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In Praise of TR Emeritus

In Political governance on 29/12/2011 at 6:18 pm

There were  two  nice Christmas prezies this year, the return of the infamous Temasek Review in the form of TR Emeritus and this piece which implicitly supported the stand TOC took when TOC “exposed” PAP MP Han. In the old days, TR would explicitly rubbish TOC and Han.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, some bands of Comanches (“Lords of the South Plains”) traded with the Spanish, and later the Mexican and Texan lands adjacent to Comancheria, while other bands raided these territories, stealing horses, mules, cattle and maize, rather than exchange buffalo meat and hides for these items like the “good” Comanches. These bands complimented one another and gave the Comanches the upper hand over the Spanish, Mexicans and Texans, who didn’t know how to cope with the subtleties of the “savages”.

TR Emeritus’  and TOC’s strategies, tactics, aims, and means will necessarily differ but that’s no excuse for not being civilised, and supportive (wherever possible) to one another.  Both are moving broadly in the same direction (or climbing the same mountain?). Each sees the landscape differently, taz all.

Wishing TR Emeritus a fruitful new year. Keep on the tradition of hammering the Foreign Trash (who think they are Foreign Talents) and their supporters. Try to find out what happened to the Temasek JC tutor who hates S’poreans? But don’t get xenophobic. Sad to say the old TR often got carried away, and crossed this broad river too often.

And continue fishing out the PAPpies who do bad things (Whatever happened to the NTUC guy who had to stand down as a PAP candidate MP because of shumething in his background. Is he still a big shot in NTUC?). Get to work TRE, TOC has set a very, very standard recently. Even the old TR never achieved such a feat.

Happy hols all. No posting until 3 January 2012.  Drink or drive, don’t do both.


Why I miss TR

In Media on 11/12/2011 at 10:15 am

(Or “Why I would as a Christmas present the return of TR”)

The headline “Former table tennis president and manager charged with corruption” reminded me of TR because of  the Wayang Party’s (TR’s original name)  campaign against his successor, MP Lee Bee Wah.

And that reminded me of the promise by “reliable sources” that TR will return by mid-November. It’s almost mid-December. Still waiting leh.

But then remember the footie authorities have broken their promises again and again. And it seems that the Sembawang Soccer Academy has yet to pay an outstanding bill to an overseas footie academy (making Fandi Ahmad look silly), despite repeated claims it has the funds.

So let’s not be too upset with the boys and gals at TR for being S’porean i.e. rubbery with their time-line. They are true blue S’poreans. They are also  unpaid volunteers doing a dirty, despised but essential job: spreading rumours and gossip without any regard of the truth**. And providing some gd analysis. I miss “Grey Hippo” and another writer (can’t remember his name but he rubbished a NTU professor and got under his goat).

I was thinking of TR a few weeks ago when I read a stream of hot air from the local media and bloggers on the social worker that rejected an award. Just before the news broke, I had heard about the rejection, and the rumours surrounding it. The bloggers commenting on the issue (example here) must have heard of the rumours but must have decided not to report them**.

Because they did not repeat the rumours, the story did not gain traction. It was forgotten almost as soon as it surfaced, which is a shame if one is into these kind of things (I’m not).

But if TR had been around, I’m sure the rumours would be published as facts, giving some context to the bloggers’ tots on the matter.

So I’m still hoping for a return of TR. The inhabitants of the Wild, Wild Internet need the Comancheros*** to return especially to name and shame FT loving managers and employers

But I won’t miss the demise of the Satay Club which went AWOL or MIA in early September. Bit too pretentious for my taste. As it had shume kind of affiliation with TR, did the closure of TR affect it? Maybe the people behind TR were behind the Satay Club? I raise this possibility because the founder of the Satay Club claimed to have a PPE degree from Cambridge. Cambridge does not award a PPE degree, only Oxford does. A TR joke?

Oh and I won’t miss Tan Kin Lian’s SGEP portal which has also entered the land of the living dead. Since October, updates had been getting rarer and rarer. And there have been no updates since 16 November. Another one of TKL’s failures?  Like his petition to himself to stand for president (which only got 1,200 signatures despite his call for 100,000 signatures), his presidential election campaign, and his forfeited deposit.



*Almost like the night-soil men who serviced the house I lived in when I was young. Great place with an indoor court-yard. But there were no flush toilets. So people were paid to cart away something mucky. But these guys were paid.

**Let me be clear, I’m not condemning them for not spreading the rumours. There are very good, sound, ethical reasons for not doing so: like not being able to make a judgement on the credibility of the rumours, or the impact of smearing someone unfairly if it is untrue.

***In Westerns, the Comancheros were the “bad” white guys who sold modern rifles to the Comanches (“Lords of the South Plains”) and other “lesser” Red Indians resisting the white settlers’ and US cavalry’s attempts to “civilise them”. More like genocide than civilising, if you ask me.

Three cheers for TR

In Media, Wit on 04/11/2011 at 6:44 am

Discriminatory practices have no place in S’pore: Tan Chuan-Jin.

When I first read this local MSM headline, I raised my tea-cup to toast Dr Joseph Ong and the other unnamed and unsung boys and gals of the Wayang Party, Temasek Review or Temasek Review Emeritus or whatever they decide to call themselves, next. 

Whatever their faults (and they are many), they were very aggressive in publicising the names and contact numbers of companies (local and MNCs), managers and employment agents discriminating against true blue S’poreans. I’m sure that the postings (and readers’ comments) helped “rational discourse”, and “reasoned and constructive debate” on this topic, forcing the government to admit that the problem exists, and is extensive. Mr. Tan said that employers’ mindsets must be changed to tackle the problem, implying that the problem exists, and is extensive. And, in the words of MediaCorp, that  Singaporeans remain at the core of the workforce is the objective of a revised set of guidelines by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices.

TRE is said to be planning a comeback by mid-November at the latest) and that the core team will identify themselves publicly (trying to copy TOC is it?).

Looking forward to the return of TRE: lies, misrepresentations, rants, astroturfing, and the occasional good analysis (think Grey Hippo) and accurate sliming.