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Tan Jee Say: Wannabe spender of S$60bn

In Political governance on 19/08/2011 at 7:24 am

I hope S’poreans who want a president to act as “jaga” (security guard) or as “auditor and gatekeeper” (Tan Jee Say’s words) of our reserves realise that Tan Jee Say wants to spend S$60bn of our reserves on various projects (see page three of this).

So if you want a “jaga” or “auditor and gatekeeper”  to ensure that our reserves are not raided by the governing PAP to ensure a victory at the next GE (Goh Meng Seng for one has alluded to this possibility), voting for TJS to become president would be like suckling pigs voting for Chinese New Year or sheep voting for the coming Eid festival. Or chickens voting to allow a fox into their coop.

As he has said he will lobby the cabinet on his spending plans, he would surely endorse their plans, if they agreed to fund his plans. The result will be like drunks spending Christmas in a brewery.

And as an experienced manager, he should know that the auditing and gatekeeping functions are separate from the advisory role. So why does he want to combine them into one person, himself?

Of course, if you think like KennethJ that too much money has been locked away in the reserves, go ahead and vote for TJS. If he wins, the PAP will rue the day that LKY came up with the idea of an elected prsident to fix any non-PAP government that wins power in a “freak” election that is not, in turn, overturned by the SAF. To get hold of the reserves, the governing PAP would have to play ball with TJS.

Here’s something I find terribly funny. TRE and S’pore Election Watch have very strongly endorsed TJS and postings on their sites show the support that their followers are giving him. But these sites, at regular intervals, carry pieces on why the reserves are insufficient to cover CPF withdrawals, and hence the government’s restrictions on withdrawals.

If there are insufficient funds in our reserves for our CPF withdrawals, how can these sites and their followers support a chap who wants to spend S$60bn of money that they say does not exist?

One wonders what TJS thinks of these supporters? He had said when he was a SDP candidate in the recent GE elections that S$60bn is only a small amount of our reserves.

But I give respect where respect is due.  These sites are courageous. If TJS loses his deposit, they will be shown not to be opinion formers and leaders, but juz ranters. If he gets a decent share of the votes, or wins, they justly deserve the bragging rights.

Based on reports that only abt 100 TJS supporters turned up at the nomination and that they booed Tony Tan, the probability of TJS losing his deposit is high. BTW, the People’s Voice only had abt 80 supporters there. Looks like people don’t want him to be their voice. TKL looks likely to lose his deposit too. No wonder he kept trying to keep his option to withdraw open until the very end.