Sarawak’s lesson for the PAP

In Political governance on 20/04/2011 at 5:20 am

When the people are angry, being a cabinet minister will not save an elected legislator from losing his seat.

In the recent elections in Sarawak, the Deputy Chief Minister lost his seat to a rookie from the opposition DAP. His party, the SUPP, lost 12 of the  13 seats where its opponent was the DAP.  The vote showed M’sians how unhappy the Sarawakian Chinese were with the BN, the ruling coalition nationally and in the state.

In Singapore, the ministers that S’poreans heap on the most criticisms for the linked issues of immigration, low wage rises, sky-rocketing HDB prices, and crowded and expensive public transport are Wong Kang Seng, Lim Swee Say, Mah Bow Tan and Raymond Lim. These make three vulnerable GCS (the two Lims are in one GRC): Bishan-Tao Payoh, East Coast and Tampines.

Add Aljunied, and there are four GRCs where the Opposition are in with a sporting chance. Twenty seats in all can change hands

The question is are the voters angry enough with the PAP that they are willing to vote in the Opposition?

  1. Unfortunately, its more angsty than angry. Many Singaporeans are torn between the practical benefits of voting for the ruling party (house upgrading) and the philosophical morality of having a check-and-balance in parliament.

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