Sorry not enough, Comfort

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Sack the inconsiderate cabbie?

A Comfort taxi driver parked his taxi between two parking spaces for the disabled at a mall over the weekend in an incident that has left a wheelchair user fuming and highlighted the abuse of such parking spaces here 

The ComfortDelGro cab driver had squeezed his car between two occupied parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities, leaving no space for wheelchair bound Mr Cai , to get into the front seat of the car he was using.

ComfortDelGro’s group corporate communications officer, Ms Tammy Tan, said: “Our cabbies are fully aware that they are not allowed to park in handicap lots. [If cabbie aware, why he do it? Quai lan isit?]

“Our cabby has been severely warned for doing so. We have also apologised to Mr Cai for the inconvenience caused,” she said.

ComfortDelGro did not identify the cabby involved.

Yesterday, Mr Cai wrote back to ComfortDelGro saying he was “definitely not satisfied with this ‘official apology'”.

“I hope you do understand that there is a deeper issue of your cabby infringing the rights of persons with disabilities,” he added.

(ST report)

True and if any company should ensure that its taxi drivers are responsible S’poreans, it should be ComfortDelgro what wirh its controlling shareholder being the S’pore Labour Foundation, a govt agency.

I mean its taxi drivers are almost public servants by definition.

Also jeers for ComfortDelGro’in being so lenient to its driver for behaving so irresponsibly and boorishly. Ownself check ownself?

It’s not as though Cai wants the cabbie crucified. He juz wants a public apology from the cabby. Comfort should have apologised itself, and got the cabbie to apologise. But maybe the cabbie is one of those PRC FT cabbies (we so often hear about online), so getting him to apologise is problematic? It’ll show that they are real, not an urban myth.

Whatever, given the failure to get the cabbie to apologise in the first place, Comfort should now sack the driver to show that Comfort is serious about ensuring that its cabbies behave responsibly.

  1. How about giving the disabled person some Comfort maxicab voucher and charge it back to the “feeling sorry” driver?

  2. Sack the cabbie?

    There is Uber and GrabCar!

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