Burma: Wake up S’pore

In Emerging markets, Political economy, Political governance, S'pore Inc on 22/04/2012 at 6:39 am

Japan has agreed to write off more than US$3.7bn of debt owed by Burma and to resume development aid.  The leaders of both countries  also agreed to plan a special economic zone near Rangoon.  This could give Japanese firms a head start in winning business in what is seen as one of Asia’s last frontier markets.

Hey could have been S’pore planing a SEZ with Burma! We are “old friends” of Burma. And GLCs and TLCs got experience of building biz parks in Vietnam and China. Come on Georgie Boy. Go broke deals between S’porean cos and Burmese ones and the government. Too comfortable, what with big fat pension? Or planning to reform PAP? Or planning to be president?

(Ya aware that three postings in row abt Northern ASEAN countries. But taz where the biz and investment opportunities are coming from in this region.)

  1. Becoz jim rogers already been saying for 3 years that burma is the next big investment. And s’pore govt don’t like to follow advice of chao ang moh. Ever since jim rogers advice our SWFs against putting money into big investment banks in 07 and 08. Of course govt must do the opposite lah … sinkie pride what.

    Anyway we already have the burmese investment dollars coming into s’pore. We like to cater to the downstream cashflow, and not having to take on the hard work and risky enterprises in the upstream such as helping to build SEZs and industrial parks and townships. Already kena burnt with suzhou, so lesson learnt. Much more profitable to simply cozy up to the generals and the elites and take care of their money and perform financial engineering here.

  2. the burmese are very technologically savvy. the japanese can build factories and port facilities there to produce goods for their home and export markets.

    they can also plan to invest in their agriculture to initial a last green revolution and restore burma as the breadbasket of south east asia.

    either way, indeed where is singapore after so many years?

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