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Black humour: Wankers fix dissident

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The Workers’ Party leadership has convened a disciplinary committee to look into my Facebook posts on their handling of the Raeesah Khan matter in Parliament. The committee has called me up for an interview:

“to hear the reasons and rationale behind the above public statements made by you as: 1) Your posts had revealed the inner workings of the Parliamentary caucus of the WP Members of Parliament, and allowed our political opponents to have an inside understanding of how the WP operates; 2) Your posts had cast a cloud over the character of the leadership of the WP.”

Daniel PS Goh on FB

Can’t stop laughing at this

“Your posts had cast a cloud over the character of the leadership of the WP.”

Who made fools of themselves and the WP? And who are being investigated? Certainly not Daniel.

Many moons ago, I posted

Excuse me, Mr Singh, you Wankers have something more important to do.

The WP needs to regain public credibility that it lost when you admitted that you, Auntie and Feisal had kept quiet for three months after you and the other two knew that she lied. The three of you have to explain to the WP and public why the three of you were so stupid. I mean all of you are graduates, and you and Auntie have legal qualifications. Where were your legal brains? In your asses?

Pritam beyond his level of competency

Since then, the Committee of Privileges (Cop) recommended that Singh be referred to the Public Prosecutor “for his conduct before the Committee” because further investigations are needed to decide if criminal proceedings ought to be instituted. Faisal was also referred to the Public Prosecutor for further investigations into his refusal to answer relevant questions by the COP. Auntie got away because she ratted on the other two though WP doesn’t think she ratted on them.

And the Public Prosecutor referred the cases against Pritam Singh and Faisal Manap to the really cops for investigation.

We are awaiting to see whether they’ll be charged. I’ll be posting soon a post on what a retired senior DPP thinks about the cases. He’s no PAP man.

Btw, is the PAP trying to “save” Pritam by raising the fine threshold for MP disqualification from $2,000 to $10,000? And if so. WHY?

All in all, its my opinion that the actions of the three stooges in the RK saga are prejudicial to the public and WP’s interests. Yet the Wankers are going after a cadre who publicly asked the Wankers for public accountability. Public accountability (co-driver) is the reason why many S’poreans vote for the WP.

Maybe the Wankers led by the three stooges really don’t wish S’pore well. They really are like Kirsten Han and friends: Kirsten Han trying to defecate herself and PJ out of self-made crater and Kirsten Han and friends are White Lefts.

Maybe I should be crying? And not laughing.


Preparing to hang Bayee, Auntie and Faisal

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And Faisal gave them the rope, admitting

that as an MP, he also had a duty to ensure that no untruth remained on the record in Parliament and that it was important to clarify Ms Khan’s lie as soon as possible, but he did not do anything, nor did he speak with anyone about it

I told a friend weeks ago that I did not understand why the so-called experts interviewed by the constructive, nation-building media never raised the point that the Wankers Three could be in contempt of Parliament and in breach of the law by keeping quiet for so long.

Auntie and Bayee are lawyers. Going by their actions, they are “half-past six lawyers” like M Ravi. At least M Ravi has the excuse of being mentally ill when he doesn’t take his medicine: Law Society should stop indulging M Ravi.

Pritam beyond his level of competency

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Former Non-Constituency MP Daniel Goh, who is a WP cadre member, had posted on Facebook twice on his personal thoughts of how his party leaders handled the controversy.

Mr Singh said at Thursday’s press conference that the party would look into his actions.


Excuse me, Mr Singh, you Wankers have something more important to do.

The WP needs to regain public credibility that it lost when you admitted that you, Auntie and Feisal had kept quiet for three months after you and the other two knew that she lied. The three of you have to explain to the WP and public why the three of you were so stupid. I mean all of you are graduates, and you and Auntie have legal qualifications. Where were your legal brains? In your asses?

But thank you for showing S’poreans that there’s a reason why RI boys rule S’pore, not normal stream people like you. As I wrote in Pritam shows why RI boys rule OK, RI boys would have thrown Ms Khan under the bus when they learnt she lied. In fact, they’d have driven the bus to make sure she was killed.

Interesting stat: those going to Normal (Academic) has remained between 20.6-21.4% of PSLE students and about 10.6% to 11.2% of pupils went to the Normal (Technical) stream.

Pritam shows why RI boys rule OK

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I’m sure readers are aware that “Liar. liar pants on fire” Ms Raeesah Khan has now accused Bayee, Auntie and Feisal of telling her to keep on lying (Page 15 or B5 of

Earlier Bayee had said publicly that he and other two had known for months that she had lied but had advised her to repent in parly which she did, albeit after a long delay.

This shocked many S’poreans and attracted adverse comments on social media from people who are not rabid PAP supporters.

Us RI boys would have thrown Ms Khan under the bus once she confessed to us. LOL. Difference between RI and normal stream students. Bayee is praised by the woke and progressives (all not from RI) for being a normal stream student made good. Well they are pretty quiet now. Juz like about their hero Amos Yee.

Well he has driven the Wankers into a serious car crash.

Seriously, for the record:

1 The funny thing is that I was sceptical about Bayee for a long time. Only after the last GE did I change my mind and think that I was wrong about him. An ex-WP senior cadre also changed his mind about Mr Singh. We were wrong. Dead wrong, he’s a wanker.

2 I had in August heard about a cover-up from the above ex-senior cadre who heard it from party insiders. We discussed this and came to the conclusion that Pritam and the other leaders were not that stupid to hush the matter up. We were wrong. Btw, it’s alleged by insiders that her pa was a big donor to the defence fund for Low, Sylvia and Pritam. That was cited as a possible reason for the cover-up.

Oh and I think Pritam, Sylvia and Feisal should temporarily step down. Low should return temporarily to take charge. My ex-WP friend disagrees. He thinks Low is just as bad as the three of them.

WP: Finally

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10 years after Aljunied, the WP is finally doing what people like me hope they would do. Better later than never. Btw, I was wrong about Bayee. I tot he would keep on wanking like Low, rather than holding the PAP govt to account.

PAP confident of winning back Aljunied

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(Update on 14 October 2019 at 5.30pm: The latest from Secret Squirrel is that Nicole Seah will stand in place of Auntie:

She’s been working hard and quietly in the Marine Parade GRC.

Akan Datang: New WP Sec-Gen and Chairman

Bayee die die wants to stand.)

So confident that

Around 1,500 lifts managed by the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council will undergo the same Lift Enhancement Programme in the next 10 years, with the first batch of 180 lifts slated for upgrading in the next 15 months, a spokesman said in response to media queries.

HDB not allowing WP GRC to turn into slum

My take on chances of PAP winning in Aljunied: very good, if Pritam, Auntie and Low stand, or if Pritam stands with the other two stepping down, as I expect them to. Whatever the outcome of the court case against them, they are soiled goods: WP: Will Ownself sabo Ownself?

(Related post: “Peanuts”: WP MPs’ liability)

In 2017, I wrote

Well since earlier this year, I had it from Morocco Mole‘s twin brother that Low and Auntie would not be contesting the next GE. And it wouldn’t have been a secret if Morocco Mole’s twin brother knew about it. It was something the WP cadres were openly talking about among themselves, even if they were not posting about in on FB

WP Low’s anointed one

Related post: Akan Datang: New WP Sec-Gen and Chairman


But if WP has Faizal, Show Mao and three new faces (I’m assuming that they’ll be the usual credible WP candidates, one of whom will be Lion Man: Will WP MPs walk the talk of Lion Man Leon?), I think that the swing voters will give the Wankers the benefit of the doubt, especially if Dr Tan Cheng Bock endorses the team. Interesting that Bayee is in this photo (Blackface Chee/ Tan Cheng Bock etc): Auntie and Low would rather be dead then be seen with Mad Dog.

Blackface Chee/ Tan Cheng Bock etc

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Can’t stop laughing at Dr Chee in this picture.


He desperately wants look “Indian” by applying black “Kiwi” to his face?

Next GE he won’t be singing Hokkien songs but Indian songs? After all singing Hokkien songs didn’t help him win in Bukit Batok: GRCs mean no pandering, clowning to Cina.

Seriously, his suntan makes it look like he’s trying to do blackface: something that is a no-no among US progressives, going by what’s happening in Virginia. Google this up.

Fortunately, except among the ang moh tua kees, S’poreans don’t have a view on blackface, though if a prominent PAPpy does (or did) it, the cybernuts will be trying to stir the pot.

Looks like Bayee has some surgical dressing beneath his chin. He got injured during his recent reservist training? Power to him for not KPKBing that SAF trying to fix him.

As to the Chinese guy in the pix who is comfortable being Chinese, regular readers would have noticed that I’ve not blogged about his meetings with PM’s younger brother or about his new party.

I’m still trying to figure out what he’s up to, meeting PM’s very unhappy younger brudder (It’s alleged that he’s a henpecked husband, bullied by jia jia), and setting up a new political party. Is he growing senile? I don’t think so. Maybe he’s juz as crazy as the wily coyote of native American myths?

Btw. I’m still a fan of his: My predictions about Spastics’ League

Akan Datang: New WP Sec-Gen and Chairman

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I predicted that Bayee would not be WP’s Sec-Gen: WP Low’s anointed one

I was wrong but the I guy tipped to be Sec-Gen will soon be: OK, OK before next GE. Read above link to see who is that person.

Reason? The trial going on involving Bayee, Auntie and Sifu Low.

The trial involving three elected members of the opposition Workers’ Party held Aljunied-Hougang Town Council began last Friday. The stakes are high, and a potential judgment against the MPs could see them bankrupted and disqualified from holding public office.

While one suit is brought in name of AHTC (Ownself sue ownself), the suits came about because an independent panel (My take on the panel when it was set up) approved by the Wankers’ Party (AHTC accounts: WP outsources decision to recover monies) recommended that legal action be taken against the town council members and others to recover the alleged improper payments.

I do not see any reasonable defence to these claims. Think of all the bad accounting (KPMG report on AHTC: Notice the deafening silence?) and expect the defendants to lose. Related post: Wankers’ Party still blur on audits and accounting.

Low and Auntie, I’ve predicted will not stand in next GE, so at worse their political careers are cut short near the end. Not a happy ending if they are bankrupted but they fought the good fight, keeping alive the flame of Opposition in a dark time.

But Bayee is young and is a newly elected Sec-Gen of WP and losing the case and being bankrupted and disqualified from holding public office will be a great end of his so far unimpressive political career.

Whenever Auntie steps down, the betting in the WP, Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole tell me, is that one Nicole Seah will be the next chairman: remember her?  She’s been working hard and quietly in the Marine Parade GRC.

The Law Suits, in Summary
There are two lawsuits.
Suit 668 is brought by AHTC, acting on the instructions of an Independent Panel appointed by order of the Court of Appeal.
Suit 716 is a lawsuit brought by Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC).
In both Suits, it is alleged that the Defendants are liable for alleged improper payments made by the Managing Agents to third party contractors between May 2011 – November 2015.

WP: Spot on Bayee/ Lim Tean’s first anniversary of BSing

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Singaporeans want an opposition but are “very discerning in the type of opposition they seek. In my view, it is not wise to pursue any approach that does not establish firmer foundations for a permanent and institutionalised opposition in Singapore.

Pritam Singh, Wankers’ Party Sec Gen

(For the context of his comments read:

Can’t argue with him on this point. Think Mad Dog, Lim Tean, Meng Seng where are yr durians?

September 2017 was the deadline for Lim Tean’s jobs rally and defamation video. Remember he claimed then he raised the $ for these.

He claims to have successfully raised money from the public for three projects. But then no picture, no sound: No, Lim Tean hasn’t absconded.

Neither can I argue with Bayee’s point that defending PJ Thum against PAP “bullying” was not a good option (my choice of words not his). He said 

this episode may not be the best one to use as a barometer for the WP’s stance against bullying.

Let’s face it, even rational fan boys of PJ admit that he misrepresented his credentials. They argue that Oxford doesn’t seem to be bothered, why should the PAP and us? Which beg the questions, “What else has he misrepresented? And we don’t know about?”

My take on PJ: he gilded the lily, got caught and the PAP squeezed his balls really hard:  What Oxford really says about PJ Thum and Project Southeast Asia

WP: Will Ownself sabo Ownself?

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Well argued, Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim !

Great to see WP coming up with both solid, constructive suggestions on how to prudently and intelligently use government land sales, a key element of our huge fiscal headroom to enlarge sustainable revenues, as well as rigorously rebutt the established, conservative “wisdom” for not doing so.

(Retired chief economist of GIC. He would say that wouldn’t he because he like Pritam, Auntie and others (self included) oppose the GST hike because we know that there’s a lot of our money being withheld?)

This reminded me that someone posted some time back

If Pritam becomes Sec-General, it’ll be “Ownself sabo ownself”.🤣

(FB post a few weeks ago on speculation that he’ll be next Sec-Gen of WP)

Spot on. There’s a lot of mud thrown at Aljunied TC. But it’s a fact that it didn’t keep proper accts.

Auntie, good accounting is a national issue/ TOC bans avatar again

Wankers’ Party still blur on audits and accounting

What the US army and WP have in common

And he was Sylvia’s right hand man there, and an incompetent one at that. Low had to send in Png when things were really getting out of control.

So there’s no clean break for WP from the Alunied TC mess if he becomes leader. So waz the point of Low (and Auntie: no announcement yet but I talked about this sometime back WP Low’s anointed one) stepping down?

It’s partly to give the WP in Aljunied a chance to disassociate itself from the accounting problems (largely self-inflicted). WP can say “New team. Please give us another chance” and knowing S’poreans they’ll be willingly to give that chance because they love an underdog. But with Pritam as Sec-General, how to say “New Team. Please give us another chance”? WP can only say “Please give Bayee another chance”.

Btw, my sources say that Dennis Tan will be Sec-Gen. More on this one of these days on the next Hougang MP.

A TRE commenter has come to the same view and proposes an interim solution until Pritam after the court cases where Auntie, Low, Pritam are decided.

Pritam Singh remains favourite to succeed Low Thia Khiang?

I refer to the article on TISG, titled and would like to respectfully disagree with and as well as NCMP Goh’s premature assessment of Pritam Singh’s “ascension” to become the next WP Sec-Gen!

As we already know, all 3 of them, including current SG and Chairman have been implicated by SC Phillip Jeyaretnam’s suit and as things are progressing, does not look too good for all 3 considering the formidability of SC Jeyaretnam in fighting cases and securing an outright victory.

The party should in the interim, be led by veteran MPs Chen Show Mao and Faisal Manap as SG and Chairman respectively, with the 3 remaining NCMPs supporting as Org Sec, Treasurer and Webmaster.

Should Pritam Singh become SG, it will throw the party into total chaos once the outcome of the case is known and would have implications for the party, going into the next G.E. whether it be 2019 or 2020!

Willy Sum

Point of order: Philip J (the real son of JBJ, other one is autistic) is not a lawyer in the case. He led the committee that decided that ATC should sue Auntie, Low, Pritam and friends: Ownself sue Ownself.