Cheapskate from TRE in action?

In Humour on 31/05/2015 at 4:51 am

Vanessa Ho, a coordinator with Project X shared that a Singaporean male cheated three sex workers by paying them with fake currency last Friday.

She wrote that $25 was cheated out of one worker, while the other two were cheated of $50 each. One worker even gave the man $20 change in real cash.

As the transaction was conducted in a dimly lit area, the sex workers were unable to tell that the note was a fake currency.

The workers were able to identify the man in a red shirt on Friday as the same person who paid them with a fake $50 note.

One of the workers identified him as one of her regular customers. According to her, the man is a Singaporean Chinese, who is around 20 years old odd, and works as a chef.

Could he be a regular poster on TRE, one of the cheapskates who praises TRE but who never contributes to keeping TRE alive. Richard Wan, Andrew and the other members of TeamTRE not only provide their services for free, they even fund TRE. It has raised only half of its required funding of USD50,000 for this year.

Taz dedication. The cheapskates are relations of JosTeo, GraceF and other PAP ministers? and of this ACS mum? TRE posters came out in support of her cheapshateness when TRE republished my piece. Nothing wrong in being cheapshate or scrounging off the efforts of others.

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