S-Chips: Sumething SIAS could do

In China, Corporate governance on 11/06/2011 at 4:45 pm

SIAS is, as usual, calling for more measures to safeguard investors’ interesting following yet another S-Chip fiasco.

SIAS has a research department. Why can’t it do what Muddy Waters Research is doing? This US firm has issued damning reports on five Chinese cos listed in the US. He approaches each case like an investigation, sifting through corporate registration documents and even hiring private investigators to pose as potential business partners.

  1. That takes serious resources. The latest Muddy Waters’ on Sino-Forest has more juice than the SIAS research for an entire quarter.

  2. Who would benefit from issuing negative reports?….Is there a way to short S-Chips (or most shares, for that matter) on the SGX?

  3. You could naked short, but that would cost you quite a bit in trading costs.

  4. Too much vested interest along the entire food chain.
    Some links here for a read on some ideas of disenfranchising these vested interests.

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