S’pore: Gig workers are paid “peanuts”

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No Chinese

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1.6bn, is the number of international tourist trips forecast to take place in 2023, still 200m fewer than in 2019 reports int’l media

One in ten tourists was Chinese before the pandemic. Their numbers will double in 2023, to 59m, far below the 155m recorded in 2019.


Apple/ Foxconn show limits to help CCP can give

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Earlier this year, when Foxconn’s workers fled the world’s largest iPhone factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhoum. local governments recruited villagers to restore Foxconn’s iPhone production after staff exodus, And they were looking for workers to fill factories ahead of peak holiday sales season (now).

But all this help wasn’t of much use

Separate unrest at the world’ subsided after the local government lifted a five-day lockdown on Tuesday. Worker protests over Covid restrictions at the Foxconn campus had resulted in violent clashes with police. FT reporters spoke to plant workers who witnessed the chaos. Foxconn is struggling to staff assembly lines at the peak of Apple’s pre-holiday high season, highlighting the vulnerabilities created by a reliance on China’s manufacturing model.

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When the Chinese people are angry, the CCP has problems.