Triple confirm, Amos is really history/ Silence of the usual suspects

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There’s been no outcry, calls for protest, outpourings of sympathy for Mother Mary’s boy wonder despite three rabid anti-PAP sites, The Idiots– S’pore (Or TISG as it calls itself, And yes I know it calls itself “a useful loudhailer”for the PAPpies and a commercial news agency. But I like to call a “mongrel” a “mongrel”, not a “x-breed”.), ASS and States Times screaming “assault”:

We have also been informed that he has been threatened, slapped on the back and kicked while he was climbing up the stairs. A complaint has been lodged with the Prison Authorities, who had efficiently replied to say they will look into the matter. Amos’ mother has put in an urgent request for Amos to be moved to Home Detention.

(From CAN, a bunch of ang moh tua kees that Amos had dissed for not helping him.)

As TRE pointed out “threatened, slapped on the back and kicked while he was climbing up the stairs” is simply bullying.

And S’poreans know it, the boys having done NS (something Boy Wonder and Mother Mary is not for him: a whiter than white white horse isit?). So they know BS when they read it, even the cybernuts of TRELand and TISG Slum. Hence the lack of sympathy even from the nuts.

Waz more interesting, is that the ang moh kay pohs and their S’porean sycophants too have moved on for good. Once upon a time, they’d scream “Torture!”

We don’t hear from Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch, nor Maruah nor AWARE. They were once vocal champions of Amos. And where’s Mad Dog? I mean there’s no by-election to fight.


Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

Silver Blaze by  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


The anti-PAP caravan has really left him after in the past repeatedly egging him on by publicising his stunts and pranks, thereby creating a celebrity.

I hope he realises by now vthat when the CIA and MI6 cut their funding, mouths close.

As I said moons ago

He has served his purpose as an instrument to attack the administration of justice here. Their caravan has moved on, in search of the next instrument to attack the PAP administration, the administration of justice etc.


Cartoon King was a lawyer

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“I decided that a much better place than the law for me was the professional telling of lies. That’s what filmmaking is”,   Michael Donovan who produced movies including the Oscar-winning Michael Moore documentary Bowling for Columbine.

Michael was able to start acquiring what now totals about 10% of all the existing animated TV material for some very low prices.


Anti-PAP sites lose traffic after Facebook tweaks algos

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Is Mark Zuckerberg sucking up to the PAP as part of his efforts to suck up to China ala Duterte?

Two tua kee socio-political sites (even though one says it’s a commercial news agency cum loudhailer for the govt and its agencies and not a socio-political site) are heavily dependent on Facebook to push out (“promote”) their stuff and so help them get views and ad revenue. Their readers are too cheap skate or really that poor? Or not willing to pay for BS even when they consume it avidly?

This reliance on Facebook was especially useful post the GE when readership fell across the board affecting ad income. Problem is that Facebook has tweaked its algorithms (as it does periodically).

It’s latest tweak in June means that it more favorably promotes content posted by the friends and family of users, not publishers (Our anti-PAP sites, like all socio-political sites are considered publishers or news sites by Facebook).

It says that content posted by publishers will show up less prominently in news feeds, resulting in significantly less traffic to the hundreds of news media sites that have come to rely on Facebook.

This means that these sites get less traffic, a lot less. And a lot loss viewers and even less ad revenue.

NYT in June reported:

Facebook said it expected a drop in reach and referral traffic for publishers whose audience comes primarily to content posted by the publisher’s official Facebook page. Facebook plans to start making the changes as soon as this week.

It will have less of an impact, however, if most of a publisher’s traffic comes from individual users sharing and commenting on their stories and videos. As has long been the case, publisher content that your friends interact with will appear higher in the feed compared to posts shared directly by a publisher.

Actually any third-party stuff on the publishers’ FB pages also gets fewer pushes

What this means is that when Chris K  posts something of mine on his FB page, I’ll get a lot more hits than if it’s posted by ownself on SGDaily’s Facbook page: better promotion by FB. No wonder Daniel Yap of TMG is pushing out a lot more TMG pieces on his personal FB wall. Smart man.

Maybe Terry should be doing the same for TOC? And Ravi for TISG when it runs constructive, nation-building, loudhailing stuff that S’poreans really need to know.

And pay Chris K to push out their stuff. After all both publications use him to attract the cybernuts even though he’s no nut. He’s a pensioner. Either that or persude him to do NS and promote their pieces for free.

Or pay FB to promote their stuff. FB is happy to push if it’s paid to promote.

Money talks.

And yes I’m simplifying what the tweaks are doing and why FB is doing what is it doing.