Men work smarter than women

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In a survey of 10,500 people, led by GĂ©raldine Fauville at the University of Gothenburg, around 14% of women reported feeling very to extremely fatigued, compared with less than 6% of men. This is partly explained by the way that women, who take on a lot of other tasks like childcare, organise their workday. Women reported having roughly the same number of meetings per day as men but their meetings tended to be longer with shorter breaks between.

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Time to buy M’sia?

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When I was in stockbroking, soaring palm oil prices meant that consumer, construction and property stocks would fly because the palm oil farmers, palm oil plantations and the govt would have plenty of $ to spend.

S’poreans are giving PM the finger

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But are the PM and the 4G leaders intelligent enough to understand that S’poreans are sending them a message?

Money talks, bullshit walks in S’pore, so the PAP should be worried that people are donating $ to those the PM successfully sued.

No fan of Roy Nrerng. But he’s spot on when he recently said after raising the money to pay off PM’s defamation suit:

You have used each and every cent and dollar to directly send a message to Hsien Loong that you disagree with his behavior. This is what he will see when he sees the S$143,000 in his bank account! It is not just the damages he asked for. It is a statement that each of you are sending, and I am glad to have helped you carry it to him.

Likewise the fact that Leong Sze Hian crowdfunded the S$133,000 that he was ordered to pay the PM for the defamation suit brought against him by PM Lee shows that many S’poreans don’t like PM’s sue and sue everyone except his White Horse siblings.

And Uncle Leong has raised another S$56,298 to pay PM’s costs of $130,000.

The PAP are being sent a message, but are the PM and the 4G leaders intelligent enough to understand this?