“Do you know about the sheep trees?”

In India on 25/04/2022 at 4:42 am

Remember Kee Chiu Chan said cotton wool comes from sheep? The man who many “experts” said would become PM wasn’t joking. He claims he was just talking too fast.

Btw, it’s alleged that he’s very depressed that he didn’t get anointed as PM -in-waiting, twice in a row despite seemingly behaving as though he was a member of the Lee family at LKY’s funeral. Seems he is really hurt that someone from a “lousy” school and uni beat him: “If Lawrence can become a multi-millionaire, so can any ordinary non-elite S’porean”.

Heng at least was from RI and Cambridge.

Seriously, couldn’t help think of him and his failure to become PM when I read this:

“Do you know about the sheep trees?”

It refers to a centuries-old European myth that cotton, which was produced and exported from India, grew on lamb-bearing trees, he explains.

“People were so fascinated that European manuscripts actually had illustrations depicting this!” he says.
WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/ The Vegetable Lamb by Henry Lee


  1. CCS was never in the running; LHL had heng as Plan A, Lawrence Wong as Plan B (after Heng had stroke during cabinet meeting); this explains why LHL was so bold sending Heng to East Coast – if heng loses or performs poorly, LHL simply switches to Plan B

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