S’porean connection in Google’s £400m AI purchase

In Humour on 02/02/2014 at 6:40 am

A few days ago Google spent £400m buying a UK firm that specialised in artificial intelligence.

DeepMind is a privately-held company founded by Demis Hassabis, a 37-year-old neuroscientist and former teenage chess prodigy, along with Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.

Demis Hassabis’s mum is a Singaporean (Chinese) and his dad a Greek-Cypriot.

If LKY were still the boss-man, as a believer in eugenics, he’d be bringing in Greek Cypriot men to mate with S’porean Chinese wimmin. BTW, wonder if Demis Hassabis’s mum is a grad? Remember LKY tried to discourage non-grad mums from havong kids?

He Haw in the Neigh Year.

More on the purchase:

  1. The Old Fart’s eugenics was an excuse to con the daft to have an idiot for PM.

    • To be fair, when he was maturing in the 1930s, eugenics was the in-thing. Nordic countries were big into it. Hitler gave it a bad name by exterminating what he considered degenerate races and bad specimens of Aryans. So after WWII, it was dropped in polite society except by LKY. Notice that he talked about it only to us sheep. I think he believes that eugenics is a Hard Truth. But his book goes on sale in West.

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