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Making Every Primary School A Good School

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Even the most hardcore PAP voting parent can’t believe “Every School A Good School” unless he or she is as stupid as an anti-PAP cybernut like TRE’s Oxygen or Dosh or their hero Roy. What with elite schools and six- yr programmes, “Every School A Good School” sounds like another comment by would-be comedian Tharman. “Every School A Good School”: so why got elite schools and six-yr programmes?

—————————————————————————————————————Every School A Good School

Our goal in education is to provide every child with the opportunity to develop holistically and maximise his or her potential. In creating opportunities for all, MOE will ensure that every school is a good school.

(MOE website)


Here’s a simple, elegant but radical solution that will every neighbourhood primary school a great school.

Let the top pupils at every primary school be guaranteed admission to RI or Hwa Chong; let the next-ranked pupils at each school take a spot at the next-most competitive secondary school, and so on. Those from the “poorer” schools (schools where the bulk of parents earn the median wage or less) may have lower test scores, but, given their circumstances, they will have actually achieved more than those whose parents pay and pay for tuition etc.

This will encourage the kids in neigbourhood primary schools to do their best (which is a good thing in itself: and very hard to encourage) and striking a blow for meritocracy.  The kids do not have to accept their lot in life. Aspiration or “You don’t have to set limits on your talent and your ambition” isn’t juz meaningless drivel*.

Teachers at these schools will be motivated to do their best.

There is a play running in London about the angst that parents are facing in choosing where to educate their kids.

Alia [a scholar-type kid and FT] offers a simple solution: let the top pupils at every school, whether Eton [A really posh school where the UK’s elite send their kids to. The present PM’s old school] or a failing comprehensive [think neighbourhood school in a HDB estate where the residents earn less than the median wage], be guaranteed admission to Oxford or Cambridge; let the next-ranked pupils at each school take a spot at the next-most competitive universities, and so on. Those from the poorer schools may have lower test scores, but, given their circumstances, they will have actually achieved more than those whose parents stuffed a bassoon into their hands to help their chances at a posh school or university.

Alia’s solution has an appeal, not only for the pupils or the university, but for those poor anguished parents. To encourage the kids to do their best is hard enough without trying to game the system at the same time. Such a radical change could not only rebalance parents’ incentives, but the schools’ (and top universities’) populations themselves, striking a blow for meritocracy. But like any radical reform, it faces so many entrenched interests that it is unlikely to get a shot.

Yes of course, every secondary school can be a good school too by using the above method for entry to yr 5 and 6 in elite schools, and JCs, but that will will mean giving less room to six-yr programmes, so one step at a time.

For starters, let’s make Every Primary School A Good School. After all we have a new Acting Minister of Education (Schools). He’d surely want to win his spurs to be in the running to be a future PM? But then his priority might be to avoid becoming another Lui or the CEO of NOL?


*The Ministry of Education (MOE) will work towards making the education system more diverse, by taking into account “not just top down national needs but also bottom-up aspirations”, said Acting Education Minister (Higher Education and Skills) Ong Ye Kung, the other acting minister. [Added at 6.45am]

Tuition nation: System not at fault?

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There is a lot of angst about the amount of time and money that is spent on tuition, despite the PAP administration’s claim that “Every school is a good school”.

As usual the anti-PAP activists and cybernuts blame the PAP administration, and on this issue there are parents among the 70% that voted for the PAP who agree.

But it could be the racial and cultural mix here that is to blame.

A UK study seems to indicate that Indian and Chinese parents are really pushy

By the age of 11, some 22% of children were receiving help from private tutors – but again there were differences along ethnic lines:

  • white – 20%
  • Pakistani or Bangladeshi – 29%
  • Indian – 42%
  • black – 47%
  • Chinese or other minority ethnic – 48%

Most 11-year-olds spent one to two hours a week on homework.

Some spent five hours or more, but again this varied on ethnic lines:

  • white – 7%
  • Pakistani or Bangladeshi – 8%
  • black – 20%
  • Indian – 24%
  • Chinese or other minority ethnic – 25%

Given that 70% of the population here are Chinese, and 7% Indians (including Indian Muslims), the reason for the high levels of tuition seems simple: “It’s culture and race”. Don’t blame the education system that the PAP administration devised? Try telling this to Mad Dog Chee or TOC?

Another piece of supporting evidence that Chinese and Indian parents are to be blamed, not the PAP administration. Sometime back I read about a Malay lady who conducted classes for Malay parents so that they could help their kids with homework. One mum said that the course tot her how difficult was “modern” maths and she was less demanding on her kid for failing to do well. Err would any Chinese or Indian mum agree with what this singleton thinks is a very enlightened attitude to take?

Btw, Wonder if this applies here?

Extra tuition also broke down according to background:

  • children whose mother had a post-graduate degree – 30%
  • children whose mother had no qualifications – 19%



Social media & politics

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The Indian PM, a big fan and user of social media, said in California during his recent visit there:

— “When I came to government, I saw that one of the problems that governments have is that there is a big gap between the government and the people,” he said. “But with social media we have daily bonding.”

— “The strength of social media today is that it can tell governments where they are wrong and can stop them from moving in the wrong direction.”

I can imagine our PM* or some other PAP minister using the same language to explain to S’poreans and ang mohs why S’pore doesn’t need any Opposition in parly, and why S’poreans should treasure the unicorn of being a de-facto one-party state.

And I’m sure the Chinese Communist Party would say the same things in China.

But. Modi also said

“We used to have elections every five years and now we can have them every five minutes.”

Somehow I don’t think PM or the CCP would ever say this.

I’ll leave the final word on social media and politics to a disillusioned anti-PAP cyber warrior who I respect. He says social media is ineffective against claims made by the govt.
Looks like he’s still upset with the GE result. But he, unlike the cybernuts and Dr Chee, accept and respect the results.
*Maybe PM should tell Tharman to stop cracking jokes about politics:

“He told reporters that the opposition plays a critical role in advancing the country. “It is important for the opposition to reflect on what happened – not just in terms of whether the electorate didn’t know better or the electorate made a mistake – but how they could have done better in their strategies,” he said.
“We need a more reflective attitude after each election, and on how the opposition can continue to play a constructive and positive role in Singapore politics, as they must.
Mr Tharman also acknowledged the presence of several new opposition candidates who failed to get elected, and hoped they would continue to be active in public life.
It is very good that we saw some new faces in the elections. Several very interesting new faces,” he said.
“I hope they continue to contribute to Singapore – even though they didn’t win – whether in politics or outside.”

But Tharman loves cracking jokes



Salute these Oppo warriors

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Unconquerable souls who took on the Empire. They were thrashed badly on 9/11

All hail, Dr Chee, Dr Paul. Dr Ang, P Ravi and Jeannette Chong, and their families. Hopefully,  the last three will retire from the fray for their own sakes and that of their families. They don’t the backup that Dr Chee and Dr Paul have: the SDP.

The SDP activists too should be saluted.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

(by Henley)


Photoshopped movie poster on the Singapore 2015 election by PixelGod





Salute these cyberwarriors

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Richard Wan (the public face of TRE) has RODed from TRE (see leeter below).

Salute him, Andrew the Techie and all the other members of TeamTRE who contributed time and money to provide S’poreans with alternative views and a platform to express themselves: The Voice of S’poreans for S’pore. Sadly their efforts were saboed by some really ungrateful S’poreans who overan the platform like the rats who overan Bukit Batok.

While the PAP administrations’s NEA cleared out the rats, TeamTRE and S’poreans who visited the platform had to live with the anti-PAP cyberrats (and nuts). Goh Meng Seng was their hero and now their hero is s/o JBJ. Btw, they think the PAP lost the election, S’poreans juz don’t realise it yet, because the New Citizens voted for the PAP, making victory possible for the PAP.

TeamTRE believes in freedom of expression, hence the presence of the cynerrats and cybernuts on the platform.

Makes one understand why the late LKY had such a low opinion of those who opposed him , and suppressed views that were not “right”.

Anyway back to Richard, Andrew and the others in TeamTRE


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

by Henley

Passing it on

It has been some 4 years since I volunteered to take up the position of an editor in TRE. Indeed, there have been many ups and downs along the way. Regardless, it has always been comforting to know that many netizens, including myself, are learning and benefiting from the many interactions with each other on TRE.

I volunteered simply because I felt there was a need to provide more alternative news and views, so as to add more media diversity into our society.

Certainly, with Singapore’s Press Freedom Index languishing at 150th position out of 180 [Link], it shows that there is much for Singapore to improve in terms of media control, if Singapore is to truly become a first world nation.

Indeed, society needs to have a diversity of views and ideas in order for it to progress and to grow. Without a free press and transparency, it’s hard for the people to make an informed choice or support the right decisions made by the country’s leaders.

Ultimately, freedom of the press forms the basis of democracies. Many leaders of the first world have acknowledged this:

“Democracy is impossible without freedom of the press, for freedom of the press is the basis of democracies. Complex controversies cannot be solved without freedom of the press, as questions must be aired. Freedom of the press is one of the major building blocks in a democracy.” – Gerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany

“A free press will sometimes make uncomfortable reading for any politician. But any passing embarrassment or justified indignation must never blind us to its vital role in both the health and protection of democracy. Those who wish to destroy democracy and its freedoms know this well. It is why their first act is often to try to muzzle the media. It is also why we must all be vigilant in safeguarding the freedom of the press at home and abroad.” –Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of UK

“A free press is the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free men prize; it is the most dangerous foe of tyranny… Under dictatorship the press is bound to languish… But where free institutions are indigenous to the soil and men have the habit of liberty, the press will continue to be the Fourth Estate, the vigilant guardian of the rights of the ordinary citizen.” – Sir Winston Churchill

I’ve served the equivalent of 2 tours of National Service in TRE. It’s time for me to pass the baton to someone else. I’ll continue to write and contribute online but will probably write less now due to work commitments.

I hope that one day Singapore’s Press Freedom Index will rise to the same level as other first world nations. When that happens, Singapore can then be considered to have truly arrived as a first world nation.

God bless!

Yours sincerely,

Richard Wan
18 Sep 2015

Cybernuts: “Walk the Talk”

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 On cooling off-day, this appeared on TRE

I believe it is time to show our appreciation to the team at TRE for the 4 years of their lives which could have been used for more meaningful purposes, but they choose to keep us company.

Other than Richard Wan, I do not know who the rest are, but here’s a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who made TRE possible.

And for those of you who feels that TRE has done a good job, please do make a token donation towards their cause so that TRE can continue to carry the Voice of Singaporeans for Singapore.


Note that the person is silent about making a donation. We can assume that he’s the usual born loser, TRE cheapskate

Earlier this month, this appeared

Tuck Wan:

I am not resident of AMK GRC but I am willing to donate $600 (GST voucher) to help him pay the damages awarded to Pinky. Like wise many
Blue blooded Singaporeans will do their bits.
Talking about gambling chips is only chips. We
are talking about our future generations.

I got a better suggestion for him and others.

Donate the money to TRE.

Too many TRE cybernuts are freeloading making Richard, Andrew and the rest of TeamTRE pay-and-pay to fight the PAP.

I think based on the postings on TRE,  the majority of TRE posters would seem fall into the “Hard-pressed Anxiety” and “Long-term Despair” (i.e. into the losers) even though TeamTRE belongs in the “Calm Persistence” and “Hard-pressed Anxiety”  categories: the only people who would spend time and money on doing what they believe is right, even if the losers are freeloading on their efforts.

What do you think?

Life on cruiser S’pore for next five yrs

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So don’t KPKB those 70%ers that voted for cruise ship PAP (Related post

But let’s be fair, Even the Pioneer Generation in Hougang and Aljunied will get their benefits.

Illustration of Singapore 2015 general elections by A Good Citizen


Which type of voter were you on 9/11?

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1. Comfortable Nostalgia: “They tend to be older, more traditional voters who dislike the social and cultural changes they see as altering [country] for the worse.”

2. Optimistic Contentment: “Confident, comfortable & usually on higher incomes they are prudent & tolerant but think [country] is a soft touch.”

3. Calm Persistence: “Often coping rather than comfortable, they hope rather than expect things to get better.”

4. Hard-pressed Anxiety: “Pessimistic & insecure, these people want more help from government and resent competition for that help particularly from new-comers.”

5. Long-term Despair: “Many are serial strugglers; angry & alienated they feel little or no stake in the country or that anyone stands up for them.”

6. Cosmopolitan Critics: “Generally younger, more secular and urban-based, worried about growing inequality & the general direction the country is going in.”

Go to  to see how I tot those who vote for the PAP, or Oppo can be categorised.

Calling JG

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When you are ready with yr tots, send it and I’ll publish.

WP’s “landmark election”

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This election will be landmark election,” says Workers’ Party secretary general, Low Thia Khiang, in the party’s video featuring its candidates for the upcoming elections.

“It marks a new phase for Singapore after 50 years of independence, and your vote will set the direction for the future of Singapore.”

He is right. This will be a landmark election for S’pore, and for the WP whether

— it wins East Coast or Marine Parade or both (all three possibilities unlikely in my opinion); and retains Aljunied*;

— doesn’t win another GRC but retains Aljunied*; or

— lose Aljunied (possible see earlier link) and ends up with only Hougang*,

because advance, draw or defeat has serious consequences for the WP and S’poreans who want plurality in politics i.e. an end to a de facto one party state.

If it wins another GRC or more, we’d have more oppo MPs in parly showing that more S’poreans have bot into the argument that the WP needs more MPs in parly before it can be a slapping co-driver. But will the swing voters be happy if the WP keeps its present stance of “being a constructive opposition” (Its definition. My take. Another take of mine. And remember even if it wins both East Coast and Marine Parade, it will still have less than the 20 it says it needs to be effective, so it may continue avoiding confronting the PAP. It may juz take the money and carry on keeping quiet.)? Or will they expect more than what WP delivered in the last parly?

If WP turns out to be the Worthless Party, the SDP may decide to challenge the WP in its territory. Remember that the WP wins seats because it can take for granted the hard core anti-PAP vote (anything up to 30% of the voters); thereby allowing itself to appeal to the swing voters as PAP Lite.

If it retains Aljunied, it will have shown that it can fight its corner, but the message from the rest of the seats contested will be that swing voters don’t buy its message that it needs more MPs before it can open its mouth. They also don’t buy into its PAP Lite message.

If the PAP regains Aljunied, WP better do some serious rethinking. It will show that its strategy of being PAP Lite doesn’t work anymore.

Because PAP has become the real PAP Lite by moving left a little? What with all the spending of our money on ourselves, making life more comfortable.

And it could be because swing voters that want plurality prefer a stronger brew?

Btw, the experts are more optimistic than I am about the WP’s prospects.

“It is my expectation that WP will pick up support and has a well-crafted campaign focusing on gradual gains and appealing to concerns of ordinary citizens,” said Bridget Welsh from the Center for East Asia Democratic Studies at National Taiwan University. Yahoo

“It is not only curiosity. One could interpret the large turnouts — by some accounts larger than 2011 — as pointing to WP’s message gaining traction,” said political analyst Eugene Tan, an associate law professor at the Singapore Management University.

“Voters are reciprocating by turning up in full force,” he told AFP.

Watch and wait,


*Hougang is safe. Punggol East, Feng Shan and Sengkang West are the icing on the cake if Aljunied holds firm, or another GRC or more is won but totally irrelevant if Aljunied repents.


Reality dawns: Voter’s lamentation/ Great spoofs

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Saw this on Facebook:

My wish for 2015

1. That WP retains Aljunied with an increased vote share. Show the pap that the people disapprove of its dirty tactics of using govt agencies for its own political purposes.

2. That the babe of Marine Parade gets elected.

3. That Lawrence Wong gets kicked out of Parliament. What a mudslinger!

4. That Chee gets elected. I’m pretty sure he won’t be a mouse in Parliament. And we could do with some fiery debates in the House. The type that jbj used to have with lky.

5. That lhl gets ousted in a party coup. None of this grooming crap.

6. That nsp collapses after this election.

7. That the bo liau independent candidates lose their deposits.

But the reality is…

The hdb situation is better than it was 4 years ago.

The immigration situation is better than it was 4 years ago.

The transport situation is better than it was 4 years ago.

The minister pay is lesser than it was 4 years ago.

And WP is bogged down by ahpetc unlike four years ago.


And so, it’s questionable whether pap will lose more seats than it did four years ago.


Above appeared on the wall of a middle-pf-the-road Facebook group, many of whom are likely to have voted for Dr Tan Cheng Bock. The poster usually is pro-Oppo, or anti-PAP.

Could be worse brudder, Aljunied could repent, and Chee and Paul find that 20 points gap is a moat they couldn’t fill in.

Btw, rumoured that Goh Meng Seng AWOL or MIA or jetted off to HK. The truth is more prosaic. He parachuted into Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and after nearly being sucked into a mud hole, is trying to navigate his way out of the swamp. Clueless as usual. He’ll be back campaigning after polling day.

Fact: today’s ST has reports from the leaders or spokesperson of all the parties, bar two, spelling out their parties’ positions. Goh Meng Seng’s People Parachutist Party did not feature. ST see him no ak? Or he forgot to send in a piece?

Same for the Chia,s’ Party. Will P Ravi be grumbling again about media coverage? He’s done this twice before.


Illustration of Singapore 2015 general elections by A Good Citizen

Photoshopped movie poster on the Singapore 2015 election by PixelGodIllustration of Singapore 2015 general elections by A Good Citizen

Chee: Mad Dog morphs into Loong

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From a TRE reader, which about sums up what I feel about Chee

September 9, 2015 at 1:33 am (Quote)
Like many of our older generation, I have always had doubts about CSJ. In the early years he appeared rash and even arrogant and brash especially armed with, I believe, his PhD in neuroscience.
Since then he has gone through hell and back and some of us thought he deserved what he got because he gave the impression of being manipulative and hence could not be trusted. Even today, he somehow does not seem to be able to naturally endear himself easily. There is something still too deliberate and even contrived about him. Spontaneity does not come easily. Yet, amidst all this one can still catch bits of the real man underneath his various personas. He has mellowed and with that allowed us glimpses of his true self and his sincerity.
I watched his lunchtime speech yesterday and was deeply moved by his words and his candid sharing. My tacitly negative image of him now no longer hold sway. Here was someone who had endured gross mistreatment and yet he did not allow bitterness to cloud the singularity of his focus. Much to admire, yet at the same time I wished he wouldn’t occasionally flash his ‘overdone’ broad smile; something that feels more like a cover for all he has been through.
CSJ now displays a degree of wisdom that was not evident before. He grasps the problems and concerns of ordinary people and addresses them with conviction and constructive proposals. He has become worldly wise. He speaks with passion and compassion. He is the change Singapore needs. Vote him and Paul in to Parliament. They will do the country a powerful world of good.
Majullah Singapura!

He’s got this guy to thank

And his family:

PM commending Oppo candidates? Or he’s an alien?

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Facebook exchange on PM’s call to judge “fairly and dispassionately” the character and intentions of General Election candidates come Polling Day on Sep 11:

A: PAP has no lack of quality? I struggle to find any of their new candidates or even their past ‘airborne’ brigade worth listening to seriously.can you? : )

B: The better oppo candidates this round : Daniel Goh, Paul Tambyah, Leon Pererira, He Ting Rui seem to be better, fresher and more in touch than the top PAP new entrants

Hence the need for stronger effective political competition ..

C: PM agrees that should vote for best candidates. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on voters to judge “fairly and dispassionately” the character and intentions of General Election candidates come Polling Day on Sep 11.

“Compare the candidates on their quality of character, their integrity, their commitment to serve. Then cast your vote in good conscience on what you believe will secure a good future for your children,” said Mr Lee

C: He juz from another planet (Bizarro*?) on the quality of his gang.

And another thing. PM talks of getting the politics right. Well in 2006, he got a big vote of confidence and in 2011, even though he got a yellow card, he got a good win.

So why didn’t he get the right policies after we got the politics rihgt? He didn’t did he on public transport? (Minister commit hari kiri but PAP pretended he didn’t?) And on immigration? Remember the White Paper? Maybe he did get these policies right in Bizarro S’pore, not in the S’pore I live.


*Backgrounder from Wikipedia: The Bizarro World (also known as htraE, which is “Earth” spelled backwards) is a fictional planet appearing in American comic books published by DC comics. Introduced in the early 1960s, htraE is a cube-shaped planet, home to Bizarro and companions, all of whom were initially Bizarro versions of Superman, Lois Lane and their children and, later, other Bizarros including Batzarro, the World’s Worst Detective.

In popular culture “Bizarro World” has come to mean a situation or setting which is weirdly inverted or opposite to expectations.


Another Oppo slate and candidate that deserve to win

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Singaporeans First (SingFirst) believe they have a fighting chance of overturning the People Action’s Party (PAP) in Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency (GRC) in the upcoming general elections.

SingFirst secretary-general Tan Jee Say and led psychiatrist Dr. Ang Yong Guan, 60, sales executive Melvyn Chiu Weng Hoe, 36, media consultant Fahmi Rais, 48, and market risk manager Chirag Desai, 38, to file nomination papers at Bendemeer Primary School on Tuesday morning. The latter three are first-time candidates.L-R: Chirag Desai, Fahmi Rais, Tan Jee Say, Dr. Ang Yong Guan and Melvyn Chiu from the SingFirst team contesting Tanjong Pagar GRC.

Given there are two RI boys, I can only wish the team well.even if one of them is TJS who can come across as an opportunist, and entitled aristocrat (he’s from a poor family but was a scholar) embittered that he isn’t feasting at the same high table as Ah Loong

Seriously, if PM and S’poreans want Oppo Tigers not mice, Dr Ang and TJS should fit the bill, alongside Dr Chee and Dr Paul. Juz because Dr Chee and TJS are flawed characters doesn’t mean that they’ll be ineffective in Parly. Saint Show Mao did bugger all in parly, other than affirming the status of the PAP as “emperor’

At this stage of our political development, we need demagogues like Chee and TJS and good wingmen like Ang and Paul. The inbuilt majority of the PAP protects us from the what the lazy, cybernuts from TRELand want: everything free.

As both Dr Ang and TJS are around my age (60), its nice to see that there are oldies who still want to change the world.

And SingFirst has some interesting policy ideas

I took this survey prepared by some Yale-NUS students on which parties think like the voter in question us’s%20Party)/80.67

My score
SingFirst 72.5
WP 72
Not a big surprise in my case, but which maybe explains why I’m so offended by the WP’s defence on its monitoring of AHPETC’s managing agent and standing up on the issues in parly.

So I wish these guys well.

And let’s not forget this feisty lady battling the odds in Mountbatten when she could be taking things easy. Three of her four kids are working, hubbie’s got money and she’s a lawyer. If I were her, I’d be spending my days playing mahjong and shopping.

Cruise ship PAP: First class or cattle class?

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Goh Chok Tong at Aljunied GRC – “If you go with the PAP, you are actually embarking on a cruise ship with a definite destination.”

Problem Mr Goh is that many S’poreans are in steerage

or think that they are by Swiss standards.

Steerage is the lower deck of a ship, where the cargo was stored above the open hold. During the early 1900s many immigrants were too poor to travel on the upper decks, with wealthy passengers, so they were cramped in converted cargo spaces which provided the lowest cost and lowest class of travel. The living conditions on the steerage deck were often horrible, with no bathroom facilities besides pots and pans. These horrible conditions caused many deaths due to unsanitary and cramped quarters. Gradual improvements to steerage class after the arrival of ocean liners led to its replacement by Third Class cabins.


Still as the film “Titanic” reminds us that third class passengers were left to drown. The truth is they were evacuated more slowly,  and there were anyway not enough life boats.

In first class over a third of the men, almost all of the women and all the children survived. In second it was less than 10 per cent of the men, 84 per cent of the women and all the children. But in steerage 12 per cent of the men, 55 per cent of the women and less than one in three of the children survived. Interrogating the figures shows that – despite the strict “women and children first” policy – a greater proportion of first class men survived, than of third class children.

Remember the perception that PAP says,”You die, yr problem”?

Btw, where GCT, Ah Loong and the other aristocrats (natural, unnatural or whatever) lounge.

Lightning Kills

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Just had to steal to share this image. Saw it on Facebook.

VivianB peeing in his pants?

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Surely this handshake should narrow for the SDP the 20 points gap in Holland Bukit Timah (based on last GE) to a winnable 10 points?.


If only Dr Chee and him shook hands, it’ll be a level playing field. And SDP has been taking Dr Tan’s advice* that they didn’t walk the ground enough prior to last GE.

“How do I vote” by Dr Tan Cheng Bock


*I was told juz after last GE, that before results came out, Dr Ang Yong Guan (then a SDP paratroop candidate asked Dr Tan (they know one another, if not friends) if SDP could win. Dr Tan asked for details of SDP’s out-reach and concluded that SDP didn’t walk the ground enough.

Ah Loong that popular meh?

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Dr Ang Yong Guan,  “Is the Prime Minister so insecure that he must be everywhere?” (referring to the election posters)

No lah,  PAP’s PR team  (remember Mr Selfie* is unemployed having left a PR firm a few yrs ago) must have conducted studies , for this poster to appear all over S’pore. First time since the 60s. It seems LKY’s mug was used in the 60s once. It got defaceded badly and the PM’s photo was never used nation-wide again, until now.


*Remember he got a “Juz for MP special” meal that “bankrupted” stall holder after it became public knowledge, and brown noser had to do NS by making the MP meal available for charity?


Train breakdown on NEL this evening?

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I tot the above when I read

“If you are going to the WP rally, take the NEL Line (Purple Line) to Boon Keng Station.

The rally site is right at its doorsteps.”


The real Ravi Superhero

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Not that Ravi standing for RP in AMK but telling people to vote for the PAP but this Ravi (I know him)

I come from a disadvantaged family and went to work after completing my GCE ‘O’ Level, at the age of 16, despite qualifying for higher education. I worked as a store-hand making just $300 so that I can help my mother. With an absent father in my life, my mother was my hero, and being the eldest child, my sense of duty compelled and pushed me into the adult world.

Even then, I knew that education was the great leveller. I pushed myself and completed the GCE ‘A’ Level and other diploma courses while working. Today I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Management) from Heriot-Watt University.

The Singapore back then, the political leaders and policies back then, provided various opportunities for me and allowed me to dream.  With hard work and perseverance, I rose from being a store-hand to be the Director of a welfare agency.

Our children and their children must not lose this ability to dream. Our leaders today are telling them that they don’t need a degree, that you can be a hawker, or a crane operator – that good qualifications no longer guarantee a good job. While saying all these, they are granting S-Passes, employment passes and permanent residency to foreigners with degrees.

With this being the situation now, what is the kind of a future that awaits our children? Will there be enough opportunities for them in their own country? Or will they be subordinate to better-qualified foreigners?

When someone who benefited from the way LKY and his gang did things, now is concerned about his children’s future under a PAP administration led by LKY’s son, the PAP today is not the same PAP that LKY and the old guard founded and ran, and something is wrong, very wrong.

And he needs the MP allowance. He had to resign from his job to contest. If he loses, he still has got HDB mortgage to pay and family yo support.

Oppo slate that deserves to win/ PM rooting for them?

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SDP team will be lead by Dr Chee Soon Juan. Other members in his line-up include National University of Singapore Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine Professor Paul Tambyah, compliance auditor Sidek Mallek, and healthcare administrator Chong Wai Fung.

This team deserves to get in because of

Someone who thinks (like me) but who acts (unlike me).

Update at 2.45pm: Yahoo! talks to him–paul-tambyah-of-the-singapore-democratic-party-092334114.html

Secondly, the SDP has a comprehensive list of alternative policies that challenges the PAP’s Hard Truths.

Now if the SDP gets into power there is a chance that these policies may be a danger: The People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Dr Vivian Balakrishnan had harsh words for the policies proposed by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), saying that they are “tax and spend” programmes that will ultimately lead the country to bankruptcy.

He may be right (if the SDP wins a GE) but the SDP is not coming into power anytime soon, so why not let it’s ideas be tested in parly and see if they are found wanting?

(Btw, bit rich to talk of overspending. Didn’t he overspend on the Youth Olympics? $60 million to $300m? So who remembers anything of it and what was the net impact?

And this is not all, he sneered at the elderly poor, making fun of them. The same people the PAP is now honouring because it needs their votes: votes lost by the sneerer.

Whatever it is, the SDP is planning to spend our noney on ourselves, unlike VivianB who spent our money oney on fat cat foreigners from the Int’l Olympic Council. And to whose gain?)

Sorry for digression. After all the SDP has been right (sort of)

And as I’ve said before, Dr  Chee in his 1990s articulated a vision of S’pore today is closer to the reality than that of the PAP or mine (and I was a lot more pessimistic than the PAP).

Finally the SDP has proven that it can change. A bunch of nutters have changed their thinking, that even someone like me thinks SDP Bahru has some good ideas that deserve consideration.

Fyi, I plan to go buy the book “Men In White” to compare in detail the ideas of the PAP in 1959 and the ideas of the SDP today. I don’t think the PAP then would have been happy to have someone who sneered at the elderly poor in its ranks.

Update at 5.12 pm

Seems PM wants Dr Chee and Paul in parly. From this we can infer he wants Oppo tigers in Patly

Pointing to the Opposition’s “disappointing” performance in Parliament, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday that they were voted in to be a tiger in a chamber, but ended up being a “mouse in the House”.

Going by Paul’s and Dr Chee (remember I called him Mad Dog) one can assume that he wants them to beat the sneerer and an MP banker who disagrees with Tharman

Why I won’t be voting for the PAP

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Readers will know that I won’t be voting for the WP (first time ever) but that I wouln’t be voting for the PAP. But until GCT opened his mouth, I was thinking of voting for the PAP, juz this once. LKY would have liked it and whatever he did to others, his regime allowed me to stop working in my mid 40s. It would be a good gesture I tot.


Couple that with “Don’t chase after bits of meat thrown by the opposition,” which is extremely disrespectful, likening S’poreans to animals, or dogs. And there was the “nomads” “plundering”.

Here are other reasons for not voting for the PAP.


The PAP’s strategy is sad because the PAP could have made the theme of the election, “We listen. And we hear yr call for spending more of yr money on making life more comfortable for yrself.”

It could have been a celebration of sorts, not mud slinging and invoking Harry.

Profiteering? Dodgy accounts? Forensic audit needed

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So there’s another round of “he said, she said” about AHPETC’s managing agent. T’ll not comment but remind readers yet again of the underlying very technical and very dry issue. As it’s the weekend, you might want to skip the bolded bit and read to the end. There’s a bit of “She said, he said” asfer this pix.

Recently, representatives from nine opposition parties and the ruling PAP were represented at a three-hour forum organised by the National University of Singapore Society.

“I think in the case of AHPETC, I think what we’ve been hearing are fairly lengthy – I don’t want to say excuses, that doesn’t sound very nice – explanations which I also don’t fully understand. If you were to ask about money then I would say in the case of the AGO audit, all the monies we’ve been talking about has been accounted for, and no money is lost. But in the case of AHPETC, I’m not too sure,”

“I wish that more answers had been forthcoming from AHPETC. Then I think we would have wasted much less time on the issue and I think the population would be much the wiser.”

Have to agree with her.

To be fair, I’ll report what WP’s Mr Gerald Giam said. He pointed out that AHPETC Chairman Sylvia Lim, as well as the elected MPs who are town councillors, “all spoke, all explained various aspects of the report” during a two-day debate in Parliament. He said that this was in addition to “numerous other press statements”, “open letters to residents” and door-to-door explanations.

“I think we have done a lot of explaining already. Just because the PAP does not want to accept our explanations does not mean we haven’t explained,” said Mr Giam. “We have explained every point that has been brought up which demands an explanation and we have spared no effort in that. And with the coming election, I’m sure this issue will be raised up by the PAP and we will respond if we need to.”

Note WP has avoided stating categorically that no public funds have been lost, and no damage suffered. It can’t because AGO has said the accounts are not fit for purpse.

Yet WP has yet to commission a forensic audit, reconstruction of accounts that will tell all. This despite saying that it accepts that the AGO is professional and independent. So it saying AGO is wrong that its accounts are not fit for purpose?

Sadly as DPM Teo has said, only a PAP victory in Aljunied will uncover the truth. Or to be more accurate, a reality that is closer to the absolute truth. Remember the PAP is always out to “fix” the Oppo.

Let the voters In Aljunied and the areas where the WP is challenging the PAP decide. I’ve already decided (somewhere here, near the bottom) what I’m going to do. And voters might want to be reminded that AHPETC does things directly (like Bishan/ TP GRC. It no longer has a managing agent.


PAP trying really hard to fix WP?/ Why NS undermines PAP

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On a conservative Facebook group I belong to, some friends of Jason Chua were out trying to make the WP  look “unpatriotic” for not attending the coming National Day Rally. The thread died a natural death when regular members didn’t bother to join in the conversation.

If the regulars had joined in the grumbling, I’d have posted something along the lines of “Don’t forget that historically, opposition MPs were not invited to the NDR,” Siew Kum Hong had posted elsewhere on Facebook.

What I find surprising is the timing of this year’s rally. I think it’s a bit later than it usually is. I had tot it would be held last weekend, not this weekend. Many yrs ago, I told an overseas “wannabe” observer that the National Day speech was rubbish, he should focus on the rally speech if he wanted to see what concerned the PM. I remembered telling him that the rally was held about a week after the NDP, on the weekend.

So could it be that the WP in scheduling their function assumed that the rally would fall on the weekend of the 15th?

“Ms Lim also addressed recent reports that the Workers Party would not be attending the National Day Rally on 23 August. She said, “We planned our dinner – which is a special SG50 National Day dinner – last year, in fact. The date was already chosen, and we think that it’s meaningful for us, especially as an opposition party, to rally our supporters to remind everyone that what we want is betterment for Singapore as a whole.

And that the PAP administration then fixed the rally date to fix the WP? Given the perceived track record in trying to fix the WP. sounds plausible meh?

Here are some other views on the NDR:

— Anyway ndr is use taxpayers money to score points for themselves. Propaganda anyway

— Spot on ))). Maybe PAP trying to fix WP by fixing date after WP fixed their date for bash. Usually BAt Day Rally held week after NDP.

Anyway Auntie is right, “I think sometimes people get confused – they can’t distinguish between national interest and ruling party interest. And we want to underscore the point that even if you’re an opposition supporter, you can be as loyal to Singapore as any PAP supporter.”

For starters, all the Oppo boys (even Garbra Gomez) did NS. Many like JJ, Eric Tan, Tony Tan (Haze; Poa’s hubbie) TJS, Dr Paul and Dr Ang (OK the last two are  MDs) were officers. If they were good enough to be SAF officers*, how dare people like Jason Chua and other members of the PAP IB call the Oppo unpatriotic?


*But SAF has a lot of explaining how Goh Meng Seng became an officer.

White gold turns sour

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Humbug higher fares= better service/ New tpt minister will be the ONE

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In the constructive, nation-building media and the new media, there seems to be some astro-turfing that higher ticket prices are needed for better, more reliable public tpt.

BS: Go ask the Brits. U/m appeared in the BBC recently

There’s more happy-ish news in the Telegraph, which reports that ministers are to announce the smallest increase in fares for six years. However, the Guardian quotes campaigners pointing out that fares have risen at triple the rate of wages over the past five years.

The FT takes the same grim line, pointing out that season tickets and other regulated fares have risen by 25% in real terms since 2010 while average pay rose 8.7%.

The Daily Express grumbles: “In return travellers continue to battle with trains that are frequently delayed and hugely overcrowded. All the while rail bosses pick up huge pay packets and some petulant unions misuse their ability to cause chaos.”

Next tpt minister will be Ah Loon’s successor

The conventional wisdom in the MSM and new media is that the transport portfolio is the “poisoned cup” portfolio. Two ministers in a row have been disgraced and publicly shamed. No-one wants to do the job.

But what if in the last few yrs, the really hard work of cleaning the Augean stables* that is the public transport system has been almost done? And that very soon the trains will stop breaking down? Get more punctual? And less crowded?And the bus system gets better during peak hours (as a bus user and trains in off peak hours, I’ve not got any complaints about the buses)?

If so, time (and a few more beautifying cosmetic changes) will enable the PAP administration to declare victory (trains not breaking down, and running on time, and buses less packed at peak times) and to declare that XYZ the transport minister is the guy that should succeed Ah Loong.

But this presupposes that Ah Loong and the PAP don’t argue that “60 is the new 40” and that Ah Loong like Johnnie Walker  keeps on walking.


*Augean stables – definition of Augean stables by The Free …

the stables of Augeas, a legendary king of Elis, which had been left filthy for many years: they were cleaned by Hercules, who diverted a river through them. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Noun.

a condition or place marked by great accumulation of filth or corruption. ADVERTISEMENT. Examples of AUGEAN STABLE. <as a gubernatorial candidate he …

Why Pay And Pay Party has a point about scroungers

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The PAP likes to point out that there’s no such thing as a free lunch conveniently forgetting the salaries that people like Mah Bow Tan, Raymond Lim  drew when they were underperforming ministers, and the millions that one Nathan was paid. And the salaries that underperforming ministers like Lui, Hng Kiang and Yaacob are drawing. And the allowances MPs get.

Sadly, the plight of TRE shows that when honest, decent, hardworking S’poreans serve the public, they can be taken for a ride by scroungers.

When TR Emeritus (TRE) was revived in 2011, we estimated that it would cost us approximately US$50,000 to maintain the TRE website and keep it running till year 2016. The approximate amount is inclusive of all incidentals, ad hoc programming, software and hardware upgrading.

Based on the estimate, we launched a few donation drives since then hoping to achieve the target amount, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. To date, we have only managed to secure about 52% of the targeted amount.

Since TRE is fully maintained by volunteers, we have had to depend on advertisements and goodwill donations to keep it running and many a time, we have had to fork out from our own pockets to keep the website running.

Without revealing too much information and compromising security, our servers handle close to 2 million requests (24 hours average) on a quiet day and with the general election (GE) around the corner, it is more crucial now than ever that TRE has enough funds for unforeseen circumstances like additional server deployment, additional bandwidth and especially pro-active DDoS mitigation services considering that many socio-political websites like the former Temasek Review Emeritus and The Online Citizen, were attacked close to and during GE 2011.

Hopefully with your support, the website will run more smoothly and efficiently to carry the voice of Singaporeans for Singapore.

Please consider making a token donation if you believe in our cause.

Thank you for your continued support.

Team@TR Emeritus

Since this was posted on 13 August, 2015, only about US$4,000 has been raised. And TRE has a viewership of millions.

Maybe the TRE freeloaders actually worker ants masquerading as S’porean PMETs.

Many worker ants are lazy freeloaders.

Find out more (Quartz)

Which reminds me: Warren Buffett has teamed up with some Brazilians who are good at cutting costs. One of them says, “In any company, there’s 20 per cent that lead, 70 per cent that follow and 10 per cent that do nothing,” Mr Brito recalls. “So the 10 per cent, of course, you need to get rid of . . . They’re always unhappy anyway and complaining.”

I’m thinking worker ants and TRE scroungers.

And I’m thinking the ungrateful Oppo parties. Happy about the publicity that TRE gives them and the attacks on the PAP administration, but sitting on their hands.




S/o JBJ accuses TRE of being “very PAP”

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At the end of this piece is something TRE put up to advertise a SingFirst talk on the reserves (held0last Saturday). I commend it for yr reading mainly because it introduces Chris Kuan, someone whose work on helping us understand the reserves and CPF Life I’ve praised.

S/o JBJ (one of the speakers) responded to TRE

Kenneth Jeyaretnam:
August 14, 2015 at 10:27 am (Quote)
“Kenneth Jeyaretnam, understandably, is busy preparing for the upcoming general election.”

This is Kenneth Jeyaretnam here and no-one from TRE has made any attempt to contact me. Could the author of this provide any evidence of any attempt to contact me to contribute to the article?

Wouldn’t it have been more balanced to put in a section for one of the very many, many blog articles I have written for and given TRE permission to re-publish?

All I can say is how very PAP of you to make sure I am sidelined.

TRE responded

TRE Editor: Dear KJ,

We emailed you on 5 August under the subject “Forum to talk on reserves”. We did not receive a reply from you and thought that you must be quite busy with the GE.

As the forum will be held tomorrow (15 Aug), we had to publish the article latest today (14 Aug).

If you can email us a short write-up on what motivates you to speak about the reserves, we will be most happy to update the article.

Thank you.

To date he hasn’t responded to TRE.

I posted:

Get a life Kenneth J.

TRE is doing more for the Oppo cause than you ever can. Remember who tried to fix the Oppo (and lost his deposit). One s/o JBJ.

I’m not the the only person who am disgusted with his sense of entitlement.

KJ is no JBJ:

@ Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Your huff and puff response to the TRE team is yet another reason why you are unelectable. You do not have your father’s common touch and ironically just like LH*, you seems to have your own sense of entitlement.

You need to remind yourself that TRE has done wonders to counter the MSM and it is being run by volunteers who obviously do not have your wealth. If you cannot even have a proper sense of proportion, then how can you even connect with the voters?

You expect to walk into Parliament becos of your economic expertise and your pedigree? Come on, man, you need to win and you are not going to win if this is how you treat people on your own side.

AMK Voter:

Sigh……. reading KJ’s attacking TRE confirm that Singfirst is the much better party to contest in our GRC. How can we vote for such a person, party leader some more – attacking TRE who has done so much to expose the government and give us alternative opinions. Maybe even his own mistake not checking his email. Alamak ! How lah ! Don’t want to vote PAP, can’t vote for this type of opposition.

Did you know At the last general election Mr Jeyaretnam would go around with a party member/volunteer and they would go up to people, with the member/volunteer introducing Mr Jeyaretnam to residents with this line: “Hello, this is Kenneth Jeyaretnam, J.B. Jeyaretnam’s son.”

The writer could have added that he would avoid looking into the eyes of residents as they acknowledged him. Too atas isit, s/o JBJ?

Update at 9.30am: S/o JBJ didn’t give a talk. He send Boy Robin (Or is it Kato?) Roy Ngerng. Btw, TeamTRE should reflect on the fact that the cybernuts didn’t defend it against s/o JBJ’s accusation.


SG’s reserves increasingly a hot political issue

SingFirst has invited 3 speakers to speak on Singapore’s national reserves at its 3rd Public Forum tomorrow (15 Aug).

The 3 prominent Singaporeans will speak on their concerns regarding our national reserves. They are:

  • Chris Kuan, retired international banker: How much reserves does Singapore have? What is the relationship between reserves, budget surpluses and CPF savings? What returns have they earned? How much of these returns comes from investing our CPF savings?
  • Leong Sze Hian, financial analyst and statistician: What is the difference between the returns on CPF savings that GIC has earned from investing them and the returns that CPF members are given by the government? What is the practice of pension funds outside Singapore e.g. Malaysia’s EPF? Have Singaporeans been shortchanged?
  • Kenneth Jeyaretnam, economist and Secretary-General of the Reform Party: Are Singaporeans over-taxed and under-provided for? Don’t we deserve more?

All 3 regularly blog and talk about financial matters online. They have contributed many articles to TRE in the past, and continue to do so.

TRE was able to catch up with Chris Kuan and Leong Sze Hian to find out why they are so passionate about our reserves. Kenneth Jeyaretnam, understandably, is busy preparing for the upcoming general election.

TRE interviewed Chris recently:

TRE: Chris, what brings you to write extensively about the reserves?

Chris: Funny that you should ask this. I met your Chief Editor, Richard Wan, over lunch more than a year and a half ago. He asked if I could look into what he called a very hot issue.

TRE: You seem eminently qualified to do this, can you tell us about your experience and training?

Chris: Well, I regret to disappoint you but I never attended university nor had a diploma or professional qualifications. I did work 34 years in the financial markets – the majority in London and Tokyo where I gathered very extensive experience perhaps not available in SG and had good bosses. In the last 10 years I headed capital markets and treasury for the Asia-Pacific region.

TRE: You seem very persistent in analysing Singapore’s reserves, what motivates you?

Chris: A lot of things really. At first I took it as a challenge and to help the man in the street to understand a bit more about the reserves. As my research took me further into the subject, not least being urged by helpful TRE readers who asked me to look into this or comment about that, I began to realise the enormous socio-economic costs to the ordinary citizens in the government’s relentless accumulation of reserves. I strongly believe that the citizens have a right to know because those reserves impose huge burdens on them.

TRE: Do you need to be an expert to analyse the reserves?

Chris: Not really. I am not really one myself. Some background in reading balance sheets and analysing simple portfolio metrics will be very helpful. Also need to keep a level head and not overreach or jump to a pre-conceived answer. I learned to avoid that the hard way when I was young and foolish, haha.

TRE: It cannot be easy?

Chris: No, no, not easy at all. Digging out the information and trying to make sense of it is the tough bit. I went up a few blind alleys, mostly because the government, i.e. the MOF (Ministry of Finance), the ministers and the SWFs (sovereign wealth funds i.e. GIC and Temasek Holdings) were very inconsistent about what they say about the reserves. Prime example is at first GIC did not manage CPF and then GIC did.

TRE: Why is that so?

Chris: I always believe that when there is non-transparency and non-accountability, government tends to become indolent or lazy about the way they disclose information.

TRE: What do you hope to gain out of this?

Chris: Finance and economics I always believe are the most important factors in politics. We say let’s do more for the poor, let’s un-squeeze the “squeezed middle” – these are socially just, commendable goals but ultimately the finance and the economics need to align to deliver these goals. And I like to say that finance and economics have a wide range of nuances, interpretations and outcomes: some good, some bad and nearly always the good cannot be had without the bad or what I often call trade-offs.

TRE: So there must be alternative views?

Chris: Yes we must. It is too important not to. A bunch of scholars trained in the PAP’s right-wing thinking and another bunch brought up in centrist or left-of-centre social market will come up with different solutions to the same socioeconomic problems. Unfortunately, in Singapore, the public is informed only of one narrative without any alternatives. Social media is very important.

TRE: How are you connected to SingFirst?

Chris: Well, Tan Jee Say and I exchanged a few emails on the subject. He invited me to the forum. I was reluctant to attend at first because the timing was inconvenient. But then Richard Wan convinced me of the need to do National Service again, haha.

TRE: Are you standing for election?

Chris: Heavens no. Don’t think I am MP material. No, personal commitments keep me [away] from Singapore. I do my part by helping the ordinary people understand the politics of finance and economics.

When TRE asked Leong Sze Hian why he is so passionate about our reserves, he emailed the following to us:

I have written more than a hundred articles relating to the reserves in the last 15 years or so. The fundamental question is why do we need to keep accumulating more reserves?

In this connection, the budget surplus for FY2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 was $2.32, 3.86, 3.92 and -0.13 billion, respectively. In other words, the cumulative budget surplus from FY2011 to 2014 was $9.97 billion.

The budget estimate for FY2015 is a deficit of $6.67 billion, but this is after a $6 billion top-ups to endowment and trust funds, which under IMF fiscal reporting guidelines may not be allowed as an expenditure item.

But the estimated cash budget surplus under IMF fiscal reporting guidelines is more than $24 billion for FY2014, and also more than $20 billion every year in the last five years or so.

So, as you can see, the government reports one thing to the citizens in Parliament but reports another to IMF (under IMF fiscal reporting guidelines).

We need more transparency from the government with regard to our reserves. That is the motivation why I keep pressing on the issue of our reserves, which belongs to Singaporeans and not the government.

At the end of the day, one has to ask – how have the huge reserves benefited the man in the street?

Anyone who wants to know more about Singapore’s reserves can listen to the 3 experts speak at Hotel Royal (36 Newton Road), 2pm tomorrow (15 Aug) – see: 3 speakers at SingFirst forum: SG’s national reserves.

No doubt, Singapore’s reserves are increasingly a hot-button issue as Singaporeans become more politically aware.

AMK: RP’s dream team?

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 Updated on 13 August at 6.00pm: On 12 August Ravi issued a statement that said he wasn’t standing

@ Webex, my dream GRC team for Reform Party contesting in AMK GRC.

1 Gen-Sec Kenneth Jeyaretnam
2 M.Ravi*
3 Roy Ngerng
4 Leong Sze Hian
5 Han Hui Hui**
6 Gilbert Goh

This is just a makeshift RP GRC team subject to last minute changes by the Reform Party. Their primary objective is to provide choices for the residents of AMK in the upcoming GE. In this all round team, you have An economists and financial business management professional, a lawyer, a statistician and social activists all with proven track records. It’s for the AMK’s residents to decide whether it’s going to be the RP or PAP in a month or two from now.

Footnote: the issue of losing election deposits can happen to PAP candidates, just as well as the opposition. Don’t forget this.

Rating: +18 (from 18 votes)
The above appeared on TRE.
Watch and wait. With Roy, Ravi, Hui Hui and Ravi’s $1m AMK election fund (see below), Kervyn Lim will have to try harder. Game on.
My notes:
*M Ravi has been seen in the area with Roy and s/o JBJ. Looks like he and Roy have kissed and made up. If he stands TeamRP will have access to his $1m AMK fund. m-ravi-reform-party
In February this year M Ravi, publicly said ” he has set aside $1 million, saved over the years, for his campaign” – See more at: He planned to take on the PM in AMK GRC in the next GE, if the s/o JBJ’s party didn’t contest AMK.

Let’s put this $1m fighting fund into perspective:

— The 170 candidates who took part in the General Election 2011 spent some $5.5 million on the polls: so Ravi is planning to spend 18% of that amount in just one GRC;

— PM’s AMK team team spent $340,905 in that yr (second highest*), so Ravi is planning to spend 3 times more than PM’s team; and

–. surely his relatives will vote for him? “He said he picked the six-MP constituency because 25 per cent of its residents are his relatives, saying he has Chinese and Indian roots. The GRC had about 179,000 voters in the last polls. – See more at:  It seems Ravi has a low opinion of his many AMK relatives seeing that he plans to spend so much money. Surely, they’ll vote for “kaki lang”, “countryman” for free?

**This is what TOC reported about New Citizen Hui Hui.#ReturnOurCPF protester Han Hui Hui turned up a little later in the evening. Although not a member of RP or a resident of Ang Mo Kio GRC, Han said that she had been volunteering with various opposition parties since 2011, and since October last year had specifically focused her energies on Ang Mo Kio as a constituency anchored by the prime minister.When asked if she would be joining Ngerng’s campaign team should he be fielded as a candidate, Han remained vague, saying, “At the end of the day I just want to help Singaporeans.”

S/o JBI is another drama queen?/ SingFirst is first class

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Looks like RP will have two drama queens. Roy is a well known drama queen and is expected to stand in AMK for the RP. “We also hope that RP would consider fielding Roy Ngerng to contest in Ang Mo Kio. He is energetic and is passionate about the CPF issue. No doubt, the CPF issue is a major concern for all Singaporeans today,” said SingFirst’s TSJ.

But s/o JBJ is proving himself to be just as good a drama queen as Roy.

S/o JBJ walked out in a huff last Thursday night when SingFirst said it wanted to contest AMK. In the last GE, RP put its “tissue paper” marker there. Three reasons why SingFirst has every moral right to contest AMK and needn’t have pulled out*.

S/o JBJ declared before GE 2011 that he didn’t believe in the “chop” system (Tot that he like WP, can remove the tissue paper used as a marker?). He put his words into action when he contested the by-election Punggol East and lost his deposit. There were more spoiled votes than votes for him (third best candidate).

He did not want to contest in AMK in 2011. He was dragged screaming into the fight by foul mouth Alex Tan (Remember him? His language makes Amos look like a choir boy.) who had left SPP (Mrs Chiam had said he was “like a son”) to join RP, having been assured that RP would contest AMK.

S/o JBJ then told him that RP had no money for AMK fight. But Alex Tan found backers to fund the deposits . S/o JBJ had to agree to an AMK fight.

Finally, RP doesn’t have anyone from the Alex Tan team as a member anymore.

All in all, AMK doesn’t belongs to RP.

Btw, I quite like SingFirst having once been concerned that they might split Oppo votes.

Even if I have doubts about its leader TSJ, I have a lot of respect for Dr Ang Yong Guan.

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*On 10 August SingFirst announced that it will not be contesting in Ang Mo Kio GRC for the upcoming GE It said that it would withdraw its interest to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC and focus its resources on Tanjong Pagar and Jurong GRCs, leaving the 6 member GRC to RP.

PM aiming left, to hit the centre/ Axed? PAP MPs who don’t get it

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Just right of the bull’s eye (as seen by the viewer) is what the PM is moving the PAP to after years (since 1991 at least) of drifting from the left of Warren Buffett to the right of Donald Trump. If he manages it, the PAP will about where the PAP and daddy were (in terms of their economic, and political thinking) on 9 August 1965.

Going back to the beginning? A journey around a political circus ring?

Sadly as the Budget debate earlier this year showed some MPs are too thick to understand the PM, even after Squealer had tot the sheep PAP MPs the new line, “Compassion is good. We got  the money to do compassion.”

PM has some really stupid MPs who still don’t get it. Liang Eng Hwa is the worse of the lot*. Others are Kate Spade (who else?), Hri Kumat and Arthur Fong.

They don’t understand fiscal sustainability***: they should go read TRE’s Chris K on the topic. Warning: very, very chim. Example:

… contrary to the PAP’s narrative that,

  • With the exception of oil rich Norway, none of Singapore’s peers have surpluses of the same magnitude. They run roughly balanced budgets and yet judged to be fiscally sustainable.
  • Since none of the peers have rules that prohibit debt for spending, spending their debts have not stood in the way of fiscal sustainability
  • Much higher social spending does not impede fiscal sustainability.

Singapore’s extremely high debt is invested and not spent, then there is no issue of fiscal sustainability.

And then there’s the brown-noser of an NMP. I had tot she was stupid but then I concluded she made the speech because she wants to be the first NMP to become the PAP’s first disabled MP. She’s special needs really. Roy, New Citizen Hui Hui and the other young hooligans should feel free to jeer at her. 

Let’s see if she gets to be a PAP candidate: I doubt it. As for Liang, Hri Kumar and Fong, I’m sure, they’ll be axed for not getting it. As for Kate Spade, despite her stupidity, she’s invaluable to the PAP: not not juz because she’s going to campaign in her confinement. I’ll explain why soon.

Coming back to “left” or “right”, maybe as an FT columnist put it “[I]n a world of rapid technological change, we need to rethink our old assumptions about “left” and “right”;  cyberspace is ripping up many ideas about the government and class system.””


*This letter to ST parades his ignorance of how the S’pore budget works. He also plays the man, not the ball: in footie, he’d be red carded. With PAP MPs like him, how dare the PAP call for a “clean” GE campaign?

Fiscal sustainability remains a challenge

MR DONALD Low dismisses the dangers of spending beyond our means (“Budget 2015: In deficit, yet very prudent at heart”; last Saturday).

He is right that the Government is fiscally conservative. But he is wrong to be dismissive about the concerns raised by me and other MPs that social spending must be sustainable.

Government spending is going up steadily. The new social programmes – for example, Silver Support, higher subsidies for health care and MediShield Life, and the Pioneer Generation Package – are necessary and right.

But we must proceed carefully. As our economy matures and growth moderates, revenue growth will slow. Spending programmes, once committed to, cannot be cut back without the utmost pain and political resistance, as seen in every advanced society. There will be constant pressure to spend more; indeed, Mr Low’s article is a prime example.

Moreover, often, more government spending alone has not solved social problems. Many countries went overboard on welfare with the best of intentions but with unintended results, including massive unsustainable deficit. Now they are forced to cut back and restore financial sustainability, with the harshest impact on the young.

Mr Low ignores this and argues that if something cannot be financed sustainably by the Government, with its ability to pool risks, it cannot be done by households either, which is an unacceptable outcome.

This is a false dichotomy between two extreme choices. Every society must support those with less, find the right balance between personal responsibility and state welfare, and muster and safeguard the resources to meet essential needs.

No government can spend to meet all possible wants, or ignore how its spending will impact individual and family responsibility. Singapore is no different.

Mr Low had earlier posted an intemperately worded version of his commentary on his Facebook page which asserted that “there is something inherently flawed with the concept of sustainability”.

Significantly, he omitted this radical claim from last Saturday’s commentary in The Straits Times. But he has not retracted his earlier version, which was circulated widely online. Instead, he described it (on Facebook) as a “rant”, and thanked a Straits Times journalist for turning his “rant against the sustainability prudes into an op-ed”.

How are we to read a commentary which represents, not the writer’s sincerely held position, but a pose to gull us into believing that he holds reasonable views?

Liang Eng Hwa

MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

Chairman, Government Parliamentary Committee for Finance, Trade and Industry

– See more at:


Opening the debate was chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Finance and Trade and Industry Liang Eng Hwa. He emphasised the need for the Government to uphold fiscal discipline and sustainability.

Mr Liang, who is also an MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, said: “Even as we spend more on our social programmes, the concern among many that I have spoken to is whether we will become a welfare state in no time and whether our people will become less self-reliant.

“Will we lose our economic dynamism and soon descend into the sorry state that some European countries presently find themselves in? How we debate this year’s Budget, in the midst of this strategic shift, can have a bearing on where we would be heading. Where is that fair balance to strike and how quickly should we expand our social programmes?”

In that respect, Mr Liang proposed that there be fiscal sustainability reviews, particularly for spending programmes stretching longer than 10 years. But goodies from the Government do not come at zero expense, noted MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Hri Kumar Nair.

Mr Hri Kumar pointed out that there are limited sources of revenue to fund spending, even as the Government moves to include Temasek Holdings as a contributor to its Net Investment Returns (NIR) framework.

“That will boost our spending power even more. But every additional dollar spent today simply means more than a dollar less for the future. More importantly, we are running out of levers to pull. After Temasek, there is no next,” said Mr Hri Kumar.

MP for Marine Parade GRC Tin Pei Ling also raised concerns about how the move will affect perceptions about the nation’s financial reserves. She said: “I am concerned about whether Singaporeans will take the NIR for granted, and fail to understand that it is something special and rare. I am concerned that Singaporeans will become over-reliant on this source of revenue, and lose the drive to save and invest, and leave something for future generations.”


At the same time, others argued that the Government must keep a tight rein on funding as social spending increases. A miscalculation could mean consequences down the road.

Said Mr Arthur Fong, MP for West Coast GRC: “We are adding on to the shoulders for future governments and Singaporeans to carry. As sure as the 2 per cent tax increase to 22 per cent for high-income earners above S$320,000, we might one day reduce that income threshold and or increase the tax rate at the same time.

“We will face that some day, hopefully not too soon, but I am sure that as the path towards more social spending and ‘topping up’ has begun, we need to be mindful of finding other means towards topping up our state coffers as well.”

The issue of Government spending also led to a discussion on its consequences – potentially creating an unhealthy mindset that the Government will take care of everything. One MP pointed out that this puts an unrealistic and unsustainable pressure on the Government to solve problems – even when that is not the best solution, or may even end up costing more.  

This gets technical but important to understand the PAP’s approach to fiscal sustainability which, in financial terms, underpin its “you die your business” attitude.

In the PAP alternate universe, something akin to religious heresy has been committed against fiscal sustainability due to the estimated 2015 budget deficit of $6.67b caused by “leaning to the left”. The budget is presented to show a big increase in social expenditures but reality is different. As Donald Low of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, rightly pointed out;

Each year, billions are salted away for the future, via top-ups to endowment and trust funds. These are actually capital transfers that do not reflect actual spending for that year. This year, $6 billion went to such top-ups. Discounting this would virtually eliminate the deficit.”

Last year’s $8b Pioneer Generation was also accounted in the budget as spent upfront but in reality $500m pa is spent over 20 years. Again quoting Donald Low;

The Government’s presentation of its fiscal position has tended to downplay just how much fiscal resources the State has at its disposal.”

What is Fiscal Sustainability?

There is no fixed definition of fiscal sustainability because, beyond its economic definition, it is also a fiercely contested political concept. For a neutral, technocratic definition, the writer quotes former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Fiscal sustainability is as a situation in which the ratio of federal debt to national income is stable or moving down over the longer term. This goal can be attained by bringing spending, excluding interest payments, roughly in line with revenues……………..Achieving fiscal sustainability, therefore, requires a long-run plan, one that reduces deficits over an extended period and that, to the fullest extent possible, is credible, practical, and enforceable.”

Simply the interplay of revenues, debt and expenditures should allow national finances be solvent over the long run but there is a very crucial point. By “excluding interest payment”, Mr. Bernanke evidence that debt need not be eliminated entirely to achieve fiscal sustainability. Neither did he say budget surpluses are absolutely essential to achieve it. This completely destroy the PAP narrative: neither the deficit spending prohibited by the PAP drafted constitution nor the government’s massive year-on-year surpluses are absolute necessities to achieve fiscal sustainability.

Surpluses not required

If a nation’s fiscal position is judged as sustainable by the two main credit rating agencies, Moody’s and S&P that nation’s sovereign rating is AAA. Here is how Singapore compares to 8 other double AAA rated countries (ignoring those rated split AAA / AA like Finland and the UK) on key measures as percentage to GDP of surplus or deficits, total government debt and social expenditures that are central to the PAP’s fiscal sustainability myth.

Country Surplus / Deficit Debt Social Expenditure
Australia -0.1% 26.3% 19%
Canada +0.3% 56.6% 17%
Denmark +0.4% 48.3% 30.1%
Germany -1.7% 42.1% 25.8%
Luxembourg +1.0% 9.2% 23.5%
Norway +10.1% 33.5% 22.0%
Sweden +0.2% 55.5% 28.1%
Switzerland 0 30.4% 19.4%
Singapore +9.2% 92.6% 2.0%

We can conclude contrary to the PAP’s narrative that,

  • With the exception of oil rich Norway, none of Singapore’s peers have surpluses of the same magnitude. They run roughly balanced budgets and yet judged to be fiscally sustainable.
  • Since none of the peers have rules that prohibit debt for spending, spending their debts have not stood in the way of fiscal sustainability
  • Much higher social spending does not impede fiscal sustainability.

Singapore’s extremely high debt is invested and not spent, then there is no issue of fiscal sustainability.

Infinite Horizon

In the fiscal realm, the state has an infinite horizon to manage its finances because the state exist in perpetuity. Humans on the other hand has a horizon limited to a lifetime. The state therefore has the ability to pool risks and manage social obligations over generations. Further, the state do so at the lowest cost because it can raise revenues and can borrow over that infinite horizon (hence, government bonds in most countries are technically risk-free). The state therefore has insurmountable advantages over citizens and companies to meet social obligations at the lowest cost.

Fiscal Sustainability for who?

A boring technical issue? Perhaps but it lies at the heart of socio-economic problems for the majority of Singaporeans. The PAP’s peculiar concept of fiscal sustainability is financial conservatism of the most extreme. So extreme, it has outsized socio economic consequences. Quoting Donald Low again

If the social needs are real – say, a shortfall in retirement spending or health-care subsidies – then how are those needs to be met? If the Government, with all its risk-pooling and demand aggregation ability, cannot finance that need sustainably, it is almost certainly impossible that households would be able to do so. The only serious alternative, therefore, is that those needs aren’t financed at all – and that many Singaporeans’ lives remain in misery as a result.”

In other words, due to the government’s extreme fiscal conservatism, those social needs are not financed at all, financed minimally by the government or financed by citizens at staggering costs. This is despite the insurmountable advantages conferred on the state. The flow chart below simplifies.

SG50: No right narrative, only many narratives

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Image result for TOC + SMRT protest

What he said also applies to the narratives that collectively make up the history of S’pore. Victors write the “right” narrative, expecting, hoping it will be accepted, forced down or spun as history.

But the internet (and the new media) makes this more difficult.

History is important, as a BBC commentator says, because there are so many perspectives: history is shaped by continued research. And, of course, it’s also shaped by political will. Last year’s anniversary of World War One’s outbreak and continuing responses to the conflict give us a chance, not only to remember that handful of cataclysmic, world-changing years, but also to witness an ideological tussle between those who feel war is best remembered as the shedding of blood and those who feel it’s best represented as an outbreak of flowers. If history were like arithmetic – two plus two always being four – we’d have a chance to keep it simple and definitive, but it’s so large, it has so many perspectives. It offers so many opportunities to play with our sense of self and our emotions. Manipulated history can offer us clumsy impostures like Piltdown man, or the vile fantasies involved in Holocaust denial. History as a vital, exacting discipline, can show us how whole populations of normal people can be persuaded to behave horrifically, if they’re overwhelmed by histories of past glory, of injustice and suffering at others’ hands. Attack is so much easier to sell, if it’s packaged as pre-emptive defence. Part of growing up involves realising that nation’s futures, good and bad, can leap from their perceptions of the past.

Grumbling about propagandists is easy, but if I look at my own past – especially when I let that be all about me – I’m consistently guilty of propaganda campaigns. If I’m feeling cheerful, the last time I met my gentleman of choice he was pleased to see me, possibly even impressed. Which makes me more cheerful, which makes other memories of him more rosy. If I’m glum, our last encounter dreadful and all is lost. He isn’t just there, being himself but in the past tense – he’s a tall expression of my convoluted ego.

Or as one Harry said, in a less long wided manner,The final verdict will not be in the obituaries. The final verdict will be when the PhD students dig out the archives, read my old papers, assess what my enemies have said, sift the evidence and seek the truth. 

  • Interview with the New York Times, September 2010

Despite all this, Harry wanted to “shape” history’s judgement of him and S’pore*. And so does the PAP. “The Straits Times story is one important strand of the Singapore story.” said PM of the PAP’s unofficial house paper recently

But today of all days, we must remember the alternative narratives that do not fall into the “right” category.

In Harry’s version of history, detained Barisan Sosialis  leaders Dr Poh Soo Kai and Fong Swee Suan were communists who had to be detained without trial.

But former Barisan leader Dr Poh Soo Kai, among those arrested, insists this was not true.

“There may have been some communists in our party, but we were not following their orders. We did not want terrorism, we were committed to constitutional reform,” the 83-year-old says.

Another Barisan leader, Fong Swee Suan, was also imprisoned in 1963 and then lived in exile until the 1990s. He maintains he was never a communist, and also denies the charge that he instigated deadly riots among striking bus workers.

“I want people to be aware that my father has made a positive contribution to Singapore,” says his son Otto Fong, speaking on his elderly father’s behalf.

“He helped workers organise their unions. He only wanted to speak up for their needs, and make the relationship between employees and employers better.”

Then there are the narratives of people like Mrs Seow Peck Leng – Mountbatten’s first MP. A woman ahead of her time, she championed gender equality and was among those who made the Women’s Charter a reality

And never forget Counterfactual history, also sometimes referred to as virtual history, is a form of historiography that attempts to answer “what if” questions known as counterfactuals.


Modern Singapore: prosperous and peaceful, and led by charismatic working-class hero Lim Chin Siong. His political rival, Lee Kuan Yew, is living in exile and ignominy.

This scenario – ludicrous to Singaporeans celebrating 50 years of independence led by Lee – was dreamt up by local artist Sonny Liew in a new book which imagines an alternative history.

This graphic novel reminds us that the “right” narrative is written by the victors, and is often accepted, taught or spun as history.

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*I’m reminded of “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”.

Winston Churchill

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The above explains why LKY had been spinning his version far and wide.

SG50: Better analogy PM

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Remember PM’s analogy of “natural aristocrats” and “others”?

A large team of ants does the heavy lifting but they lack direction, while a small number of “scouts” intervene and steer for short periods.

Or as the BBC headline to the article, put it “Leaders and lifters’ help ants move massive meals”.

But maybe taz wrong, our leaders don’t help us?

Think about it this National Day.

The ugly reality about uni education

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Somone by the name of David Libling made this comment last week on an FT article about education (Empasis mine)

The tradition from the great public schools and Oxbridge is to teach the Classics. That evolved into the American College which encourages a wide exploration concentrated on the Humanities. The theory behind both movements is that the content of education is unimportant and the primary purpose is the development of twin capacities, that of the skill of learning and critical thinking. However, education including tertionary education, is now a mass phenomenon. In the process, the rigorous intellectual training to which the Humanities once aspired, is largely absent from most Colleges. As importantly, very few College attendees can afford further training after finishing College. To be worth the time and the consequent debt, Colleges, especially the non-elite ones need to teach practical courses with sufficient sequential requirements to provide skills even if that impedes the pleasure of smorgasbord education.
Looks like rote learning is not confined to S’pore unis.
Last Saturday, a friend (NUS graduate in Biz) told me that he only learnt to think when in middle age he did his masters in a science based topic . His first degree was simply rote learning.

Another new NSP face?

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I wondered who was the the pretty, executive type sitting in front from Jeannette Chong? And wondered if NSP was about to unleash another pretty face.

Opp meeting at NSP HQ

Here’s a better shot of her, taken on another day.

Turns out she’s Hazel Poa who looked like this the last time I looked.

Well, reverting to form, the young Hazel was a stunner

I think I’d have asked the young Hazel for a date in preference to asking Kervyn.

I hear that Hazel is recovering from an illness. Looks like she’s recovering her looks too. All the best to her and her hubbie Tony Tan.

Gold price chart (annotated) from 1998 till July 2015

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Where Roy will stand/ No more $1m fight PAP fund

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I was planning to post that Roy was going to join RP. But ST pipped me to it.

It’s no big surprise as s/o JBJ has been courting Roy for some time. They met in London (where s/o JBJ has a house) earlier this year.

But I can report that he’ll be leading a team in AMK GRC. He’ll take on PM and his campaign theme will be “Return our CPF”. Taz Roy the cybernuts’ hero.

Ah well, the $1m fighting fund of M Ravi will not materialise.

In February this year M Ravi, publicly said ” he has set aside $1 million, saved over the years, for his campaign” – See more at: He planned to take on the PM in AMK GRC in the next GE, if the s/o JBJ’s party didn’t contest AMK.

Let’s put this $1m fighting fund into perspective:

— The 170 candidates who took part in the General Election 2011 spent some $5.5 million on the polls: so Ravi is planning to spend 18% of that amount in just one GRC;

— PM’s AMK team team spent $340,905 in that yr (second highest*), so Ravi is planning to spend 3 times more than PM’s team; and

–. surely his relatives will vote for him? “He said he picked the six-MP constituency because 25 per cent of its residents are his relatives, saying he has Chinese and Indian roots. The GRC had about 179,000 voters in the last polls. – See more at:  It seems Ravi has a low opinion of his many AMK relatives seeing that he plans to spend so much money. Surely, they’ll vote for “kaki lang”, “countryman” for free?

Anyway given that s/o JBJ  wants to contest AMK, it’s understandable that M Ravi is stepping back. Pity about the money though. No point asking M Ravi to fund Roy given that he has problems with Roy which he voiced in a video earlier this year (Do google, pls). They also rowed publicly

Ngerng said he had given Mr Ravi the S$29,000 on Jan 22 and had received a receipt for it. But Mr Ravi had not processed the payment to Drew and Napier by Feb 2, and Ngerng said he was handed back the money to pay Mr Lee’s lawyers directly. He said he was unaware of the letters sent by Drew and Napier to Mr Ravi on Jan 30 and Feb 3. 

But in an email to the media today, Mr Ravi claimed that the blogger had “not been at all timely” in paying Drew and Napier even after the S$29,000 had been refunded to him. Mr Ravi claimed the money was refunded to Ngerng at the latter’s request, “in the presence of many other persons”. (CNA 6th February)

Interestingly, M Ravi dismissed Roy as being too impetuous for his AMK slate.

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NSP has Kervyn Lim to attract attention, now RP has Roy. But you won’t hear the cybernuts sliming RP or Roy. They have been in full cry against NSP and Kervyn. Double standards again.

Too bad for s/o JBJ that Roy and Amos yee have fallen out. Imagine a Amos Yee video in support of Roy and s/o JBJ. But I’m sure New Citizen Han Hui Hui will be voicing her support for Roy and s/o JBJ. Remember she danced on the graves of dead children:


*Highest was in Sembawang, Yishun. Looks like the PAP was concerned about Northern bit of S’pore in 2011, throwing money there. The funny thing is that in both GRCs, the PAP faced really weak opponents. Shouldn’t the money be better deployed in Aljunied? Oh I forgot, the PAP wanted to fix BG Yeo, while helping PAP Lite.

Three cheers for Kervyn Lim

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Cybernauts are saying she should stick to modelling. Maybe she is? Using the No Substance Party as a platform to show off her assets. Remember Nicole Seah claimed that she got an offer to be the “face” of a retail watch chain. She refused. Silly gal.

Seriously why should entering politics only be career enhancing moves for PAPpies? Why can’t an Oppo candidate score for herself and an Oppo party? Win, win leh.

If she stands in Marine Parade, I’ll vote for her party. If the Worthless Party is the Oppo team in the area, I’ll go on holiday.

Btw there is a really vicious piece (Go google “Jeraldine Phneah” + “Kervyn Lim”)  by a self-styled “popular blogger”, Jeraldine Phneah: who isn’t even eye candy even if she’s an air-head with a degree from NTU.

Somehow I can’t help feel that Phneah is upset that a really pretty gal is showing off her assets while fighting the good fight. So she decided to be catty and bitchy about another person. She has form in this. Phneah, an activist in the “Free My Internet” movement (Remember it? It opposed Yacoob’s Code of Conduct for cybernauts), used NTU’s Coc (modelled on Yaacob’s CoC) to fix a fellow blogger and undergraduate who called her names.

WTF? Innovation S’pore style

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Singapore-based Rotimatic uses modern technology to solve a traditional problem: making rotis – or Indian flatbreads – using a machine.

“People want to eat more healthily,” Pranoti says, “and we have seen huge demand for our machines since we put up a video online about how it works.”

Rotimatic is just one example of Asian technology start-ups that has recently been able to attract funding.


Hong Konger Jeffrey Liu and his partner Robert Pachter moved from the US, where they were living, and set up GuavaPass in Singapore.

They started the company by initially funding it themselves and were able to close their angel round within the second month of operations.

Their start-up currently offers customers access to premium fitness studios across three Asian cities – Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok – and they’re planning on rolling out to additional cities across Asia, Australia and the Middle East.


DPM Teo, our civil service got sell expertise to Disney?

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A Whitehall joint venture with the private sector has turned a £12m profit in its first year of trading, boosting ministers’ hopes of converting civil service brainpower into lucrative businesses.

Axelos, co-owned with Capita, exports training schemes designed in Whitehall to private sector clients worldwide, the most notable being Nasa and Disney.


Real Oppo politicians/ Creating the grounds for a revolution

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A reader of my blof in responding to explained the difference between a cybernut like “Oxygen” and an oppo politician.

To convert a quarter of the pro-PAP voters. Exactly. Except that how are TRE cybernuts or anyone that is closely related to do them going to do it?

There is a distinct difference if you see how opposition parties engage the issue, and how cybernuts do. Real opposition polticians keep their arguments framed against the PAP and it’s policies. All others, civil servants, public/private sectors, they see them also as Singaporeans, people whom they will one day lead and serve.

Cybernuts on the other hand, feel free to mock and trample over their fellow Singaporeans so long as they can get back at the PAP. They are not interested in winning votes to be honest. When you have been busy mocking 60% for being daft, now you say you want to convert them over to your side?

I’m sure he means people like the Chiams, the WP leaders, the NSP leaders, and even Dr Chee. But this description doesn’t fit one Goh Meng Seng.

Seriously, paper  militant Marxists like grave-dancer Oxygen believe that by shouting and cursing at the PAP and ordinary S’poreans, they can change the ground.

It’s a tenet of militant  Marxist activists that if the conditions for revolution are not yet perfect, they can hasten the process of perfection. Using violence, strikes, agitprop etc to weaken the economy, they can force the state into being more repressive, upsetting ordinary citizens. There will come a time when the people are more upset by the tactics of the state than that of the revolutionaries,  then that’s the time to seize power.

Grace-dancer Oxygen and friends are hoping that by cursing S’pore and ordinary S’poreans bad things (like a property crash) will happen. Then S’poreans will rise against the PAP.  They should learn from history. To this day many of the detainees of Operations Coldstore and Spectrum say bad things about the way S’pore is run. But the economy and standards of living remain decent. Could be better though which is why this blog keeps on pricckling the PAP administration.

Victor Lye: junior minister material?

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If he heads the PAP’s team in Aljunied, and wins (PAP friendly pollster privately says Aljunied very winnable*), Victor Lye could be made a junior minister. He has the right credentials.

I’m sure you are aware of his latest employer, a subsidiary of Parkway that gave him leave to win back Aljunied for the PAP. If not read this:

I’ll focus on his previous experience and paper (1st class degree leh) to show his ministerial calibre**.

He was the head of the wealth management team at G. K. Goh Holdings*** in 2001. He had joined the Group in 1999 and was “head” of institutional sales and dealing. He served as MD of Peregrine Securities and Santander Securities in S’pore earlier. Before that he was head of sales in S’pore at Crosby Securities, leaving it in 1996.

He joined the broking industry in 1990. Before that he with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore.

He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and an Associate Financial Planner. He has a Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours) degree from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

He is an Independent Non Executive Director and Lead Independent Director of Superior Multi-Packaging Ltd. since January 8, 2013. 

Junior minister material, and with balls too.


*I suspect the PAP will squeak a very narrow win. Even die hard WP cadres concede that a defeat is possible.

**I only realised earlier this year that he was the “Victor Lye” whom I had spoken to on the telephone in 1998 when he was in Santander and I in PR. I remembered the conversation because he saved me a lot of unnecessary work: someone had asked ask to pitch for Santander’s business, but he called to say “Don’t bother, facts have changed”. Shortly thereafter Santander closed shop here.

A mutual friend has a high opinion of him: she was once in Crosby. In fact, it was a “Like” by her on Facebook, that alerted me that this PAP “Lye” was that “Victor Lye”.

***It was then listed. The MD then and now Mr. Goh Yew Lin is also a Director at Temasek since August 2005.


How pet minister can win votes for PAP

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Independent: Human rights for cats and dogs: Spanish town council votes overwhelmingly in favour of defining pets as ‘non-human residents’

As we have a pet minister (his other jobs are aslaw and foreign relations) that’s more effective in looking after pets than the ministers responsible for Malays, Indians and Eurasians, he might want to do something similar.

Given the number of owners of dogs and cats here, this could boost the PAP’s share of the popular vote. Might even help win back Aljunied.


Of course, we have to bear in mind that human rights, as defined here, are different from those of the West and that of the UN: think Amos Yee. I’m sure Maruah would bitch. The members always do.

What drives the Pinoy economy? Why see S’pore no Ak

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US is the biggest source of remittances: 42.6% out of total of U$24.3bn. Remittances is 10% of gross domestic product in itself, and a vital driver of the consumer spending that accounts for two-thirds of the Philippines’ economic output.

Asia is only third as a source of remittances and the amount from S’pore is therefore “peanuts”: Money talks, BS walks.


PM’s clueless, forgetful: Why?

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Because he’s busy fixing the Oppo? Or because he’s a “natural aristocrat”, living in a parallel world?

I tot the above when I read, While young people he meets sometimes tell him that they are anxious about their future, they have so much more than their parents and grandparents did, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Speaking at the launch of the English edition of Chasing Rainbows today (July 16) at the National Library building, Mr Lee said he found the anxiety of the young worrying. The young today, he said, have more resources, are more educated, and have more opportunities to achieve something special for themselves and for Singapore. (CNA)

A member of a very conservative Facebook group that is usually sympathetic to the the PAP (Examples: Amos deserved what he got and many went to pay their respects to LKY) wrote:

Our parents didn’t have to contend with a large foreign workforce and mass middle class immigration,

N before they paid themselves big bucks.

Whether PM is clueless, forgetful because he’s busy fixing the Oppo; or because he’s a “natural aristocrat”, living in a different S’pore, the real S’pore has changed.

The working young get paid a lot less than what I and others got in the late 70s when we started work
— A second hand car (3 year old) only cost $17,000 then. Now?
— Cost of buying HDB flats were “peanuts” compared to now. A scholar in a TLC and his wife-to-be can only afford a resale 4-room HDB flat and according to his dad, they’ll have to wait 5 years for a BTO flat, assuming they get a unit this year. In my time, their combined  salaries would mean that they were outside the HDB scheme. In my time, opportunistic, cheapo (OK value) couples would arrange for the gal to stop work for a while so that they could be eligible for a HDB flat.
— I know a lawyer working in a bank who is in his 30s: He can only afford a resale three-room HDB flat (he’s single) and a small car. In my time, he’d have been able to buy a condo, and a sports car.
Maybe, the PAP administration should say “Sorry” for the asser appreciation policy of Goh Chok Tong’s team; where one Ah Loong was DPM and economic and financial czar?
But to be fair,  maybe the stresses of the job* have made PM forget that the world has changed? After all he seems to have forgotten a promise he made early this year:
The next GE must be held by January 2017. Speaking to the Chinese media in an interview on Thursday, Mr Lee said the Government is preoccupied with the SG50 celebrations this year and hence, has had no time to think about when to set up the committee*. “When it’s set up, everyone will know,” he added. 
We only learnt last week that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee was set-up two months ago. “When it’s set up, everyone will know”: two months later?
*To be fair, dad had died in late March and PM was really busy while grieving; and recovering from cancer treatment. So maybe he forgot his promise? Or maybe he’s like Humpty Dumpty in  Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass
“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”
“The question is,” said Alice, “whether youcan make words mean so many different things.”
“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”


What Amos and Meng Seng have in common? Con’td

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When TRE republished, it added this photo

Trying to imitate this?

Image result for amos yee

They both trying to audition for the next Planet of the Apes movie? I hear there’s a role for a clowning chimp that takes on the gorillas and gets beaten up for his efforts. Amos would have a hard start on GMS for this role, given his recent spell in remand and our very own Arkham.,

Goh Meng Seng for all his blustering braggadocio hasn’t suffered at the hands of the PAP administration, unlike Amos. In fact, GMS helped ensure the victory of the PAP’s preferred presidential candidate by advising, helping Tan Kin Lian run a clownish election campaign. Incidentally, he had been encouraging, flattering TKL to run since 2008.

Seriously GMS was taking part in a “protest” in support of Amos, the boy fantastic. He jetted in from HK for a flying visit. He got his own private set?

Btw, notice that GMS was using a pink polo shirt. Is he courting the LGBT vote, imitating Pinkie or signalling his intention to the president of the No Substance Party that  he’s still available. Yes, I know the NSP’s official polo  shirt is orange, but using an orange polo shirt is too obvious, a signal.

Image result for GOh Meng Seng


“When democracy sucks”

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When there is an existentialist crisis and unpopular measures have to be taken.

No not from Harry, PM or any other PAPpy.

Writing in the FT today, Glenn Hutchins argued that

“When our economy was most fragile, in the aftermath of the crisis, elected politicians wrangled year after year.

Fortunately, the central bank was independent of politics, which enabled it to act.”

Tomorrow, I’ll explain why “technocracy ” doesn’t work with special reference to s’pore. Visit this blog.

Whatever, the existentialist threats that Israel faced, didn’t prevent it becoming a fractious democracy. Neither did Westminster or Congress close in WWII.

TRE grave dancer doesn’t deny grave dancing

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When TRE republished this, one Oxygen was so offended that I called him a dancer on the graves of the children who died in Sabah that he called me a lot of names and asserted:

The truths are that I said the events in Mt Kinabalu is A GEOLOGICAL EVENT which is or ought to be known by MOE to be of repetitious of occurrence and that there is some risks to such event. MOE covered its ground getting parents to sign the consent form prior. What COMICAL INVESTOR hid from public demoning of his LIES, SCAMS AND DECEPTION is I said Singapore faced the same geological risks of earth tremors – UNSAFE OF UNDERGROUND DRILLING & EXCAVATIONS carrying risks of sudden cave-in. Singapore cannot have 6.9 million and underground living and shopping.

Interestingly he doesn’t deny that he made the following comments (bolded below) about the parents:


June 18, 2015 at 11:08 am (Quote)
DO ANYONE SIGN INDEMNITY FORM also known as liability exclusion form to any organizer when they go on travel vacations?

Climbing Stairs: Everybody involved in the deaths of the kids at Mt Kinabalu lied. And lied and lied.

If not, IT MEANS the parents too are TOO NAIVE, TOO GULLIBLE AND TRUSTING of those in authorities – the indemnity form sheltering MOE is WARNING CAUTION of ‘KEEP CLEAR – DANGERS AHEAD”.



In the end, they found shoes in the train worn out and posed considerable danger of crash.

HOW CAN SINKIE TRUST POLITICAL GOVERNANCE DIGGING UP UNDERGROUND FOR HUMAN HABITATION AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY when they will tell us to “follow the rules” in the event of a island-wide cave-in?


Rating: +11 (from 11 votes)
June 18, 2015 at 11:16 am (Quote)
PARENTS SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS of how PAPpys work in Fernvale – they screwed up the land development award AND TELL PEASANTS THAT YOU DIDN’T READ THE FINE PRINT on the brochure.

Of course, they are CAREFULLY SILENT that nobody in the world sign the fine print IN A BROCHURE when you buy your housing accommodation or a box of CONDOM in a supermarket.

How CUNNING is this?

Rating: +12 (from 12 votes)

What it all means is that he’s saying is that it’s OK to sneer, insult the parents of the dead children, so long as the purpose is to smear the PAP.

As he’s a fan of the people Harry detained in Coldstore, perhaps his behaviour helps explain why Coldstore was necessary.

Automated Analyst Reports

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Several start-ups that use artificial intelligence to write news stories and other reports are now looking to write more analyst reports for banks and financial service companies, The Wall Street Journal reports.

SG 50: In 1950s, Harry, PAP already loved FTs

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My friend (member of a small subset of an ethnic minority) posted this on Facebook:

Baghdadi Jew (David Marshall) was able to be Chief Minister because in the 1950s, majority electorate was non-Chinese. Please check the 1950s census.
Fact: many immigrant Chinese did not have voting rights then
LKY as an opposition MP fought hard in legislative assembly in 1955/56 to give citizenship and voting rights chinese and Indian immigrants staying here.
By 1959 GE, the Chinese had become majority and PAP rode on their support to a landslide victory.

He, a stickler for facts was responding to the often repeated comment that since our first Chief minister and first opposition legislative member was a Ceylonese Tamil, waz this about S;porean Chinese not being prepared to have a non Chinese PM?

The answer is that the many local Chinese did not have the vote because they were what today Gilbert Goh, and Goh Meng Seng and his fellow cybernuts would call FTs. So much so that majority electorate was non-Chinese. 

It was Harry and the PAP that fought for one S’porean, one vote.

But he soon repented: hence Coldstore, GRCs, Spectrum etc etc.

What Amos and Meng Seng have in common?

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Yesterday I blogged that Amos is doing some good by drawing attention to a growing problem:  excessive attention-seeking behaviour in children

Going by Goh Meng Seng’s recent behaviour, maybe he’s suffering from something similar: excessive attention-seeking behaviour in adults? Seeking attention only becomes an issue when one goes through excessive lengths and means to get attention, and this can cause the person not to be functional in many areas in life.

Two recent examples of this behaviour by GMS:

He came close to joining New Citizen Hui Hui, TRE’s Oxygen and their fellow cybernuts in dancing on the graves of the children who died in Sabah. He, like them, blamed the MoE on the flawed logic of “Because there were deaths on a school trip, MoE, school are responsible.” Fortunately, he didn’t go further like Oxygen, and friends who gleefully blamed and sneered at the parents for the deaths. The parents had signed the consent forms, and were stupid to do so said Oxygen to loud applause from other cybernuts. How low can some people stoop?

Note no other politican or wannabe politican criticised MoE. Only Goh Meng Seng did.

And among the Oppo, only he and s/o JBJ came out in defence of Amos.  Do remember, he also came out in support of the right of Roy, Hui hui and the other young hooligans to disrupt an event where special needs kids were performing. So incidentally did Dr Chee of the SDP.

GMS trying to pander to his base of cybernuts? Or juz him showing excessive attention-seeking behaviour?

Now this weekend he wrote,

“[I]t would be natural to expect WP not to contest more seats than it has done before. In fact, it should be contesting less seats instead,” says Goh Meng Seng, once the adviser to the people’s clown, Tan Kin Lian in PE 2011, and now

His reasoning is that: I do not think WP can convince voters that it could manage ADDITIONAL constituencies well when it is currently struggling with the present 7 constituencies’ municipal management.

WP may risk a total collapse of credibility if it won more seats but in the end TC management become a horrible nightmare. This will in return destroy WP totally by the elections after next. Stay focus on the current 7 seats will be its best strategy. I believe LTK will want to fortify his positions in these current seats instead of having the ambition to win even more seats.

Err why doesn’t he advise the No Substance Party to contest less seats? In GE 2011, NSP contested 24 seats, WP 23. As NSP won a big fat zero shouldn’t it focus? Especially as the party has imploded in the last few months

— a few active cadres resigned including two former “portliburo” members (I know them personally and got a lot of time for them even though I think one of them is better of as a blogger and social activist*)

— the “new” sec-gen resigned and a retired sec-gen was wheeled out as an interim measure; and

— the president of the party made a fool of himself. It’s a complicated story:**

Whatever, WP and NSP contesting less seats means people like Meng Seng get a look in unless they are prepared to split the Oppo vote***. The “tissue” chopping system practiced by the NSP in the last GE (remember who was the sec-gen? makes it difficult for new parties. The NSP has a lot of tissue papers (or rather toilet roles)out there.

In yesterday’s piece, I advised that owning a dog would be a good way of curing excessive attention-seeking behaviour in a child. Still not too late for Meng Seng to get a dog.

*When P Ravi was at TOC, he organised a protest against the then CEO of SMRT. A few days layer she resigned.

**And there’s an interesting side story. Goh Meng Seng and the president were discussing his return to the NSP, a party he had left in a huff. But when the president went “bananas”, Meng Seng attacked him (see the TOC story for the details) and Meng Seng couldn’t return.

But it’s interesting to note that in all the recent in-line photis, he’s wearing the NSP colours.

***Which is no big deal given that NSP never came close in GE 2011 and 2006 to win a seat.

Where Amos is doing some good/ Dog for Amos

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His antics are drawing attention to a growing problem: excessive attention-seeking behaviour in children.

Child counsellors have said they are seeing more cases of youths who display excessive attention-seeking behaviour … such attention-seeking behaviour will remain a problem among today’s youths, who are just a click away from expressing their views online. While it is normal for most people to seek attention from family members or friends, it becomes a bigger concern when this behaviour gets excessive, and the cause for this usually stems from family neglect. 

(CNA as are the extracts below in italics)

What is excessive attention-seeking behaviour? It’s not mental, it’s developmental

President of the Academy of Certified Counsellors, Dr John Lim, said: “Attention-seeking behaviour is not a character flaw. It is a brain wiring response to a developmental trauma caused by neglect. (Emphasis mine)

“When a youth seeks attention, what he is asking for is not to be neglected and that his views be heard. It only becomes an issue when one goes through excessive lengths and means to get attention, and this can cause the person not to be functional in many areas in life.”

How to spot it 

Hence, it is critical for parents to make time for their children and pay attention to symptoms. Dr Raymond Cheong from the Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic gave an example: “If your child is a little boy or girl, they cry all the time to get what they want and the parent gives in, that is the beginning of a wilful behaviour.”

Another example he listed was when the child is over-enthusiastic in wanting to help in something or to gain the parent’s attention.

What to do about it: Amos needs a pet dog

Parents who identify such symptoms are encouraged to send their children for counselling and to teach them self-awareness, social awareness and relationship management, and help them make responsible decisions.

Sounds like self-serving advice from the practitioners.

Coming back to Amos, I always had tot that Amos needed a dog to keep him grounded in reality. I’m an only child too, and I’ve always had a dog. A dog gives the owner all the attention (and more) he needs, even when he doesn’t care for it, especially if the dog comes into the home when very, very young. One of my dogs is like that.

Whatever, three cheers for Amos because the “fantastic” is drawing public attention to excessive attention-seeking behaviour in children. Maybe when he’s better, he should be encourage to make a movie on this topic.

Fat chance of this with fans like CAN who include rabid anti-PAP activists like Martyn See, Lynn Lee (btw, both are film makers)and anti-PAP cyber warriots like Kirsten Han.

Update at 5.30pm: If he’s been traumatised as CAN is saying, and since he loves the internet, he could try playing Tetris for 12 minutes the day. Doing so after at traumatic event can reduce flashbacks.

Find out more (Smithsonian magazine)

What the first “P” in PAP really stands for?

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It stands for “Prosperity”?

I tot of this when I read

The owners of a high-end jewellery shop nearby strike gold when a customer buys not one but two sparkling necklaces.

Nicole Kharma, 48, is visiting from Singapore and arrived in Greece prepared, carrying a wad of 50 euro notes. As she counts out her hundreds, jewellery dealer Stavros Metaxas explains: “The foreign customers are very important. The Greeks are waiting to see what happens with the crisis and do not want to spend money.”

And shops need cash rather than credit cards to pay their suppliers.

“If they do not get their money, the suppliers have starting taking back their stock,” says Mr Metaxas.

Ms Kharma has been able to withdraw 500 euros a day using her foreign bank card and spend the money in local businesses. But it is “heartbreaking” to watch what is going on around her, she says.

“Leaving the cash machine with a stack of 50s – for 500 euros – when everybody is queuing and getting only 50 euros, it’s very sad.”

(BBC report on Greece)

If she had asked for discount our Harry really would have been proud.

As it is, let’s remember that the prosperity (no not thinking of you cybernuts) that many of us enjoy is in part due to the actions of the administration of  Prosperity Action Party.

Amos: When Nemesis wet Hubris/ Why PAP PR bad

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The following passage from a BBC report applies to the PAP administration not just the Chinese one:

The Chinese government, like all governments, worries that public outrage at the scale of the disaster might become directed at the state.

But instead of using normal public relations it uses public information control.

The problem for the PAP is that the public information control has never applied outside S’pore, and there is now cyberspace aka new medis

Last Sunday, I posted the PAP administration’s response to an Economist piece on Amos and other freedom of expression issues in S’pore.

Here’s what the High Commissioner in London was made to say about Amos’s case:

Your piece “Zip it” (June 24th) is unbalanced. It champions unfettered freedom of speech without providing the context of cases mentioned. Amos Yee was convicted for insulting the faith of Christians. In a small, highly diverse society like Singapore we guard our social peace jealously and make no apologies for it. We cannot allow people to denigrate or offend the religious beliefs of others: the result is anger and violence, as we have seen elsewhere. Protection from hate speech is also a basic human right.

Put it this way, I should be out rooting for Amos. But I didn’t because of the way Amos and mother Mary treated a good Samaritan.

Funnily the PAP administration had a more convincing explanation for the 55 days (as of the day of release): It could and should have said

Here’s a breakdown of the time he spent in captivity and the reasons thereof

— Two days when police investigated his case.

— He was in remand for 18 days because his parents and fans didn’t want to bail him; then when he was bailed by a stranger he broke bail, and then after trial when he was being assessed for probation he broke bail conditions yet again. Even the Joker, Penguin or Lex Luthor are less criminal than Amos.

— Then 21 days remand because he had to be assessed whether he was suitable for reform training given that he refused probation.

— Then 14 days because judge wanted to find out whether he could be given a mandatory treatment order if he was autistic.

If he had accepted probation, he would be home where mother Mary could cater to his every whim and fancy. And if his parents or fans had offered bail, and if he’d not broken bail conditions, he needn’t have spent 18 days in remand.

Hubris met Nemesis and Nemesis won.

(My Facebook avatar posted a variant of this on Facebook, in response to TOC’s and Function 8’s support of Amos the Fantastic. Got quite a few “Likes” and no rebuttal from TOC or F8.)

Seriously here’s the discredible bit about the detention.

He spent two days (police interrogation) away from mummy’s care. Actually, these two days were very unreasonable given the nature of the offences under investigation.

But I suspect, the police wanted to give him a scare, in the expectation, that he’d apologise, repent and the case could be closed with a warning. They didn’t know Amos, his mum and the anti-PAP human-rights activists (aka the ang-moh tua-kees) pulling the strings of Amos and mum, cheered on by the cybernuts.

As to his treatment during the last 35 days, he was treated no better or worse than any convicted offender undergoing examination for a RTO ot MTO.  He wasn’t persecuted.

He spent 53 days in captivity because he was quai lan: he tot he was entitled to do what he liked and not suffer the consequences. The IMH report to the court said Amos is misguided in not appreciating that ‘freedom of expression is not freedom from consequence’

The system is telling him he is juz another criminal.

In one of John Wayne’s Westerns, he said “Life is tough but tougher if you are stupid”. Amos and Mother Mary should ponder these words of wisdom.

They should also ponder that Hubris always loses to Nemesis. The gods play with loaded dice.


S’poreans are delusional?

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S’pore has been ranked 97th out of 145 countries in a Global Well-Being Index survey by polling firm Gallup and “well-being solutions provider” (whatever  doesthis mean) Healthways announced on June 24. Panama came in first for the second consecutive year heading the list for physical and purpose well-being, and second place for social and community.

Worse, in Asean, we ranked behind Myanmar (20), Malaysia (41), Philippines (43), Thailand (50), Indonesia (73), Vietnam (93). Cambodia came in slightly below Singapore at 99. (More details at end of the article from CNA)

The cybernuts were out celebrating this ranking (showed S’pore was a terrible, horrible place), while the constructive, nation-building media was quiet on analysis and commentary.

I wasn’t too surprised because the rankings were based on personal feelings:  Responses were categorised by Gallup analysts as “thriving”, “struggling” or “suffering”. Countries are then ranked on the percentage of the population that is “thriving” in three or more elements of well-being. And S’poreans are always complaining, unhappy about almost everything.

What I found interesting is that S’pore scored well in“managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security”, Singapore was ranked ninth worldwide.

Seems delusional of the S’poreans surveyed given

— The cost of “affordable” public housing (25 year  to pay morgage), leaving very little room to build up retirement savings.

— The cost of owning a car.

— A public transport system that sucks if one is working and can’t afford a car.

— Most of the gains in real wages comes via the CPF increase that employers have to gove.

— The almost 40% of the salary that is tied down with restrictions.

And they still think they are doing “managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security”.

The PAP administration must have put something into the water supply.

btw, Gallup is a very respectable polling organisation, unlike our Institute of Policy Srudies.


 *The index was based on interviews with more than 146,000 people aged 15 and older, in 145 countries, territories and areas in 2014. The annual survey measured five indicators: Financial well-being, community well-being, purpose well-being, social well-being and physical well-being.

Survey respondents were asked ten questions and asked to rate their responses on a five-point scale. Responses were categorised by Gallup analysts as “thriving”, “struggling” or “suffering”. Countries are then ranked on the percentage of the population that is “thriving” in three or more elements of well-being.

For financial well-being, which Gallup defined as “managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security”, Singapore was ranked ninth worldwide.

Singapore was ranked 72nd worldwide for community well-being, defined as “liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community”.

It scored 111th in purpose well-being – “Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals”; 127 in social well-being – “having supportive relationships and love in your life”; and 137th in physical well-being – “having good health and enough energy to get things done daily”.

The index aggregates the scores in the five categories to arrive at Singapore’s overall 97th ranking.




China: 4 weeks, 2 blunders

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Chart lifted from FT.

What Amos said in his police statement

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Amos the “fantastic who was sentenced to four weeks’ jail on Monday, almost immediately instructed his lawyers to file an appeal. “Amos, duly advised by his lawyers, is of the view that the conviction is wrong in law and sentence levied against him is manifestly excessive,” said a statement from his lawyers from Dodwell & Co on Monday.

I do hope that the lawyers and Amos remember what was reported at the time of the trial.

Deputy publi prosecutor Hay Hung Chun said Yee’s defense contradicted a statement he had given police on the night he was arrested in which he said he knew his video was bound to promote ill-will” among Christians.

He was responding to Lawyers for an outspoken Singaporean teenager charged with offending religious feelings in an online video that criticized the city-state’s founding father said that he did not intend to hurt Christians.

(Emphasis mine)

And I’ve not read any report nor heard from anyone who attended the trial that the defence challenged the DPP’s comments. So I have to assume that the DPP was right about what Amos said in the police statement.

All in all this appeal could be an example of what the IMH doctor says about Amos being misguided in not appreciating that ‘freedom of expression is not freedom from consequence’: or to put it another way, “Can suka suka do what he likes and not kanna takan.

More on what the doc “ordered”:

The situation comedy, “The antics of Boy Fantastic and his Mother Marry” is still running.


Amo: What IMH recommended

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The psychiatrist who conducted the court-ordered evaluation of the youth at the Institute of Mental Health, Dr Cai Yimin, is also Emeritus Consultant, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Institute of Mental Health.

He recommended in his report to the court that

— Amos Yee would benefit from having a counsellor or mentor to guide him in the “responsible use of the Internet”*,

—  he should continue with formal education where he would have opportunities to socialise with his peers, and

— family counselling should take place to improve the interaction and relationship among all members of the teenager’s family.

He said Amos is misguided in not appreciating that ‘freedom of expression is not freedom from consequence’.*

*Remember his grandma blamed his addiction to the internet for his problems. Cybernuts and HR activists mocked her.

**Blame mother Mary is at fault for this sense of entitlement?

Amos: Yaya papaya no more/ Mandatory treatment order given

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The Prosecution had decided not to press for reformative training, which will see Yee instituted for at least 18 months, and go for a jail term because of what was described as a “seismic shift” in attitude on Yee’s part.

It was noted that Yee has voluntarily removed the material and signed an undertaking to not post on sensitive issues anymore. “Amos has admitted to his guilt and promised not to re-offend”, said the Prosecution, because he understands issues of law and racial harmony.

Yee also has to go for mandatory counselling, which the teenager has agreed to.

Yee’s medical report said that he does not suffer from any mental disorders, but instead needs mentoring. Amos has agreed to counselling and mentoring from a doctor at Raffles Hospital.

All in all sentence passed is fair and reasonable

[S]entenced to four weeks imprisonment, for charges relating to creating a video criticizing Lee Kuan Yew.

He will serve one week for posting obscene materials and three weeks for wounding the religious feelings of Christians in his video and the sentenced is to be served consecutively.

The sentence has also been backdated from 2 June.

He wants to appeal against conviction and sentence as is his right.

Israeli Autism test that doesn’t take 2 weeks

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Here’s a test for autism that doesn’t take two weeks in a place where there are mentally ill sick people and criminals:

People spend longer inhaling the delightful aroma of a bouquet of roses than the foul stench of rotting fish.

The results of tests on 36 children, in the journal Current Biology, showed that there appeared to be no such difference in children with autism.

OK, OK it’s experimental.

Did you know autism affects one in every 160 children globally. Behaviour, social interactions and communication skills are all affected by autism. Genetic influences on autism are estimated to be between 74-98%, a Medical Research Council study of 258 twins suggests

PM should ask New Citizen Raj to defend us

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“Who will defend us?*” asked PM. I went WTF!

Why doesn’t PM ask New Citizen Raj why he planned to ensure his son avoids NS?

This is what I wrote about New Citizen Raj sometime back:

An Indian former FT who prefers international schools is new citizen, Raj, originally from India. During an interview with TOC [Link], Raj revealed that only he in the family has converted to Singapore citizenship. His wife and daughter remain PRs and his son is on a student pass.

Raj said that if his son was a PR, he would need to serve NS. He preferred to “let his son decide if he wanted to put his roots down in Singapore or go back to India when he turns 21″.

The benefit of having his son on a student pass is that his son can always work in Singapore later as a “foreign talent” and eventually become a PR himself. He will not be considered a second-generation PR since he was not sponsored by his parents in the first place. A second-generation PR who gives up his PR is barred from working in Singapore.

Why the loop-hole, and why hasn’t it been closed? It must be commonly used for this FT to talk publicly about it, is my guess

Now, I RODed in the 70s,  am a bachelor and I don’t have children, but I’m upset at this loop-hole. Imagine the anguish of a parent whose son died while doing NS if he finds out that its so easy for new citizens and PRs to avoid legally NS?

This loop-hole had better be closed, and fast.

My understanding is that this loophole still exists and is still being exploited. Why?

My neighbour’s son has juz finished BMT. He is a second generation NS man. And P Ravi’s son is going into NS soon

Why should they do NS to defend New Citizen Raj and his family? Because he like them are ethnic Indians? When their dads and I did NS, we were defending S’poreans, not Foreign Trashes like New Citizen Raj who use our flag to clean their behinds.

And this is unacceptable (lifted from TOC)



The words “ALL NDP UNIFORM PERSONNEL” were also underscored and emphasised.

The notice was signed off, also in capital letters:


Poster at Kallang Wave Mall

Poster at Kallang Wave Mall

Btw, those of us opposed to the PAP’s continued hegemony and anti-PAP activists andcybernuts have one invaluable friend in the pAP: Ah Loong himself?

His recent comments on various topics will have upset the swing voters. More soon.



PM, ESM on new media

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The following lament by the Thai PM to the feisty Thai  media sounds familar?

“No one writes about what I have done,” he said, “or when they do, they write so little.”

Sounds like our PM, Khaw, ESM or any PAPpy complaining about new media (including social media)

But they can console themselves with this:”Things will be the same.”*

Sadly for the cybernuts and their heroes Meng Seng, S/o JBJ, Roy etc etc , this is not true here: “You have disrupted and brought down the whole system.”. Here the cybernuts and their heroes provide comic relief from the spin of the PAP.

This was preceded by “It doesn’t matter how many reforms or coups there are. There’s no point.”


Why Pope won’t be visiting S’pore anytime soon

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Here, I speculated on why if the pope had been a priest here in 1987, he’d be arrested as a Marxist conspirator and why the then pope wouldn’t have objected.

Now the pope is planning to get himself banned from visiting the US and S’pore: he’ll chew an illegal substance later this month.

Pope Francis has requested to chew coca leaves during his forthcoming visit to Bolivia, according to Bolivian Culture Minister Marko Machicao …Mr Machicao said the government offered the Pope coca tea and the pontiff had “specifically requested” to chew coca.

… Coca leaves were declared an illegal substance under the 1961 UN convention on narcotic drugs.

But the growing of coca leaves for religious and medicinal purposes is legal and licensed in Bolivia.

Autism isn’t mental illness

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But first I must talk about the dog that almost didn’t bark: the belated public show of support by his “fans” for Amos here.

There were protests in support of Amos Yee in Taiwan HK, and Penang.

But only this Sunday will there be a protest n our very own Hong Lim Green?

Could it be that the ang-moh tua-kee anti-PAP fans who champion his right (or duty?) to slime Harry and Jesus were afraid that they couldn’t get a decent size crowd? Despite the vocal, irrational* support from the cybernut fans from the rats’ nest in TRE Land? But that their hands were forced by the overseas protests?

This tardiness is mirrored by the lack of support from the only serious Oppo party, the SDP that is interested in human rights (s/o JBJ doesn’t count: he lost his deposit in a by-election). Dr Chee is quiet given his earlier support of Amos, and his continuing support of Roy, New Citizen Hui Hui and the other young hooligans.

Int’l support for Amos from the UN, and NGOs believed by China and India to have CIA funding was loud and expected. But the SDP is silent? Surprising given that it often apes theseNGOs and the UN. SDP knows the swing voters it needs to win a seat are not impressed by the antics of Amos, mother Mary and fans?

Could it be that the anti-PAP ang-moh tua-kees and the cybernuts, who are using Amos as a symbol to rally support against the PAP, misread S’poreans? They tot they had a big stick to beat the PAP juz before a GE: boy gets disproportionately punished for sliming Harry,

While Harry may not be as popular among S’poreans as our constructive, nation-building media portray him, S’poreans seem to be very annoyed that Amos thinks he’s above the law (breaking bail twice: most S’poreans I speak to think the bail conditions were reasonable), and by the behaviour of mother Mary and son towards the good Samaritan that is Vincent Law. Both of them accused him of “mental” molestation of boy “fantastic” after Amos falsely accused Law of molesting him, and then flip-flopped on an apology.

Or could it be that the ang-moh tua-kees are miffed that Amos mocked their vigil for him. They can be sensitive souls for all their love of low life: drug mules and the like.

Whatever, the deafening silence of local inaction when contrasted with the overseas protests could have shamed his puppet masters into finally organising a protest. I’m waiting to see if they observe Amos’s instructions on how he wants the event to be organised.

Back to the title topic, lest I ne accused of bait and switch.

Being autistic, doesn’t make one nutty

Reading TRE, one would think that he has already been diagnosed with autism, and that autism is a mental illness. Cybernuts are living in the wrong century, not only the wrong country. The real world has moved on from the 19th century, when autistic people were considered lunatics, and were locked up in lunatic asylums.

He hasn’t been diagnosed with autism yet, despite mother Mary saying he has Asperger*, a “high class” form of autism, and SDP member and former ISD detainee Teo Soh Lung saying she has heard from Amos’s sympathisers that he is autistic.

And autism is not a mental illness like M Ravi’s bi-polarism**. While the UK’s Nation Health Service website says says that “autism is not a learning disability or a mental health problem”, it goes on to say that “some people with autism have an accompanying learning disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem”.

What is autism?

The NHS website describes autism thus:

Autism is a serious and lifelong developmental disability


Autism is a spectrum condition. This means that while all people with autism share certain difficulties, the condition affects each person differently.

While some people with autism live independent lives, others may need a lifetime of specialist support. Autism can have a profound and sometimes devastating effect on individuals and families. However, getting the right support makes a substantial difference to the person who is diagnosed and their loved ones.

Different brain chemistry

Autistic people may have a mental illness but autism, by itself, is not a mental illness. Their brain chemistry is different from that of “normal” people: for example “normal” tranquilisers may not work on them: they may make them more hyper.

And there are times when the chemistry goes berserk resulting in them doing bizarre things like self-harm.

I know all this because I know a couple who has a child with severe autism, She’s in her 30s but the law considers her incapable of being behaving like an adult. But mentally ill, she isn’t.

Related post:

Update at 7.00am: The organisers of the Sunday do are the very people Amos sneered at for not bailing him

Community Action Network (CAN)

The Community Action Network is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Singapore concerned about freedom of expression, and civil and political rights.

They are: Shelley Thio, Lynn Lee, Joshua Chiang, Jolovan Wham, Jennifer Teo, Woon Tien Wei, Rachel Zeng, Roy Ngerng and Martyn See.


*Something she, the cybernuts and the ang-moh tua-kees have conveniently forgotten. A leading wannabe-be politican is rumoured to have this form of autism. There is speculation that Abraham Lincoln and Einstein may have had it.

**Cybernuts who claim Amos is being fixed cannot explain why the same doctor that said Amos may be suffering from autism is also M Ravi’s personally chosen doctor treating him for his bi-polar condition

HSBC’s 1979 gift keeps paying for itself

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Li ka-shing accounted for 70% of HSBC’s global M&A advisory work in 2015 according to the FT.

HSBC sold him its stake in Hutchison Whampoa at a very special “For you only” price in 1979. This gave him face and showed that HSBC was aligning itself with the Chinese tycoons not the ang moh houses like Jardines. The then Oz CEO of Hutch said he could have gotten a better price for the stake. He was told by HSBC to mind his own business because he was an employee. HSBC had hired him to turn round Hutch which he.

Long term greed.

Shareholders need to find a new Sandberg and Purvis combination, with John Bond assisting. We know the damage (think sub-prime and Safra) that Bond can do when not supervised by adults. But I’m to harsh. During his tenure, HSBC had a one-for-one bonus and the ex-bonus share price almost reached the cum price. And there was a deeply discounted share issue to pay for the losses in the US.

But at the very least we need a  home-grown John Cryan*. Off with Gulliver’s head.

Gulliver sucks, like Anshu Jain and has to go. Capital markets investment bankers are not usually rational, cold and deep thinkers

As Lex rightly pointed out a few weeks ago, Hongkong Bank is trying to cut fat and grow muscle. Us sporty fatties know that this is real hard work and often fails. Taz why we are still fatties. Gulliver failed to trim fat and is lousy at PR (When Blatter said he couldn’t be expected to know everything at FIFA, I tot of Gulliver’s remarks on managing HSBC.). And now he wants to cut fat and grow muscle?

Failed in cutting costs and now wants to do something even hardEer? Pigs are likely to fly first. Or i’ll lose some serious fat and put some muscle.

He’d likely cut muscle and grow fat. Maybe expansion into the industrial heartland that is the Pearl Delta estuary isn’t the greatest idea? “Poll shows 25% of foreign businesses plan China job cuts,” is the top FT headline on my PC screen.


*And if there’s no-one homegrown do what the Germans did, go find someone and put the chap in charge of the board’s audit committee. Great hands-on experience and sreep learning curve.

I always believe that in most cases there is always someone inhouse in a company with a strong corporate culture who can do the CEO’s job: the problem is finding the guy and the board having the balls to appoint the “unknown”.

Private banking clients beware

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JPMorgan Chase Said to Be in Talks With S.E.C. Over Product Steering JPMorgan Chase is in talks with the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle an investigation into whether the bank inappropriately guided private banking clients to its own investment products, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing people familiar with the matter.

NYT Dealbook

Actually isn’t the name of the game steering clients towards expensive inhouse products. As Milked once said, “If you can’t make money from yr friends, who can you you make it from?” Z(Or shumething likr that)

Muslim radicialisation fault of FT policy? Minster seems to say so

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In his latest remarks urging our Muslims to be alert to radicals, the Second Minister for Home Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli, warned of the growing presence of and threats posed by “absolutists” in the community.

He advised that Muslims should not easily “succumb” to the views and opinions of “absolutists”.

“They may look attractive, they may look correct,” he said, “but do not be gullible.”

Mr Masagos warned that these “absolutists” interpret the teachings of Islam in a rigid way, and that those who disagreed with their views were seen as “un-Islamic”, for example.

The emergence of these “absolutists” could be a result of religious teachers coming here from “all over” the world.

“The variations of Islam they embrace are ‘very cultural’, and some of the conflicts experienced in other countries are brought to Singapore”, he told CNA on Sunday.

An Indian Muslim friend tells me that the FT religious leader for his community can only come from a paerticular village and can only speak the dialect of the area he comes from. His Koranic knowledge comes from memorising the Koran. How does this amount to a talent policy?

Btw, the NUS Law School should seriously look at stopping the import of foreign trash. I mean a law professor who has regular sex a student and claims he has academic integrity? And claims he was fixed because he criticised our judges? Academics are not supposed to have sex with their students, ever.

And now another FT faculty member beats up a taxi uncle.

Mother Mary: Why “fantastic is in Block 7

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A regular commenter responded to Mary’s Toh self-centred, victimhood lament (analysed here) on waz happening to her “fantastic” boy wonder (Emphasis mine. Btw, this guy knows his way round the healthcare system here and he hates the PAP. But he’s no frus cybernut like Ng Kok Lim).

He’s in block 7 because … Those who are arrested and remanded by judges for psychiatric review are all done at IMH block 7. This block is the only psychiatric block purposely built for prison-like control, with secured doors & checkpoints / guardposts at all levels & at the entrance manned by cisco personnel / prisons officers.

Btw, all other blocks also contain “truly mentally ill” patients. There are also plenty of patients with violent symptoms in these other blocks.

Becoz he has been found guilty & under remand, he no longer has civilian privileges. No going to KK Hospital as outpatient in posh air-con office to be assessed by their specialist. Now anything to do with brain, go to prison block at IMH for assessment.

Even if authorities allow Amos to be assessed as outpatient at IMH i.e. everyday bring him to IMH block 7, Amos will still be incarcerated at Changi prison. It’s not like he can go home and take his own sweet time to report to IMH, if ever.

Btw, commenting on the rants against the warding of Amos in Woodbrudge for two weeks: Cybernut Investor pointed out that his fellow cybernuts cybernuts missed an impt IMH connection:

@Ng COCK Lim* and other fellow cybernuts, why no balls meh.

The logical and reasonable conclusion of Cock Lim’s cooments is that the head of Woodbridge is responsible for everything. Esp as she is daughter of person who Amos insulted? Or Cock Lim and you all that STUPID?


*Cock Lim, cybernut in resident in TRE’s rat nest who describes himself thus Ng Kok Lim is a regular TRE contributor who specialises in rebuttal. Err more like lying.

He accused me of lying about my prediction that Amos would be sent to Woodbridge citing that TRE reported it befire my piece appeared in TRE.

I posted this on TRE and got no response from him:

Ng Kok Lim, You are either very stupid or a bigger liar than Roy or Amos or Amos’s mum.

My prediction piece preceded TRE’s piece (It came out on my blog on Tuesday morning before the sun rose)  I can’t help it if TRE republished my piece a few days later.

TRE trying to fix me idit?

Whatever it is, it shows the quality of yr research: more Roy Ngerng and Balding than Chris K. ))))


SG50: “Freedom” Harry’s way

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One of Napoleon’s Marshalls, Lefebvre said on entering a town in Germany, “We have come to bring you Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. But don’t let it go to your heads. The first person to step out of line will be shot”.

Our Harry could have said this in 1959 when the PAP won power, or during Coldstore, or in 1965 when S’pore was kicked out of M’sia or during Spectrum.

Err most PAP Ministers MPs are elected, unlike s/o JBJ, Roy, H3 and Meng Seng

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It was reported on TRE (and on MSM sites) that M’sia’sTourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said that he was elected by his constituents to serve them, which sets him apart from the Crown Prince of Johor who had criticised him for not behaving like the people’s “servant”.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of this report appearing on TRE.

While I respect TeamTRE’s efforts to provide alternative angles to the BS of the PAP administration and the constructive, nation-building media in an attempt to show S’poreans that there are credible alternative narratives, analysis , sadly there is a group using TRE tp alienate the swing voters from the Oppo.

These are a group of posters there who think that they represent all the S’poreans that voted for the oppo and whose heroes are Roy Ngerng and his fellow hooligan New Citizen Han Hui Hui, Goh Meng Seng (he regained his popularity with the cybernuts by dancing on the graves of the children who died in Sabah), Amos Yee (now inside Woodbridge for observation) and s/o JBJ.

With the exception of the MPs and ministers from Tanjong Pagar GRC, all the rest of the PAP ministers and MPs won their seats by comfortable majorities bar those in two SMCs where they got in by a nose.

And the failure to contest Tanjong Pagar is the fault of one man who screwed up big time by waiting until almost the close of nomination to file incorrect documents. If he had bothered to come in half-an-hour earlier, the PAP would have had a fight on their hands.

So while ,most of the PAP MPs were elected, who chose the freeloading cybernuts (TRE is always short of funds despite the team paying to serve)  infesting TRE like the rats and bugs infested Bukit Batok.

Only in America/ Personal KPI for ministers?

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JPMorgan C.E.O. Reaches Billionaire Status With JPMorgan Chase’s shares near a record high, Jamie Dimon’s net worth is about $1.1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

(NYT Dealbook)

Will the PAP be aiming to create billionaire ministers? Actually the rumour is that Mah Bow Tan is worth a few hundred million dollars: he allegedly made serious money in Oz property.


After the mass murders jn Charleston, Walmart moved quickly against Confederate merchandise (murderer was photoed with the Confederate flag before murders), it continues to sell guns (he killed with a gun).

Laments of Amos’s mum & why she should get real

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TOC published a moving lament by Mary Toh on her feelings (“It has been a very exhausting journey these last few months for everyone in the family …” and I wish he could be home with me so I can care for him”) on her son’s plight.

She has right on her side when she asks

I understand that block 7 is where they also keep the truly mentally ill patients, and those who have committed crimes or offences and who are also mentally unsound.

It is also where my son is being held.

I wondered why my son, who is here to be assessed if he has autism, is kept here in the same block as those who are mentally ill.

The authorities should explain to her and the public why  if he has autism, is kept here in the same block as those who are mentally ill.

But methinks she refuses to see Amos and herself as anything more than victims when they are actually major players, their decisions impacting on what is happening to them.

“Amos made a video and ended up in a mental institute.”: What a misrepresentation of the facts.

She left out the following: Amos,had spat on the offer of probation that the state had preferred and which his lawyer and his mother had advised him to accept. He has reposted the offending material, and posted nasty comments about the judge. And he had earlier broken his bail conditions. All these and the false allegation that his bailor had molested him and his flip floppng on an apology to the bailor make him a victim of a vengeful state? Come on.

In a peaceful place like S’pore, this is tantamount to the Joker’s or Penguin’s misdeeds in Gotham City.


He wishes that he could sleep at home and go for daily assessment, but that is not what the court ordered.

Given his track record can he be trusted to go for the daily assessments? Remember he refused to meet his probation officer and was bitching about having to go to the police station and 9.00am because he wanted to sleep when he was on bail awaiting trial?

He juz wants the world to revolve round his wishes. And who is largely responsible for this sense of entitlement? Who calls him “fantasttic” and laughs off his bad behaviour? Not his dad, it’s mummy.

Given that

Amos is now exhausted, and yes, frightened. And I can understand why.

He has been remanded in prison for so long* (40 days now) – even before he is sentenced – that he probably feels things no longer make sense.,

why not advise him to

— say sorry to Vincent Law (his bailor) and the judge (remember he abused her), and

— give the passwords to his lawyer to privatise all his posts and not repost the offending posts. According to his lawyer Alfred Dodwell he had agreed to privatisingthe posts  and removing the offending posts.

These actions will show that he’s willing to play ball.

Finally, someone should lend her a video of “One flew over a cuckoo’s nest” so that she can see that rebelling can have awful consequences for the rebel

Hopefully she can pass the message on to Amos.

Oh and btw, the original offences are no longer relevant. Amos and his mum have put in motion a juggernaut, nothing can stop it now. The judge, if Amos cooperates, can mitigate the consequences, but it takes two hands to clap.


*Hello, why didn’t she offer bail pending trial? She wanted other people’s money for that.







Value for money/ Thrifty royals

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Wallpaper that has lasted at least 79 yrs, possibly 100 over yrs
A US study suggests the average “life expectancy” of wallpaper is just seven years. That on display in the Blue Drawing Room was hung at the direction of Queen Mary, whose husband George V was on the throne from 1910 to 1936.

Amos: Judge going the extra mile

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Almost no credit is given in cyberspace that the judge iseems to be trying her best to uphold the law while looking after the long term welfare of Amos.

Below are two posts from Facebook that explain what the judge seems to be doing.

But let’s be very clear:  the reformative training suitability report says that he is physically and mentally suitable for reformative training, even if he is autistic. Juz being autistic doesn’t give anyone the right to break the law and evade responsibility.

Actually I see a judge desperately trying not to give Amos a record. When he flaunted bail conditions he tied her hands. She’s in a really difficult place. To let him go free is setting a precedence for others to disregard rules as well. That’s why I wished ay could have just taken a step back lose the battle for now and wait it out. Then again he’s a recalcitrant teenager! Not sure whether he may also have some psychological issues. A good test is not harmful especially if it can save him some unnecessary trauma. The first step of charging him was wrong. It just spiralled downwards and AY certainly did not help himself. A real tragedy!

And here’s what someone who I personally know and who works with autistic kids says in the same thread. In addition to talking about the judge, he also gives an explanation of the mandatory treatment order (MTO) that the judge is exploring.

The MTO is a relatively new sentencing option iwhich requires an offender suffering from psychiatric conditions to undergo treatment in lieu of imprisonment.

If offender completes treatment successfully, he/she will be cleared of conviction.

Prior to this sentencing option being made available to judges, people with mental disorders were imprisoned. We can just do a google search for people with very low IQ who were sentenced to time in prison for offences such as outrage of modesty before this sentencing option was made available. Some people with mental conditions like intellectual disability, may not understand what offence they may have caused.

In that sense, I appreciate the new sentencing option.

[Err let’s give the Pet minister who also happens to be the law minister credit for this. And the PAP administration too.]

Just like intellectual disability, ASD is also on the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual IV.

Only a qualified person can diagnose where in the Spectrum a person diagnosed with ASD is (Asperger’s or whatever). I am not qualified, so I will not speculate.

IMO, the judge may be bending over backwards not to leave him with a criminal record – which is good as Amos is only a young boy.

I am not sure if MTO mandates institutional care once the diagnosis has been made, or if the ‘offender’ can commit to a term of outpatient care.

I personally feel that Amos should not be institutionalised.

On the last sentence, it takes two to tango and two hands to clap.

The “yaya papapaya”, that is Amos, had spat on the offer of probation that the state had preferred and which his lawyer and his doting mother Mary advised him to accept. And he has reposted the offending material, and posted nasty comments about the judge. And he had earlier broken his bail conditions. All these and the false allegation that his bailor had molested him and his flip floppng on an apology to the bailor make him a one-boy clear and present danger  to other S’poreans, who is unlikely to be prepared to undergo outpatient treatment.

Best if he’s locked up until he responds to treatment if he can be treated.

If not bring on the Reformative Training Centre, a heavily structured programme for young offenders involving military-style training as well as counselling, which can last up to 30 months.

And do remember, the reformative training suitability report says that he is physically and mentally suitable for reformative training, even if he is autistic. Juz being autistic doesn’t give anyone the right to break the law and evade responsibility.


Psychiatrist behind Amos report/ Waz ASD?

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Before the State Courts on Tuesday (Jun 23), District Judge Jasvender Kaur said that a report by Dr Munidasa Winslow said that Yee may suffer from autism-spectrum disorder. This emerged from the reformative training suitability report, which found the accused physically and mentally suitable for reformative training. (CNA)

He’ll be sent to Woodbridge for two weeks’ of observation and may then undergo mandatory treatment. (Trumpets pls, I predicted this early yesterday morning before the sun rose While the UK’s Nation Health Service website says says that “autism is not a learning disability or a mental health problem”, it goes on to say that “some people with autism have an accompanying learning disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem”.

Already the cybernuts are saying that Amos is being “fixed”. As does his mother, Mary: “They always want to paint him as mentally unsound,” she commented with a frown. (TOC report)

The problem with this view is that M Ravi (Remember him? The kickass, take-no-prisoners constitutional lawyer who is the hero of the cybernut mob and the ang moh tua kees) personally chose to consult Dr Munidasa Winslow, after Ravi fell out with his previous psychiatrist in 2012 .  M Ravi has also not disowned Dr Winslow’s diagnosis in February 2015 that he was in a “hypomaniac” phase of his bipolar disorder (A mental illness causing elevated moods and periods of depression that he was diagnosed with in 2006.)

Furthermore M Ravi has not challenged his suspension from practicising law. He is resting.

So if M Ravi is being treated by Dr Munidasa Winslow, how can one reasonably argue that Amos Yee is being fixed? The doctor trusted by M Ravi is the one saying Amos may be autistic. Unless of course, one asserts that M Ravi has been conned into consulting Dr Winslow?

Finally, here’s what the Novena Medical Centre website says about the good doctor

A/Prof. Muni Winslow MBBS, M.Med.(Psych), CMAC, CCS, FAMS

Munidasa Winslow has worked in general psychiatry and addiction medicine at the Institute of Mental Health since 1988. He was one of the pioneers responsible for the setting up and development of addiction services both in the hospital and in the community. His last appointment was as chief of the Addiction Medicine Department, IMH. He is recognised as an expert in addiction and impulse control disorders (alcohol, substance dependence, gambling, gaming, sexual compulsivity etc) in the Asia-Pacific region frequently speaking at conferences around the region. Despite being a fully qualified psychiatrist, he has taken the time and effort to maintain and develop his therapy/counselling skills as seen by his being accredited as a certified master addiction counsellor and a certified clinical supervisor. He has published and presented widely on both general psychological and addiction issues. He continues his academic and research interests through his academic appointments with Duke GMS and NUS and teaching in many medical and counselling courses. His passion is to help therapists develop and hone their skills to effect real change in those they seek to help.

Update at 5.00am: Waz ASD?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized by:

  • Persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts;
  • Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities;
  • Symptoms must be present in the early developmental period (typically recognized in the first two years of life); and,
  • Symptoms cause clinically significant impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of current functioning.

Even children with ASD who have relatively good language skills often have difficulties with the back and forth of conversations. For example, because they find it difficult to understand and react to social cues, some highly verbal children with ASD often talk at length about a favorite subject, but they won’t allow anyone else a chance to respond or notice when others react indifferently.

Children with ASD who have not yet developed meaningful gestures or language may simply scream or grab or otherwise act out until they are taught better ways to express their needs. As these children grow up, they can become aware of their difficulty in understanding others and in being understood. This awareness may cause them to become anxious or depressed.

More at

Arkham awaits Amos?/ Autism isn’t mental illness BUT …

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(Update at 1.30pm:

Amos has been remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for two weeks pending a psychiatric report.

Before the State Courts on Tuesday (Jun 23), District Judge Jasvender Kaur said that a report by Dr Munidasa Winslow said that Yee may suffer from autism-spectrum disorder. This emerged from the reformative training suitability report, which found the accused physically and mentally suitable for reformative training.


Later today, Amos may find out whether he’ll go to  to a Reformative Training Centre (RTC) for 18 months. In my NS days, former inmates of RTC had no fear of being sent to detention barracks: they had seen worse.

So RTC does seem rough for juz sliming Harry and Jesus?

But pls remember before sympathising with the “yaya papapaya” that is Amos, he had spat on the offer of probation that the state had preferred and which his lawyer and his doting mother Mary advised him to accept. And he has reposted the offending material, and posted nasty comments about the judge. And had earlier broken his bail conditions. He’s a one-man crime wave.

All these and the false allegation that his bailor had molested him and his flip floppng on an apology to the bailor, does make a tough sentence appropriate. He has sown the wind, and he shall reap the whirlwind.

Given that he has spent it seems 39 days in remand, only a long prison sentence will mean that he goes in and stays in for a while.

All in all 18 months in a RTC seems about right: keeps him out of mischief.

But people with political, anti-PAP agendas are refusing to see this and getting noisy, saying that he should not suffer the consequences of his misdeeds:

— s/o JBJ is KPKBing about Amo being a young political prisoner*.

— And the ang moh tua kees who poured out their anguish publicly but didn’t offer to stand bail are wailing in public again** despite Amos telling them what he tot of them forsaking him. He tot they were “horrible” (my word not his).

He is a special one because he slimed the Ninth Immottal and the 501dt Arhat?

DSC_0029 DSC_0106

But don’t be too surprised if he gets sent to the Institute of Mental Health (our very own Arkham***) for observation and possible treatment.

Remember that mother Mary says he has Asperger, a form of autism****, and SDP member and former ISD detainee Teo Soh Lung has said she has heard from Amos’s sympathisers that he is autistic.

While the UK’s Nation Health Service website says says that “autism is not a learning disability or a mental health problem”, it goes on to say that “some people with autism have an accompanying learning disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem”.

So if he gets sent to Woodbridge, remember you heard it here first.


*Wonder if there’ll be faeces on s/o JBJ’s face again? A few yrs ago when M Ravi was “maniac” and the Law Society was trying to get him to get treated, s/0 JBJ came out with a piece comparing M Ravi to Soviet dissidents who were classified by the state as “nuts”. When it turned out that M Ravi was really as sick as a parrot, s’o JBJ had to sit down and shut up.

**We note with alarm, a letter from Amos Yee’s lawyer stating that his client was recently placed on suicide watch while in remand. According to the letter, Amos was strapped down for one-and-a-half days, and kept in a room along with two other persons of unsound mind. He was also denied access to toilet facilities and had to relieve himself in a bottle next to his bed. It is unclear if Amos was given any counseling for harbouring suicidal thoughts.

CAN: Shelley Thio, Lynn Lee, Joshua Chiang, Jolovan Wham, Jennifer Teo, Woon Tien Wei, Rachel Zeng, Roy Ngerng and Martyn See.

Btw, they seem to think being in remand should be like in a Club Med holiday facility. He’s in prison, and is being treated like other inmates. Why should mother Mary’s child be treated better than other inmates? Because he slimed Harry?

***For those who are wondering, the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane,called Arkham Asylum or juz Arkham is where many of Batman’s opponents are locked up for treatment.

When he is released, willhe come out changed like McMurphy in “One flew over a cuckoo’s best”?

****But then she says a lot of things: he’s ” fantastic”, “a liar” that always “tells the truth”. Maybe she too needs a visit to Arkham?

TRE poster blames parents for children’s deaths

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It had to happen: a very regular TRE poster and friends joining New Citizen Han Hui Hui in dancing and singing over the graves of the children who died in the Sabah tragedy. He blames the parents for signing the indemnity forms without asking questions. And he sneers and insults them, screaming very joyfully: TOO NAIVE, TOO GULLIBLE AND TRUSTING of those in authorities.

And he got the “thumbs up” from other TRE readers.

How low can these people stoop?


[T]he word scunnered. It’s an adjective from Scotland. If one is scunnered, one is irritated, frustrated, weary – and one is also, somehow, revolted. The person, or thing to which you have “taken a scunner” is not just a pain in your neck, but also operating at or beneath the level of your contempt.

AL Kennedy, writer and broadcaster


They should remember that the parents’ children died. Let them grieve in peace. Do not happily, sneer and insult them.

Hate PAP until like that meh? Frus at their impotence to do anything about the fact that 60% of S’poreans voted for the PAP in the last GE. Whatever, don’t take the frustrations out on the grieving parents of the dead children.

Never mind, there is such a thing as karma. As the bible says, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Pastor Larence Khong, the polo playing magician, learnt this the hard way. He is judgmental about gays, fornicators etc. His daughter had a child out of wedlock. Hoz that for divine retribution? Or being kicked real hard in the balls. 


June 18, 2015 at 11:08 am (Quote)
DO ANYONE SIGN INDEMNITY FORM also known as liability exclusion form to any organizer when they go on travel vacations?

Climbing Stairs: Everybody involved in the deaths of the kids at Mt Kinabalu lied. And lied and lied.

If not, IT MEANS the parents too are TOO NAIVE, TOO GULLIBLE AND TRUSTING of those in authorities – the indemnity form sheltering MOE is WARNING CAUTION of ‘KEEP CLEAR – DANGERS AHEAD”.



In the end, they found shoes in the train worn out and posed considerable danger of crash.

HOW CAN SINKIE TRUST POLITICAL GOVERNANCE DIGGING UP UNDERGROUND FOR HUMAN HABITATION AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY when they will tell us to “follow the rules” in the event of a island-wide cave-in?


Rating: +11 (from 11 votes)
June 18, 2015 at 11:16 am (Quote)
PARENTS SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS of how PAPpys work in Fernvale – they screwed up the land development award AND TELL PEASANTS THAT YOU DIDN’T READ THE FINE PRINT on the brochure.

Of course, they are CAREFULLY SILENT that nobody in the world sign the fine print IN A BROCHURE when you buy your housing accommodation or a box of CONDOM in a supermarket.

How CUNNING is this?

Rating: +12 (from 12 votes)

“Oxygen” claims to be a S’porean who emigrated to Oz a long time ago. He predicts that the PAP will lose the coming GE, big time. And he is predicting that he property markey collapses because he wants to then sneer those who bot homes.

I’ve been told that he is a grad of Nantah who couldn’t get a job here and ended teaching political science in a second or third class uni in Oz. (These unis were nothing more than glorified technical colleges and were extremely left wing in their polotical science departments. In the mid 80s, I worked in Sydney and got to know a second hand book shop owner who was a mature student in one of these unis. He was telling me he was always failed by one lecturer because he refused to accept the leftist line. But because he studied for the fun of it and the social life, he was driving the lecturer who failed him “nuts”.)

I’m glad he migrated. Sneering and mocking the parents of the dead children may be acceptable in his community in Oz, but not here. And here we respect the dead, even one Harry*, as Amos Yee and his doting mum are learning the hard way.

Someone posted on TRE if on;y one quarter of those voting for the PAP could be persuaded to vote against the PAP, the PAP would be defeated.

Fat chance with people like “oxygen” and friends sneering at grieving parents.

With enemies like “oxygen”, Hui Hui and friends, the PAP doesn’t need friends. Maybe “oxygen”, Hui Hui and friends know this, and this fact drives them “nuts” in frustration.

Whatever, no matter how much they hate S’poreans who they think support the PAP, grieving parents should not be mocked or sneered at or blamed.


*It’s interesting that even TRE devoted several articles in its “editorials” to the respectful comments of its readers when Harry moved on. Most of the comments of posters (like “oxygen”) were not respectful but were not highlighted. I tot of ST and its selection of letters for publication: they often don’t represent the letters it receives, only letters with the “right” view were highlighted.

TeamTRE ashamed of the dancing, singing urinating and worse by “oxygen” etc over Harry’s grave?


Tot of mother Mary’s Amos

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Overcoming depression: think pleasant tots. It works for lab mice.

Children who were good liars performed better in tests of verbal memory – the number of words they could remember.

This means they are good at juggling lots of information, even if they do tell the odd fib.

[T]he good liars showed they had a better working memory for words – but they didn’t show any evidence of being better at remembering pictures (visuo-spatial memory).

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Amos: Too much homework?

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Made him go whacko?

Taz what I tot when I read this BBC extract

The head of the prestigious Cheltenham Ladies’ College suggests in an interview with the Times that homework could be banned to save pupils from depression.

The paper says the school will set its pupils’ wellbeing on a par with their academic grades and give them more of a say in the day-to-day running of lessons and extracurricular activities.

From September, pupils will attend weekly meditation classes and be given twice as long to walk between lessons. Teachers are also being trained to spot the signs of depression and anxiety.

A total of 92% of GCSE grades were A* or A last year at the 162-year-old school.

Principal Eve Jardine-Young tells the Times: “We will have to look at how we are doing things. Will we even be doing prep?

“What we’ve been reflecting on a lot in the last few years are the big national trends and international trends in the worsening states of adolescent mental health.

“We’ve created this epidemic of anxiety for ourselves as a society, and if our obligation as educators is to try to the best of our ability to set young people up as best we can for whatever the future may hold, then to ignore this whole area or to trivialise it is really irresponsible.”

Although heads of other leading independent schools are quoted as disagreeing with Ms Jardine-Young, the Times praises her for her approach.

“Fresh thinking is needed and is what Ms Jardine-Young seems to have in mind: less formal homework but not less learning, which might be accomplished in clubs or online instead of hunched over text books,” it says.

“Her young ladies should not celebrate yet, but they may become guinea pigs in a win-win experiment. It is certainly an important one.”

Btw1, here’s one teacher that our kids will like: different kind of holshomework:

Opposite of a tiger mom: mom wants ban on homework:

Ho buys into sleep monitor start-up

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Temasek has led a $40 million round of funding for Hello, a sleep monitor start-up based in San Francisco, which comes at an unusually early stage for Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund

Yellow peril horde avoided

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These charts from FT tell in charts what the NYT Dealbook describes in words below:



CHINA MOVES CLOSER TO INCLUSION IN MSCI INDEX Though MSCI decided on Tuesday that it would hold off on adding Chinese domestic shares to its emerging market index, China is moving closer to joining the global benchmark, Neil Gough writes in DealBook. In its decision, the index company cited concerns over China’s cumbersome investment quotas, restrictions on money flows, and questions over the legal status of foreign shareholders. But MSCI said that in the coming months it would work with China’s main securities regulator to address the company’s concerns and that it may make a special decision to include Chinese stocks, also known as A-shares, in its benchmarks before the next scheduled annual review, which takes place a year from now. “It is clear from MSCI’s announcement today that it is only a matter of time before A-shares are added to global indexes,” Louis Lu, a portfolio manager at CSOP Asset Management, which invests in mainland shares, said in an email.

“The decision – and the waiting period – reflects the changing face of China’s financial system,” Mr. Gough writes. Over the last two years, the country has embarked on a series of overhauls to the financial system, but foreigners remain wary because they continue to face challenges in gaining access to the Chinese markets. Mr. Lu said that the delay by MSCI is likely to motivate the Chinese government to “accelerate the opening of its capital markets and provide greater accessibility to international investors in the near term to increase the chance of inclusion as soon as possible.” If China can assuage MSCI’s concerns, analysts estimate that the country is likely to see several billion dollars of new investment pour in initially, with that figure rising to more than $200 billion over time.

Cover-up in action?

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(Update on 19th June 6.30 am

The Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) has apologised for the confusion that led to many spectators being locked out of the 28th SEA Games closing ceremony at the National Stadium …

While SINGSOC acknowledged it could have done better in managing the situation, it rejected suggestions that tickets to the closing ceremony were oversold ,,,”we would like to confirm that there were still sufficient seats in the stadium for all those who came for the event/”

While it is unclear exactly how many spectators, most of whom had purchased tickets — which cost up to S$40 each — were locked out of the closing ceremony, it is believed to be in the hundreds.

They were prevented from entering the stadium as many of those already inside had waited around the inner concourse area after they failed to locate their seats due to the stadium lights having gone dark for the ceremony.

But safety concerns meant the gates had to be closed to prevent the congestion from worsening if more were allowed in …


What do you think?

Let’s see if the refunds are to hundreds or thousands of people)


TOC and the constructive nation-building media yesterday reported that ticket-holders were turned away from the closing ceremony of SEA Games.

The local media played down the incident. Example CNA said:

Scores of ticket holders shut out of SEA Games closing ceremony

Several people told Channel NewsAsia they had SEA Games closing ceremony tickets, but were turned away because they were told the National Stadium was “full”.

TOC screamed:

Chaos at Sports Hub: Thousands with tickets left stranded outside for Closing Ceremony

CNA also reported this which shows that SINGSOC downplayed the incident:

In a statement posted on the SEA Games 2015 Facebook page, the Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) said entry points needed to be adjusted on Tuesday evening as a “significant proportion of the spectators were at the gates just before the start of the ceremony”.

It added that this was so spectators could be seated as quickly as possible. “Consequently, some gates had to be closed for safety reasons.” 

“The organising committee apologises for the inconvenience caused and disappointment of those affected. We will offer a full refund to anyone who had purchased a ticket and was unable to be seated. In addition, you will receive the supporters’ medallion,” SINGSOC said.

If this follow-up report by TOC is even half-right, there seems to be a cover-up at work:

TOC has reason to believe that the crowding at the SEA Games closing ceremony was caused by SINGSOC over-issuing tickets, for fear of not having a max-out crowd, like what happened at the opening ceremony. Queries have been sent to SINGSOC.

Cynical over-selling without concern for safety?

All this brings me to the importance of social media and new media outlets like TOC

During the Parliament debate on Tuesday (10 Mar), Mr Khaw also took the opportunity in his speech to hit out at social media.

He said, “In 2011, many Singaporeans were swayed by the social media commentaries, and worried that the Singapore Dream would not be available to future generations. We have proved through action that the worry was unnecessary.”

“After four years of hard work, we have cleared the backlog and placed our home-ownership policy on even firmer foundation. Every generation will be able to afford their own HDB homes. This is our promise,” he added.

But perhaps it is social media and its cousin new media which is keeping the government on their toes and prodding Mr Khaw and his team to do better for Singaporeans?

If MoM is really serious about jobs for S’poreans

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Employers and jobless  S’porean PMEs KPKB about the difficulty to fill available vacancies because the unemployed have difficulties knowing waz available, while employers don’t know what experience is outb there.. Even NTUC says, echoing the public, that merely requiring employers to post an advert on the MOM Jobs Bank for 2 weeks does not necessarily do anything to ensure S’poreans are employed before foreigners partly because of the way the system works in matching jobs to those looking for jobs.

Matching those looking for jobs with the vacancies is a world-wide problem, not unique to S’pore.

Here’s a solution that suggests using online dating software (modified of course).

Economists believe that much of this difficulty lies in matching the supply of graduates to the available jobs. In 2010 Peter Diamond, Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides won the economics Nobel prize by demonstrating that unemployment can stay high in times of vacancies. It is not possible to assume that buyers and sellers of labour immediately find each other; in many markets this only happens after a costly and lengthy search process. To understand this problem, economists have started to look in a surprising direction for inspiration: online dating.

With its complex matching processes, costs of looking around, and emotional highs-and-lows, a job search shares many characteristics with the world of virtual love (or virtual world of love). In both, there are search costs. It takes time and effort to create an online dating profile, just as it takes time and effort to create a curriculum vitae. And then there is the problem of so-called “mutual choosing options”. Those looking for love and careers cannot simply make their choice and be done with it; they need the person or employer they like to also pick them as well.

But if digital dating suffers from many of the same afflictions as the graduate job market, it may also offer solutions. In 2012 Sean Rad, a college dropout, created Tinder, which shows users photos of potential suitors nearby and matches those who mutually “like” each other’s pictures. Now it has accumulated over 50m users.

As a result, graduate recruiters are falling over themselves to copy the idea. Among the new crop is Switch, which allows candidates to thumb through job listings: flick left if uninterested and right to register for a potential work match. A competitor, Jobr, which also employs the swipe-if-you-like model, uses information from LinkedIn to recommend jobs that candidates might find interesting. Since its launch last year, Jobr has submitted more than 100,000 job applications for its members each month. Large firms are joining in, too. Last year, Zappos, an online retailer based in Nevada, scrapped formal job postings and replaced them with a new site encouraging candidates to engage with each other and the firm in a way not dissimilar to existing online-dating forums.

For the anxious 21-year-old leaving campus for the last time, the worlds of economics and online dating have a few lessons. First, pick a thick market. Just as the most successful lonely hearts go to the apps with the highest-number of potential suitors, so should graduates also head to where the most job opportunities are. Second, just as online daters “signal” their qualities by posting photos, job applicants should also try to communicate their strengths to employers effectively. And finally, settle. Expend the costs of searching for a partner or job only if those costs are outweighed by the expected benefits of a new opportunity or lover. Who said economics wasn’t romantic?

MoM if it really prefers locals to FTs can fund some software development. Or maybe NTUC?

Maybe Richard Wan (MD of of software developer) of TRE could also do something along these lines, sourcing funds from the cybernuts who infest TRE . Juz joking, pigs will fly first before the cybernuts fund anything*.

Meanwhile TeamTRE has to fund itself while also working for free to give Goh Meng Seng (founder member of the Cynernut Movement) and his fellow nutters the opportunity to help the PAP win votes from the swing voters.

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*Reminds me of Amos’s ang moh tua kee friends? Where Amos Yee was absolutely right was when he F***ed the ang moh tua kees that were posturing on social media about how concerned they were about him, while he rotted in remand: none offered bail.

The ang moh tua kees and the cybernuts are related? Talk cock, sing song.


How did Roy make Ravi go bananas? Two versions

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I’ve alluded that I’ve been told by a usual reliable source that Roy Ngerng’s behaviour contributed to M Ravi’s bi-polar relapse. (Reminder during the time M Ravi went “nuts”, he had made unprofessional remarks about Roy, his clent. He had also wanted to make Tamil compulsory when he became PM, after defeating PM in AMK GRC using his many relations in AMK to vote for him and his $1m fighting fund. Roy would not be part of the GRC ream because he was “too impulsive”All this Ravi had videoed.)

Recently, I came across a post on Facebook, that came close to one version that I heard.

Roy had agreed to M Ravi’s strategy of apologising and fighting the issue of damages. But somewhere along the line Roy, while not withdraeing the apology, again repeated the libel.

Ravi had to go to court and argue that “the apology” (never withdrawn) wasn’t an “admission” of defamation.

If it’s me who was sued, the 1st thing I would do is try to minimise damages. Ok the PM wants an apology – give it to him. Then say hey look I’m earning peanuts – I’m prepared to forgo a month’s salary maybe 2 but please can I pay instalments? The moment he got the money, he heck care everything. He still wont disclose what his instructions from Ravi were at the outset. My information is that Ravi never advised him to take such a path. The whole point was to deflect the damage. And he could walk away with a moral victory. If the PM pursued in asking for an exhorbitant amount, Roy can turn back and say – look, he knows I’m not rich and yet wants so much money. He could have still come away from this far better off and without the need to get people to donate their hard earned money. The CPF issue was never raised in court – his whole premise that he was taking it to court was to fight for the CPF issue. An issue his lawyer would have told him was not relevant and the Court would not be interested. So who’s fooling who. Public money must be spent wisely. And he’s even taught Amos to do it, money he didn’t at all need. Come let’s clap for Roy.

The other version which I heard (and sounds more likely) is that Ravi wanted to fight on constitutional” grounds: “Derbyshire principle” and UK defamation law doesn’t apply here. The apology appeared to M Ravi’s surprise. Roy had cut Ravi’s balls even before he went to court, it’s a;;eged Ravi told friends.

He could never answer satisfactorily the question posed by the court and the PM’s lawyer, “Err what about the apology, M Ravi?”.

Oh and I learnt something interesting afre reading M Ravi’s book (Yup i bot a copy unlike his cybernut fans: if they had bot the book, it would be a best seller which it isn’t). Although he admits he’s bi-polar (Uncle RedBean doesn’t think Ravi”s mentally ill despite Ravi’s admission), he claims that he doesn’t take the medicine* prescribed. He says meditation works in controlling his bi-polar condition. Like in 2012 and this year?

So maybe, Roy isn’t to blame?


*I’ve been told that sufferers hate taking the medicine because the side-effects of taking the medicine are sickening.. They often feel that taking the medicine is worse than being bi-polar.

Fool them once, shame on Amos; fool them twice, shame on them

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On Saturday TOC reported that his lawyer had written to the judge hearing his case saying that Amos claimed

the treatment that Yee was subject to that left him in “a state of depression and having severe suicidal thoughts” which was aggravated by his time spent in remand. He then told the prison officer that he was feeling suicidal.

“Regrettably, as a result of what Amos shared, Amos was taken to the prison medical facility and strapped to a bed in a medical facility for approximately one and a half days. This episode aggravated Amos’s suicidal thoughts. He was restrained with one of his hands and one of his legs strapped to the bed. Amos informed us that he could only sit up or lie down. He found it extremely difficult to urinate and defecate. He was expected to urinate into a jar at the side of the bed, which would be left there after he does so notwithstanding the pungent odors which would emanate. He had to bend down painfully against his straps in order to do so. In the said medical ward, Amos was surrounded by patients who were mentally unsound. One patient was constantly jerking against his chains and another one would talk to himself and be unresponsive to other people. Furthermore, the lights were never switched off throughout the day and was glaring into our client’s eyes such that he could hardly have any restful sleep.”*

Almost immediately a group of the people who whined about his earlier treatment (but as Amos pointed did bugger all to help him) came out with

We note with alarm, a letter from Amos Yee’s lawyer stating that his client was recently placed on suicide watch while in remand. According to the letter, Amos was strapped down for one-and-a-half days, and kept in a room along with two other persons of unsound mind. He was also denied access to toilet facilities and had to relieve himself in a bottle next to his bed. It is unclear if Amos was given any counseling for harbouring suicidal thoughts.

CAN: Shelley Thio, Lynn Lee, Joshua Chiang, Jolovan Wham, Jennifer Teo, Woon Tien Wei, Rachel Zeng, Roy Ngerng and Martyn See. (Note that TOC’s Andrew Loh and Terry Xu, And Vincent Law didn’t sign this time round. Amos slimed TOC.)

And this on Facebook from one Nicole Ling

Some weeks ago, I told myself I’d refrain from making political posts and comments and I think I had pretty much adhered to that self-made agreement…well….until I received news about Amos Yee’s torture in prison. If the state wanna jail him, jail him. Be a man and accord a prisoner his own rights. If a prisoner reports he is unwell, feels depressed or suicidal, it is the prison’s responsibility and duty to provide the prisoner psychological support and counselling. You do not use brute force and physical torture on a someone without explanation. How does strapping Amos down, shining bright lights into his eyes all day, preventing him from movement, urination and defecation and humiliating him in every possible way remain helpful in rehabilitating a 16-year old boy?

You wanna charge the boy, go ahead but treat the prisoner fairly. Debate with him with logic and analysis. Challenge him intellectually with wit and reasons, but what you don’t do is resorting to physical torture because only cowards and bullies do that. So what’s all these torture and humiliation? What is the purpose of the torture? To break him down? To tear his spirits? To drive him to deeper suicidal thoughts? What do they really want? If a parent did the same thing to a child like what the prison did to Amos, would the parent be excused for merely “rehabilitating” the kid?

Err what if what he allges are still more lies?

Given that he lied about the allegation that his bailor, Vincent Law,molested him and flip floped on an apology to Vincent Law, I’m surprised that these good hearted, ang mog tua kee kay pohs dare trust him to tell the truth? Feeling guilty they talked cock, sing song while refusing to bail him. leaving him to rot in remand?

I mean even his doting mum says he’s a liar.

They had independent confirmation that he was “tortued”? I doubt it.

They’ll all look like a bigger bunch of fools than they already are if it turns out the allegations are untrue. Actually, no-one outside the remand system will know the truth. But given his track record of lying, the burden of proof is on him, not the system. All the authorities need to do is to deny the allegations and the majority of S’poreans will believe that he’s lying.

But their agenda, like that of the cybernuts who infest TRE, is to always slime the PAP in the hope that some mud will stick. They know, unlike the cybernuts, that 60-70% of S’poreans think they are irresponsible nuts.

Note that his lawyer did the right thing by his client and the legal profession in reporting Amos’s allegations to the judge. And I’m sure he didn’t leak the letter to TOC. Was it Mummy? She is so dotingly dumb that she can say her son a liar while in the next sentence says he tells the truth. I kid you not. She told that to Terry Xu. He posted the text conversation on his Facebook wall.


*Mummy and Amos thinking that remand should be a restful place? Hey it’s Harry’s Law that rules, not Mary Toh’s indulgences.

An uplifting tale about a tenacious person

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In 1938, as Germany became an increasingly dangerous place for Jews, Ingeborg fled to the US where she went back to university, finally to qualify as a doctor.

Within a few years she met her husband, the biochemist Samuel Mitja Rapoport, who was himself a Jewish refugee from Vienna.
Infant mortality

But, by the 1950s, Ingeborg suddenly found herself once again on the wrong side of the authorities.

The McCarthy anti-communist trials meant that Ingeborg and her husband were at risk because of their left-wing views. So they fled again – back to Germany.

This time Ingeborg Rapoport went to communist East Berlin, where she worked as a paediatrician.

Eventually she became a paediatrics professor, holding Europe’s first chair in neonatal medicine, at the renowned Charite hospital in East Berlin.

She was given a national prize for her work in dramatically reducing infant mortality in East Germany.

But for all her achievements, winning back at the age of 102 the doctorate stolen from her by the Nazis must rank among her most impressive.

Pink Dot Day: Why gays and lesbians love today

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Today is the only day of the year in S’pore that sexually active gays and lesbians can go up to anyone in Hong Lim and make “dirty” proposition and there’s no chance of being abused or beaten-up. This is because everyone there who is not LGBT there, is a friend of the movement. Of course, I’nm excluding those who are there to protest against LGBTs.

Sabah tragedy: The real truth

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Have you guys ever climbed mt k to be a judge of things?
All these comments are only made after a natural disaster prompted tragedy took place.

If this earthquake did not take place and hence no one died, would this topic ever be visited?

Someone responded

You’re right sir. Many are hindsight commenters.

Seismologists comment on foresight prior to a quake.

Simisaimologists (Singlish) comment on hindsight after the quake.

These comments appeared on Goh Meng Seng’s Facepook wall where he had posted

For those who put up very strange logic against my voicing out against MOE stupidity, let me put it this way, do you expect opposition politicians to point out and raise voice against ruling party when they made grave mistakes which will endanger lives, Especially young innocent lives? If so, just let me do my job. If not, then go and help PAP.

All I can say is that Goh Meng Seng’s attempts to play up to the cybernut gallery is par for the course. What he’s saying is that because the children have died, the govt is at fault.

I’m glad that the SDP’s RI doctors are making sure thar Dr Chee doesn’t resort to his “mad dog” persona like he did when deciding to challenge WP in Punnol East and in defending the three young hooligans Roy, New Citizen Habn Hui Hui and Amos Yee. There is a GE coming and the SDP cannot appear looney. It needs the middle ground to win a GRC. Goh Meng seng still seems to think like the cybernuts, that the core anti_PAP vote (Any monkey, so long as he’s not a PAP monkey) will bring him victoty

The evidence that the cybernuts are using to blame the govt is

— that earthquakes are frequent there, and

— the climb is very dangerous, not suitable for untrained primary school children.

Here’s what the BBC said about the frequency of earthquakes:

 Major earthquakes are rare in Malaysia. The country lies outside the so-called Pacific “ring of fire,” where a lot of seismic activity occurs.

As to allegations that it’s dangerous, not suitable for primary school kids:

Malaysian tourism officials describe Mount Kinabalu as one of the “safest and most conquerable” peaks in the world, which helps explain its enormous appeal.

The mountain is in the news after climbers became stranded there after an earthquake, but school groups and 80-year-olds are among the estimated tens of thousands who safely climb its summit each year.

It is a road well-travelled. Climbers must pay for a guide. A rest house more than 3,000 metres up serves porridge, coke and tom yam soup.

It’s only a trek, not serious mountain climbing. Now this is fair comment:

But some say Kinabalu should be approached with caution.

“Despite its popularity, it’s a very tough trek and not to be undertaken lightly”, advises Rough Guide.

As to the lack of training, there is ample evidence except in Cybernut Universe that the children were trained.

There’ll be at least one inquiry, so let’s wait to see if there is any b;ame to apportion.

Gays versus Taliban Christians etc

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About foxhunting: The unspeakable chasing the uneatable. Oscar Wilde

Could descrobe the row between aggressive LGBTs and militant straights who have “traditional” values (whatever this means.

Where the LGBTs have reason on their side:

Discrimination against LGBTs still exists

WHILE Ms Ho Lay Ping’s argument that one’s personal belief of not approving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) lifestyle may not necessarily lead to the discrimination and stigmatisation of LGBTs in society can be a valid point, the rest of her letter confuses and puzzles me (“Not approving of gay lifestyle isn’t stigmatisation”; Forum Online, Wednesday).

She used the example of how LGBTs who are engaged in high-risk sexual activities and lifestyles are not being denied medical treatment, as well as the presence of LGBT interest groups and Pink Dot, as examples of how LGBTs are not stigmatised and discriminated in Singapore*.

The provision of medical treatment for LGBTs is clearly not an adequate marker to determine whether LGBTs are being discriminated.

Moreover, it is precisely that these interest groups exist that clearly shows LGBTs do face discrimination in their lives, because the main goal of these groups is to provide support for LGBTs who face stigmatisation.

signup alreadymember

Cases where families have disowned their children because they are homosexual still continue to exist.

Homophobic statements and rants by Singaporeans, both offline and online, such as on the Facebook group, “We are against Pinkdot in Singapore”, still occur on a daily basis.

But we have Pink Dot and friends who are calling for boycott of IKEA here for being gay “unfriendly”. And the u/m shows gay overreach in the UK where gay marriages are legal:

“Gay prejudicing,” is the Sun’s headline to the story about a Christian-run bakery being found guilty of discrimination after refusing to decorate a cake with the slogan “support gay marriage”.

For the Express, it’s “hardly a victory for common sense or for live-and-let-live… Since when is it a crime for a private company to turn down work?”

The Mail says that Belfast Judge Isobel Brownlie might have been applying the letter of the law but argues it raises questions about the balance between gay and religious rights. “Indeed, it highlights the argument for a conscience clause, protecting believers from being forced to go against the teachings of their faith,” it says.

Given that the bakers had not refused to serve the customer because he was gay but because its owners disagreed with the slogan, the Daily Telegraph asks whether the bakery’s stance was “discrimination against gays or an assertion of the right to free speech?”

It adds: “Imagine if a Muslim printer was forced to produce a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.”


*Moreover, Section 377A of our penal code does not legally allow consenting males to engage in sexual intercourse. While the Government has stated that it does not really enforce the law, the law nonetheless still exists.

Therefore, for Ms Ho to say that LGBTs do not face discrimination in Singapore is really shocking to me. Clearly, they still are.

In addition, Ms Ho, in her letter, has insinuated that LGBTs are deviants in society and that for the common good of society, more rights should not be given to them.

To label LGBTs as deviant – is that not an attempt to stigmatise them, given the negative connotation of the term “deviant”?

More importantly, credible research by academics has shown that societies that are more accepting of LGBTs have a lower suicide rate among their LGBT populations and this acceptance actually helps in reducing the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Are these not situations that can be considered as beneficial for our society?

Lastly, while one may have his own set of personal beliefs and opinions that disapprove of LGBTs, once these are part of public discourse and attempt to shape public policies – as Ms Ho has done – they are open for public scrutiny and should be called out if these beliefs do, indeed, stigmatise and discriminate against LGBTs.

Han Ming Guang

 – See more at:

PAP’s idea of being a “badass”?/ S’pore’s Big Boss

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Couldn’t stop laughing when I read the following

George Yeo turned down an offer he couldn’t refuse from Lee Kuan Yew

6 quotes that reveal that George Yeo is a badass at heart.

Double confirms my perception that the well-funded is really nothing more than pary of the PAP’s spin machine juz like ST, MediaCorp or Fabrications about the PAP*.

I mean only a PAP dog, (sorry,  my dogs growled) hackette would say turning down an offer made by Harry shows that BG Yeo’s a “badass”.

Seriously if you go thru the list, it shows more how straight laced is this lady writer. Or how hard she is straining to make BG Yeo look like a “badass” i.e. look normal.

On BG Yeo’s spurning LKY’s offer, two tots:

— How come he can offer BG Yeo a job in Temasek when he has no formal authority in or over Temasek? Double confirms my view that he was the Big Boss, bigger than PM or the cabinet.

— Actually if he is as dedicated to serving S’pore as he claims he is, he’d have taken up LKY’s offer of a job at GIC or Temasek. A former Foreign Affairs minister is really useful in a SWF. Can open doors, smooth ruffle feathers etc.


*There is a story making the rounds that BG Yeo pitched the idea of mothership to one Philip Yeo (the now retired civil servant with whom Harry daughter had a bone to pick). Philip Yeo wrote a cheque for $1m. Other people’s money, despite both of them being wealthy. Most probably taxpayers’ money.

Success: One great definition

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Disposal free time

What do you think? (Emphasis mine). Better than 5 Cs?

[W]e believe that the real measure of modern success is nothing to do with your bank balance or the size of your house, but instead, the amount of free time you have at your disposal. We think disposable time, as a resource to strive for and spend, counts for much more than disposable income.

You see, time is much more valuable than anything else, be it natural resources such as gold or diamonds, or a man-made commodity such as money. Time is the currency of life itself.

Time is also a great leveller that, unlike other commodities, brings a certain equality. Because regardless of who you are, time and tide stand still for no man, woman, or child.

No matter how pseudo-important someone is in terms of their career or place in society, no matter what their salary or how much wealth they have accumulated, everyone ultimately has only a limited amount of time to cash in at the Bank of Life, a finite budget to use. Or abuse, waste or fritter away. Or to spend wisely and with meaning and value, with which to make a difference or to do something amazing.

And to us, at this stage in our lives with two young children to raise through their formative years, what matters more than anything – more than working to buy a big house or fancy car – is spending time together as a family.

Relooking at 2 of Temasek’s Fab 5/ Whither oil prices

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I’ve advised since 2013 that investing in Temasek’s Fab 5 is a no-brainer for conservative, KS types.

Here’s looking  at major problems at two of them.

Problems in the Brazilian and Mexican oil industries caused by the fall in oil prices are not good for Keppel and SembCorp. They have received massive orders for rigs from Latin America in recent years.

But new orders will be weak and existing contracts will renegotiated.

Both have also been forced to deny allegations of corruption in winning Brazilian biz. There is a big  political and financial corruption scandal in Brazil, centred around Petrobas, its national oil champion. Petrobas has been a big player in the rig market.

But recorded order books are huge (billions of USD) and both have weathered storms. Both have experienced, internally promoted CEOs

Time to cut and run is when scholar, ex-SAF general is parachuted in as  CEO (like in SMRT, NOL).

On oil prices: views are very mixed

Big Oil is too confident about crude prices. After a 40 percent rally from January’s six-year low, the momentum has been on the upside. But the current prices – $65 a barrel for Brent and $60 for WTI – look more like a ceiling than a floor.

That is not what many insiders seem to think. Some oil service companies expect mid-$70s Brent by the end of this year. Anglo-Dutch Shell assumed oil will rebound to $90 by 2018 in its $70 billion takeover of the UK’s BG Group. Some believe that the steep cut in capex costs will affect supply, including shale, and boost prices again.

Just this week, the head of BP said he doesn’t expect the glut to clear until at least 2016. The Shell view would be a good excuse to hold onto these two Fab5 shares.

BG Yeo: Bakes cake and eats it too

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You’d need three millennia on a British PM’s salary to match the $690 million that Blackstone boss Steve Schwarzman received last year. Any ex-politician without a fortune of his or her own will feel impoverished in the familiar halls of Davos. Typically, elected leaders leave office with small nest eggs, by those standards, and a few decades left to earn serious money.

Since the opportunity and the desire are often there, there will almost certainly be more Politicians Incorporated. That’s worrying. Democracy will suffer if public office becomes little more than an audition for a second truly lucrative career.

By making ministers rich filthy rich, like Mah Bow Tan, at tax payers’ expense is the PAP’s answer to this Western  dilemma.

BG Yeo mocks the PAP by getting a good pension and a well paying private sector job.

Readers might be interested to know that pro PAP publiccation mothership is alleged to have got funding with the help of BG Yeo. Not his own money of course. He asked Philip Yeo (Remember him? He rowed with Harry’s daughter and lost it seems. I was rooting for the gal,) for funding. Philip Yeo, allegedly, obliged using S$1m from some fund he controlled.

Other people’s money.

S’pore: Home of the very rich? S’pore Turf Club, PRC club real cheapskates?

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Asia’s sailing enthusiasts rubbed shoulders with billionaires in Singapore several weekends ago weekend at the region’s biggest yacht show on Sentosa.

A U$100m dollar super yacht was among the exhibits on display, and visitors will also be able to clamber on submarines and speed boats.

The industry has been weathering rough seas in Europe, and there are hopes Asia’s rich will help offset the slowing sales.

Err thinking of JosTeo, GraceFu and other millionaire ministers with serious $ to spare?

China Horse Club, S’pore Turf Club got no class: cheapskates

Singapore hopes to create a horse race that can that can match globally recognised events like the Melbourne Cup or Ascot.

The China Horse Club is organising the race and wants to attract an international audience as well as racing enthusiasts from mainland China.

It is offering $2m in prize money, but as Sharanjit Leyl reports from Singapore, that does not match the prize money on offer by big races elsewhere.

The S’pore Turf Club is a de facto govt agency.


Amos “flew over the cuckoo’s nest”

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(Update at 11.45 am:  Amos Yee Pang was remanded for three weeks as a report is made to assess whether he is suitable to serve reformative training. He rejected the option of probation and a term in the Reformative Training Centre (RTC) as a sentence, sticking to his original plea for a jail term. Yaya papaya: Think law is Mummy’s law. It’s Harry’s Law. Hehehe

Defence lawyer Alfred Dodwell cautioned against the RTC sentencing, noting that it was out of proportion to the offence Yee is charged for. The DPP said the Amos’s actions in re-uploading an image and video, and the various postings he made on his Facebook page after he was found guilty of his charges, should be taken in consideration as an indication of his conduct and character. Yup couldn’t agree more.)

If the judge makes a decision to send him to a Reformatory Training Centre (as demanded by the persecutors prosecution) later today, Amos Yee will be remanded for up to four weeks for a report to be conducted on his suitability for an RTC sentence. The irony is that “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”  did not feature in a recent blog post of his on the various films he liked. Hi should have given his situation. If he has not seen it, too bad for him as it is very relevant*. Maybe if he had seen it, he’d realise what he’s up against though I suspect he’d still have done what he did. But he’d have done so knowing what will happen to him. In the film an ex-army nurse Rached dominates a group of patients in a mental health institute. When new arrival McMurphy (played by Jack Nicholson in an Oscar winning performance) arrives he takes on Rached in a battle of wills and leads a rebellion of the inmates. Btw, he wasn’t nuts, he pretended to be nuts to escape going to prison. In the end, he is made into an imbecile by having part of his brain removed. Today drugs can control a person’s peronality: no need for surgery.

But then the tot crossed my mind that maybe Amos (if he saw the film) sees himself as McMurphy instigating a rebellion in the reform centre when he gets in, thinking that mummy wouldn’t let what happened to McMurphy happen to him.

Seriously, the state is demanding that Yee be send to a Reformatory Training Centre: “Reformative Training Centre is not jail,” the AGC insisted, saying that young offenders sentenced to such a programme have no contact with adult prison inmates. They may not have contact with adult prisioners, but I’ve heard that ex-RTC inmates are not afraid of being put into detention barracks when they do NS: they’ve experienced worse.

Yet another irony is that those sentenced to undergo the programme are detained for a minimum 18 months. The guy that slapped Amos should be out soon, if he’s not already out.

A further irony is that the four week detention for a report to be conducted on his suitability for an RTC sentence, if the judge makes a decision in favour of RTC, does not count against the 18 months. Mummy’s “fantastic” darling really stitched himself real good. Well he did compare himself to Nelson Mandela Btw, Mandela was no mummy’s darling.


 *Maybe Shelly Thio should share it with him. According to Roy, she gave him books to read when he was about to go into remand. Didn’t offer bail though. A friend in need is a friend in deed. She’s real a good hearted kay poh that believes ang mohs are tua kees.

Foreigners mistrust PinoyLand?

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In 2014, the country attracted just US$6.2bn in foreign investment, a lot less than in the rest of Asean. 


This despite the strongest growth in Asean something that I’ve documented.

Looks like they are taking a cue from the Pinoys who continue leaving, not returning home.

Ello’s relations will be flooding in

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And steal our dinner (having stolen our lunch thanks to the PAP administration)

And things are already really bad. A Pinoy “foreign law expert” wrote very arrogantly  “According to our kababayans, Singaporeans really look at Filipinos as their competition given that we are diligent and speak better English. You really have to be careful about what you say. Also you have to consider that there are an average of 4 different cultures in that country: Indians, Malaysians, Chinese, and Filipinos. You have to be careful not to offend anyone with your remarks.”

Peenoys “diligent and speak better English”? And Peenoy culture ranks with our cultures?

Sorry, back to the reason why Ello’s relations will be coming here

Growth in the Philippine economy slowed in the first quarter of the year to its weakest annual pace since 2011, official figures showed.

The economy expanded 5.2% in the first three months from a year ago, which is the slowest rate since the last quarter of 2011, when growth was 3.8%.

The figure was also well below market forecasts for 6.6% growth.

The economy was hit by weak growth in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors, the government said.

Growth on a quarterly basis was the lowest in six years. The economy grew by just 0.3% in the quarter on a seasonally-adjusted basis, compared with 2.5% growth in the October to December period.

Will Ello Ello be stirring his fellow Peenoys to kick us out.? Will the PAP administration pretend not to hear?


Ho, Ho, Ho: Chinese banks rights issues are a’coming

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(Update at 2.10pm

A state-owned investment firm also said it sold shares in the top four banks*.

Central Huijin Investment confirmed it sold some mainland-listed shares in China’s top four banks and other financial institutions, along with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Temasek has stakes in three of them.)

Why Chinese banks will be needing more capital sooner than later. As a big investor in Chinese banks, Temasek will be subscribing to rights issues, lots of them, on banks that have underperformed their US, ang moh and SE Asian peers.

Ho Ho Ho

A group of 14 Chinese banks that Fitch Ratings analyses has a combined 20 trillion yuan ($3.3 trillion) exposure to property, four times the 2008 amount. More than half of this sum is corporate credit with property as collateral. Just like in Japan in the 1990s, it’s not clear if all Chinese banks have enough loss-absorbing capital to withstand a big shock to property prices.

It stretches credulity that in a sharply slowing economy where total credit is estimated by Fitch to have ballooned to 242 percent of GDP by the end of 2014, and where interest costs this year would amount to 15 percent of GDP, only 1.4 percent of bank loans have gone bad. But then, the non-performing loan number is meaningless because 38 percent of the overall credit risk resides outside banks, in Fitch’s estimate. But just because the dodgiest loans are hiding in the shadow banking system doesn’t mean that losses on them won’t find their way back to the banks.

China’s lenders have a head start. Many have been raising capital in the market to pad out their loss-absorbing capacity. But more might be useful, so that when the heavy losses come, the more efficient borrowers aren’t forced out of the market. China might also need to revisit the law that stops banks from lending more than 75 percent of their deposit base. Allowing zombies to exist in suspended animation rather than die suddenly can help minimize mass unemployment and social unrest, but the cost mustn’t be borne by more productive sectors.

Cybernut obsessed by me?

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This regular cybernut ranter wrote this about me showing he has not only read my stuff but felt compelled to record my tots:
Rotten PAPayas:

As a matter of fact, CI has been taking potshots at and calling opposition figures and TRE readers derogatory names since years back.

Here is a sampling which I gathered and compiled :

Dr Chee : Mad Dog Chee, Dr Chee and gang

Goh Meng Seng : wayang kung fu artiste extraordinaire

Dr Chee & Goh Meng Seng : Two chatter-boxes, two noisy S’poreans

Svlvia Lim & Pritam Singh : Auntie and her Singh

Kenneth Jeyaratnam : s/o JBJ and self-styled and self-appointed keeper of JBJ’s flame, KJ’s low EQ, up-bringing and manners [You mean KJ not s/o JBJ? He fake son isit? Like he fake Saints as many old boys of St andrews claim?]

Catherine Lim: Msian Cina New Citizen Pussy Lim, Damaged CD & Broken Record

Ng Kok Lim : a rat …

Roy Ngerng & Han Hui Hui : hooligans

Roy Ngerng : loose cannon

Han Hui Hui : trash

Amos Yee & his mother : a dysfunctional wife and son, Mummy’s Pet

M. Ravi : sick as a parrot, went “bananas” a few yrs back

TOC : a leading Ravi cheerleader

TRE readers and anti-PAP netizens : cybernuts, whining cyber warriors, born losers, paper ranters, rabble, talk cock, sing song free-loading cheap-skates, Roy’s ultra supporters

oxygen : loser

Tham Weng Kay & Bapak : looney ones

Pretty accurate but I don’t remember the last one and the citation Rotten posted in clarification really isn’t from me.

And Rotten left out: Andrew Loh, Maruah, Kirsten Han, Lynn Lee, that wind-bag JBJ and many others. And the PAPpies I slime. But then Rotten’s a cybernut.

Seriously think about the people I don’t slime regularly: Alex Au, WP Low, Chen Show Mao, P(olitician) Ravi, the Chiams (OK except for turning SPP into a zombie), TeamTRE, Terry Xu of TOC etc. I don’t slime serious, competent people wanting to do good. I slime clowns (think Goh Meng Seng, JBJ, Roy, and M Ravi) and talk cock, sing song whiners esp if they are ang moh tua kees (Lynn Lee, Kirsten Han, s’o JBJ.)

And who are the people I admire? LKY, Lee Siew Choh, Dr Goh, Toh Chin Chye etc: All serious men who wanted to do good for other S’poreans, though the “good” is loosely defined. Waz good by LKY’s definition may not be good by Lee’s definition and vice-versa.

Have a good long weekend.

Harry: Gandhi and “commercial use”/ How PAP uses LKY non-commercially

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Before the KPKBing about Harry being protected reaches absurd proportions, here’s something from Derek da Cunha, a really smart observer of the political scene (and he’s no Gillian Koh);

Passing a law to prevent the commercialization, and to protect the misuse of the name and image, of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, after his passing, was something I had discussed with the late publisher Ms Shirley Hew back in 2011. I had said that Singapore could well follow the Indian model in that respect. The misuse of the name and image of Mahatma Gandhi is prevented under India’s Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act 1950.


He has a good point in how LKY’s can be protected in a sensible manner but then India is a multi-party democracy, has an interventionist judiciary and a vibrant civil society with many NGOs and people willing to take on the govt or the state.

S’pore is a de-facto one party state with many sheep and where most of the activists turn out to “talk cock, sing song” artistes or bi-polar. Need I say more?

To end, I came across this on Facebook:

I find it really disgusting that characteristic of our leaders, they and their machinery can exploit LKY-images in the name of “common good” but… bread-hungry minions can’t flog LKY-images to earn a few bucks!!!! (Intellectual property discussions, aside. Besides, LKY is a political leader, not a pop star!)

He has a point: what do you think?

LKY, another Immortal?



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