Worthless Party living up to its name?

In Uncategorized on 24/11/2014 at 12:38 pm

TOC, the  ‘defacto” Petir and ST of the WP, carried the following announcement this morning

Taking a break, looking for money

Starting this week, expect less content to be posted on The Online Citizen, as the directors of The Opinion Collaborative Ltd focus our attention on securing funding for the website.

Our funds are extremely low, as subscriptions have not been forthcoming and donations have dwindled. Whatever funds we have left now would be directed towards maintaining our web server, to keep the website online.

The budget crunch has affected the editorial operations in TOC. The full-time editorial team is living on fumes and passion to keep the website operational. While we attempt to secure the budget required for the smooth continuation and maintenance of an efficient news outfit, you may see a reduction of postings in the coming weeks.

Please bear with us with the slow down in content production.

Well despite all the help TOC has been providing WP in disseminating the truth (three cheers) and, sadly, para truths about the  AHPeTC saga, WP senior cadres are not stepping in in their personal capacity to help a friend in need?

Can those of us who voted for WP expect any better from WP in future, given how they treat an active ally and friend.

What do you think?


*Meanwhile, you can help us by:

1) Subscribing to TOC – by downloading the form, here, completing it and sending it to us; or

2) Donating to TOC by cheque – made payable to “The Opinion Collaborative Ltd” and sent to The Online Citizen, 20 Maxwell Road #09-17, Maxwell House, Singapore 069113; or

3) Donating to TOC by bank or ATM transfer – to DBS current account, bank code 7171, account number 04890-4435-7.

Please note that, under the Media Development Authority’s regulations for TOC Ltd, all donations to TOC must be accompanied by your name and identification number. Donations without these details will be reserved for TOC Ltd’s future projects.

  1. everyone in the world knows that – $$$ talks, and BS walks. lol.

  2. As I keep saying, WP walks it’s own road. It believes it getting into Parliament through hard work, walking the ground, and scouting for good talent to form a good team. It’s brand of politics, of course, is dubious to many given that it has chosen to keep silent on many issues.

    But keep silent it well. Independent social media sites cannot keep claiming that because they shed light on the truth about the PAP and the opposition parties, any opposition party that gets into Parliament therefore owes them a living. Hello, these people keep saying that ST is a state endorsed media. So now how? Trying to make TOC into a WP endorsed media? Isn’t it the same?

    Alternative sites exist to portray the truth and alternative opinion as opposed to mainstream sources (or so they claim). It’s job is not to be the mouthpiece or online newsletter for one political party or the other. If not, it becomes another ST. To fund them, enough people must believe in the need for alternative websites to therefore donate and sponsor for them. If alternative websites till date only cater themselves to KPKB, all talk no action specialists that do not put money or action where their mouth is, it’s just too bad. They will need to reassess their model of operation in that case.

  3. Haha that’s why you can never trust any politician. At the end of the day, they are working for themselves.

    Any party that takes over PAP will more or less still continue with PAP policies. Any change in policy will be gradual process, over many years. There’s no other way unless you like to have collapse of economy, collapse of property, collapse of national security.

    With the extra spurs in PAP’s ass, they have been very slowly changing some policies. If you want them to implement more pro-citizen policies, then more of you Sinkies need to start kicking & stepping on PAP’s nuts.

  4. Poor TOC! If they want my donation, tell their writers to try selling tissue paper outside the Kwan Im Hood Cho Temple in Waterloo Street or outside the Boon Keng MRT station which I am around every fortnight to check on a couple of needy folks.

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