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Waz missing in today’s ST?

In Media on 02/03/2013 at 8:25 am

And in Today too?

The news that the S’pore police have asked the FBI to assist it in the investigation of Todd’s death, after refusing the FBI’s help Backgrounder I read it in my FT, a financial newspaper.

Our MSM ashamed of our Home Team’s ang moh tua kee attitude*? Or of our police incompetency? SPG missed a hard disk in his flat, that his parents found, and took it back to the US. Or of U-turn? Or all three?


*Remember two ang moh caws were allowed to skip bail, and one even given PR status, after beating up true blue S’poreans. We were told the police were carrying out an internal disciplinary hearing on the matter, but nothing has been heard. Officer cleared? But public not told that officer was right to have ang moh tua kee attitude?

Where were you non-Indian PAP MPs, and WP MPs?

In Political governance on 30/03/2012 at 8:21 am

When I first read of the reactions of netizens about the rants of a Chinese gal against Indians, I tot, “Here we go again. The Indians are getting upset again.”

Yesterday, my amusement turned to annoyance when I realised that the only politicians who spoke out against the racist comments were two Indian PAP MPs, whom I associate with belonging to the attack dog section of the PAP kennel.

Hey ethnic Chinese, Malay and Eurasian PAP MPs, and WP MPs of all races, spotting and crying racism is not just an Indian  past-time or blood sport. Given the liberal immigration policies of the last decade, it is an issue that affects all S’poreans. I mean even the Chinese heartlanders feel discriminated against when ang-moh FTs are allowed to flee the country after beating up Chinese S’poreans, you know things are really, really bad.

What a lost opportunity for Flame On MP, Seng  Han Thong*, to  prove to S’poreans that he is not ant–Malay or Indian. All he needed to say was, “She was wrong”. But he was busy with other things?

And why were the Malay PAP MPs silent? Nothing to do with the Malay community? It’s an Indian problem? Hey the Malay community is a minority community that has suffered its share of discrimination over the years.

And where were you WP MPs? Shouldn’t parliamentarians who aspire to be first-world speak out against  racism? Or is the WP pandering to its core supporters?

Nope speaking out against racism is not an Indian sport or past-time like cricket. It is something that we should all speak out against. And my advice to Indians. Don’t always lead the charge. Try to get some brave Chinese (like Siow Kum Hong, the cat lover) to take a few bullets.


* “I noticed that the PR (SMRT public relations officer) mentioned that some of the (SMRT) staff, because they are Malay, they are Indian, they can’t converse in English well enough, so that also deters them, but I think we accept broken English.”