Easy come, easy go

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From zero to hero to zero in three years.

Klarna valuation crashes to US$6.5bn from US$46bn. it’s a “buy now, pay later” fintech.

Only a year ago, Klarna was able to double its valuation to US$46bn after a US$639mn funding round. Softbank was the lead investor. The new valuation is based on a US$600mn investment by new investors. The new valuation would be Klarna’s lowest since August 2019, when it was worth $5.5bn.

It was buy now, regret tomorrow investment.

The real reason China is unhappy with Oz?

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It’s becoming Little India, not Little China

India has overtaken China and New Zealand to become the third-largest country of birth, behind Australia and England.

Where S’pore has fallen behind very badly

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In an article that the PAP govt would consider constructive and nation-building, this fact stuck out like a sore thumb

Overall, the value of the city’s [HK’s] listed stocks runs to nearly $5trn, compared with $7trn in Shanghai and $700bn in Singapore.

I’m old enough to remember when the stock exchanges in S’pore and HK were roughly equal in size.

That’s not all. If you take out the Jardines Group out of S’pore’s numbers, I’m sure we are smaller than the stock markets of Thailand, M’sia and Indonesia.