About “Thoughts of a Cynical Investor”

The purpose of this blog is to entertain by providing, I hope, witty,  critical and acerbic analysis of companies’ strategies, financials,  and management.  In particular to analyse the difference between what managers say they are doing, and the truth.

Just so everyone is clear where I am coming from — I analyse and write from the perspective of  a small investor who tries to invest in “special situations”: unfashionable companies that are experiencing change in their returns due to internal factors, such as restructuring, or external factors, like industry changes. Or whose high, consistent dividend payouts are ignored by the the market. Trading is not my style.

As I do not hold any adviser’s licence, I will have take care to ensure that no-one can complain that I am giving advice. And please do not ask for advice on market conditions or stocks.

  1. Hi, I chanced upon your blog this morning and really liked it. The articles are relevant to my current stage in life.

    Looking forward to read regular updates.

  2. Thought your site complements mine so i took the liberty of adding your site to my links. Hope you do not mind. Cheers!

  3. Hi, I chanced upon your blog this morning and really liked it. The articles are relevant to my current stage in life.

  4. Hi there,

    Saw your blog and I am interested on what you’re doing. I am currently doing the same thing as you, but my blog is still new.
    Is there any ways that I can contact you personally? Maybe we can exchange some information and work together to do better on our blog.

    Cheers dude!

  5. Hi,

    I found your blog this morning and found it very interesting.Compliments
    I am German – lived in Asia for a long time – and I am also a small investor (full time) who tries his best to save as much as possibile of his fortune before the reset button will be pushed.
    I am not a trader and looking at the moment for Asian high yielding stocks
    Can I contact you directly maybe we can exchange some thoughts
    Best regards
    (I am also preparing to establish a blog about Asian stocks in German)

  6. Hi, happened to wander onto your blog (from the NAR linked post)
    nice blog you got here, we seem to be on a similar wavelength when it comes to investing and politics. and thanks to all of you who made Hullett such a great library!

  7. Hi I chance upon your site while researching on the 4 president candidates. Well said on the topic “All plague on all the Tans”, you really nail them.

  8. I find your blog really insightful! keep writing 🙂

  9. An interesting piece of gossip from a reliable source: Chen Show Mao gave a fantastic speech at the Fulbright Annual Dinner a few days ago. Unfortunately the 30 minute discussion advertised at the start of the evening did not happen.

    After giving his speech (which he had stored on a very elegant iPad with WP-blue cover), Show Mao immediately excused himself. The emcee said Show Mao had taken ill and had to leave.

    Hope Show Mao’s health is okay as he is one of the smarter chaps in the Singapore Parliament.

  10. […] tenuous explanation given concerning Mr Chen Show Mao’s parliamentary speech. (According to Cynical Investor it’s Mr Pritam Singh). Copy and paste may be common practice nowadays but is it OK to do it […]

  11. Can you advise your email address?thanks

  12. Most of your blogs are not financial in nature Are you a politician?

    • Why are you lying? A count of the number articles will show financial articles, easily exceed what you call “political”. And even then many of the latter relate to financial issues. As PAP FT MP Puthu said “I’m invested in S’pore”. So am I. Being invested includes talking about governance.

      I repeat, Why do you lie?

  13. Your july 13 posts

    Not financial in nature and seems there is a lot of your own political views that you have inserted.

    1. Peru’s Clown Day
    2. Understanding M Ravi’s bi-polar disorder
    3. While narcissistic netizens navel gaze, TLC pays $8m for FT’s housing
    4. Swiss & S’poreans share a concern
    5. Quadruple confirm: Public servants don’t do cost-benefit analysis
    6. LTA, SMRT: Learn from NY & Dubai pls
    7. Answering the PAP’s cock & bull about the “long term”
    8. Two cheers for today’s S’pore Blackout
    9. MoM’s g-string is showing
    10. TRE still in blackout mode
    11. Spinning the attandance at “Free My Internet” rally
    12. SPH & MediaCorp agree with TOC on crowd size!
    13. Govt does listen, at least PM’s wife does
    14. S’pore dissident and rebel suggests an easy, effective & lazy way of undermining PAP rule
    15. Hongkie FTs more classy cont’d
    16. Agitated? Use of arbitrary power is the S’pore way leh!
    17. Agitated? Use of arbitrary power is the S’pore way leh!
    18. Vietnam: Blogger is “abusing democratic freedoms”
    19. NTUC’s silent walk: How apt
    20. When raising fares, SBS, SMRT & Govt don’t have this problem
    21. FAS, let Shakkir off lightly, quickly
    22. Sifu slaps disciples for not caring
    23. The haze and regime change
    24. Netizen activists, think of working S’porean and watch the blind side
    25. Haze: S’poreans who are trying to help others
    26. Haze: Govt wasting money? Aided & abetted by anti-govt or kay poh activists!
    27. Haze: What Raffles would have done
    28. Another Monday, another rocky day
    29. WP & NEA deserve one another?
    30 .Why Plan “Suffocate S’poreans” failed?
    31. Haze: Is this allegation true?
    32. “Stop-work” call wasn’t to be taken literally: Activist
    33. SunT versus TRE coverage of LGBT party

  14. your july 13 financial posts

    Financial in nature but seems you are just paying lip services to financial stuffs 

    1. Asean round-up
    2. Time for ST to stop promoting Reits
    3. M’sia’s problems captured in one chart, still one broker’s bullish
    4. Asean round-up
    5. ST’s bearish on reits! Time to buy?
    6. Implications for S’pore’s port as Burma opens up
    7. Asean round-up
    8. When QEIII slows
    9. Made in US, not China
    10. China will eat & eat
    11. Time to panic? Everything, including sky, is falling
    12. Haze: Economy will slow
    13. Missed smartphone boom, planners thinking about 2025
    14. Economy weak? Investors keep on Cheonging
    15. Why SIAS should sit down and shut up

  15. Btw just doing a key word search in any of you Archive articles you seem to a particular liking of the following phase

    PAP and WP

    1. Uncategorized

    PAP 58 times
    WP 31 times

    2. Political governance

    PAP 100 times
    WP 79 times

    3. Economy

    PAP 85 times
    WP 10 times

    4. Banks

    PAP 10 times
    WP 2 times

    5. Temasek

    PAP 10 times
    WP 9 times

    6. Property

    PAP 23 times
    WP 7 times

    7. China

    PAP 0 times
    WP 0 times


  16. You are good with words but there are people that are not blind on the drift of your blogs articles


  17. You ask me why I lie?

    Please Sir, don’t lie to yourself 🙂

    Please remove you blog link from Singapore Investment Bloggers, as most of your posting are non financial in nature.

    It seems that you are looking for a outlet for you political ranting.

    There is a park where you will be most welcome 🙂

    • Why do you insist on continuing to lie. I never asked to be put on Singapore Investment Bloggers.

      Ask them to remove it if it offends you.

      • From the Singapore Investment Bloggers website

        “If you would like your blog to be added in the list, simply fill up the form in the “Add Me” tab and create a link back to the site.”

        hmmmm…. I am sorry and it is my mistake if someone might have added you to the Singapore Investment Bloggers

        So if in the first place if you did not put in the request and than it will be alright for me to put in a request to Singapore Investment Bloggers to remove you blog, the reasons being that:

        1. A majority of your posting are political in nature, not financial

        2. Use of Singapore Investment Bloggers for your personal political views

  18. Hi, I had put in the request to remove your blog and have a nice day 🙂

  19. Singapore charges political cartoonist Leslie Chew for contempt of court :

    You have the freedom to post what you think but you must also be responsible for what you post

  20. A person that degrades another, woe to the people that are associated with you and indeed woe to your parents and their moral upbringing of you

  21. Not upset, just sorry for your parents.

  22. Water shares the good or bad qualities of the channels through which it flows and people share those of the climate in which they are born.

  23. I am sorry for your parents and their parents.

    • save yr sympathies for yr parents and grandparents. You tried to troll me and get my blog removed from some roll. Didn’t succeed did you. Born loser from crap school. Saints I assume?

  24. I found your blog entertaining, cerebral and not presumptous:

    “As I do not hold any adviser’s licence, I will have take care to ensure that no-one can complain that I am giving advice. And please do not ask for advice on market conditions or stocks.”

  25. Hi, I am not sure how blogger notification works, but just a note that I have replied to your message on my blog. Thanks!

  26. Hey CI, I noticed in your latest post you fired a salvo at Oxygen and the like who are labelling you negatively on TRE. I think you’re making a mistake there. It doesn’t do you justice to engage or get into a battle with your detractors. You write they comment (good/bad) – everyone’s happy. After all it’s not your duty to educate or advise persons who don’t want to. Plus you’re talking about TRE which probably has the most hardcore opposition supporters. To the vast majority there, unless you condemn everything PAP or blame every bad thing on them no matter how tenuous the link might be, you’re considered a mole and PAP IB.
    But take heart that a vast majority of people out there even those that support the opposition do not share the same sentiments and are able to think critically and only focus on the specific bad things about PAP policy.
    And then we have the silent majority who decide elections, most of them don’t even bother to go visit online sites regularly. Put it this way – some ppl like Roy and gang think they have a lot of support just because of the crowd on TRE and elsewhere trumpeting their support due to the anti-PAP rhetoric. But look at it, it’s not even 5,000 people, let alone 15-20,000 that could form a small SMC. Most of them are repeat users anyway.

    So just ignore the haters. You write, people with a brain can understand even analyse it fairly by removing any potential bias any writer will have. I mean I can read your posts and know where you lean, but at the same time make my own mind up. Even if I agree with you, it’ll be only where I think it’s relevant and objective.
    So chill and let them condemn you. Nothing more trolls love than someone to engage them back. Ignore and they lose steam. At the end of the day, who are they or anyone else, even myself to you? You make up your mind, you advise people who deserve it and take advise from those you think can advise.


    Anyhow Hantam

    (PS: Some have already deemed we are both moles and IB and this reply will make them even more convinced! Hahaha. What to do, we can’t argue with people who refuse to use their brains).

  27. I’ve just spent a delightfully jolly five minutes reading the often hilarious exchanges between yourself and PAPWP back in 2013.

    I strikes me that you were the subject of an unnecessary PAP smear.

    Keep up the good work.

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