Trump reduces US trade deficit

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OK, OK, it has happened yet but watch and wait because NYT Dealkbook late last yr (but before the tax on overseas earnings was fixed at 15.5%) reportrd

Tech companies like Microsoft that stash huge amounts of foreign profits offshore are set to take a hit from the overhaul, which would impose a 10.5 percent tax on overseas earnings, according to the WSJ.

That could induce some to return to the United States, which, as the WSJ points out, could reduce the country’s trade deficit.

At a rate of 15.5% more could be induced to return, reducing further the deficit.


Tomorrow China, The Day After S’pore

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Why does PM wants a cashless payments system?

Because no-one can hide from Big Brother when the banks are at the centre of the system.

Why PM wants a cashless payments system

from NYT Dealbook late last yr

The tech that will power China’s police state in the future.

The World Internet Conference in Wuzhen wasn’t just a gathering to show off the latest in Chinese gizmos, like a version of the Consumer Electronics Show. It also offered a glimpse of how new advances in artificial intelligence and facial recognition can be used to track citizens, and how they have become widely accepted.

From Paul Mozur of the NYT:

Investors and analysts say China’s unabashed fervor for collecting such data, combined with its huge population, could eventually give its artificial intelligence companies an edge over American ones. If Silicon Valley is marked by a libertarian streak, China’s vision offers something of an antithesis, one where tech is meant to reinforce and be guided by the steady hand of the state.

Big Brother is watching you. thanks to the the internet and other technology.

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Trump “has incredible genes”

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Taz from tDr Jackson, whose official title is Physician to the President. (Btw he also examined Hussein).

When asked by a reporter how a man who consumes fried chicken and Diet Coke and does not exercise could be in good shape, Dr Jackson replied: “It’s called genetics… He has incredible genes.”

In a blow to those who hate him

“I have no concerns about his cognitive ability or neurological functions,”