What the education ministry gets right

In Humour, Political governance on 11/06/2012 at 5:28 am

“Parents need to adapt to new forward-thinking teaching methods: Education Minister” was the headline in a newspaper interview last week that featured Changkat Primary School where parents have been attending workshops: to help their children in their homework. Teachers share their primary 3 to 6 teaching methods. 

About time I say approvingly: the exhortation to parents to change their thinking that what they learnt were the “betterest” and to teach them how to teach their “little monsters”.

As a singleton (by choice), I note with wry amusement parents who get upset with new teaching methods, especially maths. Some even go to the extent of rubbishing new maths because they say might as well teach the kids algebra to start with since new maths morphs into algebra in sec school. To be fair, one such parent was a WP member.

I know a parent who seeing this daughter solving set-theory problems at what he (and his dad) considered too slow a rate (remember maths is one subject where perfect score is possible if one answers all the questions) asked the teacher if he should teach her to memorise the multiplication tables. He said the teacher rolled her eyes in disbelief, and he wondered why. FYI, this parent almost read maths at London University (UK maths courses are very “chim” compared to most US universities). His dad suggested he try something easier because he liked gambling in China Town. He took economics.

I digress. I learnt my multiplication table before I attended primary school and I studied advanced maths at O levels. But only in my 20s did I realise what multiplication meant. It was all about using the right formula and the correct multiplication number when I was in school.

And seeing new maths in action (I was exploring “exporting” it to a neighbouring country), I must say its a gd way of introducing maths concepts, and teaching the methodology solving mathematical and logical puzzles. I think S’poreans should be proud that its “Uniquely S’porean”.

And its a product of the PAP government netizens love to hate. Guys and gals, do remember that 60% of voters voted for the PAP. So unless you think that they are “daft” (like one LKY) accept that fact.

Oh and this is the start of “Be nice to the PAP, government week” on this blog. Given that the SPH and MediaCorp groups, and Fabrications abt the PAP and SG Hard Truths are doing such a bad job of spinning for the PAP and government, I tot I’d run a few posts this week on what I think the PAP government is doing right. If this week gets extended into another week, then into months, then readers will know I’m getting paid to join the Empire. 

Hey Baey and Yaacob, I need the extra cash. What with inflation at above 5% and Tharman and Hng Kiang talking rubbish about it not affecting someone who doesn’t buy a new car or who doesn’t have to buy a house.

Finally, I’ve got an idea of what to post on Wednesday, but I can’t think of anything further to praise the PAP government for Friday’s post. Suggestions welcomed.

  1. I think the PAP has been extremly successful in building the Singapore Hotel(7 Star)concept,it has been confirmed by high flyers from all over the world(from East,West,North,South and the Central),credit to them for that!

  2. Education is not about getting A’s. The people who build great stuff (cars, ipod) are not necessarily ‘A’ students. Otherwise, they would all be Asians. To PAP’s credit, they produce a lot of ‘A’ students (as in standard tests such as the ‘O’ level.) On the other hand, where are your inventors? I have never been impressed with Singapore (A) students – they are good at taking instructions, but clueless on taking charge.

    • But they are almost all paid with $million in no times. You may have to work your whole life and maybe still can not smell the $million. Scholars here & scholars there. We are all just worker bees.

      • Not many scholars end up with million dollar salaries. take SCDF commander — he got to offer biz contract to get sex with mother hen type wimmin. Shumething wrong here.

  3. Hey uncle, if you need more money just monetise your landed property like what PAPies always say. Turn it into foreign student hostel. Charge each bugger $3K a month, comprehensive meals, laundry and home tutorage offered.

    Or rent out your ground floor and garden as Montessori kindergarten. The possibilities are mind-boggling. Think out of the box and capture the Golden Age.

    • More income streams the better. If can get money from PAP will also be “recouping” the 20% tax rate I once paid.

    • Young man,
      Eiya! Why so difficult? If you are not a scholar then join the PAPYS. At least you have something to eat. But you will be a worker bee only. Too bad you are “daft Sinkaporeans” .Who are not scholarly endowed like the FTs.

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