HK delaying use of Sinovac vaccine

In Public Administration on 22/01/2021 at 7:08 am

Further to One of vaccines chosen by the PAP govt is cheap but not that effective, int’l media but not our constructive, nation-building media (I stand happy to be corrected) report that HK is likely to delay using tbecause of a lack of trial data, raising transparency concerns over a shot Beijing wants to sell internationally.

If it’s approved which minister will be jabbed with it to show us SingHealth users that its safe?

Secret Squirrel tells me that VivianB and Darth Mugam are pressing for junior minister Desmond Tan to get the jab to show us plebs it’s safe.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) can obtain TraceTogether data for criminal investigations, said Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan. Replying to an MP’s question in Parliament on Monday (Jan 4), he said the SPF is empowered under the Criminal Procedure Code to obtain any data, including that of TraceTogether. He said the Government is the custodian of TraceTogether data submitted by individuals. Stringent measures are in place to safeguard it.

CNA on 4 Jan

This set the cat among the pigeons and the govt is legislating to ensure that only serious crimes will trigger the use of this data,

Morocco Mole (Secret Squirrel’s sidekick) says his second cousin removed working in the Home Affairs ministry claims that Shan is upset that Desmond did not take the trouble to explain that only serious crimes would have triggered the use of the data.

Police will restrict use of TraceTogether data to ‘very serious offences’, says Shanmugam

ST two weeks ago

Whatever, Desmond Tan had better look for a new job. When he gets sacked, no parachuting into a cushy TLC or GLC pretend job.

  1. As is usual with PAPies (as with most people in life), watch their behaviours not their words.

    I’ll be VERY surprised if there are still PAPpy elites who haven’t got inoculated by end-Jan.

    Sinovac’s vaccine (Coronavac) will take longer than end-Jan or even end-Feb to be approved, if at all, due to the lack of sufficiently large, statistically significant, & independent data analysis from reputable 3rd parties.

    As I’ve said before, way before Singapore is forced to make a decision on Coronavac, all the elites (not just the political class, but also the economic, administrative, biz, military classes) will likely have gotten their shots, thus avoiding the “Do you feel lucky” game.

    If S’pore goes ahead with Coronavac, HSA can help contribute to the “sufficiently large, statistically significant, & independent data analysis from reputable 3rd parties”. LOL.

    Maybe WHO can give us priority access & reduced pricing on future drugs for future pandemics. Double-LOL.

  2. what about the local opposition members and supporters ?

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