his deposit, they will be shown not to be opinion formers and leaders, but juz ranters. If he gets a decent share of the votes, or wins, they justly deserve the bragging rights.

Based on reports that only abt 100 TJS supporters turned up at the nomination and that they booed Tony Tan, the probability of TJS losing his deposit is high. BTW, the People’s Voice only had abt 80 supporters there. Looks like people don’t want him to be their voice. TKL looks likely to lose his deposit too. No wonder he kept trying to keep his option to withdraw open until the very end.

All plague on all the Tans

In Political governance on 17/08/2011 at 7:25 am

Where is each Tan on the curry issue?

Now what annoys me abt each Tan.

Tony Tan

You keep talking of yr economic and financial skills. Hey do remember that president is only a security guard of our reserves. Want to use yr skills, go reapply for yr old job at GIC, or go help yr niece manage the debts she must have incurred in buying control of Straits Trading.

Tan Cheng Bock

I know yr strategy is to use the retired grassroots activists that the PAP have discarded to get you the votes. But ain’t you forgetting that they got discarded because they no longer are of any use in bringing out the votes?

Pls talk abt more bread-and-butter issues rather than footie and racial tolerance. On the latter, it’s the FTs, not us, that are the intolerant ones. They don’t want us to eat curry, or burn paper during 7th month.

Tan Kin Lian

You keep telling us that the people asked you to stand. If that is so, don’t you think they would have volunteered to help yr campaign, and contribute money, without you asking? For the record, you asked twice.

The other candidates are not asking for donations, why you so cheap skate?

Knowing how thin-skinned you are, what assurance netizens got that if you get elected, you won’t propose to the cabinet illebral rules to tame cowboy towns?

Tan Jee Say

Why you found yr voice and conviction only this yr? You have been free to speak since 1991. Kinda convenient in an election yr? Where were you when S’poreans were saying no to the casinos in 2005? You after all have voiced in 2011 yr moral outrage at the casinos. Why not in 2005?

Why so silent abt yr experience at Morgan Grenfell and Standard Chartered?

As you want to tap S$60bn from the reserves, ain’t electing you to the  presidency the equivalent of allowing the fox into the chicken coop?