Restoring TFR should be a top priority: WP chief

In Humour on 09/02/2013 at 2:43 pm

Err so Auntie got her orders to get married and start breeding ASAP?

Co-driver must also help driver by setting example. All the cabinet members are married with kids. So Auntie should also follow.

And if she not getting married, what about breeding? Every little bit helps.

  1. “All Cabinet members are married with kids.” That statement is wrong.

    1. Lawrence Wong, Lee Hsien Loong’s former principal private secretary, is a divorcee with no kids.

    2. Shanmugam is now in his second marriage. No kids.

    I think before you take a broad stroke on WP, it is better to check the details of the PAP first. They aren’t exactly pristine themselves.

  2. Bro….Not sure what grudge that you’ve to grind against auntie. If you’re man enough, go and woo her in real life (for breeding or for brooding) rather than passing unwarranted and unsolicited comments. Try to respect her for who she is and choices that she makes (made) and WP ain’t the best of political party around and their leaders are slowly coming to terms with the new found courage and wisdom and what not’s….There are still ostrich Singaporean’s who dug their head in the mud (or in their ass) and refuse to leave the PaPigs propaganda web of deceit and lies. You’ve to play by their tunes so as to maintain status-quo so that you’ll live another day to lead the opposition.

    Years of systematic and structured opposition oppression and destruction lead to this state (co-driver, PaPig_Lite, vote for us to sustain PaPigs etc.) and we’ll change eventually as a budding (real) democracy. Wait until the Ah Meng meets the maker for final judgment, where I’m praying that spurs would be inserted in posterior for eternity and the shit would eventually hit the fan.

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