Be thankful we got PAP govt

In Malaysia, Public Administration on 29/07/2021 at 6:50 am

$4G leaders and PM are not worth their million dollar salaries (They let in the mama variant) but still …

  1. Looks like the mamas have gotten natural herd immunity, but at cost of 4+ million lives. And a quarter billion long covid.

    In many cases, long covid is worse than death.

    S’pore is sandwiched by basket cases.

    Indo’s daily cases. (click 7-day MA to see smoothed curve)

    43,414 new daily covid cases
    1,582 new daily covid deaths
    (Both are 7-day MA readings as of 28 Jul 2020)

  2. Btw, mama variant makes up 99.1% of covid cases in S’pore now (based on GISAID database).

    No surprise there.

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