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Why DJI flying

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 Goldman Sachs now expects US GDP to expand 6.6% this year, with the unemployment rate ticking down to 4.5″. No wonder markets are flying.

Beat that Loser Trump. Sleepy Joe trumps Loser Trump

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist Damien?

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Is there a link between Damien Thorn (Look up the The Omen series of movies) and Donald Trump?

I tot of the possible (probable?) connection when I read that the White House is being deep cleaned for Biden, the incoming resident, after after Trump, and dozens of others at the White House,

were infected with the coronavirus over the past several months, and the six-floor building, with its 132 rooms, will be thoroughly scrubbed down. Everything from handrails to elevator buttons to restroom fixtures will be wiped and sanitised, according to a spokeswoman for the General Services Administration, the federal agency that oversees the housekeeping effort.

But maybe more should be done I tot?

Biden’s a Roman Catholic, so he ask the Pope to send over the Pope’s best exorcist to perform an excorcism of the White House to remove any demons that Damien Trump may have left behind. Think racism, divisiness, falsehood, boasting and greed, among others.

That reminded me of Damien, wannabe president of the US of A.

Oldies might remember the Omen and its sequels. The movie series is about Damien Thorn, a child born of Satan. Satan’s plan is for him to be the president of the US of A.

He didn’t become POTUS: the good guys killed him. Or maybe the series got it wrong?

AI: the truth

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AI would sound a lot less frightening if we were to relabel it as computational statistics


UK is safe for ethnic Chinese again

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Chinese with the Kung Flu or China virus or Wuhan virus didn’t infect Brits in the UK.

The most comprehensive study of transmission ever carried out for any disease said that the coronavirus came to the UK mainly from southern Europe, rather than China, the FT reported last week.

Dogs turn 10-baggers?

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The Blue Wave in the US means a supersized fiscal stimulus, followed by victory over the pandemic

Revenge of last yr’s dogs as the Old Economy stocks become fashionable?

Btw, as a long-term shareholder of HSBC (since 1980s) who takes dividends in scrip, nice to see three major US banks are also dogs

Note that Wirecard is in liquidation.

Meanwhile in Cynical Historian, Sang Nila Utama had bad eyesight: Tale otters tell their pups/ It’s Udrahpura not Singapura

Bitcoin hits a speed bum

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Bitcoin’s value surged above US$34,000 for the first time on Sunday. It’s now around US$31,000 

Meanwhile in Cynical Historian: A white horse The “Keppel” in Keppel Corporation

2021: Five other ways other to be happy

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And better still for kiasu S’poreans, steal the lunch of other S’poreans, and FTs, leaving them behind in the pollution from yr Ferrari.

Further to Want to be happy in 2021? Use the objective list theory of well-being, here’s something adapted from BBC’s Five ways to stay positive through the winter

Of course, there’s no winter here if one excludes the recession, but still the points made in the article have relevance here.

Three of the five ways require no detailed explanation: they explain themselves. Two of the ways have explanations taken from the BBC article.

Get moving

Stop over-thinking

Adopting helpful habits to stop you over-thinking is one of the best things you can do, says psychologist Professor Jennifer Wild of Oxford University. She calls it “getting out of your head.”

People often dwell on problems, going over and over the same negative thoughts, and Professor Wild has some simple suggestions to stop that happening. “If you’ve been worrying about a problem for 30 minutes or more without coming up with a plan of action, or you’ve been going over questions with no answers, it’s time to stop”, she says.

The main thing is to shift your focus from worries to practical problem-solving. So stop and ask yourself what steps you can take to address the problem. It’s not easy, of course, to stop yourself dwelling on problems. Some recommend physical activity to help yourself shift mental gears. In any case, it takes some training.

It’s perfectly normal to worry, but many of our worries never materialise. One study of patients with anxiety found only around one in 10 worries ever turn out to be real problems. One explanation is the way we have evolved. It has made us highly tuned to negativity and danger, as a defence against threats which led to death or serious injury.

Danger is “over-encoded in our brains”, says Professor Wild. “You can make yourself feel much calmer if you recognise that you’re over-thinking, stop and focus on facts.”

Five ways to stay positive through the winter

Set a new target

Talk it over

Do it badly

Optimists live longer, have better relationships and better immune systems, says Olivia Remes of Cambridge University. And the good news is you can cultivate optimism: an inner sense that you can make a difference to your life, and that it’s not all down to things outside your control. How? Her number one tip is the principle of “do it badly“.

In other words don’t wait to do things perfectly at the right time on the right day. That’s even more important in winter when gloomy weather might make you think twice about doing something.

Five ways to stay positive through the winter

And remember that humans propose, God disposes:

Lead me on, Zeus [Editor’s note: Insertin place of “Zeus” the name of yr favourite deity (God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Kuan Yin, 9th Immortal Harry Lee, Saint JBJ, Satan, Darth Shan, Tun M etc)], and thou Destiny,
To that goal long ago to me assigned.
I’ll follow readily but if my will prove weak;
Wretched as I am, I must follow still.
Fate guides the willing, but drags the unwilling.

Part of the Hymn to Zeus by Cleanthes

Want to be happy in 2021? Use the objective list theory of well-being

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But first best wishes for 2021: Be happy, healthy and make money, or at least not lose it.

Now back to the objective list theory of well-being and how it can help you in 2021.

Whenever I hear someone advise or say, “Follow yr passion” when advising or talking about careers, I react like Goering:  “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun”.

How you know what you are passionate about is a passion that will last, not a one-night stand.

The objective list theory of well-being by Christopher Rice should help you identify if it’s yr passion, a one-night stand, a passing interest or an infatuation.

The objective list theory of well-being says “that having many and diverse basic objective goods benefit us. These can include goods such as loving relationships, meaningful knowledge, autonomy, achievement, and pleasure.”

The objective list theory “is pluralistic (it does not identify an underlying feature shared by these goods) and objective (the basic goods benefit people independently of their reactive attitudes toward them).”

“Take time to assess what you personally need for you to develop yr potential”(Vampires need fresh human blood), “use rich vocabulary to be as specific as possible, extra detail will help reveal which new roles could help talk to people, and read widely, to learn what roles would provide achievement, meaningful knowledge, or altruistic wellbeing. Observe other people who probably faced the same challenge, what solutions have they found, and could any apply to you?”

(The above quotes are from an FT article written by Jonathan Black, director of the University of Oxford’s careers service, and FT columnist.”

But always remember, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears”, Bob Dylan said. Money talks, BS walks.

Have a good 2021: Make money, be happy and healthy. Or try to.

Remember: We propose, God disposes. Here’s part of a stoic prayer to Zeus (King of the gods in Greek mythology). Christians, Hidoos, Moslems etc can substitute their deity.

Lead me on, O Zeus, and thou Destiny,
To that goal long ago to me assigned.
I’ll follow readily but if my will prove weak;
Wretched as I am, I must follow still.
Fate guides the willing, but drags the unwilling.

Part of the Hymn to Zeus by Cleanthes

Covid-19: Indians think British Indians are stupid?

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Fake “Covid-19 immunity boosters” are being sold over the counter in London shops, a BBC investigation has found.

Coronil, a herbal remedy from India, was found on sale in shops in predominantly Asian areas across the capital.

Manufacturers Patanjali Ayurved claim the pills protect against “respiratory tract infections”. Tests carried out for the BBC show the pills offer no protection from coronavirus.

Covid-19: Why white racists must be happy

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People from ethnic minorities in the UK are significantly less likely to take the coronavirus vaccine – with warnings of targeted online scaremongering the BBC reports.

A study from the Royal Society for Public Health found 57% of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people said they would take the vaccine.

This compared with 79% of white people who would take a Covid vaccine. More at

In the US an FT reports is titled

Black Americans wary of Covid vaccine effort

History of institutional racism has made minority groups sceptical of vaccinations

It goes on to report that 42% of black Americans said they would take a Covid-19 vaccine, compared with 61% of white Americans, according to a recent Pew Research Center opinion poll.

Cynical Investor sidling into Cynical Historian

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Started a new blog (My Christmas present to S’poreans) yesterday that aims to be snarky about how events in our past have relevance today.

A tale from the olden days showing why “Advising the ruling elite is not advisable”.

Btw, if TRE wants to republish Cynical Investor’s takes on S’pore’s History, pls feel free to do so.

MSCI Asia-Pac keeps pace with S&P 500

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Covid-19: Hegemon strikes back?

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There is plenty in the Western media about Russia’s disinformation war against the West. But are the CIA and MI6 conducting disinformation campaigns against the Russian state?

The manufacturers of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine say they have fielded demand to produce doses for 1.2bn people internationally next year. But will anyone want them? Even the Pakistanis don’t seem to want the Russian vaccine: Covid-19: India has plenty of vaccines while Pakistan has to beg for vaccines.

But Russians don’t trust the vaccine even though Vladimir Putin said Sputnik V was “quite effective” when he approved it for use in August.  The vaccine has yet to complete phase 3 trials.

61% of Russians do not trust official data on coronavirus, while 59% do not plan to get the vaccine says an independent (non-govt) Russian researcher.

Meanwhile the rest of the world is trying hard to buy the US-approved vaccines.

The Hegemon is back.

Covid-19: India has plenty of vaccines while Pakistan has to beg for vaccines

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India expects to begin vaccinating people against Covid-19 in January, Indian health officials told the BBC. Something for Indians to cheer as we enter the holiday season.

And gloat too: the BBC reports that Pakistan is too poor to afford vaccine doses. It hasn’t secured any dosages yet. It also doesn’t have as many friends as India. Even all-weather friend, China, is giving Pakistan the finger because it’s poor. Even the Saudis and Gulf states, fellow Muslims, got disputes with the Pakistanis. Saudis recalling a billion dollar loan.

Waz the point of nuclear weapons’? Who is a better protector of Muslims? Doubtless there will be Indian friends of Pakistan who will claim that Hindoos will be given priority in vaccination.

Sorry, back to why Pakistan can’t vaccinate its people:

Pakistan has been in talks with every vaccine manufacturer. “We definitely are competing with richer countries. And that was a given,” says Faisal Sultan, the special assistant to Pakistan’s prime minister on health, who has been central to those negotiations.

“Everybody is going for a finite pie. The pie is fixed for now and everybody wants a slice of it. And there’s obviously going to be some jostling and pushing.”

So far, he says negotiations are going well but they have yet to secure any doses. Pakistan can’t afford to pay for a vaccine before they know that it will work. “That’s a luxury,” says Dr Sultan. “I think there’s only a handful of countries who may do this. If we can get the right stuff, the right combination, we should be okay. But we cannot do blind bets.”

Leading universities in Pakistan have helped to run clinical trials on behalf of Chinese firm, CanSinoBIO and that may help secure a supply but it’s not a quid quo pro. And negotiations are not purely about money either. Ms Delgado admits that Mexico’s good diplomatic relations were an important part in her successful deals.

“Companies do exist within countries,” Dr Sultan agrees. “And when you’re talking countries, obviously politics and alliances and all these things do come into play. But at present, what we are trying to do is work above any geopolitical fray, it may or may not be truly possible.”

OK, OK, I exaggerate about the begging that the Pakistanis have to do. But it’s a fact that they can’t get any.

Why Queen Jos should make redeploying Robinsons’ sales staff an urgent priority

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As Robinsons closes let’s remember that good retail staff have individual talents and skills that can be used in other settings: selling ice to the Eskimos is a unique skill. So helping redeploying quickly Robinsons’ sales staff is good MoM policy, not charity.

These tots were triggered when someone on FB shared these images from a booklet, circa 1970s:

Sadly, the above is something that most true blue S’poreans don’t do. It’s something that Pinoys know instinctively (I’ve lived in PinoyLand).

Many a time here, I bot something relatively expensive that I didn’t really need or want because the Pinoy salesperson treated me well, explaining the product, that I was interested in. So even though it wasn’t what I wanted or needed after the explanation, (nice leather insoles), I bot stuff because of the way I was treated.

Robinsons’ staff (S’porean or FT) are like that.

“Biden orders exorcism of Trump from White House”

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As Biden is a Catholic, is he asking the Pope to do an exorcism to ensure that no traces of the Trump genie remains? They are both no friends of capitalism, the Trump version. The Pope may even be a closet Marxist.

No, nothing so spectacular. It’s more prosaic.

The UK’s Mail on Sunday reports that the US President-elect has asked that the White House be deep-cleaned, after Donald Trump leaves in January. A spokesman for Joe Biden’s transition team says this is because “Mr Trump’s administration has been riddled with coronavirus”. The spokesman says a team in protective clothing will go as far as replacing door knobs and removing soft furnishings.

American soft power versus Russian and Chinese

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America wins hands down in its traditional enemy Iran.

Int’l media reports that Iranians have started a campaign on social media against the govt buying Russian and Chinese Covid-19 vaccines. Seems they want US approved Covid-19 vaccines, despite the US being the enemy and Russia and China friends.

America is great again. With enemies like Iran, it doesn’t need parasite friends like Germany.

A thousand tweets too far

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Ms Neera Tanden was nominated by Sleepy Joe to head the Office of Management and Budget in his incoming administration. Ms Tanden has reportedly deleted 1,000 tweets that disparaged Republican senators she now has to count on to confirm her in the job.

Besides Covid-19, what else is hurting elderly Indians? Chinese? And Japanese?

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A warming world.

Heatwaves are killing a record number of people globally. Exposure to extreme heat is getting worse as a result of climate change.

Look at the u/m and you’ll notice that elderly Indians are the most exposed to heatwaves. As are Chinese, Japanese and Indonesians.

India and China were among the worst affected, thanks to large populations and already hot regions. Heat-related deaths among the elderly, meanwhile, have risen by almost 54% between 2000 and 2018, according to the researchers’ estimates. In 2018, the most recent year for which figures are available, heatwaves killed around 296,000 people over 65. Again, China and India suffered the most, with 62,000 and 31,000 deaths, respectively. Germany and America were the worst-affected Western countries, suffering around 20,000 deaths each.

My emphasis.

Uniquely S’porean: Chicken nuggets without the chicken

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Singapore has given regulatory approval for the world’s first “clean meat” that does not come from slaughtered animals.

The decision paves the way for San Francisco-based startup Eat Just to sell lab-grown chicken meat.

The meat will initially be used in nuggets, but the company hasn’t said when they will become available.

Eat Just’s product is different because it is not plant based, but instead grown from animal muscle cells in a lab.

Why humans will become extinct/ Being cruel to be kind

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We are doomed because we are getting to be real wimps, allowing the weak to survive, unlike our ancestors.

To save humanity from extinction bring bring back Genghis Khan, Mao, Stalin and Hitler.

A S’porean died shortly after LKY. He was met in the afterlife by a spirit and was offered a tour of the place after he was shown his HDB flat situated in a slum.

He was shown round the grand mansions and palaces of the leading residents and he asked to be taken to LKY’s mansion. He was brought to a shabby run down bungalow near his HDB flat. It was a bit like LKY’s Oxley house.

He expressed surprise as he said he tot that LKY deserved better.

The spirit told him “There’s not enough blood on his hands. By the standards of Genghis Khan, Mao, Stalin, George Bush, Churchill and Hitler, he’s a mediocrity.”

Btw, the S’porean found that in his block of flats, there were flats reserved for LHL and Goh Chok Tong.

“Police have a right to kill you”

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Who said this?

No not this guy, Zheng Yanxiong: Hong Kong’s security chief appointed by China in July

(The above paragraph and pix added on 25 November at 10.52am)

Nor you are wrong if you, like our ang moh tua kees, think it must be our very own

It’s Uganda’s Security Minister Elly Tumwine who said this after 37 people were killed on Wednesday and Thursday last week following clashes with supporters of opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

In a media briefing, the BBC reported Mr Tumwine as saying:

Quote Message: Police have a right to shoot you and kill you if you reach a certain level of violence. Can I repeat? Police have a right to shoot you and you die for nothing.”
Police have a right to shoot you and kill you if you reach a certain level of violence. Can I repeat? Police have a right to shoot you and you die for nothing.”


Talking cock, growing rich

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Between 2001 and 2015, the Clintons earned US$154m for speaking engagements: U$132,022,000 for him, US$21,648,000 for her. This tit bit came from a recent article in the Economist’s 1843 magazine.

The science behind Pfizer’s and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine

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The vaccine trains the immune system to fight coronavirus.

It is a new type of vaccine called an RNA vaccine and uses a tiny fragment of the virus’ genetic code. This starts making part of the virus inside the body, which the immune system recognises as foreign and starts to attack.

It is given in two doses – three weeks apart – and early data suggests it protects more than 90% of people from developing Covid symptoms.

How bad losers behave

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Lessons Trump learnt from other bad losers

[S]pit and stamp like Rumpelstiltskin? … [P]rotest about the unfairness of the universe, like the water-soluble Wicked Witch of the West? “Oh what a world, what a world,” she wails, on discovering that she occupies a reality in which little girls can liquidate regimes that run on black magic and flying monkeys.

Logistics of Covid-19 vaccine

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How the vaccine will reach a village in Africa or the Amazon region from the place where its manufactured.

M Ravi’s behaviour shows why in early 20th century, bi-polar sufferers were locked up

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To us today, it seems cruel that for many centuries, bi-polar sufferers, like M ravi, were locked up in lunatic asylums like Gotham City Arkham. .

Well the periodic but regular outbreaks of M Ravi’s ramages helps explain the cruel behaviour meted out to people like him in the past.

Recently, M Ravi made news in cyberspace twice in as many days.

He alleged  that lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam had told him that Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam had said he “wields influence over the Chief Justice” and “calls the shot and controlls (sic) Sundaresh Menon”.

Eugene has denied the allegations, pointing out that M Ravi had made these allegations before in 2017. Then, as we later found out (Finally, M Ravi in Woodbridge and Trials and tribulations of an anti-PAP super hero), M Ravi, had stopped taking his medicine and this was the reason he was behaving like the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland.

For the record M Ravi worked for Eugene until M Ravi walked out in anger over a financial dispute, he alleged. The matter was thought to have resolved amicably after M Ravi was forced to take his medicine.

(Btw Ravi later pleaded guilty to attacking a lady partner of the firm. He also apologised to her: M Ravi apologises for assaults after pleading guilty)

The police have confirmed that they are investigating M Ravi for an offence of criminal defamation.

M Ravi also pubicised on FB a lunch he had with Terry Xu and LHY and his wife. He made nasty remarks about the couple.

And that’s not all.

In September, a disciplinary tribunal had determined that he should be ordered to pay a penalty of at least $10,000 for verbal attacks against several govt prosecutors and a distict judge, which were contained in a media statement published by Mr Ravi and posted online in July last year.

Mr Ravi was also ordered to pay $3,000 in costs to the Law Society which prosecuted the case.

Looks the recent landmark victory that M Ravi made in saving someone from hanging over a drug offense has made him think he’s superman. And decided that he didn’t need to take his medicine.


Btw, when I was a junior lawyer (I’m now 65), I doubt the legal authorities and the PAP govt would keep on indulging someone like M Ravi. He’d not be allowed to practice law on the grounds that he was a clear and present danger to his clients, and a bad ad for the legal profession.


But we live in more enlightened times partly because of the advances in medicine and treatment methods.

Btw, I know a kid in NUS Law School who was exempted from NS because of his autism: they couldn’t find a safe vocation (for him and fellow soldiers) in the SAF. Yet in a few years time, he’s going to be let loose on clients, or law students (I suspect being an academic is the safest choice for him: practicing law is more brutal than NS).


When Jack Ma was a born loser

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The last minute cancellation of Ant’s IPO isn’t Jack Ma’s greatest humiliation.

Once upon a time, out of 24 candidates applying for a job with KFC, Jack Ma was the only candidate not to get a job.

That’s not all. He

struggled in school and failed his university entrance exams twice. When he tried to get work, he was knocked back by dozens of employers. He applied to Harvard 10 times, but never got in.

But his luck changed

He passed his university entrance exam at the third attempt and went to teachers college. He stayed on for several years afterwards as an English teacher. And it was on a trip to the US as a translator that he first discovered the internet.

After one failed internet venture, he founded Alibaba in 1999 with loans of $60,000 he cobbled together from friends.

Covid-19: Vigilance is eternal

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Virus can pop up anywhere

In NZ, authorities traced very recently a coronavirus cluster that emerged in an isolation facility in Sept to a rubbish bin lid shared between two neighbours.

“NUS’s Employment of Jeremy Fernando Looks Highy (sic) Questionable”: Ken J

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I’m sure like me, many S’poreans wondered about this Jeremy guy and s/o JBJ, in another rant about the PAP govt (this time questioning the high rankings our unis get from one index: actually I also got questions about how come they are so highly ranked), makes some interesting allegations.

(Actually, I had already heard whispers from NUS academics, after the scandal broke, about the quality of his qualifications, so three cheers for Ken J for talking publicly about the the quality of Jeremy’s qualifications.)

I am concerned more here with how Jeremy Fernando was hired in the first place and how he was allowed to continue working for ten years. Certainly one would not expect him to be one of the faculty at a university with such a high ranking, albeit from one highly questionable index. His biography shows he got his PhD from the European Graduate School (EGS) which is based in Switzerland and Malta. Anyone can apparently be accepted to do a PhD or Masters provided they pay the fees and most of it is distance learning. EGS is not recognised by the Swiss University Conference and is regarded as a degree mill in the US. It is not ranked by QS, THE or ARWU. Perhaps its attractions to NUS stem from its association with academics like Slavoj Zizek, who has refined the old Communist criticisms of democracy as providing too much freedom in order to praise totalitarian state capitalist regimes like Singapore and China. I wrote about Zizek in “How Lee Kuan Yew and Hitler Both Love Authoritarian Capitalism”

EGS certainly seems to be a home for intellectual pseuds and frauds and Jeremy Fernando seems to have mastered the craft of using too many long and convoluted words and phrases to say nothing, or rather to deny that anything has meaning or indeed that there is any reality. He is merely following in the footsteps of his mentor, Jean Baudrillard (he is the Baudrillard Fellow at EGS), who denied reality, the most famous example being his 1991 book “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place.” Baudrillard was a member of the Deconstructionist School which originated with the French philosopher Jacques Derrida whose obituary in the Economist said:

“There were no arguments, nor really any views either. He would have been the first to admit this. He not only contradicted himself, over and over again, but vehemently resisted any attempt to clarify his ideas. “A critique of what I do”, he said, “is indeed impossible.”

NUS’s Employment of Jeremy Fernando Looks Highy Questionable

I hope you caught this titbit

Slavoj Zizek, who has refined the old Communist criticisms of democracy as providing too much freedom in order to praise totalitarian state capitalist regimes like Singapore and China. I wrote about Zizek in “How Lee Kuan Yew and Hitler Both Love Authoritarian Capitalism”

NUS’s Employment of Jeremy Fernando Looks Highy Questionable

If you want to read about what else KJ says, click on the link. Note the TRE article will not be forever available: time limited.

S’porean: Having children detracts from the gd life

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In Singapore the fertility rate the number of children that a woman can expect to have during her lifetime) is 1.14: way below the replacement rate of 2.1), and with people like Keith, it’ll remain that way.

From the Economist

[I]n wealthy Singapore, where contraception is easy to come by, young people who were already reluctant to start a family before the pandemic are even more so during a global recession. The government is trying to coax people into reproducing with a one-off grant of S$3,000 ($2,200) for having a child in the next two years on top of pre-existing payments and savings schemes. For Keith, even that doesn’t make up for the cost of becoming a father. “I know that me and my wife will have a very good time in the next 30, 40 years without kids,” the 36-year-old says. “Do we want to risk that?”

Instead of having kids, couples spend $ on pets. Smart of them. I’ve had dogs, don’t miss a partner and kids.

Violent Muslims raising stakes in France

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They want a religious war in France?

Three people have just died in a knife attack at a church in Nice. French President Emmanuel Macron said it was an “Islamist terrorist attack”.

Before this was Samuel Paty’s beheading. Some Muslims were offended that in teaching France’s secular values to his class he showed a cartoon that said Muslims considered blasphemy. His murder was their response.

In France there is a right to blaspheme any religion (though that was not Samuel Paty was teaching his students to do: he was teaching them about free speech).

So when violent Muslims kill, attack or verbally abuse or merely criticise those who they say blaspheme Islam, it’s reasonable for non-Muslim French people to be fearful of all Muslims.

And support political parties that want to lock up or expel Muslims. And can they be blamed?

In S’pore, because of the British-era laws, we are not allowed to diss other religions: Watain ban: playing the easily offended game can backfire.

Related post: Watain fans: Muslims cannot be, but can Malays be?

Our stock exchange now like Peenoy stock exchange

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How the mighty have fallen. When I was in equities trading and brokerage from the mid 80s till mid 90s, S’pore was the tua kee market in SE Asia, even excluding CLOB.

Now we are almost Peenoys.

Worse. Very little difference between them and us in new IPOs, needed to refresh the market.

But our SGX managers (los of mama FTs) are paid a lot more than their Filipino counterparts. Given how close we are to Peenoy standards, how about paying our SGX monkeys, peanuts, pesos or rupees, not S$?

Fashion in the time of Covid-19

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OK, OK, the Japanese way. LOL

Why Indians in US of A support Trump

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He keeps out Muslims.

Btw, did u know that in France, there is a right to blaspheme any religion? So Muslims who kill, attack or verbally abuse or merely criticise those who they say blaspheme Islam shouldn’t have come to France, or if they are born there should bugger off to somewhere like Pakistan where to blaspheme Islam is a crime punishable by death. But then these Muslims want the first world benefits of living in France, without obeying its laws.

Bang yr balls China and EU

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US of A is the hegemon even in something it doesn’t believe in even if Biden wins: sustainable investments.

Covid-19: Sounds like “fake” research from Oz

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Don’t use mobile and don’t handle cash?

This seems to be the implication of research findings by an Australian govt research body.

The virus responsible for Covid-19 can remain infectious on surfaces such as banknotes, phone screens and stainless steel for 28 days, researchers say.

The findings from Australia’s national science agency suggest SARS-Cov-2 can survive for far longer than thought.

But don’t panic yet.

The BBC report goes on to say

[T]he experiment was conducted in the dark. UV light has already been shown to kill the virus.

Some experts have also thrown doubt on the actual threat posed by surface transmission in real life.

I think the Australia’s national science agency should have also conducted the experiments in the presence of light, not in the dark.

Whatever,  clean hands and touchscreens, and avoid touching one’s face, the BBC article reminds.

Whatever 2, there’s a Hokkien saying that sums up the study, roughly translated as “After eating, too much free time.”

Covid-19: Trump’s medications

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But no bleach or hydroxychloroquine which he had recommended to Americans. President Donald Trump finished a regimen of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine “without side effects,” a White House doctor said in June.

So why didn’t he keep taking it?

And why was he given it recently?


Must be from India

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Transport for London (TfL), the capital’s transport authority, has banned Indian taxi app Ola over public safety concerns. Ola has been operating in London since February: great timing

TfL said the firm reported a number of failings including more than 1,000 trips made by unlicensed drivers. Ola also did not report the failings as soon as it knew about them.

Ola said it will appeal the decision. It can operate in the meantime.

KPKBing in UK about how SE Asians represented

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“Beats” an advocacy group for British East and South East Asians are KPKBing about a British drama set in S’pore during World War Two. They call it “harmful” and “upsetting”.

Beats called The Singapore Grip “a kick in the teeth” to those it represents.

Based on JG Farrell’s 1978 novel, the six-part drama follows a family of wealthy Britons living here. More at:

Fyi, the series was filmed in M’sia.

For the record, the term East Asians in the UK is usually an euphemism there for ethnic Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Chinese, Malays, Koreans, Thais etc are usually excluded.

Many yrs ago I listened to a BBC World Service radio play that was trialled as an ancient Greek comedy with “an all East Asian cast”. All mamma accents. No Chink or S’porean accent. I complained but never got a reply.

Btw, I had no complaints about the actors or the play. It was good production: I was only unhappy about the racial misrepresentation,

Why our loser anti-PAP PMETs are so grumpy?

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They are unemployed (Anti-PAP “noise” is from PMET losers and deadbeats) and don’t have enough sleep, or they oversleep.

The National Sleep Foundation, a non-profit group in America, says unemployed people were more likely to report sleeping less or more than people in employment. Not surprised by them sleeping more because unemployed workers have less to lose, financially, from sleeping.

The authors think that anxiety and depression cause sleeping problems. Poor-quality sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and depression.

Tmm sounds a good way of getting rid of our loser PMETs.

Uniquely S’pore

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Multi-culturalism in S’pore is not juz a Harry Lee’s aspiration.


Daily Quote Singapore Community

Research contributed by Ignatius Foo Link below. Thanks…SourceFun ToastPicture Credit Janus Chan

How leaders in a one-party state can lose power

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The answer is via non-violent protests that involve only a “peanuts” percentage of the population.

How big does a protest have to be, to drive a political leader out of office? Harvard political scientist Erica Chenoweth who has studied these question carefully, thinks the crucial threshold is 3.5% of the population. She also says non-violent protests are more effective than violent protests. More at

More relevant to S’pore is Gene Sharp’s observation that the power of dictatorships (Yes, yes , I know the PAP govt is only authoritarian, not a dictatorship though Kirsten Han and friends may disagree) comes from the willing obedience of the people they govern – and that if the people can develop techniques of withholding their consent, a regime will crumble.

According to the BBC, Gene Sharp may have had more influence than any other political theorist of his generation. Gene Sharp is the author of the non-violent revolution rulebook (2011)

“Jaromel Gee, PAP party member and IB, sentenced to three years’ jail and 12 strokes of the cane for committing robbery”

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Above is the title of TOC piece: Jaromel Gee, PAP party member and IB, sentenced to three years’ jail and 12 strokes of the cane for committing robbery


Once upon a time, LKY pointed out that a candidate MP of the WP was bicycle thief. We all laughed at the WP, the party of bicycle thieves 🤣 led by Saint JBJ. And until WP Low and his allies changed the public’s perception, it remained the party of bicycle thieves.

Now we find out that Jaromel Gee, founder of Silent No More which supports the PAP and had some PAP MPs as its members, is a robber and serial cheat. 🤮. When he founded the site in 2015, he was a PAP member (ST report), not juz a balls-carrying fanboy

To be fair to the PAP and the site, sometime in 2018 (Site was founded in 2015), it’s alleged by PAPPies on FB after his convictions became public knowledge, that he parted company with the other people administering the site. But they did not say he was no longer a PAP member.

Is he still a member of the PAP? And if not, when did he cease to be a member?

By the way the bicycle thief it seems stole a bicycle when he was a juvenile, not an adult. And when an adult, he didn’t rob or cheat.

Wonder what one Harry Lee will say about the PAP now? Will he hang his head in shame that Jaromel Gee was allowed to join the PAP?

What do you think?

Liewgate: TOC, witch hunters also wanted justice LOL

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And even had due process. They were not running around like headless chickens or TOC readers in an anti-PAP frenzy.

Couldn’t stop laughing at

“The Minister for Law has also seemingly tried to downplay matters by urging the public not to go on a witch hunt. In this, the Minister may have misunderstood public sentiment.

The people want answers and accountability. They are not on a witch hunt. They want justice. To talk of a witch hunt may misguidedly fan the flames of public outrage. What the public want is reassurance that the Government will leave no stone unturned in punishing those guilty of this heinous initial miscarriage of justice – they do not need to be told what not to do.

The witch hunters also wanted justice, TOC. They tot that witches were hurting them and their families, hence the hunt for witches to burn.

The witch hunters also had due process, unlike cyber lynchings on social media conducted by Team TOC and its zombie fans, or other alt media and their fans.

One way of establishing whether a person was a witch was to throw the alleged witch into the river or deep bond. If the bounded person floated, they’d know the person was a witch, and would burn her.

Another test was to to put his hand into a fire. If the hand was undamaged, they’d burn him as a witch.

Which mask is betterest?

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The Nikkei Asian Review reports the verdict from the world’s fastest supercomputer in Japan on the most effective types of facemasks.

Masks made of non-woven fabric are best protection against the virus.

More on masks: Kiasu? Get hold of the king mask/ Listen to expert on infectious disease

Ang moh family of three spends S$1,170.44 on food in one week

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OK, OK includes some beers. He, wife and daughter eat out or get food delivered. Eating home cooked food is the exception: at least in the week he recorded for the BBC.

Matt is 39 and has lived in Singapore for 11 years. He works for one of the big tech companies as a cyber security consultant. His wife Imelda works in IT for a large pharmaceutical company.

Matt and Imelda have a daughter named Alex who is four and has special needs. They rent a three bedroom flat in River Valley, central Singapore.

To be fair to him

The week was a bit of a wreck in terms of diet. That’s the most shocking thing probably. I am very much in a comfort-eating zone at the moment because my mental health is taking a bit of a hit through Covid-19 and all the changes and additional demands.

As to what’s affecting his and his wife’s mental health so much that they throw money at eating out and home deliveries of junk (usually) food, I’ll tell you about it soon. But feel free to read the article to find out.

Muslim geeks modernises the Haj

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 Saudi Arabia has restricted participation in this years Haj, which began on July 28th. Reports say only between 1,000 and 10,000 people based in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to perform the Haj.

But there are alternatives. For centuries Muslim mystics have urged believers to emphasise the spiritual haj over the earthly one. So they must be cheering on Ahmed Alhaddad and other pious software developers.

“Easy process, same blessings,” says a website offering “hajplication”.

A “hajplication” developed by Ahmed Alhaddad, a Kenyan computer engineer, connects would-be pilgrims to proxies in Mecca who livestream the experience. For only US$500, a fraction of the cost of a real trip, wannabe pilgrims can from the comfort of their homes maintain social distance and avoid walking miles in 50°C heat.

Yoga not for Greek Orthodox

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Downward dog, sun salutations and all other yoga practices are “absolutely incompatible” with the Christian faith, the Greek Orthodox Church has said.

Yoga has no place “in the life of Christians,” the governing body of the Church has ruled.

It said it intervened after Greek media recommended yoga as a way to combat stress during coronavirus quarantine.

Don’t laugh. In 2008 Malaysia’s leading Islamic council said yoga could corrupt Muslims but backed down from issuing a fatwa after a backlash.

Heng should give diners 50% off on eating out

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Here’s a constructive, nation-building suggestion to help the food and beverage industry. We should have something like what is being planned in the UK.

in the UK, diners will get a 50% discount off their restaurant bill during August. Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled the “eat out to help out” discount as part of a series of measures to restart the economy.

The deal means people can get up to £10 off per head if they eat out from Monday to Wednesday. The discount will not apply to alcohol, but to food and soft drinks up to £10 per person.

The 50% discount can be used unlimited times during August and applies to participating restaurants, cafés, and pubs across the UK.

Extend it to hawker centres’ and food courts and Heng will be a really popular guy, and the PAP a really popular party.

Too bad it’s too late to announce this election winner.

Election Dept cares for us oldies, they really do

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The Election Dept (part of the PM’s Office) really cares for those of us aged 65+.

Tomorrow, 8-10am has been allocated for us (and family members helping us to get to the polling centres) to vote.

 Also the ED says, “It is a valid reason to not vote because you are unwell.” There’s no mention of the need to produce a medical certificate when applying to be reinstated as a voter.

So if you are an ingrate oldie, feel free to take the day off. But if people like Lim Tean, Goh Meng Seng, Tan Jee Say, s/o JBJ and Raeesah Khan become MPs as a result, you’d better offer prayers and food to the 9th Immortal.

Why no party include this in their manifestos?

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A 4-day working week.

Yet the PAP and the leading Oppo parties talk about increasing productivity.

There is serious evidence that makes workers more productive.

Microsoft reported a 40% increase in productivity when it gave its 2,300 employees in Japan Fridays off. A New Zealand company, Perpetual Guardian, also found staff surfed the internet less in a similar experiment.

The UK Labour party floated the idea of a four-day working week last year and Finland’s Prime Minister promises to deliver three-day weekends.

The Oppo parties believe like the PAP that “Work will set one free”?

The original is “Arbeit macht frei”.


Uncle Leong wants accountability from PAP govt but not from his fellow candidate, Lim Tean

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What a hypocrite. SAD.

Leong Sze Hian, a member of Peoples Voice Political Party (PV) and its candidate for Jalan Besar GRC along with Lim Tean said he will champion greater accountability and transparency in Parliament if voted in.


Come on Uncle Leong. Why u stand with Lim Tean who has collected money for three various projects but not delivered on two of them? And the one projected that was delivered was a year late and rubbish.

September 2018 was the first anniversary of Lim Tean’s failure to deliver on his jobs rally and defamation video: he had claimed he had raised money to ensure the success of these projects. No pix, no sound: Lim Tean’s first anniversary of BSing

Also no pix, no sound on class action law suit against CPF despite side-kick claiming that

Once the required resources, not just financially, are in place and before the suit is launched, there will be more updates. Action speaks louder than words.

Phillip Ang

CPF class action: Phillip Ang’s “reply’ to fellow cybernut?

To be fair Lim Tean delivered on the defamation video: in January 2019, first promised in Sept 2017. Whatever happened to Lim Tean’s defamation video? And his jobs rally?

Don’t vote for Lim Tean and Uncle Leong. Btw, Lim Tean is also Leon’s lawyer in PM’s defamation suit against Leong.

White Privilege in the US same as Chinese Privilege here?

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Here’s an extract from a very long letter a BBC correspondent based in New York City wrote to his newly born baby:

What I can tell you is that your pigmentation confers privilege. It grants you the presumption of innocence. It offers a large measure of protection if the car we’re driving in is pulled over by police. The strong likelihood is that you will live longer than a black baby born on the same night; earn more money for the same work; stand a better chance of completing your education and graduating from university.

What do you think? Do his sentiments apply here too vis-a-vis minorities especially the Malays.

Or that is it not true about the Indians (Remember an Indian now in self-exile in Oz claims copyright over the term “Chinese Privilege”).

Remember that the Indians here are so overrepresented among PAP MPs and ministers, that there are no Mama Indian PAP candidate MPs this time round: Xia suay! Why want so many Indians?

Rumour has it that a Mama Indian supremacist asked Minister Kee Chiu why there were no Indian PAP candidates.

Covid-19: Death loves the obese with hypertension and diabetes, not the elderly

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It is not old age, it is obesity that kills, the BBC African Service reports.

The evidence from several South African hospitals suggests that alarmingly high levels of obesity – along with hypertension and diabetes – in younger Covid-19 patients are linked to many fatalities.

It is believed that as many (about seven million) South Africans suffer from hypertension and diabetes as from HIV. That is one in eight of the population. Some of them are undiagnosed.

Two-thirds of coronavirus deaths in South Africa so far are among people aged under 65, according to a Prof Madhi, “Obesity is a big issue, along with hypertension and diabetes.”

Xia suay! Why want so many Indians?

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“You Mama tua kee isit? You want S’pore to be like Fiji or Belize Suriname where Indian politicians rule the roost despite not being the majority ethnic race? Don’t know they wreck the countries isit?. Remember China beat the crap out of India recently. Kill so many Indians but Modi sat down and shut up. LOL.”

This happily was not the response of Kee Chiu when asked about the lack of prospective Indian candidates.

He responded by saying that the PAP had nine Indian candidates who served in the previous term of government, six of whom were officeholders.

“So the quality of our Indian candidates is very high,” he said. “We are confident that as a slate, our representation of the Indian community is above national average.”


Very diplomatic our Kee Chiu who once called HK’s CEO “Xia suay”.

He could have said undiplomatically, “Enough Indians. They already exceed their quota.”

Covid-19: “kung flu”

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That’s the latest name Trump has called the virus causing the global pandemic.

He first called it the “China” virus, then the “Wuhan” virus and now the “kung flu”.

Very clear who he is blaming for over 2.3m Americans catching the virus and killing over 120,000 of them.

Covid-19: Death loves diabetic ethnic Indians in hospital

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In great danger of meeting

if hospitalised for Covid-19: diabetic ethnic Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis living in the UK.

South Asian people are the most likely to die from coronavirus after being admitted to hospital in Great Britain, major analysis shows.

It is the only ethnic group to have a raised risk of death in hospital and is partly due to high levels of diabetes.

The study is hugely significant as it assessed data from four-in-10 of all hospital patients with Covid-19.

Covid-19: What are the risks indoors in a restaurant?

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Further to Covid-19: What about the risks at work?, as we are opening up, an where a second wave of infections will start is probably in eating places, especially air-conditioned places.

In, the BBC reports on a study in the Chinese city of Guangzhou which tracked how a cluster of infections occurred in a restaurant that has implications for air travel too. Click on the link for the illustrations that accompany the text.

Here’s a longish extract

Sitting at tables that were one metre apart, people were having a meal last January.

One of the diners was infected with coronavirus but hadn’t realised because they had no symptoms.

But in the following days, another nine people who’d been in the restaurant at the time came down with Covid-19 – including five who’d been sitting at other tables several metres away.
Scientists investigating the infections reached a conclusion about the most likely route of transmission: that droplets containing the virus – released by the infected person – were circulated by air conditioning.

“The key factor for infection was the direction of the airflow,” their study says, blaming two air conditioning units mounted high on a wall.

This is not proof that the virus can be spread this way but the research certainly suggests that it is a plausible route.

And, if confirmed, it would mean that in any room with a similar system of ventilation, even moving tables more than one metre apart would still not guarantee to keep people safe.

What do we know about the effect of ventilation?
To try to understand the risks, a team from the University of Oregon, specialising in the study of microbes in buildings, simulated different types of ventilation in a restaurant.

In one scenario, someone at a corner table coughs without covering their mouth and releases droplets and particles that are projected through the air.

The largest droplets land on their own table – that’s what you’d expect with the WHO’s ‘one metre rule’.

Computer modelling by the University of Oregon showing the potential spread of coronavirus in a restaurant with an air conditioning unit
But smaller ones reach beyond the immediate area and are caught in a current of air coming from an air conditioning unit at the other end of the room.

The result is similar to what’s thought to have happened in the restaurant in Guangzhou: tiny droplets and particles are spread to people at other tables.

As with that study, this simulation doesn’t prove that the coronavirus can be transmitted this way or, if it did, that it would make anyone ill.

That depends on whether the virus is still active after being blown across the room and on whether the person receiving it gets a large enough “dose” – but the possibility of infection can’t be ruled out.

According Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, professor of architecture at the University of Oregon, who led the study, the virus “can be spread further than people might realise”.

What can be done to make restaurants safer?

The Oregon team simulated another scenario in the same restaurant in which there’s an open window beside the person who coughs and an extractor vent on the opposite wall.

This time the cloud of droplets and particles is not pushed around the room but instead travels in a fairly direct line from window to vent with the result that fewer people are caught in it.

A flow of fresh air to dilute the virus is one of several techniques highlighted by the team as options for managing Covid-19.

The simulations showed how fresh air from an open window could carry the virus to a vent

“It’s really impossible to completely eliminate risk,” says Prof Van Den Wymelenberg, “but what we showed was a concept for how you could reduce transmission.”

“The good news is that there are things you can do to make safer spaces.”

In addition to bringing in fresh air through windows or mechanical ventilation, other options include improving the standard of filtration and also humidifying the air – moist conditions might encourage droplets to sink to the floor.

What does this mean on planes?

Social distancing isn’t likely to be possible – unless the aircraft is half empty – and by definition you’ll be in close contact with others for more than 15 minutes.

So on the basis of those two key factors, the risks may well be higher. The question of ventilation is more debatable.

On the one hand, the air in the cabin is constantly circulated so if someone coughs, even a few rows away, there is a chance the infection will be spread.

On the other hand, modern aircraft filter the cabin air every few minutes and to a high standard.

Covid-19: S’pore better off if Queen Jos was PM?

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In a recent article in Covid Economics, an online economics journal, economists double confirmed the impression that countries with female leaders have on average had fewer Covid-19 deaths.

They (Because they are economically illiterate?) systematically locked down their economies more quickly on average than their male counterparts.

Related posts: Queen Jos keeps on talking cock, Hen, JosT, GraceF: Money, money, money and IE S’pore & Jos’ point about perfection

Covid-19: Good, 1m social distance; 2m better

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A study in the Lancet last week suggested the risk of catching Covid-19 from an infected person was 13% below 1m, but 3% at 1m or more, halving for each extra metre. suggested the risk of catching Covid-19 from an infected person was 13 per cent below 1m, but 3 per cent at 1m or more, halving for each extra metre.

WHO recommends one metre, as do France, Denmark, Singapore and China. Germany, Italy and Australia use 1.5m. UK, Switzerland, Spain and Canada 2m.

Whatever, wearing mask and keeping social distance of one-metre or more is very effective in reducing spread of Covid-19.


Social distancing in worker dormitories and many HDB flats (Remember two-room – one bed room – HDB flats can have max of 6 people and three room – 2 bed rooms – nine) is like “telling people to get under their tables when there’s an imminent nuclear war”. The quote is actually from an aid worker working in an overcrowded Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh describing the situation there.

Covid-19: “Well-off” local family living (almost) like manual workers from India

Btw, there’s a German study that says masks slow transmission by 40%.

So if cannot do 1m social distance, wear a mask and pray hard.

Covid-19: What about the risks at work?

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With lockdown being relaxed here and in other countries, This extract from the BBC is worth a read

In factories and offices, social distancing may be harder to follow.

Dr Julian Tang of the University of Leicester has come up an easy “breath test” to check if you’re too close to colleagues.

A consultant virologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary, he’s studied how the air is moved when people speak and concludes that something as simple as a conversation could pass the virus.

“If you can smell your friend’s breath – the garlic or curry or alcohol – you’re inhaling what they’re breathing out.

“And if you’re inhaling enough of that air to smell it, then you’re close enough to inhale any virus that’s also carried in the air with it.”

So how can transmission take place?

So far the public advice has focused on what’s called the “droplet” route, someone coughing or sneezing into the eyes, nose or mouth of a person nearby, which has led to the social distancing rules.

It’s also highlighted a second route – surfaces – in which a person who’s infected passes on the virus through contact either directly by shaking hands or by exhaling over surfaces like kitchen worktops.

Modelling by Hexagon/MSC Software showing how an infected person could pass the virus to a fellow passenger on a train.
Others then get the contamination on their hands, directly or by using the same space at work or at home – which is why handwashing is so important.

But there’s a third possibility as well – tiny droplets or particles being carried in the air by speech, for example and that route might be the most important, according to Dr Tang.

“When you’re talking to a colleague you don’t touch them, you don’t spit on them, most of the interaction is by voice and breathing.”

All of which reinforces the idea that there isn’t one way to stay safe: it involves social distancing and keeping any close contacts brief and checking for healthy ventilation.

Do go the article because there’s a very good illustration of how ventilation can spread Covid-19.

Covid-19: We have our FT Indian workers, Poland has its coal miners

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In the past six weeks, Poland has recorded roughly 300-400 new infections a day. 50% of these have come from Silesia, which accounts for just 12% of the population.

Silesia is the heartland of Poland’s coal industry and the narrow shafts are the incubators of Covid-19. They are like our dorms: “crowded and cramped” and hot and humid, great conditions for Covid-19 to incubate and spread.

Btw, remember this description about the places that incubate and spread Covid-19? Ho Ching should have added mines as Poland and South Africa can testify. And let’s face it, she’s talking cock, using her examples one can reasonably say that

“crowded and cramped” conditions of dorms is the cause of dorm outbreaks.

Ho Ching

She had wriiten

We shouldn’t jump to conclusion that “crowded and cramped” conditions of dorms is the cause of dorm outbreaks.

On a cruise ship, passengers have their own individual rooms, with ensuite bathrooms. They have different levels of luxury, some with balconies, others without. Yet, they too have big outbreaks.

Ditto aircraft carriers, where sailors may be famously pampered with on board ice cream machines and other social amenities.

Nursing homes are not cramped too, and prisons are generally designed to keep prisoners sleeping in separate quarters.

Ho Ching quoted in Covid-19: “Well-off” local family living (almost) like manual workers from India

As I’ve written before, since Ho Ching so free, she should go kick ass at Temasek Foundation

Covid-19: Bald men at greater risk of dying

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The UK’s Telegraph reports on research that suggests bald men may be at a higher risk of suffering severe symptoms of Covid-19.

Two studies of patients in Spain found that almost 80% of men with Covid-19 across three hospitals in Madrid were bald, leading some scientists to suggest it should be considered as a risk factor.

The lead author of the research thinks male sex hormones may play a part not only in hair loss, but also in boosting the ability of the virus to attack cells.

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Why America is Great Again

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Private sector company brings men to space station. Russia and China still rely on the state.

Covid-19: “Well-off” local family living (almost) like manual workers from India

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In an attempt to defend the failure of her hubby’s govt to realise that the FT dorms could become a Civid-19 breeding grounds like Jurong or Fairprice, Ho Ching wrote on FB,

We shouldn’t jump to conclusion that “crowded and cramped” conditions of dorms is the cause of dorm outbreaks.

On a cruise ship, passengers have their own individual rooms, with ensuite bathrooms. They have different levels of luxury, some with balconies, others without. Yet, they too have big outbreaks.

Ditto aircraft carriers, where sailors may be famously pampered with on board ice cream machines and other social amenities.

Nursing homes are not cramped too, and prisons are generally designed to keep prisoners sleeping in separate quarters.

Ho Ching

Pre Covid era

This reminded me that in an e-mail conversation with TWC2 (the champion of the FT workers), a month ago, resulting from a small donation (“Peanuts”), as an aside I told them of eight people living in a 2G HDB flat in Bishan, near J8, I warned them against overplaying the “cramped and crowded conditions” message because many S’poreans live in cramped and crowded conditions too. Not as bad, but still cramped and crowded.

The family are pretty well off materially, but there are 5 adults, 2 teenagers and one adult helper living in 4 HDB bed rooms + kitchen and living room. One of the adults had to return in March from the US when her college closed because of the pandemic.

Two kids and a maid sleep in one room in the HDB flat. Only one adult has a bed room to himself.

I had joked with the returning adult and her teenage sister that they should call their grand aunts and ask them if they could move in. One grand aunt lives alone in an old Tiong Bahru STI flat (the family home) and another in Eunos with a helper (Son is working overseas) in an HDB maisonette.

The family are coping so far but school has reopened and two of the adults are elderly, one of show is sickly. So …

Social distancing in worker dormitories and many HDB flats (Remember two-room – one bed room – HDB flats can have max of 6 people and three room – 2 bed rooms – nine) is like “telling people to get under their tables when there’s an imminent nuclear war”. The quote is actually from an aid worker working in an overcrowded Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh describing the situation there.

But it rings true in S’pore for those living in FT dormitories and many S’poreans living in HDB flats.

The very disgruntled Quitter living in Finland (Kids get free education there, can only get into neighbourhood “good” schools here because quitter can’t afford int’l schools here); ang moh tua kees like Kirsten Han; anti-PAP activists and cybernuts; and frustrated wannabe Sith Lords (now trying to reinvent themselves as Jedi) like ex-ST tua kee Bertha Henson forget that living in HDB flats during lockdown (or at any other time) can be very trying.

Hence many S’poreans lack empathy towards the cramped conditions the FTs live in, because they too live in small spaces. Prof Tommy Koh’s comment, “The way Singapore treats its foreign workers is not First World but Third World,” doesn’t resonate with them when it comes to cramped and crowded spaces.

But the quality of the food the FTs got did get S’poreans upset. Well the food has improved since then though TOC, The Idiots (but then they are “a bunch of Indians” according to Terry of Terry’s Online Channel), Kirsten Han and the Quitter from Finland seem to be demanding one-star Michelin food for the FTs, based on their FB comments.

Finaly Ho Ching seems to have a lot of free time. Gentle suggestion: Xia suay! Ho Ching should go kick ass at Temasek Foundation

Covid-19: Must be Jurong or Fairprice

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(Update on 1 June at 9.30am: Parkway Parade was on Sunday (May 31) added to a list of public places visited by COVID-19 cases during their infectious period. All I said about GCT and East is out-of-date. CNA reported this news late last night.)

Look at the list of public places (as of Sunday morning) visited by COVID-19 cases during their infectious period, and you will notice that Jurong is a notorious area for irresponsible people, local and FT: 52% of these spots are in Jurong. I’m not sure if all the Jurong spots are in Tharman’s GRC.

Want to get covid-19? Go to yr friendly NTUC Fairprice store: 47% of the spots are Fairprice stores. Cheapskates beware. Go shop at Cold Storage or Giant, both owned by ang moh Diary Farm, not by Pay And Pay affiliate NTUC. Ang moh owned co attracts more responsible customers?

Junction 8 in Jos Teo’s GRC has the dubious distinction of being the only building with two such spots. Looks like Bishan residents are irresponsible.

Btw, PM’s area has only one such spot. But Emeritus Minister’s GRC got no spot.

Finally housing in the East should soon command a premium. Responsible S’poreans and FTs live there: no spots.

Covid-19 and Indian cricket

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 Cricket Australia was scared when the pandemic hit that India would not tour this year. Cricket Australia is now hoping India will be able to tour Australia in December. If India doesn’t this will wipe out A$300m (US$200m) in revenues for Cricket Australia.

Time for Indian cricket to demand more $.

Lim Tean & Quitter living on welfare overseas can’t stop talking cock

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Actually its worse, they spread fake news in their attempts to discredit the actions of the PAP govt.

Lim Tean took a swipe at the govt for wasting $ on the NDP packs.

At a time when We are facing the greatest crisis in modern times, why are many millions of dollars being spent on a meaningless fun pack for NDP?

There are many thousands of small and micro-businesses which are hurting and facing financial wipe-out because of this pandemic. There are many self-employed who are struggling to put food on the table. There are many desperately poor who cannot even afford the basic necessities in life.

It is inappropriate and tactless that at a perilous time such as now, this government is still allowing resources to be wasted on such frivolity!

These resources can be much better spent on helping small and micro-businesses, the self-employed and the poor!

Peoples Voice lends its whole-hearted support to the online campaign which has been started, and which has already gathered many supporters who have said they do not wish to receive the fun-pack. We salute these brave Singaporeans who are taking a principled stand.

This is another bad judgment call by an incompetent government made up of weak men and women!

Lim Tean
Peoples Voice Party

He doesn’t tell us that the govt does not spend any money on it, the stuff is sponsored by businesses.

The quitter living on welfare in Finland made the same point as Lim Tean a week ago. When it was pointed out the items were sponsored, he threw smoke by saying that govt spent $ packing it.

Bah, why didn’t he allege this in the first place instead instead of spreading fake news on social media about the govt wasting tax payers money, his original allegation?

With enemies like this, the PAP is fortunate that it doesn’t need ass licking clowns like Yap Kwong Weng (Principal Advisor & Joint Lab Director at KPMG) on its side.

Pinoys dying protecting ang mohs

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In many other countries, people of Filipino origin disproportionately staff hospitals and care homes, places badly hit in the past two months by the covid-19 pandemic. The UK is one such country. By early May, around 25 Filipino health workers had reportedly died, out of an estimated 150 fatalities among NHS employees, a whooping 17%,

The Philippines’ ambassador to the UK has called for key workers to be “properly protected”.

Covid-19: What Indians coming to work in S’pore should never do

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Avijit Das Patnaik angered Singaporeans in 2018. The former Vice-President of DBS Bank was flamed in 2018 for posting an image of the Singapore flag ripped to reveal an Indian one underneath.

Many said his post was disrespectful because to them, he was to be a Foreign Talent that should be grateful and thankful to S’porea for giving him a cushy job; not a Foreign Trash biting the hand that gave him a cushy job, and they and demanded that he be be punished.

The bank obliged the mob by sacking him. He then left S’pore.

Why do I mention him?

Facebooker Avijit Das Patnaik criticised Singapore for splitting COVID-19 statistics into locals and foreign workers. He alleged that it is racist and xenophobic to present it in this manner.

That’s another thing to avoid: calling local S’poreans and the govt racist or xenophobic.

Finally don’t insult elderly security guards doing their job by telling them that you live in better housing than they do. A JPMorgan manager did this and he was flamed. Rumour has it that he has since left the bank and S’pore.

Yet another Indian trying really hard to prove anti-Indian S’poreans are right to abuse Indians

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In Indians: Why migrating to S’pore is not a good idea, I touched on two local Indian trolls who got non-Indian S’poreans upset because they were asserting their right to infect S’poreans.

Now, a 47-year-old Indian (born in India but now a citizen of the Dominican Republic) has been charged in court on Wednesday (May 13) about lying about his travel history at the Supreme Court.

Kiri Manish Pravinchandra was attending a court trial there on March 31 and April 1, and falsely declared each time that he had not been abroad in the two weeks prior, said the Singapore Police Force and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority in a statement on Tuesday. He was later allowed to enter the court twice.

He had flown in from the US of A.

With ethnic Indians like these three, one can only wonder why non-Indian S’poreans are not more biased against ethnic Indians.

It’s sad when potential victims help racists “prove” their point.

Indians: Why migrating to S’pore is not a good idea

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Thinking of migrating to S’pore, Indians?

Words of warning from a local Indian, super sensitive and Western educated:

Dear friends in Singapore, I am writing because there appears to be an uptick in anti-South Asian prejudice recently, and I hope the moderate and sane among you can do what you can to extinguish little fires if and when you see them.

Seemingly harmless statements like “Eh, why Indians again ah?”, if left unchecked, can lead to resentment, if even in the smallest, most subconscious of ways.

Of course I don’t support the actions of her highness the sovereign, or her imitator, but there is no need to make it racial. Have you heard about the Chinese and Malays and Others who have threatened safe distancing ambassadors, including one who tried to stab them? (Check out this YouTube video called “Compilation of Crazy Singaporeans during Circuit Breaker period”, bottom of this post)

Actually, I also tot “Why must be Indians that demand to be Sovereigns while abusing innocent Chinese people?”< But then I wrote

HSBC: Dividends/ StanChart is “Little India”

Last Deepavali in Marina Bay’s Little India?

He goes on

Why do I say there is an uptick? Three things have alerted me:

a) Last week three or four separate Chinese friends were doxxing the wrong Indian lady. I had to respond to each individually, most didn’t even know it was a crime.

(Some said: “Nothing to do with race. Just curious.” My response: “When is the last time you doxxed a Chinese?”)

b) Individual Indians have written to me to share their experiences both in real life and online. Some of the commentary online is really vile.

Schematic on how Covid-19 affects the body explains why infected Indian dorm workers are still alive

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No wonder it kills us fatties with chronic diseases while fit and trim Indian and Bangladeshi workers living in cramped and often unhygienic conditions who catch Covid-19 don’t die of it: Covid-19: Reason why no Indian or Bangladeshi worker has died?

The body’s systems go into overdrive when fighting Covid-19. This causes real problems for us effete elderly fatties. The bodies of the Indian and Bangladeshi workers just shrug off the side-effects that do us effete elderly fatties serious damage.


In late April, It was reported that a dorm worker that had caught Covid-19 was found dead. Police are investigating.

A Bangladeshi, Case 17410, was confirmed to have COVID-19 after his death on May 1 but the Ministry of Health said the cause of his death was ischaemic heart disease.

Activists say that there are four or five other deaths and say that there’s a cover-up. But these activists (especially white skin lover Kirsten Han) are juz as credible as Queen Jos the manpower minister when she refuses to admit that she and her ministry made “an honest mistake”.

Double confirm: TRE cybernut is really xia suay

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Not only cannot spell properly

What happened?:
called thefollowing hotlines:

1) CPF
2) GST voucher
3) Keppel Electric

All siad they are closed for the day – today thursday at 11am to 1 pm?

Anybody know what’s gooing on?

“What happened?” called on Vesak Day, a public holiday, expecting them to be operating. But maybe he’s a nut case? He didn’t realise that it was a public holiday because he’s unemployed.

Covid-19: Ethnic Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis got higher death rates in UK

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Ethnic Chinese don’t die as much. Blacks die like flies, relatively speaking.

For British Bangladeshi and Pakistanis, the mortality rate is more than three times higher. For British Indians the mortality rate is more than two times higher.

Scientists are trying to figure out why ethnic minorities have higher death rates than the whites.

But then in S’pore, Indian and Bangladeshi workers catch the virus but don’t seem to die: Covid-19: Reason why no Indian or Bangladeshi worker has died?


In late April, It was reported that a dorm worker that had caught Covid-19 was found dead. Police are investigating.

A Bangladeshi, Case 17410, was confirmed to have COVID-19 after his death on May 1 but the Ministry of Health said the cause of his death was ischaemic heart disease.

Covid-19: No more beer

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According to a BBC report on Wednesday, Mexico was days away from running out of beer, the country’s brewers’ association warned.

“There’s no production, there’s no distribution, we’re not producing a single beer,” said the president of Brewers of Mexico. She had already received reports of prices shooting up as speculators took advantage of shortages.

She reassured beer lovers that brewers were poised to restart production as soon as they were allowed to by the government – but cautioned that she had not been given any hint as to when that could be.

Brewing is not among the industries which the government declared essential and therefore had to halt production at the end of March.

French and Austrians love Big Macs/ Will Indians rush too to buy Big Macs?

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McDonald’s is slowly reopening in Europe. Big Mac fans had to endure a three-hour wait in France and a two-mile queue in Austria.

And once upon a time, the French rioted when McDonalds opened its first French outlet in Paris.

When India emerges from lock-down will Indians rush to buy it, like they do alcohol?

Covid-19: Relaxation of lockdown not “exit” but “phase 2”

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PM has said that our soft lockdown (He and his PAP govt call it “circuit breaker”) will be relaxed. About time too, I needed a haircut, when the announced the lockdown.

FT’s editor puts any relaxation of lockdown, in perspective:

All across Europe, governments are taking baby steps to ease lockdowns that have paralysed their economies for weeks, if not months. “Exit strategy” is probably the wrong phrase to capture what happens next. We are entering the second phase of the pandemic, which will be an uneasy halfway house between lockdown and any semblance of normality — overshadowed by the ever-present risk of a second wave of infections.


She goes on

In the first wave, our lives and economies were put on pause while governments deployed massive fiscal and monetary stimulus.The next phase will not be easier. Governments will have to weigh the economic cost against the risk of further virus outbreaks. We could end up living in bubbles, with a limited number of people we can interact with. Many will continue to work from home, perhaps until a vaccine is found.

Markets may be shrugging off the new reality — that a V-shaped recovery is no longer on the cards. This week’s mass layoffs have made clear that in many sectors the pain is longer lasting. Whether it’s airlines, travel, hospitality or even retail, it will be months before a semblance of normality is restored. Don’t book your summer holidays yet.

Sadly she’s right.

Pirates? No only Italians and Indians watching movies

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Italians and Indians lead the world in visiting piracy sites says piracy-monitoring company Muso.

Increase in film piracy: site visits in last seven days of March compared to same period in February

BBC/ Muso

Covid-19: Redundancy is good

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Germany is increasingly seen as a model for how it has handled Covid-19 domestically.

NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES are opening; schools soon will be, too. The country’s fortunes are down to a mix of science-minded leadership, functional federalism and a bit of luck.


But according to the FT, an oversupply of hospital beds helps Germany a lot. Pre Covid-19, critics had called for drastic cut in number of hospital facilities.

Politics got in the way of the cull and the German healthcare system was seen as inefficient.

But willing is smiling now? Ango-American capitalism or the German model. Our ang moh tua kee PAP govt should stop aping the wrong ang mohs.

Run in France on tobacco products because of “evidence” smokers less likely to catch Covid-19

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This is not fake news propogated by Big Tobacco.

[S]mokers were less numerous among hospitalised Covid-19 patients than in the general population,preliminary findings from a Paris hospital nicotine competes with the virus for access to receptors in the lungs and so protects smokers


Last week, data from a Paris hospital indicated that smokers were statistically less likely to be admitted for treatment for Covid-19: researchers noticed the low number of smokers among those hospitalised with Covid-19. The theory that nicotine could play a role in blocking the virus is due to be tested at a hospital in Paris, using nicotine patches.

The government’s chief health official said the study was interesting but warned that smokers who did become infected with coronavirus tended to have more serious symptoms. He also warned that smoking killed 75,000 people a year in France.

There was a run on nicotine products. France has now banned the online sale of nicotine products and limited their sale in pharmacies, after researchers suggested that nicotine may play a role in protecting against coronavirus.

The new rules cover products like nicotine gum and patches, designed to help people stop smoking.

People will only be allowed to buy one month’s supply of these products.

The aim is to stop people putting too much nicotine into their bodies, in the hope of protecting themselves against coronavirus, and also to protect the supply for people who need it, says the .

BBC’s Lucy Williamson in Paris

Btw, unrelated to the above, South Africa has unbanned cigarette sales. Alcohol sales remain banned under its lockdown

Covid-19: Reason why no Indian or Bangladeshi worker has died?

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(Update on 24 April at 4,30am: After publication, it was reported that a dorm worker that had caught Covid-19 was found dead. Police are investigating.)

The number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore has crossed 10,000, with 1,016 cases announced on Wednesday. Most of the cases (about 80% according to the BBC) are work permit holders residing in dormitories.

Low-wage foreign workers comprise a fifth of the overall population in Singapore, but largely live separate from the local community. The dormitories — where clogged toilets and overflowing rubbish chutes have been reported — are a far cry from the country’s glitzy skyline showcased in Hollywood blockbusters like “Crazy Rich Asians.”

And another person has died, bringing the total to 12. But there have been no deaths (touch wood) among the dormitory workers.

One reason is that they are young: I think (I stand corrected) that all the 12 people who died here are not young.

Here’s another possible reason why the workers are not dying despite catching the Covid-19 while living in cramped, crowded conditions: they are not overweight. Have you seen an overweight FT manual worker?

The UK’s Sunday Telegraph reports on research about who is at greater risk of being admitted to hospital with a severe form of the virus. The paper says a study into British patients suggests being overweight is one of the most important risk factors.

The yet to be peer-reviewed is based on an analysis of more than 15,000 cases and is said to be the biggest study of its kind.


Covid-19 only emerged at the end of 2019, but already there are signs it may take a long time for some patients to get back to full health.

Recovery time will depend on how sick you become in the first place. Some people will shrug off the illness fast, but for others it could leave lasting problems.

Age, gender and other health issues all increase the risk of becoming more seriously ill from Covid-19.

The more invasive the treatment you receive, and the longer it is performed, the longer recovery is likely to take.

Covid-19: Banning citizens from returning

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India is one of the few countries in the world that has barred its own citizens from returning. Juz saying as there are cybnernuts condemning the govt for allowing citizens and some long-term residents from returning.

Whatever may the American (must be a Trumpter) that returned here and infected many others by irresponsible partying must be deported. Juz saying.

Social distancing the Chinese way

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The ang moh way

Can the hard-hit spend their way out of a recession?

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This Chinese bizman from Wuhan has a great question that shows the enormity of the problem govts all over the world face,

“How can you spend your way out of recession when you have a mortgage and other bills to pay and your job is under threat?

FT quoting a Wuhan resident

Many European countries (frollowing Germany’s tried and tested approach) are using short-term paid leave schemes to shield workers. S’pore (ang moh tua kee) is also doing something like this except that the employees are still on the cos’ payrolls.

Meanwhile US is flooding the system with cheap loans, some of which is forgivable if used to pay employees until September, rather than sack them.

Many countries including S’pore and the US are also giving “peanuts” directly to the peasants.

But will the peasants spend? They might decide to be prudent?

Toilet paper maker cleans out

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Vinda International Holdings is one of the world’s biggest toilet roll makers and is listed in HK.

Shareholders must be shitting themselves in joy.

It just said operating profit for the three months ended March 31, 2020 is expected to increase by about 55% compared with the year before.

Profit for the first quarter is expected to increase by about  65% from the year before. Operating profit and net profit forthe first quarter are expected to be about HK$527 million and HK$377 million, respectively.

Revenue is expected to be about HK$3.41 billion, down by 16% and organic growth of  -12%.

Funnily, the stock tanked during the recent sell off, only to reverse.

Those who panicked must be shitting bricks.

UK street party obeying social distancing guidelines

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Police in Hull, in England, allowed a street party to continue because everyone was following social distancing guidelines. Pictures from the scene show residents enjoying a drink in their front gardens while the man who organised the party played dance music from turntables outside his home.

The people are at least two meters apart: Covid-19: Social distance illustrated.

Can only happen in the UK.

Anywhere else, the police will close down the party as an illegal assembly even if social distancing is practiced: guns a’blazing in the US or lathis swinging in India or throwing tear gas canisters in France.

South Korea’s and S’pore healthcare systems compared

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S Korea is often held up to be the gold standard in the fight against Covid-19. If so, contrary to what Lim Tean, Goh Meng Seng, Mad Dog and anti-PAP alt media say, the PAP govt’s management of our heathcare system is world class in general , and in the fight against Covid-19 ((bar the advice on use of masks, now amended: Masterclass ). Remember Korea is a developed country.

S’pore has also on a per capita basis tested more people for Covid-19 than S Korea. I can’t remember where I read this. I’ll cite the source when I find it.

And we do spend $, even if its from our own pocket. But let’s remember that anti-PAP cybernuts say CPF is a tax. If it’s a tax, then this spending on healthcare is public spending, not “Ownself fund ownself”.

Vote wisely.


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Yesterday in Constructive advice to Mad Dog and other anti-PAP types, I said I’d post a masterclass in

on how to remind the public that the PAP govt is really xia suay, but which cannot be seen as sniping. In fact, it’s really constructive advice to S’poreans.

Below is a screenshot of what TCB wrote recently, followed by the full text. He tells us to use masks when we go out.

It is a simple but considerate act that protects those next to us. Let’s not look for reasons not to wear a mask in public.

And nowhere in it does he mention that until recently, the PAP govt said that it was xia suay to use masks. But S’poreans know what was until last Friday official govt policy. We even had Kee Chui Chan calling HK’s CEO xia suay for wearing a mask in public.

All Dr Tan says is

The Government also said they will not discourage the wearing of masks.

Full text:

Let’s wear masks

Since PM’s announcement on Friday, many Singaporeans are scrambling to do last minute work preparations visiting workplaces and shopping centers before the closure of schools and non-essential businesses on Wednesday.

The Government also said they will not discourage the wearing of masks.

As a doctor, I would go one step further to encourage, and even insist that everyone should wear a mask when you leave home.

You will be protecting neighbours, colleagues and people around you if you cough and sneeze or if you are an asymptomatic carrier. There is nothing to lose in wearing masks. The number of unlinked local infection cases and new clusters is rising. You will also minimise the risk of catching the virus if a carrier is close to you. The risks are real. CNA reported that on 4 April 2020, there were 75 new cases and 4 new clusters.

So wear a mask when you go out. It is a simple but considerate act that protects those next to us. Let’s not look for reasons not to wear a mask in public.

However, don’t let wearing masks make us complacent. We still need to practice good hygiene habits of hand washing and not touching your face. And most of all, we should Stay At Home. This is the best way to protect yourself.

Remember, you can play your part to stop virus transmission.

I include some of the latest research on the protection that masks provide.

Constructive advice to Mad Dog and other anti-PAP types

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But first

#SGunited does not mean citizens should just listen and let the political leaders go unquestioned. Whenever someone says the 4G leaders know best, remind them who said face masks were not necessary for the general public two months ago and also those media platforms that regurgitated such narrative without question.


Well given that TOC’s stance is “PAP is always wrong” above comment is really rich. Sad.

Seriously, I sent the following to the only adult in the SDP’s CEC with a suggestion, he forward it to Mad Dog:

Sir Keir’s best chance of success lies in playing to his strengths as a post-ideological pragmatist. In public he should ask practical questions about the government’s performance in producing ventilators and covid tests or getting economic help to the vulnerable, while avoiding the impression that he’s sniping. 

Economist’s Bagehot

I’m sending the same message via this post to Terry and other anti-PAP activists:

Ask practical questions about the government’s performance in containing the virus or getting economic help to the vulnerable, while avoiding the impression that you are sniping. 

Sadly I doubt, Mad Dog, Terry etc would do this. “PAP is always wrong.”

With enemies like Mad Dog, Lim Tean, Meng Seng, s/o JBJ, Tan Kin Lian, Tan Jee Say and other anti-PAP clowns, the PAP can afford friends like Grace Yeo: Xia suay! “PA group activities dangerous for seniors’ health”.

Tom, I’ll post a masterclass on how to remind the public that the PAP govt is really xia suay, but which cannot be seen as sniping. In fact, it’s really constructive advice to S’poreans.

Xia suay! PM missed talking about a really important matter

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PM covered all the important matters (bar one) in his recent speech. But he missed talking about the fact that many couples under lockdown the circuit breaker find themselves closer than ever in the coming month.

The ex-comedian who became president of Ukraine even though he had only peasant genes and didn’t get a double first in Cambridge (like our PM and his Pa) spotted an opportunity that eluded our PM.

In a television appearance last month, Mr Zelensky, like most other world leaders, asked citizens to stay at home. He then called on his compatriots to take advantage of the enforced intimacy to boost the country’s shrinking population: by making babies.

But then maybe the very wide-spread perception that PM and his millionaire ministers prefer FT to true blue S’poreans is true? (Population White Paper: 2030 will resemble 1959?, White Paper fiasco: Who goofed? and Population White Paper: PAP’s suicide note?)

And going by the likes of Mad Dog, Lim Tean, Meng Seng, s/o JBJ, Tan Kin Lian, Tan Jee Say and other anti-PAP clowns, who can blame the FT preference? How to get S’poreans to welcome mass immigration.

Related posts: True blue oldies will save economy, not FTs and Real reason govt de-emphasising degrees?

Covid-19: Tablighi Jamaat does it again

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Pakistan has the most Covid-19 cases in South Asia with 2709 reported cases and 40 deaths. And it’s the fault of Tablighi Jamaat again. (Related post: Covid-19: Must be Tablighi Jamaat again)

Many of these cases were found among members of an Islamic missionary movement called Tablighi Jamaat who had returned after attending the Jamaat’s annual convention in Lahore in mid-March.

The convention was attended by missionaries from all over the Islamic world. It proved to be a catalyst for the spread of virus to many areas in Punjab, in some sectors of the federal capital Islamabad, as well as to other areas like the Palestinian territories.

With an Islamic organisation like Tablighi Jamaat, Muslims doesn’t need to worry about Hindu nationalists, or others who hate Islam and Muslims. With a Muslim organisation like Tablighi Jamaat, Muslims don’t need enemies.

Covid-19: What happens after isolation

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So what do you do after lockdown is lifted or you can leave self isolation.

Deep clean the room or flat

“Viruses are actually fairly delicate bits of material, so they don’t survive very long”, Alex Akin, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Akin says using soapy water or any kind of detergent to wipe down surfaces in the room you’ve been isolating in is enough to kill droplets of any virus.

He emphasised that the areas you should focus most on cleaning are “smooth, flat, smooth plastic or metal surfaces”.

You can throw yr laundry in the wash with other people’s. The normal detergents in a washing machine should easily deal with any amount of virus.”

And if you are ang moh, bathe before going out.

The countries without Covid-19

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All are island states.

All but the Comoros are in the Pacific. Only the Comoros is Muslim. The following are Christian and in the Pacific: Marshall Islands; Micronesia; Nauru; Palau; Samoa; Solomon Islands; Tonga; Tuvalu; and Vanuatu.

But they are not allowing anyone in. And if the virus gets in, these island states can’t cope.

Covid-19: Ang moh tua kees: Swedish and PAP govts behaving in similar manner

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Our ang moh tua kees like to compare S’pore unfavourably with the Nordic countries.

Well the Swedish govt is behaving in a similar manner to the PAP govt. Both are trying and succeeding (so far) in their attempts in allowing life to go on much closer to normal, like in keeping schools open.

While swathes of Europe’s population endure lockdown conditions in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, one country stands almost alone in allowing life to go on much closer to normal.

Lim Tean and P Ravi should stop playing politics in calling for a shut down of schools.

There are good reasons to try to avoid closing schools: Xia suay! Lim Tean wants to badly damage our healthcare system.

And P Ravi should remember that his party leader, Dt Tan Cheng Bock, has not called for schools to close. Rumour has it that Ravi wants the PSP to nominate him as its candidate in SMC Hong Kah North. In the last GE, he stood there for the Chiams’ party. This call is certainly a black mark against him in any decision to field him. The PSP is not Lim Tean. It’s a responsible party and tries to talk sense, even if at times it gets things wrong.

With enemies like Lim Tean and Ravi, how can the Oppo hope to deny the PAP a two-thirds majority in parliament: Is there really a better alternative to PAP 4G?.


Covid-19: Coughing is terrorism and other policing actions

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I kid u not.

Int’l media reports that a New Jersey man has been charged with making a “terroristic” threat. He coughed on an employee of a supermarket during an argument, and then claimed to have Covid-19. State governor Phil Murphy rightly described the suspect as a “knucklehead” but so are the police. Juz charge him for intimidation or assault.

Now this is really a knucklehead behaviour on the part of an idiot and the police. A 26-year-old in Missouri was arrested on Monday and charged with making a terrorist threat after he posted a video earlier this month of himself licking deodorants at a Walmart store while asking: “Who’s scared of the coronavirus?”

In S’pore, someone did something similar (Drinking milk or water) and returning the slightly empty bottles to the supermarket shelves. He was charged for stealing but not for acts of terror.

I’ll end with this story. A 52-year-old hair salon owner in the South African town of Ladysmith has been charged with attempted murder for defying a doctor’s order to self-quarantine.

Covid-19 in Islamic countries

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When the reports of the Wuhan virus ravaging China came out, mad mullahs said it was Allah punishing the Chinese for persecuting Muslims in Xinjiang for practicing Islam.

And remember, the Indonesian minister who said that prayers ensured that the Covid-19 virus avoided Indonesia, despite the many Chinese tourists who visited Bali?

So how has Covid-19 treated Muslim-run countries?

In I’ve reported on the lies told by the Indonesian govt. Indonesia has the virus and people have died.

Worse, thousands of Muslim pilgrims from across Asia gathered at a religious event in Gowa in Indonesia’s province of South Sulawesi on Wednesday (Mar 18), despite fears that their meeting could fuel the spread of a coronavirus, just two weeks after a similar event in M’sia caused more than 500 infections.

Organisers and regional officials said the event in the world’s fourth most populous nation had begun.

“We are more afraid of God,” one of the organisers, Mustari Bahranuddin, told Reuters, when asked about the risk of participants spreading the virus

Malaysia, which is under a partial lockdown, has tallied more than 710 people with the virus, the worst in South East Asia. Many of the cases are linked to a Muslim event in Kuala Lumpur, in February.

“We have a slim chance to break the chain of COVID-19 infections,” Noor Hisham Abdullah, director general of Health Malaysia, said on Facebook.

“Failure is not an option here. If not, we may face a third wave of this virus, which would be greater than a tsunami, if we maintain a ‘so what’ attitude.”


Tens of thousands of people gathered in Bangladesh for a mass prayer session on Wednesday, despite fears it posed a risk of spreading the new coronavirus.

BBC on 19 March.

I left the worst Muslim affected country to the end.

Iran is the third worst-hit country behind China and Italy. Iran’s Supreme Leader has rejected America’s offer of aid to help the country with its battle against coronavirus.

According to the government, there were two “patient zeros”, both of whom died in the pilgrimage city of Qom on 19 February. One, it said, was a businessman who contracted the disease in China. Qom quickly became the epicentre of the outbreak.

The city is an important pilgrimage destination for Shia Muslims. It is home to the country’s top Islamic clerics, and draws some 20 million domestic and around 2.5 million international tourists a year. Each week, thousands of pilgrims navigate the city, paying their respects by kissing and touching the numerous shrines and landmarks.

Here’s something that should worry the mad mullahs. Maybe Allah is not a Muslim?

As to whether God is Catholic or Protestant, look out for a coming post.

Covid-19: Social distance illustrated

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Standing or sitting how far apart? See below:

Social distance

Xia suay! Lim Tean wants to badly damage our healthcare system

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And our economy. He so hate us for keeping the PAP govt in power, that he wants to destroy S’pore?

Lim Tean is KPKBing that schools should be closed to fight the Wuhan virus.

Well according to the link below, the data on whether such closures will curb covid-19 are limited, and the direct economic costs are huge, even disregarding the long-term damage to children’s education.

But then Lim Tean is not married and is reported not to have any kids. Impotent, it’s alleged.

To summarise just one aspect of the detailed analysis in the link below

A study in 2009 estimated that if schools close for a month, between 6% and 9% of vital health-care workers would have to stay at home to look after their offspring. 


The Economist’s detailed analysis is at

In summary, closing schools is a sign that all other less bad options don’t or can’t work.

Please forward the piece to BS artist Lim Tean.

Look at Lim Tean’s record. Still no jobs rally after collecting money in 2017 for rally, and no picture, no sound after collecting money to sue CPF yrs ago: Finally Lim Tean called to account on a “broken promise”. To be fair, he did deliver on defamation video two years late. But it was BS.

Can he be trusted to do anything but grab the money?

Is there really a better alternative to PAP 4G?